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Insurance companies typically require advance payment to extend coverage to the insured party. Also, consumers with poor credit may be required to make payments in advance to businesses. One who makes a payment in advance of the usual course of events, such as paying for a good or service before receiving it, is referred to as making an advance payment. Advance Pay GTL is a prepaid collect calling service that family members can use to call inmates in correctional facilities.

In this article, We will go into more detail on advance payment

Advance Payment

A form of advance payment is when you make payments for something before you receive it, like when you pay for a good or service. Sometimes sellers request upfront payments as insurance against nonpayment or to cover the seller’s out-of-pocket expenses for providing the good or service. When the buyer doesn’t show up to pay at the point of delivery, advance pay often shields the seller from nonpayment. advance pay is an asset that businesses listed on their balance sheets. Prepaid cell phones are one type of advance payment. 

In most cases, advance payment is possible in two circumstances. They might be necessary before receiving the goods or services, or they might apply to a sum of money that you pay in advance of a contractually specified deadline. advance pay can help manufacturers who lack the funds to purchase the necessary supplies to fill a sizable order  

Advance payments can also ensure that a buyer pays a specific amount of money after fulfilling the large order. In the accrual accounting method, you record any required advance payments as prepaid expenses on the balance sheet of the corporation.

Examples of Advance Payment

Consider prepaid mobile devices. For cell services that the customer will use within the next month, the service provider requires payment in advance. Additionally, consumers with poor credit may need to pay creditors in advance before they can purchase goods or services. 

How Does Advance Pay Work?

You refer to money paid in advance of receiving a good or service as an advance payment. You pay the rest after delivery. In these situations, the delivery of the goods or services precedes the payment for them. On a company’s balance sheet, you record advances as assets. These assets are used up and recorded as expenses on the income statement for the period in which they are incurred.   

Advance Payment Benefits

An advance payment guarantee acts as a type of insurance, assuring the buyer that the seller will return the advance payment if he is unable to fulfill the agreed-upon obligation to provide the goods or services. If the seller doesn’t fulfill their end of the bargain, this safeguard enables the buyer to deem the contract void, reaffirming their claim to the upfront payment.

Advance Pay Gtl

An inmate in a correctional facility may call your phone number using the Advance Pay GTL prepaid collect calling service without being subject to the limitations of regular billing. It is possible for inmates’ families and friends to open prepaid calling accounts using checks, money orders, credit or debit cards, cash deposited at Western Union, and cash deposits. 

How It Works

It’s easy. Your jailed relative or friend will be able to call you using money from your prepaid account balance once you load money onto your AdvancePay phone number. By allowing you to pre-fund your phone account, it eliminates the need to pay for the call. AdvancePay saves you both time and money. Additionally, you have control over how the money you can use because your AdvancePay account is only for your phone number. With ConnectNetwork, your transactions are safe, dependable, and practical regardless of how you decide to pay. We provide the ability to conduct transactions online, via mobile apps, an automated phone system, self-service kiosks, at specific retail locations, and by mail. 

ConnectNetwork accepts cash, in addition to some credit cards, cash, money orders, and personal/cashier’s checks. Please write your 10-digit phone number on any checks or money orders you use because it serves as both your account number and check number. Payments that are received but do not include a phone number cannot be credited to an account. 

What It Costs

Each correctional facility establishes its fees. Depending on how much phone time you’ll need, you can choose to deposit a different amount into your account. The rates and costs for AdvancePay are available in your ConnectNetwork account. 

Advance Pay App

#1. EarnIn

With the help of the app EarnIn, you can borrow the money you have already earned while keeping track of your working hours. Additionally, the app has a function that alerts you when your bank account balance is low and another function that will top it off for a fee.

Maximum per pay period ranges from $100 to $750. Also, there is a daily cap of $100. You can sign up for EarnIn’s Lightning Speed feature, which provides instant access to funds for a fee ranging from $0.99 to $3.99, depending on the amount borrowed. When you receive your next paycheck, EarnIn takes the money you borrowed directly out of your bank account.

#2. Dave

You can use the Dave app to borrow a small sum of money to pay bills until you get paid again or to stop your bank account from going overdrawn. Users of Dave need to sign up for ExtraCash accounts to be qualified for advances. The maximum loan amount is $500. Your money from Dave will arrive in one to three days. If you need more time, you can ask for an extension. Your payment date is typically set to the following payday by default. 

#3. Brigit

With the help of the budgeting app Brigit, you can always borrow up to $250. The app has a free plan that provides budgeting assistance and financial advice. You must use the paid plan to receive the cash advance; the loan amount ranges from $50 to $250. If you ask for one before 10 a.m. Eastern Time, according to Brigit, you might be able to get an advance that day. Your next payment is automatically determined by Brigit based on your expected income. Only one extension is available in the app for every two advances you repay on time. 

#4. Chime

A small, predetermined amount can be overdrawn from a checking account without incurring fees thanks to Chime, a mobile company that provides checking and savings accounts as well as credit-builder loans. The limits start at $20 and rise following your account activity. Payments are made instantly. 

Before you overdraw, SpotMe is configured; going forward, it is a permanent part of your account. You’ll have to pay back the sum Chime spotted you with your subsequent direct deposit, which usually occurs on your following payday.  

Pros of Using Advance Pay Apps

#1. Low Fees and Interest

The high fees and exorbitant interest rates associated with payday loans are not applicable when borrowing against your paycheck using a payment advance app. Therefore, if you do need to borrow money to get by between paychecks, you won’t be deepening your financial crisis.

#2. Additional Services 

provide supplementary financial services, such as overdraft protection (another kind of loan), analysis and tracking of spending, and other tools for budgeting. These can aid in creating sound financial practices and reduce the need for borrowing money.

Compare the services each app offers before selecting the one you think will help you achieve your savings and other financial objectives. 

Cons of Using Advance Pay Apps

#1. False Sense of Security

A false sense of security about always having a safety net available can result from frequently using an early pay app. A better course of action would be to begin setting aside a small portion of each paycheck for emergency savings.

#2. Personal and Banking Information

These apps will receive a lot of your personally identifiable information (PII) and financial information, which puts it at risk for data breaches and other vulnerabilities.

#3. Yet Another Loan

Developing a habit of using payment advance apps can still lead to debt because you are borrowing money from your future income. It will be difficult to break even and begin saving money each pay period if you have multiple loan cycles because you’ll always be playing catch-up.

What Is an Advance Pay Account?

With the help of AdvancePay, inmates in correctional facilities can call your phone number without being subject to the limitations of regular billing. 

How Do I Set up Advance Pay?

Online at, you can open and manage an AdvancePay account quickly and easily. The ConnectNetwork website allows you to open a phone account, make deposits, and check your balance. Additionally, customers can open accounts and make credit card deposits over the automated phone system at GTL.

 Clicking the Create Account button on any website page will allow you to create a new ConnectNetwork account. You will be required to fill out the information to create a profile and activate services offered at a preferred facility. To finish the registration process and activate your account, you must supply a valid email address. 

What Is an Advance Payment for ConnectNetwork?

An inmate in a correctional facility may call your phone number using the AdvancePay prepaid collect calling service without being subject to the limitations of regular billing. AdvancePay will give the person being called the option to create a prepaid account when an inmate tries to call a non-billable number. Once a prepaid account has been created, collect calls can be made to the phone number up to the account’s available credit. The system will notify the account holder to make additional deposits once funds have run out. 

The quickest and most practical phone service offered by ConnectNetworkTM, AdvancePay®, connects friends and family members with prisoners. It’s easy. By setting up an AdvancePay account, you are establishing a prepaid collect calling service that enables an inmate to call your phone number using money that has been deposited.

If you have inmates in various facilities and want calls routed to various phone numbers, you can even set up multiple AdvancePay accounts. After creating an AdvancePay account, you can begin adding funds and answering calls. You can take a call whenever you want, provided that you have enough money in your account to cover at least a one-minute call.

How Do I Put Money on My Phone to Talk to an Inmate?

Additionally, you can open an account and make deposits using the ConnectNetwork app for your smartphone, the website at to set up a prepaid phone device, a Western Union location, or by mailing checks or money orders made payable to GTL AdvancePay to the Send payments to AdvancePay Service Department. Address: PO Box 911722, Denver, Colorado 80291-1722.

When funds are about to run out, there is also an option to automatically top up an account with a saved credit or debit card. The simplest and quickest way to make a deposit is online in your ConnectNetwork account or by phone at (800) 483-8314, but there are several different payment methods for AdvancePay.  

What Is the Minimum Deposit for ConnectNetwork?

Rates differ depending on the type of correctional facility and are controlled by law and contract. By logging into your ConnectNetwork account and clicking the Rates and Fees link at the bottom of the website, you can view an estimate of the rates for AdvancePay before making a call. Additionally, there are taxes and regulatory fees that differ by the facility.

What Is an Advance Payment Example?

The term “advance payment” typically refers to prepaid cell phones. To use the benefits of a prepaid cell phone for a month, the customer must pay for it in advance. yearly rather than monthly payments for a magazine subscription or streaming service. paying your insurance provider monthly premiums in return for their protection in the future.

Does Advance Pay Affect Your Credit Score?

As with any loan, cash advances may have an impact on credit scores. Although they don’t necessarily lower your credit score, they can cause later credit problems. Your credit score can be negatively impacted, for instance, by using excessive amounts of your available credit or returning cash advances late.


A type of payment known as an advance payment is one that is made in advance of the usual course of events, such as paying for a good or service before you receive it. Sellers occasionally require advance payment to safeguard against non-payment or to cover out-of-pocket expenses for services or goods. 

In the event of non-payment or non-delivery, it serves as protection for both the company and the customer. In some situations, requiring payment in advance helps business owners reduce their risk. As a result, they can pay for the order’s costs, minimize losses, and increase cash flow. 

Advance Pay FAQs

What is Advance Payment?

It is when you make payments for something, either a good or service before you receive it, like when you pay for a good or service that you can use at a later date

What is Advance Pay GTL?

Advance Pay GTL is a prepaid collect calling service that family members can use to call inmates in correctional facilities.

What Is an Advance Pay Account?

With the help of AdvancePay, inmates in correctional facilities can call your phone number without being subject to the limitations of regular billing. 

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