What is Online Arbitrage?: All You Need To Know

online arbitrage

You’ve probably heard it in articles, chats, and tutorials. The latest way to make money is through “online arbitrage.” or OA, which is the process of profiting from online sales, particularly those on Amazon. Online marketplaces have enabled people to earn money from anywhere, at any time, including their own homes. You only need a computer and a few dollars. This article has covered everything there is to know about online arbitrage, including how-tos and business success and sourcing recommendations.

What is Online Arbitrage?

Online arbitrage (OA) is the practice of purchasing things from online retailers with the sole goal of reselling them at a higher price for a profit on another online marketplace, such as Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace.

Rather than limiting yourself to real retail outlets in your neighbourhood, this business strategy allows you to obtain profitable products from thousands of websites. You’ll also save money on petrol, mileage, time, and the irritation of not being able to find any suitable things in-store.

The best part is that anyone can do it! You do not need a particular company license to buy wholesale products to resell. You simply place an order like any other online purchase.

And, sure, it is lawful to engage in arbitrage. The first-sale doctrine states that once you purchase goods, you have the right to resale that same product.

How Does Online Arbitrage Work?

The process of online arbitrage is straightforward. The following are the steps you should take:

  • Look for discounted or clearance items on an online retailer’s website, such as Target.com or Walmart.com.
  • Look for the same items on Amazon.
  • Purchase things on Amazon that sell for a higher price (we’ll go over how to calculate profit later).
  • Wait for the items to arrive at your house.
  • List them on Amazon right now using FBM, or repackage and ship your product to FBA.

Pros and Cons of Online Arbitrage

Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of online arbitrage versus retail arbitrage:


  • Low physical work: You don’t have to go from store to store looking for beneficial offers. Your computer is capable of purchasing and reselling the product to prospective buyers.
  • Location: You can work from anywhere and have access to online stores all over the world. You can also draw clients from all over the world. As a result, the likelihood of selling is high.
  • Time Independent: You may check the products and discover the cheapest pricing whether it’s off today or late at night. You can conduct your business as a side hustle in your spare time.
  • Low essential capital: You don’t have to invest a lot of money at first. Smaller investments can also be effective. After you’ve made a profit, you can reinvest it in your company to help it grow.


  • Missing discounts: Local business specials, garage sales, and other physical promotions may be missed.
  • Using different software: More analytical software and searching tools are required in online arbitrage. It has the potential to increase costs.
  • Restriction and copyright: Reselling copyrighted materials is difficult, and you must first obtain authorization from the copyright owner.

How to Make Money from Online Arbitrage?

The key reason for the popularity of online arbitrage is that it allows untrained people to generate money and have a side hustle. Consider purchasing a pair of shoes from an online marketplace for a discount of $ 20. Selling it on Amazon for $ 27 results in a $ 7 profit on a single product. If you sell ten of these in a month, your profit margin will be $700. The more merchandise you sell, the more money you make. The money you can use to build your firm and purchase new things.

How to Do Amazon Online Arbitrage?

Continue reading if you still have questions about how Amazon FBA works. Follow this method step by step, and you will have started your business and are ready to proceed:

#1. Make an Amazon account

Individual and professional plans are available on the platform. If you are new to this industry, it is best to start with a free individual seller’s account. After a while, you may be able to sell more than 40 things every month, at which point you should consider upgrading your account to a professional one in order to save on sales costs and have access to more complex features.

#2. Make informed decisions about products

Identify the things you wish to acquire before you buy. To select the finest ones, you must examine the data. You must also establish a criterion for yourself in order to make decisions.

#3. The next step is sourcing your items

You can buy sourcing lists from retail websites like Target or Walmart, or you can pay a team to do it for you. Examine the best-selling items and try to include them in your buy.

#4. Place your order

Send your stuff to preparation centres. They can inspect the items for damage and repack them for shipment to the Amazon warehouse.

#5. List the items on Amazon. 

Knowing about Amazon’s selling costs is beneficial in this process. Product costs, Amazon selling fees, and shipping expenses must all be included. Then, to avoid negative comments, remember to reply to client complaints after this step!

Online Arbitrage Sourcing

One of the most important aspects of the online arbitrage business is item sourcing. Finding lucrative deals is a critical step in expanding the advantages. Following that, we will go through four alternative strategies for sourcing products via online arbitrage.

#1. Manual Sourcing With Online Arbitrage Websites

As a newbie, you might want to try searching for online stores yourself. In this manner, you will become acquainted with the market and its products, as well as have an understanding of what OA is all about.

It can be difficult to find a successful deal manually among millions of products. The search must be specified, especially if you are serious about your business because it cannot match your requirement. As a result, it becomes more sensible to investigate alternative ways after a period.

#2. Using Online Arbitrage Software

You can use software to look for things from website to website because it is not optimal. Online arbitrage software lists things based on your criteria and then recommends purchases. In online arbitrage, you may also use the program to determine the greatest deals, genuine demand for the product, and product pricing history.

#3. Online Arbitrage Sourcing List Service

Product lists make it easier to navigate your OA journey without the hassles of manual searches and applications. From Monday through Friday, you are provided a product list. The majority of these lists are filtered and tailored to the demands of each category of customers.

#4. Online Arbitrage Virtual Assistant

Buying sourcing lists and employing software doesn’t work when you’re scaling your business. Every day, you require additional stuff. When your business has grown rapidly, you may need to hire someone to reply to clients and follow up on their complaints. You can’t focus on the key stuff and maintain a continuous flow of growth if you try to accomplish everything in a scaled firm on your own.

So it’s time to hire and train a virtual assistant. You can create sourcing lists depending on your criteria and find as many products as you need if you have a professional team. You have complete control over the stuff because you have your crew.

Online Arbitrage Tools

The purpose of OA tools is to make the sales process easier and faster for users. They provide you with product lists, buying links, price histories, and all the other information you require to make your final decision. These extensions are useful and can provide important information on any web page. They are free yet quite beneficial.

But how does one choose which tool to purchase?

We have compiled a list of some of the greatest ones for you to choose from (the list includes both free and paid solutions). They are as follows:

#1. Keepa – Amazon Price & Sales Rank Tracker

Keepa is free for limited data, however, the premium edition is strongly suggested if you are a pro. At a glance, you may check sale rank history, price history, and much more (additional futures are available in the subscription version).

#2. Amazon Assistant

When you search for a product through an online retailer, Amazon Assistant suggests possible matches on Amazon. Keep in mind that the matches are not always correct!

When you look at a product on a website (whether Amazon or a shop), it attempts to discover a lower-priced alternative for you. Remember to double-check two items to avoid a mismatch deal.

#4. Rakuten – Get cashback for shopping

All you have to do with Rakuten is shop normally, and it will tell you if you can get cashback on your purchase. It can also find coupons.

#5. Honey

Honey is a browser plugin that searches the internet for discounts and coupons. This tool will also notify you when an item is out of stock or is reduced to a great price.

What Is The Difference Between Online and Retail Arbitrage?

The ultimate purpose of both techniques is to create a profit. So, except for product sourcing, there is no fundamental difference between these strategies. The difference lies in the way of sourcing. Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage, sometimes known as RA and OA, are commonly used by third-party merchants.

Retail arbitrage is a more traditional strategy. In essence, the act of purchasing discounted things from retail brick-and-mortar businesses and reselling them at a higher price to another marketplace, such as Amazon, in order to profit.

Online Arbitrage, on the other hand, is the process of purchasing things online at a low cost from one marketplace and reselling them at a profit in another. In Online Arbitrage on Amazon, the sourcing form of items is typically a Facebook store or website that you do not need to physically visit. You can acquire your products in large numbers, at any time of day or night, and save money on logistics.

Tips to Help You Succeed in Online Arbitrage 

  • Choose popular niches: It is critical to choose products with popular niches that are important to special buyers. How? Follow trends, read articles, look at reviews and comments, and conduct basic research.
  • Use tools and software that make your job easier: various online arbitrage websites and software assist you with sourcing, product management, and so forth. Look for what is ideal for your company’s needs.
  • Set your prices based on facts and historical analysis: several solutions include price history and sales charts. This information assists you in determining the greatest feasible prices that will both benefit you and meet the needs of your customers.

Can You Make Money Doing Online Arbitrage?

Online arbitrage is a terrific way to generate money online whether you are a complete newbie or have been selling on Amazon for years. Don’t limit yourself to only sourcing items online. Great resale chances can still be found in-store.

Is Amazon Online Arbitrage Still Profitable?

After hearing about Amazon’s prosperity, you might be wondering if online arbitrage is still profitable. I’ll give you a brief answer: yeah. There will be many folks out there who have tried and sold.

Amazon’s policy does not clearly forbid arbitrage as long as you’re selling a legally resaleable product in good condition. Take notice, however, that certain businesses do not permit others to resale their products on Amazon without permission.

Can you make a Living Off Retail Arbitrage?

It is entirely possible to gain money by purchasing and selling items. When starting a retail arbitrage firm, there is always a learning curve. Furthermore, increasing your inventory and monthly profit takes time.

Is Arbitrage Risky?

Risk arbitrage is a sophisticated trading strategy used mostly by hedge funds and quantitative experts. Individual traders can use it, but because to the high amount of risk and uncertainty involved, it is best suited for professional traders.

Final Thought

Many businesses in the internet era are digital, which is why online arbitrage has become so popular. Amazon, as the leading marketplace, is one of the most popular platforms for OA.

Although this strategy appears simple and involves a few simple procedures, if you don’t want to fail, you should improve your expertise of the industry.


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