BANK ACCOUNT BALANCE: 5 Ways to Spot Fake Account Balance Prank Easily (+ Quick Tips

bank account balance

Financial institutions make the current value of their bank account balances readily available on either online or hard copy statements. This article gives details on all there is to know about bank account balances. How to check my account balance online, fake account balance prank, chase bank account balance, and Bank account balance screenshot.

Bank Account Balance

A bank account balance is a monetary worth present in a financial safe. It could be a savings or current account, at any given moment. To determine the bank account balance, all credit and debit transactions must be factored in.

consequently, In banking institutions, the account balance is the total sum of money in your account. Most times, your account balance does not accurately show your available funds. It can be due to unprocessed checks and pending transactions.

The net debt is represented by an account balance falling below zero. For financial accounts that have repeating payments like the mortgage or electricity, the bank account balance can reflect an amount owed.

Comprehending A Bank Account Balance.

A bank account balance is simply total assets minus total liabilities. The bank account balance could be your net worth because it removes all debts and liabilities from the main assets.

However, in special cases like a brokerage account, your bank account balance will give consideration to the recent total value of the account.

furthermore, For investments, as a result of the rise and fall in the market, your account balance will be modified with time.

How To Check My Account Balance Online

It is important to know your monetary worth in your bank account and the amount of your total balance that is available for spending.

Again, frequently checking your bank account balance will help you know where you stand. it will help you spot problems like a fraud before it gets out of hand.

However, there is a difference between your account balance and your available balance.

The account balance is the total amount of money present in a financial safe at a given moment. while your available balance is the amount of money you can spend at the time.

Sometimes, your available balance can be less than your account balance.

Here Are Five Steps on How to Check My Account Balance Online

#1. Online Banking

This makes it easy for you to check your bank account balance online at any time.
To do this, you have to get to your bank website to be able to access your account information. Also, Technology has made it so easy.
Now, you can use a mobile app to access check your account balance.
On your first visit to your bank’s mobile app, you will have to select the “Register” option.
Haven’t tried online banking? Then, you need to give this a try. It’s stress-free with proper guidance.

With mobile banking, you not only check your account balance online but you can also make transfers to other banks, but you can also sort bills without having to write a check or stand in a queue at your bank.
Most banks develop apps or websites for mobile devices to give you access to your account balance online.
These Apps allow you to do more from the comfort of your home.

#2. Making Use of an ATM

The automated teller machine (ATM) provides account balances that are put to date. All you need to do is to insert your debit card or ATM card and follow the instructions on your screen.
Using your own bank’s ATM is often advised. This is because of the charge that comes with using other ATMs.

#3. Call Your Bank

if you prefer the old-school way, you can call your bank to find your account balance. Despite the 24/7 account information guaranteed, you will need to call during working hours to speak with a person, or else you might just be speaking to an automated system.
It will take an effort to set up the calling systems, that is, you might need to set a PIN and some other things inclusive. Afterward, it becomes a routine.

#4. Alerts Set Up

This is the most convenient of all. Instead of manually checking your bank account balance, you can request for the bank to send you information when anything happens. This automatically safeguards your account.
Your bank can send you alerts via text message or e-mail if you want a notification whenever there is a transaction.
In the US, You are allowed to customize the kind of message you receive and the dollar amounts that are relevant to you.
Once there’s consistency with this method, it’s safe to say that all is well unless otherwise stated by your bank.

#5. Teller’s Assistance

Have troubles with all stated above? Then, you should speak with someone physically. All you have to do is to locate a branch of your bank closest to you and speak to a teller.
Meeting a teller in person can be helpful. But it’s also better to get familiar with the self-service methods organized by the bank.
In the long run, you will get to appreciate the feeling of doing things on your own, at your pace, and at your convenience.

Fake Account Balance Prank

This issue of internet fraud is becoming rampant these days. As a result, it’s very necessary that we bring to your notice the fake account balance prank.

The fake account balance prank is a situation whereby an account balance is forged for the sake of pranking someone or for the sake of fraud or duping someone.

It is a means created for creating a false impression on intended persons or clients. There is an urgent call to be alert at all times to avoid being a victim of the fake account balance prank.

Most times, they make use of a cloned bank app to prank people. They clone, edit, and make it look real enough to convince their victims.

Chase Bank Account Balance

The Chase Bank serves approximately half of US families with a wide range of products.

Chase online banking allows you to manage your Chase accounts, view your bank statements, monitor your banking activities, and transact funds securely.

Should any questions, complaints, or feedback arise, you can contact them through Chase customer service.

Here Are the Steps You Can Follow to Check Your Chase Bank Account Balance

  1. Visit and sign in.
  2. Select the account that you will like to see.
  3. On, the account Activity page shows your information (both deposit and payment). At the top of the page, your present and available balance is also shown.
  4. For check details like the chase bank account Balance, choose the check icon next to the transaction.

Chase makes it very convenient for people to check their account balance from their mobile phone or any mobile phone at all as long as it can send and receive text messages.

Just text them at 24273 (Chase) and they will text back your account balance and even more.

Bank Account Balance Screenshot

The bank account balance screenshot is proof of the transaction in soft copy. It helps to strengthen the trust bond between two persons involved in a transaction.

For instance, Mr. Almed is a wholesaler who consistently patronizes Mr. Fred. Mr. Almed always goes to his mall with cash for swift transactions.
Having joined the cashless policy gang recently with his tight schedule, he messaged Mr. Fred about his need for new goods.
He emailed him a list of what he wanted, received an invoice from Mr. Fred, and did a transfer of the stipulated amount.

Because it’s an online transaction and there’s a need to further strengthen the trust between them, he went ahead to send his bank account balance screenshot as proof of a done transaction which included the transferred amount.

In conclusion, this scenario is an everyday event, especially among vendors and clients. The bank account balance screenshot acts as proof of a swift transaction, as a result, strengthens trust.

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Bank Account Balance FAQs

How do I check my bank balance?

  1. Visit and sign in.
  2. Select the account that you will like to see.
  3. On, the account Activity page shows your information (both deposit and payment). At the top of the page, your present and available balance is also shown.
  4. For check details like the chase bank account Balance, choose the check icon next to the transaction.

How can I check my bank account balance on my phone?

Here is the process you need to take for checking your account balance online

  • #1. Online banking
  • #2. Making use of an ATM
  • #3. Call your Bank
  • #4. Alerts set up
  • #5. Teller’s assistance

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