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Free Portfolio Website
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If your work is creative, a dry, plain résumé might not be the ideal method to illustrate how dynamic it is. A portfolio website is ideal for this purpose since it allows your work to speak for itself. Photographers, graphic designers, and those who offer services like hairstyling are just a few examples of the types of creatives who might benefit from having a visually appealing internet presence. Online portfolios help you build a name for yourself and make connections with people who might hire you for future work. One of the best ways to do this is to create a portfolio website. You don’t have to be a professional web expert to implement these strategies. Read on to learn how to create a free portfolio website and the best free portfolio website for writers and photographers.

What Is a Free Portfolio Website?

A “portfolio website” refers to an online exhibition for promoting the work of an individual or business.

How to Create a Free Portfolio Website

Below are ways to create a free portfolio website: 

#1. Launch the Canva App

To create a free portfolio website. Start up Canva and look for the “Portfolio Website” template to get started on your ideal design. In advance, you can select a topic and collect your finest works.

#2. Create a Portfolio Website by Using a Preset Layout

Canva has many free portfolio templates you may use for ideas. Select a great one-page portfolio website design that speaks to your company’s aesthetic. Building a portfolio site from scratch is another option.

#3. Customize It With Your Branding Elements

To create a free portfolio website, choose an overall concept that best exemplifies your brand. Include consistent branding elements, including typefaces, colors, and logos. Canva also has a built-in logo creator, or you can use a different logo.

#4. Personalize the Online Showcase of Your Work

Compile a showcase of your best work, whether it’s for a customer or your portfolio. Add visual elements (such as pictures, visual representations, snapshots, and text) to your portfolio to make it more unique. Group your content together by the direction you’ve decided to take. Combine them into one cohesive narrative.

#5. Publish Your Portfolio Website Online

Look over the completed website and make any necessary changes. Then, you may share it with the world using Canvas’s portfolio website creator. Distribute digital portfolios to clients and employers via email, collaborative presentations, or a variety of printable file types.

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Best Free Portfolio Website

There are a dizzying array of online portfolio websites to choose from. This collection of the best free portfolio websites should serve as a good starting point for your research.

#1. Behance

The social network Behance is not meant to be used for making websites like Adobe’s other products. The website combines features found on both Instagram and LinkedIn. It’s a cross between Instagram and LinkedIn; it’s also a place for artists to show off their work, and it links them with other artists and possible clients. Hence, before you have to pay the monthly fee to use Behance, you can try it out for free. Behance is one of the few sites that does not charge anything to host a full portfolio for an indefinite amount of time. 

#2. Dribbble

Dribbble is a marketplace where designers can show off their work, much like Behance. This is a great platform to showcase your work and build professional connections. When the site as a whole is scanned and the search function is made better, it will be easier for recruiters to find you through keyword searches. The basic Dribbble service, which also includes the ability to make a portfolio, is free, but you need the paid Dribbble Pro for almost everything else.

#3. Journalism Portfolio

Using Journalist Portfolio, it’s simple to make a professional-looking online CV or resume. Posting an article is as simple as inputting a URL and hitting Add. The website will automatically add the article headline, publication date, content, and images. The site now supports nine different designs. 

#4. Word Press

With WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS), you can set up a free blog and a dedicated portfolio website with minimal effort. WordPress has more than a hundred free themes that you can use to build a unique blog and show off your work, even if they weren’t made with freelance writers in mind. If you’d like to have free reign over your portfolio’s aesthetic, this is a viable alternative for you.

So, if you wish to display your writing abilities and those of others, WordPress could be the platform for you. Imagine you’d like to create a page for creative purposes, like blogging or photography. In this case, the different designs and ways to change WordPress will let you show off a wide range of artistic work.

#5. Carbonmade

Carbonmade is a site for artists to show off their work. It features tools for animators, UX designers, photographers, typographers, fashion designers, art directors, and many others. The free trial version of Carbonmade also includes a portfolio website builder. Publication requires a subscription plan, which, as of January 2023, ranges in price from $9 to $29.

Free Portfolio Website for Writers

Having a portfolio that is both good-looking and well-organized makes it more likely that you will be hired for a job or chosen for a course. But, non-technical authors may find it difficult and tedious to put together a strong portfolio. To writers’ relief, there are now online platforms that streamline the portfolio-building process. We’ve compiled a list of free portfolio website for writers.

#1. Muck Rack

This is one of the free popular portfolio website for writers. This online service facilitates communication between public relations departments and the media. It has many uses, one of which is facilitating the portfolio-building process for journalists. It was created with writers in mind, but bloggers, authors, and anyone whose work consists largely of text may find it just as handy.

In addition, Muck Rack aggregates data to automatically generate profiles of writers. You are entitled to it if it appears in your profile. If that’s not possible, make your own. Basic information about oneself, one’s preferred pitches, one’s contact details, and social media profiles can all be added to your profile. In addition, you can brag about your achievements and share them with the world on your Muck Rack page.

#2. Contently

This is a firm that also provides a free portfolio website for independent writers. Contently differs in that its primary user base consists of job-seeking freelancers. When a client posts a job for a freelancer, the site works with them to find authors with the right set of talents and experience. This animation provides a comprehensive breakdown of the procedure for your perusal.

#3. Journo Portfolio

With the help of Journo Portfolio’s many cool features, you can make your portfolio website look just the way you want it to. It takes a few minutes to set up a portfolio on Journo Portfolio. It has nine distinct designs you may choose from and adjust to your liking. The website also features sample portfolios that might serve as a source of motivation.

Furthermore, the website builder’s block editor makes layout and design a breeze. These modules allow you to quickly incorporate things like a portfolio, biography, contact page, etc. You can also use your portfolio site as a place to write articles.

#4. Pressfolios

This is an online portfolio business that stands out by offering services to back up your published articles. Although it was designed with freelance journalists in mind, content creators, bloggers, and PR experts can all greatly benefit from using it.

It was established in 2011 and stands out from other portfolio sites because it doesn’t offer free trials or basic memberships. The quality of its characteristics and client service, however, more than makeup for this.

Free Portfolio Website for Photographers

Below is the free portfolio website for photographers.

#1. YouPic

If you want to do more with your images than just upload them and leave them, YouPic is one option that emphasizes the social aspect of photography. The company positions itself as a networking site and constantly emphasizes the fact that it is more than just a website by emphasizing its emphasis on society.


Behance is one of the free portfolio website for photographers. It is also supported by Adobe, a major player in the photography industry. If you’re an individual who constantly makes use of additional Adobe Flash products,  such as editing software and photo editing, you might be keen on Behance since you’re able to incorporate it into the profile you currently have. Adobe has built-in integration with their products to make uploading to Behance a breeze.

Furthermore, the site is designed to resemble a social media network rather than a simple photo storage service.  For those of you who don’t wish to go through the bother of building a website, this is one of the better choices available for trying to ensure you can still get eyeballs on your images.

#3. Portfoliobox

This is also one of the free portfolio website for photographers anyone can use to make a polished online portfolio. They offer both basic and paid options – you may submit up to 50 images with the free account. Since there is no constraint imposed by predefined themes, the potential layouts for a website are virtually endless. You can create a one-of-a-kind website by combining different templates.

#4. Adobe Portfolio

If you don’t want to build your own website, Behance is the place for you, but Adobe Portfolio is for those who do. Very easy to use, this site will guide you through the steps of creating an online photographic portfolio hosted by Adobe.

#5. WordPress

While it may be useful for photographers, WordPress wasn’t built for that purpose. However, if you’re after the greatest degree of flexibility and have the technical chops to implement it, it’ll provide you with more alternatives than a photography-specific site.

In addition, considering how popular WordPress is for making blogs, that makes sense. You can use it to create a variety of different types of blogs, including photoblogs, and the platform is adaptable enough to allow you to achieve any design you want. You can also incorporate various sophisticated features into your portfolio site. One drawback is that you’ll need some technical know-how to make these components function properly.

Is Wix Portfolio Website Free?

Yes, Wix allows you to make a portfolio at no cost. You only have to pay for the ability to add some such features. Unlike Dribble and Behance where you have very little control over how your work is presented.

Is Weebly Portfolio Free?

Yes, it is. Weebly’s free website templates can also be customized to fit the needs of any business, organization, or individual.

Is Squarespace or Wix Better for Portfolio?

Wix is superior for setting up an internet store to Squarespace. Squarespace offers more sophisticated design options than its competitor, Wix. Wix is more focused on serving the requirements of startups than its competitor Squarespace. Wix lacks the functionality that Squarespace provides for blogging and portfolios.

Is Portfolio Box Really Free?

Yes, it does not cost anything. It just needs the least work, and you get tons of value!

In Conclusion

While there are certain drawbacks to using a free website builder, we still believe they may be a useful resource for many people. They are simple to create and modify, come with free hosting and a wide selection of premade designs, and are a terrific way to test the waters before investing any money. Thus, there is no easier method to begin developing a website.


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