One of the first methods of getting the highest savings account interest rates is through a simple savings account. Some people view them as the safest and least risky investing possibilities! This is due to the fact that managing and transferring money is safe and practical with a savings account. Banks and credit unions both provide many kinds of financial accounts, including savings accounts. Yet, compared to other interest-bearing financial products insured by the government, such as certificates of deposit, these federally insured accounts frequently pay interest at lower rates (CDs). Check out the banks with the highest savings account interest rates in this article. Enjoy the ride!

Highest Savings Account Interest Rates

Savings accounts provide greater liquidity by permitting up to six different forms of withdrawals or transfers per statement cycle in exchange for lower interest rates (and potentially more). Savings accounts are therefore great places to keep cash that you might require in the event of an emergency. Investing your money in a high-yield savings account might help you attain your objectives more quickly when it comes to accumulating an emergency fund or saving money for a significant expense, like a down payment on a home.

With high-yield savings accounts, you receive the highest savings account interest rates than with standard savings accounts, and your money grows even quicker because of compound interest, which enables you to earn interest on interest. Your money grows more quickly and you receive a better return than you would with a conventional savings account if your annual percentage yield (APY) is higher.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation estimates that the national average APY for savings accounts is just 0.35%. (FDIC). It offers a savings rate that is over 14 times lower than the highest-yielding accounts. Banks are responding by giving their clients greater annual percentage yields, or APYs, while the Fed keeps raising interest rates.

We discovered that despite the majority of online banks’ lacking of physical branch offices, they often provide greater advantages overall, higher APYs, and lower costs than large national brick-and-mortar banks.

The chosen savings accounts are FDIC-insured, give an above-average APR to all users (regardless of balance), have no monthly maintenance costs, and have minimal (or no) minimum balance requirements.

Who Ought to Open an Account with the Highest Savings Account Interest Rates?

The majority of customers would gain from having an emergency fund and extra savings. Some banks make it simple for customers by enabling them to open multiple savings accounts for various savings objectives.

A savings account needs to be a component of a broad portfolio that also includes the greatest investments to increase your retirement nest egg, as well as CDs for longer-term money storage. Savings accounts are typically used for money that you might need right away but don’t want to be subject to any danger that could result in principal loss. Although CDs frequently impose penalties for early withdrawals, they are normally more suitable for funds that can be kept idle for one, three, or five years.

The Highest savings account interest rates gotten on a savings account currently offered in the country is 5.02%, provided by UFB Direct. This is one of the top rates you can discover in our rankings below, and it’s 14 times higher than the national savings account average of 0.35% APY set by the FDIC.

Banks with the Highest Savings Account Interest Rates

The following are banks with the highest savings account interest rates; 

In comparison to most other online banks, Popular Direct has some of the highest savings rates and far higher minimum deposit requirements. Through Popular Bank, a Popular Direct High-Rise Savings account is opened. To open the account, a minimum deposit of $5,000 is required, but there is no ongoing monthly maintenance charge. In addition, Popular Direct provides mobile deposits. It is one of the banks with the highest savings account interest rates.

#2. Citizens Access

The internet banking arm of Citizens Bank, Citizens Access, is well known. A high-yield online savings account and CDs with durations ranging from six months to five years are both available from Citizens Access. There is no maintenance fee for the online savings account, and opening an account just costs one penny. Today, the bank offers a competitive APR on all balances.

#3. Bread Savings

A high-yield savings account and five periods of CDs are both available from the online bank Bread Savings. It costs at least $100 to start an account with Bread Savings, which is far less than the $1,500 needed to open a CD. After your initial deposit, the Bread Savings account has no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service charges.

#4. CIT Bank

There are numerous savings accounts available from CIT Bank. Savings Link accounts at CIT Bank can be started with just $100. The bank doesn’t impose a monthly service fee on this account and provides a competitive APY. There’s a checking account, a money market account, a certificate of deposit, and a Savings Builder account.

#5. Citibank

One of the biggest banks in the United States is Citibank. It is renowned for having branches in specific locations. Yet Citi is also open to customers in several markets. They will also receive a competitive yield through its high-yield savings account, which offers yields that are far higher than those at many other big banks. No minimum balance is needed to start an account, and there is no minimum balance needed to earn the APY.

#6. LendingClub High-Yield Savings

The LendingClub High-Yield Savings account stands out since it has one of the greatest rates of return on investment, doesn’t have a minimum balance restriction, nor does it have a monthly maintenance fee. To open the account, just deposit $100 at the beginning.

In contrast to many savings accounts, LendingClub offers customers a free ATM card and never levies an ATM fee. This makes it simple to get into your savings account and make any necessary withdrawals. Also, you can transfer money internally and externally, pay bills, and give money to loved ones.

You have a few options for funding your LendingClub savings account, including direct deposit, electronic transfers from other banks, wire transfers, ATM cash deposits, check deposits made through the mobile app, and direct deposit of checks. It is one of the best banks with the highest savings account interest rates.

#7. UFB Preferred Savings

Everyone who wants to maximize their returns should open a UFB Preferred Savings account. It has one of the highest interest rates currently offered, earning up to 5.02% APY. The account has no minimum deposit requirements, no monthly fees, and unlimited transfer options. No matter how much money you deposit, you’ll get the same high return.

UFB Direct is a part of Axos Bank and, like the other banks on this list, solely offers banking services online. While there are no physical branches and you cannot create a checking account, customers do receive a free ATM card.

#8. Marcus by Goldman Sachs High Yield Online Savings

Goldman Sachs Marcus No minimum deposits, zero fees, and simple mobile access are all provided by High Yield Online Savings. When all you want to do is grow your money without any constraints, it’s the easiest savings account to operate. The mobile banking app that comes standard with a Marcus account is another selling point. It’s easy to use, and it lets you do cool things like monitor your savings progress and set up automatic contributions. For live customer helps over the phone or through online chat, the bank’s U.S. contact center is available around the clock.

By using ACH or a free wire transfer to a linked account at another bank, account holders can withdraw money from their Marcus savings account over the phone, online, or both. A withdrawal request via check mailed to you is also an option. You can wire money, deposit checks, make direct deposits, transfer money, or transfer monies to your account. Although linking other bank accounts to Marcus won’t result in fees from Marcus, take in mind that your other bank might.

Although Marcus does not offer checking or ATM cards, the bank does provide a number of no-fee personal loans.

#9. Ally Bank Online Savings Account

Anybody wishing to do all of their banking in one location might consider Ally. Despite being a solid high-yield account on its own, Ally Online Savings Account holders can gain even more advantages if they also maintain an Ally checking account. When you open a checking or savings account with Ally, you have access to over 43,000 free Allpoint® ATMs, making it simple to withdraw money when you need it, in addition to a respectable APR, no minimum balance requirement, and no monthly maintenance costs. You won’t be able to use a debit card if all you have is an online savings account.

When you use an out-of-network ATM, Ally doesn’t charge you anything, and if the ATM provider does, Ally will reimburse those costs up to $10 per month. Checking accounts are not available through all internet banks. You would need to move your money across banks if you saved it with a bank that doesn’t provide checking accounts, which could take a few days. Account holders at Ally are permitted to withdraw or transfer money online up to six times each month without incurring any fees. Ally then charges $10 for each transfer. To request a mailed check instead of one of your six transactions, give the bank a call.

Like many online banks, Ally does not allow cash deposits into savings accounts, although eCheck Deposit on the mobile app does allow check deposits to be made remotely. Up to 10 different “buckets” can be created within a single savings account, allowing account holders to arrange their savings objectives.

You should think about Bask Bank if you want to optimize your opportunity to earn interest. All holders of savings accounts can earn a very excellent 4.35% APY with the Bask Bank Interest Savings Account.

#10. Bask Bank Mileage Savings Account

If you travel frequently, you may like to use the Bask Bank Mileage Savings Account to receive American Airlines AAdvantage® miles in return. You can earn two miles with the mileage savings account for every dollar you put away each year. These miles can be redeemed for travel on American Airlines or any of its more than 20 partner carriers. So, you can successfully pay for your upcoming vacation without making any purchases.

There are no minimum deposits required or monthly fees for the accounts. Just keep in mind that if your account isn’t funded after 60 days, the bank might close it. Texas Capital Bank’s Bask Bank is a division that runs entirely online.

How Can I Utilize a Savings Account with the Highest Savings Account Interest Rates?

Moving money between your checking and savings accounts won’t be fast if your savings account is in a bank other than where you do your regular checking. Electronic funds transfers, which can sometimes be completed in a single day but sometimes require two or more days depending on the bank and the time of day the transfer is initiated, will be the only way for the two parties to transfer money. As a result, every time you need to take money out of savings, a bit extra preparation is required.

Institutions still have different restrictions and fees, even though an interim rule gives them the option of allowing more than six transactions each month. Make sure you are aware of any potential fees and the frequency of account statements.

The same electronic money transfer method can be used to make deposits into your savings account at a different bank. But, some financial institutions also provide a mobile check deposit app for smartphones that supports using an ATM card, mailing in check deposit envelopes, or making mobile check deposits.

Finally, up to $250,000 in deposits per person per institution are insured by the U.S. government at all FDIC institutions, including those with physical locations and those that exclusively accept deposits online. To ensure that all of your deposits are insured, you should take efforts to divide any deposits you have in excess of that amount across several different financial institutions and/or individuals 

How Do Banks Make Money on Savings Accounts?

To help them achieve their goal of making money, banks provide savings accounts. A bank needs a source of funds in order to make those loans because lending money to individuals and companies and collecting the ensuing interest payments is one of the main ways it makes money.

Banks can raise the capital they require to provide loans to other clients by providing checking, savings, money market, and certificate of deposit accounts. As the interest rates banks pay on deposit accounts are lower than the rates they can collect on loans, it is also a way for them to increase their capacity for profit. As we’ve mentioned, the majority of checking accounts offer almost no interest. Moreover, the national average savings account rate is only 0.07%. The difference between the interest rate paid and the interest gained is how a bank makes money when it offers a vehicle loan at 5% or 6% or a credit card at 15% to 25%.

What Are the Advantages of a Bank Savings Account?

To maximize the returns on the money you retain in a bank or credit union, open a savings account. Although some checking accounts do offer interest, the great majority do not, and those that do offer interest-only offer a meager amount. A savings account gives a person the chance to transfer extra cash to an account earning a competitive interest rate if they have more money in the bank than they need to cover their checking account’s daily expenses.

A savings account can also assist you in organizing your finances in accordance with your needs and objectives. For example, you can use a savings account to keep track of your emergency fund or to save money for a significant purchase like a home or a future vacation. You may readily distinguish between this money and the ones available in your checking account for regular expenses like bills and groceries by keeping them apart in a savings account.

Are There Any Savings Accounts That Pay 5% Interest?

An APY of 5% is provided by both Netspend and Blue Federal Credit Union. However many other companies offer prices that are even higher than this one.

Where Can I Get 6% Interest?

Here are places where you can get 6% interest:

  • IDFC first.
  • Fincare Small Finance Bank.
  • ESAF Small Finance Bank.
  • Utkarsh Small Finance Bank.
  • DBS.
  • Bandhan bank 6%

How Can I Get 10% Interest on My Money?

Here is how to get 10% interest on your money:

  • Invest in Stocks for the Long-Term
  • Invest in Stocks for the Short-Term
  • Real Estate
  • Investing in Fine Art
  • Starting Your Own Business (Or Investing in Small Ones)
  • Investing in Wine
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending
  • Invest in REITs.

Final Thoughts

Savings accounts might be extremely important to your financial situation. With a savings account, there is no defined term for maturity, in a contrast to a certificate of deposit, which requires you to lock up your money for a set length of time. So, a savings account is a smart place for your emergency fund to be kept. A CD isn’t a smart option for emergency funds because early withdrawals will probably incur fees that could be expensive.





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