How To Cancel Capital One Card: A Complete Guide

how to cancel capital one card

Capital One has credit-building cards and premium cards that provide worthwhile travel rewards and a wide selection of credit cards. Many people wonder if they can cancel this capital one card and the implications if they do. You’ll get clarity on this in this article, so stay glued!

What Is Capital One?

Capital One has a substantial selection of credit cards for many types of spending, including cash back, travel, business, and credit building. If you conduct most of your banking online, you’ll like Capital One credit card’s digital account management features.

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is particularly well-known because of its substantial marketing budget and television advertisements.

How To Cancel Capital One Card

Step #1: Login

To cancel your card account, Capital One makes it simple. To close your account, log in and follow the instructions there.

Use a safe password manager on your phone or home computer if you frequently have trouble remembering passwords. To do vital business, you won’t have to endure the annoying process of resetting your password.

Please be aware that pending transactions will be denied if your card expires. Any payments you made before canceling your account will still be your responsibility. Until you pay the outstanding balance in full, Capital One will send you statements.

Step #2: Publish a letter on the paper

Many financial forums advise people to write to the company that manages the account they desire to close in a letter. Whether or whether these instructions date from a previous age is unknown.

If you heed our recommendation, submit a letter requesting the closure of your account to the address listed on your statement, along with your name, address, contact information, and account number.

Maintain a copy of the letter in your records. Additionally, get written proof that the account has been closed and maintain this documentation in your documents.

Step #3

To make sure they cancel your account, check your credit report.

After 45 days since your account was closed, order a credit report. Verify that your Capital One account has been closed. Please be aware that the account cannot be fully closed until the balance is 0.

What Should You Do With Your Capital One Credit Card Account After Cancellation?

  • You must be ready for a few things after closing your account. Prior charges that haven’t yet been reflected in the account’s posting and any remaining balance on the card will still be your responsibility. Therefore, until the sum is zero, you are still obligated to make the minimum monthly payments.
  • It would help if you also stopped recurring purchases previously permitted using that card or automated payments scheduled to occur. To be sure you’re not skipping any actual costs, keep checking the account and your statements.

Does Cancelling Your Credit Card Hurt Your Credit?

When a credit card costs you too much or affects your credit in other ways, canceling it could be a good move.

If you are going to close your card, there are ways to accomplish so that will lessen the impact on your credit report because closing a credit card typically affects your credit.

You can choose what is best for your financial condition by weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

The following explains why closing a credit card usually lowers your credit score.

#1. The duration of your credit history is altered.

The average age of all your cards, the age of your oldest card, and the length of your credit history all contribute to 15% of your credit score. Your score may increase if you have more credit history.

A shorter average and a worse score could result from closing your oldest card. However, the effect won’t be felt straight away. It may take some time before cancelling an older card account lowers your credit score because a canceled credit card in good standing often stays on your credit file for 10 years.

#2. Your Credit Utilization Ratio May Increase.

By dividing the balance on your cards by the combined credit limit on all of them, you may calculate your credit utilization. Consider the scenario where you have a $500 balance on each card and a $5,000 credit limit overall. 10% would be your credit utilization rate.

Your credit usage percentage would increase to 14% if a card with a $1,500 credit limit and a $0 amount were to be closed.

Creditors and lenders view you as riskier if your credit utilization is higher. This is because using plastic to pay for things could be a sign that you’re in financial trouble or are having trouble keeping up with your bills.

Why You May Need To Cancel Capital One Card

A credit card cancellation may be necessary for a variety of situations. Consider this:

  • Your credit card incentives do not justify the yearly charge.
  • You have a balance due on a credit card with a high-interest rate.
  • There are more credit cards than you need.
  • You’re prepared to upgrade your credit card, either from the store card to a bank card or from a primary bank card to a rewards card.
  • You struggle to avoid using a credit card for excessive spending.

How Do I Close My Capital One Account Online?

On the internet, but not through the Capital One mobile app, Capital One member can close their accounts online.

To close a card:

After logging into a browser, find it in your account, then select “View Account.” Click “I wish to…” and then choose “Close Account” from the menu that appears on the account page. Then proceed to close your account by following the steps provided.

You can cancel by phone if you’d prefer by dialing 1-800-227-4825. When a Capital One person answers your call, be ready with any information they might ask you to provide. They can ask for your account number, social security number’s last four digits, and the complete number of the credit card you want to cancel.

A salesperson might also present you with special benefits or incentives at this point to keep your account active.

You can complete this process by mail as well. Simply write a letter to Capital One stating you want to close your account, along with your entire credit card number, account number, and signature.

How Do I Completely Cancel My Capital One Credit Card?

You can cancel your credit card by doing the following:

  • Before canceling your card, use any unused rewards. If not, you risk losing them.
  • Stop using the card for any automatic payments. Set up a new payment option using a different card or your bank account to avoid incurring late fees for unpaid charges.
  • Get in touch with your credit card provider to determine how much you owe. Even though it showed your balance on your statement as of the date it was created, additional interest or fees may have since accumulated.
  • Suppose you can pay off your credit card. When you have a balance, you can generally close the account, but make sure to keep up with your credit card payments.
  • Online or via phone, contact the credit card company. Some credit card issuers allow consumers to cancel their credit cards via their mobile app or website. Or give your card-issued issue a call. Calling the credit card provider will allow you to request that they notify the credit bureaus that the account was closed at the customer’s request.
  • Immediately after, send a written letter using certified mail. Declare that you intend to close the account in the letter. Additionally, ask for formal proof from the creditor confirming that the account was terminated at your request with a $0 balance.
  • Verify the account has been listed as closed on your credit record by checking it. Once you’ve canceled your credit card, wait about 60 days before doing this. Check if the report says the customer requested the account be closed. When a creditor marks an account as closed, it might hurt your credit.
  • Your card should be destroyed. Once you’ve made sure they have canceled it, you should take this action.

Is It Better To Cancel Unused Capital One Credit Card Or Keep Them?

For a more extended average credit history and more credit available, it’s essential to keep unused credit cards active. Credit scoring models reward your use of a tiny percentage of your credit limit and the longevity of your credit accounts.

However, some situations in which canceling a credit card account might be sensible. Canceling may be a better option if your unused card carries a high annual charge, you have trouble managing your spending, or the account you wish to stop is only a few months old.

Is It Smart To Close a Credit Card?

No, your credit score may suffer if you close credit card accounts, mainly because your credit utilization will drop. Keeping cards open even when rarely used can be advantageous because it preserves your positive payment history and oldest credit account age.

How Many Cards Should a Person Have?

If you’re wondering how many credit cards you should have, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.

To be prepared, you may wish to have at least three cards: two that you have on you and one that you keep in a secure location at home. In this manner, you ought to have access to at least one card consistently. A minimum of two or three credit cards is recommended for scenarios like this.

How Many Credit Cards Are Too Many?

Given that the average American has five credit cards, some individuals may feel that six or more credit card accounts are excessive.

Even if you don’t use your credit card to make purchases, you should still have at least one to improve your credit, but each person has a different recommendation for how many cards they should have.

What Happens When You Close a Credit Card With Zero Balance?

You increase your utilization% by canceling a credit card account with a zero balance because you’re removing the entire available balance from the ratio. It may harm your credit more when your balance-to-limit percentage rises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the drawbacks of terminating a credit card?

Your credit score and credit history may suffer if you close your credit card accounts.

What occurs if a credit card is canceled?

You won’t be able to use a credit card after closing it. The remaining balance on the card is still your responsibility to pay. You could no longer be able to access your rewards, depending on the kind you received from the card. Before canceling an account, it’s crucial to consider your rewards.


You should know what a capital one card is and how you can cancel your capital one card. We have also discussed the implications of canceling your credit card.   


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