ELASTIC LOAN: Definition and All You Need To Know

Elastic loan

A line of credit from the Republic Bank & Trust Company of Louisville is known as an elastic. For non-prime borrowers, Elastic markets itself as the “responsible” credit choice. It is marketed as a good alternative for people who might have trouble getting an elastic loan in an emergency.
In 39 states, you can get a flexible loan line of credit, and the company promises that all of its clients will be able to get flexible financing. But you should always read the fine print before getting a line of credit, especially if you are not a “prime” borrower.

What is an Elastic Loan?

Elastic online loan provider operates under the Elevate Credit brand. The business was established in 2014, and its main office is in Fort Worth, Texas. The Elastic line of credit is owned by Sequoia Capital and TCV, two big names in private equity. It provides funding thanks to a collaboration with FDIC-member Republic Bank & Trust Company. Republic Bank is the largest bank in Kentucky. It has been around since 1982.

Elastic’s main lending service is a fee-based line of credit that goes from $500 to $4,500 and is available in 39 states and Washington, DC. Flexibility ranks highly among its advantages. You may request as little or as much as your credit limit permits. You repay the money you borrowed in installments, together with a set fee when it’s time to repay.

How Does an Elastic Loan Work?

The lender provides lines of credit for unsecured personal loans. This would imply that you are not required to use the entire amount you are eligible to access. Additionally, it implies that you just have to pay back the money you borrowed.

It makes the idea that it offers a workable substitute for high-interest rates, which frequently result in protracted payment periods that occasionally go above the original sum. Its fee-based structure ought to be simpler to anticipate.

However, the fees are opaque and highly expensive. For each withdrawal, you must first pay what is known as a cash advance fee. Additionally, even though there is no interest charged, you must pay a “credit balance fee” whenever your balance exceeds $10.

On the website, you can use a payment calculator to figure out how much your application will cost. Within one or two days of applying, you can access funds.

Elastic offers flexible payment plans that are determined by your paycheck. If you get paid every week or every two weeks, you can choose how often to pay back your loan. However, if you receive it every month, you can pay once a month. In the same way, if you get paid every two months, you can choose a semi-monthly payment plan. Finally, you can select a payment schedule that properly coincides with your pay period.

Getting a Loan through Elastic

A line of credit called Elastic is intended for non-prime borrowers who require quick access to money. Available lines of credit range from $500 to $4,500. It’s not too difficult to apply for a loan. Online applications are accepted, and applicants will get a response right away. An overview of the application and approval procedure is provided below:

  • You must provide your personal information and be able to prove your identity to apply online. Elastic will verify your credit history as you fill out the application to see whether you qualify.
  • Discover whether you’re approved. Since the approval procedure is rapid, you ought to be able to tell right away if you are eligible for a line of credit. You can borrow money whenever you are approved.
  • Receiving a direct deposit is an option if you are approved for a line of credit. Your money will be deposited into your account the following business day if you do this.
  • Create a payment schedule. One advantage of opening a line of credit is that you only need to pay back the amount that you borrow, so you don’t have to use the entire amount that is available to you.

You can set up autopay to have payments deducted from your bank account. You can also pay with a check, money order, or certified check if this is not an option.

Elastic Loan Terms, Fees, Limits, and Rates

A personal line of credit obtained through an Elastic Loan is not the same as a loan. As a result, there are several terms and conditions you should be aware of.


In contrast to the majority of banks, Elastic doesn’t charge interest on credit lines. Instead, every time you request a cash advance, you’ll have to pay more. Your billing cycle will determine whether this is 5% or 10%. For instance, you will pay a $25 cash advance fee if you borrow $500 and have a biweekly repayment schedule.


Borrowers can use Elastic to design a payment schedule that accommodates their cash flow. Someone can set up a similar payment plan for their line of credit, for instance, if they receive their paychecks every two weeks.


Elastic charges something called a “Carrying Balance Fee,” but it never charges a “prepayment penalty” or an “origination fee.” There will be a fee starting at $5, up to a maximum of $350 for each billing cycle if your amount is $10.01 or greater.


Loan amounts range from $500 to $4,500. A “cooling-off period,” as Elastic describes it, is enforced. Your account will enter a cooling-off period if you keep a balance on it for ten consecutive months. You are unable to request any cash withdrawals at that time until you can keep your balance at $0 for 20 straight days.

Advantages of an Elastic Loan

Getting a line of credit with Elastic has a lot of benefits. Let’s examine the top three advantages:

#1. Simple application procedure

It’s easy and uncomplicated to apply to Elastic, and you should find out soon whether you’re accepted. Anyone who is facing financial difficulties would find this to be great. You ought to have immediate access to the funds after being accepted. You can receive money through direct deposit as early as the following business day.

#2. Adaptable terms

Elastic Loan’s terms are flexible, which is its main benefit. The strict credit requirements of a conventional credit or loan product are not applicable. Elastic is also fairly adaptable in terms of how money is used. As long as it falls within your authorized credit limit, you are free to purchase anything you require.

#3. An excellent substitute for payday loans

A better option for short-term, high-interest loans is elastic. The upfront cash advance fee can lead to reduced overall costs compared to some alternative short-term personal loans for people with terrible credit. As you pay off the loan, your monthly rates decrease. In principle, it’s a less exploitative form of payday loan.

 Disadvantages of an Elastic Loan

Every lending product has drawbacks, and Elastic Loan is no exception. Some customers have stated in reviews that Elastic is similar to a payday loan. Before applying for a line of credit with Elastic, keep the following in mind:

#1. Exorbitant fees

Don’t let the absence of a conventional interest rate mislead you. The cash advance cost charged by Elastic is effectively interesting. A minimum charge is also added to the main debt, and these charges add up quickly. The minimum payment for customers making biweekly or semimonthly payments is $50, or 5% of the outstanding balance. The entire balance is owed if the principal balance is less than $50. The minimum payment for clients who have monthly due dates is $100 or 10% of the principal balance.

#2. Not universally accessible

The lack of physical sites for elastic lending is another drawback. Additionally, not all states have access to it. Some borrowers might favor a loan business where they can go in person and speak with someone if a problem arises.

#3. Hazy conditions and terms

Some customers have claimed in online evaluations that Elastic Loan levies erroneous or concealed costs. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before applying for any loan. Additionally, it’s crucial to make an effort to resolve any concerns with the lender. Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or your state’s consumer agency if you can’t work out a solution with the lender.

How long does it take to get money from elastic?

If you choose to receive your cash advance via direct deposit, ET is normally made available to your bank the following business day. If you choose to receive your cash advance by cheque in the mail, ET will be mailed to you within two business days. For details on when funds will be accessible, speak with your bank.

Is an elastic line of credit a payday loan?

A line of credit can be opened without you borrowing money right now, unlike an installment or payday loan; instead, it merely gives you the option to borrow money in the future. Additionally, you typically only pay interest or fees on the amount you borrow, not the whole amount of your credit limit.

What is elastics interest rate?

The interest rate on your Elastic Account is not like that of other conventional credit products. Instead, depending on your billing cycle, you pay a Cash Advance Fee of 5% or 10% for each cash advance you request. We recognize that paying off your balance can take more than one billing cycle.

What is an elastic payment?

When you need money, Elastic is a simple method to get it. You can get money whenever you need it once your Elastic Account is set up and active. Online Cash Advance requests can be made using Elastic. You may apply for additional Cash Advances up to your Credit Limit when you settle your Balance.

Is elastic Bank legit?

Overall, the 163 Elastic employees rate their leadership as A+, which places it in the Top 5% of businesses of comparable size. This includes specific evaluations of their CEO, management team, and executive team.

Does elastic verify income?

We will need information on your home, income, and checking account in addition to your personal information. We will also confirm your identity, which may entail confirming that your checking account is still open.

What states are elastic loans available in?

Residents of Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia are not eligible to apply for Elastic, which is offered in 39 states and Washington, DC. You always have a day or two to access your money after requesting an advance.

How many elastic accounts can you have?

Amazon Web Services by default permits each AWS account to have a maximum of five Elastic IP addresses. You must ask Amazon for more Elastic IPs if you need to reserve more than five of them.

What is an elastic loan?

A line of credit called Elastic is intended for non-prime borrowers who require quick access to money. Available lines of credit range from $500 to $4,500. It’s not too difficult to apply for a loan. Online applications are accepted, and applicants will get a response right away.


When faced with unforeseen bills, you won’t typically obtain the best bargain with short-term credit lines or comparable payday advances. On a personal loan or credit card, you may nearly always get a better interest rate.

Despite this, there isn’t always a wide range of loan options available to non-prime consumers. An elastic loan credit product can be the best option for you if you find yourself in a challenging financial scenario. There are certain benefits to taking out a line of credit through the company, and it isn’t the most expensive online lender for short-term loans. It provides quick approval in addition to accommodating borrowing and repayment terms.

Elastic Loan FAQs

Does elastic show up on credit report?

We might give credit bureaus information about your Elastic Account. Your credit report can contain information about missed payments, late payments, or other defaults on your Elastic Account.

Can I pay my elastic loan with a credit card?

Paying a Bill

Choose your payment method (credit card or bank account), and the invoice you want to pay, and then enter the payment amount.

Do payday loans hurt your credit?

Since payday loans are typically not reported to the three major national credit reporting agencies, they are unlikely to affect your credit ratings. When establishing loan eligibility, the majority of storefront payday lenders do not take standard credit reports or credit scores into account.


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