5 Events That Boost Entrepreneur Motivation

entrepreneur motivation

Entrepreneur motivation can come from experiences that bring irresistible intense pleasure and happiness to an entrepreneur. It can launch and sustain one to the peak of excitement in the flow of any business. Just like in a relationship, there are certain events that motivate and draw each partner deeper in love to do more and achieve more in their love adventures. The same applies to entrepreneurship, the expectation of these events boosts the motivation of an entrepreneur

Do entrepreneurs deserve happiness and motivated in their business pursuits? Yes of course! It gives this joy and strength that puts a smile in the face for a very long time and keeps the health in good shape with so much energy to do more. When there is no entrepreneur motivation, it will bring frustration so much that one can even quit. There are 5 experiences entrepreneurs encounter that feels like orgasms and boosts entrepreneur motivation


Have you ever been in deep need of funds to start that business? Moving from one rejection to the other with deep dissatisfaction and having no one to give you the fund you need to kick off with that business. Sometimes it seems as if the motivation will die when investors promise to put in money and along the way something goes wrong and cuts the hope for funding making you feel more bitter and dissatisfied. This experience is enough to frustrate someone to give up in business.

Then suddenly, you apply for a grant and boom it clicks. The joy feels like heaven on earth with pumps of motivation coming alive again. Suddenly that relative calls you to come take some cash and start that business. It might be that winning pitch or proposal submitted to an investor which was just approved and money transferred to the business account. If you’ve been in this situation, you will really understand that it gives this feeling of orgasm and intense pleasure of happiness worth celebrating. it indeed increases entrepreneur motivation.

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Sales and Profit

It feels so good to hear that credit alert constantly beeping on your phone. Some people will testify that it does more good than love text messages. This feeling of making sales and seeing your profits right before you give this confidence that revitalizes one’s health and motivation to do more in business.

You know how frustrating it is to apply all the sales and marketing strategies you know how to apply yet no single person comes for inquiry let alone coming to buy. That can cause big-time depression, especially when so much money was spent on these marketing techniques. Profit is the blood of every business and it comes from making sales. The feeling of profits sure feels awesome and gives a quantum leap to an entrepreneur’s motivation.

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Paying Customer

They say the customer is king. If there’s no customer to buy what you sell then there is no business. having customers that pay is the beauty of every business. Having plenty of clients patronizing your product sure feels good. Why do businesses go on marketing and spend so much money on advertising? It’s just to attract customers.

This is like a lady appearing on her best outfit to an outing but no one noticed her let alone crushing on her. It hampers the self-esteem of the individual and can even lead to depression. The same applies to business, it kills the entrepreneur motivation. But when the customers are thrusting in, it sure gives this feeling of happiness that makes you want to do more in business. Isn’t this enough motivational dose?

The right team boosts entrepreneur motivation

The success of every business lies on the team. There are teams you have in business that makes you want to do more. You’re in deep problem and it’s obvious you as a leader are short of ideas and don’t know what to do. You’re worried about it, only to come to the office the next day to discover that a team member has taken care of it. How does that make you feel? Happy right?

It gives this relaxation that your business can succeed without you. Knowing you have the best set of teams to move your business forward gives deep satisfying pleasure, peace, and motivation to do more.

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5 Success

Every business comes with its own challenges. Business grows through the pathway of challenges. Looking at yourself scale through a challenge you think would have been the end of the journey but somehow, something happened that turned it all around and here you’re starring at success right in the face. This can boost an entrepreneur’s motivation to take up bigger challenges.

Success is sweet likewise the feelings that come with it. Nothing is as sweet as becoming successful in what you do. It gives deep refreshing satisfaction and this feeling of living a fulfilled life. This is the goal of every entrepreneur and sustains the entrepreneur’s motivation even when things aren’t going well as planned.

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