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Indeed Logo

When you first look at the Indeed logo, it appears simple. The logo is a straightforward blue wordmark with a dash above the letter ‘i’ on the left side. However, the logo is more than what you see at first glance, and it has a history that has led to it being as simple, clean, and minimalistic as it is today. How were they able to achieve that? Let’s go over the history & evolution of the logo and brand.

What is Indeed?

Indeed is a job-search website based in the United States that is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Recruit Co. Ltd.

History and significance

The website’s beta version went live in 2005. The method employed is known as pay-per-click job advertising. Paul Forster and Rony Kahan registered the trademark a year before.
In the fall of 2010, the website overtook as the most visited job site in the United States.

2004 – 2021

The Indeed logo is essentially a wordmark with a small pictorial element. This is why the typeface used is so important in understanding the overall concept of the design.
The letters are all lowercase and lack serifs. The ends are rounded, and the stroke thicknesses vary slightly. The type has a “liquid” and “handwritten” feel to it, conveying friendliness and a personal touch.

The glyphs have classic proportions based on the oval shape – nothing out of the ordinary. Nonetheless, the design has a distinct feel thanks to the customized initial “i.” Here, the dot is much larger than it needs to be, and the top of the vertical line has been modified. As a result, the glyph resembles a human figure, which makes sense given the company’s desire to emphasize that it works for people. The designers have even gone so far as to cover the “i” with a swoosh. It resembles a shield, representing the financial security that comes with a good job.

The “human” theme is critical for understanding the Indeed logo, as the brand’s name appears to allude to words like “individual” or “individually.”
Having said that, the logo’s designers have managed to combine a personal touch with a serious, business-like tone.

2021 – Today

The Indeed logo was redesigned and strengthened in 2021, with the same style and contours of the letters, the same delicate graphical element above the first letter, and the same position of the solid dot and the vertical bar of the “I.” The only distinction between the new and old Indeed badges is color. The bright blue shade was replaced with a deeper and calmer one, giving the company a more professional and reliable image.

Indeed Logo Design Elements

Indeed two design elements are used to convey its personality. And keeping its elements to only color and font has proven to be extremely beneficial. Overall, the wordmark appears to be exceptional, clean, readable, and memorable. Let us now look at the symbolism behind the elements chosen.

Indeed Logo Shape And Symbols

The Human Eye:

The swoosh mark and the dot combine to form an eye. When you combine them with the vertical shape—I, you get an abstract human image. This was done on purpose by the designer, so it was not an accident. Together, these elements represent the brand’s emphasis on human development. They embody the values of assisting people in finding their ideal career opportunities.

The Color Blue:

The primary color of the Indeed visual identity is blue. Experts mostly associate it with open space. Blue is the color of loyalty, peace, and security. Again, it can represent trust, freedom, and unity. These are the characteristics that define the recruitment agency.

The Color White:

A white background is used to balance out the blue wordmark. It occasionally switches positions with the blue color by painting the brand’s name. White is a happy color that represents simplicity, humility, and safety. Snow’s color can also convey sincerity, faith, and purity. This is yet another excellent choice for the recruitment behemoth.

The Color Black:

The black color dominates a small portion of the logo. It denotes the radiance of the registered symbol—R. Essentially, black is formed in the absence of light. And this color represents authority, elegance, and seriousness. It can also represent strength, power, and prestige.

Without a doubt, Indeed is using a custom wordmark. This was my conclusion because of the stylized letter—i. You can, however, find similar fonts for your project. Ariel Rounded Bold is the first one. This sans serif font was created by Robin Nicholas.

Again, Seconda Round Font can be used to convey a similar personality. Durotype released this legible font. Finally, the Nunito Regular font closely resembles the Indeed inscription. Vernon Adams is credited with creating this typeface.

Is The Indeed Logo Copyrighted?

Works of art that meet the originality requirement can apply for copyright protection. However, despite its unique personality, the Indeed logo is not considered a creative work of originality. As a result, it is in the public domain and has not been registered. However, be cautious when attempting to use its font because it may have some limitations.

Is Your Information Saved by Indeed?

There are a number of advantages to having your resume on the Indeed platform. For starters, employers can quickly scan your resume and consider you for a vacant position. Second, it enables you to quickly apply for any job for which you believe you are qualified.

You can easily update your resume once more. When it comes to security, Indeed has you covered. You have two options for safety precautions. You can make your profile private or public. Employers cannot view your resume once it has been made private.

Importantly, when you choose the public option, Indeed deletes your contact and address information. Indeed only makes this sensitive information visible to companies to which you apply. Finally, you have the option of permanently deleting your Indeed account.

Why Do Jobs On Indeed Expire?

Indeed is not alone in this. Every job board has a deadline for posting job openings. There’s a reason for this. First, if the Ad has reached its budget limit, a job posting may expire. When a posted vacancy is filled, it is best to pause the advertisement. A job posting may also expire if the deadline has passed.

The majority of job boards, including Indeed has a 30-day active period. As a result, the job posting becomes inactive after this time period. This is the general rule. However, a company can choose whether its job posting should expire before or after 30 days. However, this may depend on the position, the industry, and the employer’s budget allocation.

What Is the Cost of a Click on Indeed?

Indeed is a fantastic platform for employers. It aids in attracting qualified applicants. There are two primary methods for sending your job posting. There are two options: free and sponsored. The sponsored pathway is recommended for reaching more qualified job seekers.

The cost per click ranges between $0.10 and $5. Remember that Indeed will still charge you if you click without submitting an application. Furthermore, Indeed allows you to easily set your daily budget and the amount you’re willing to pay per click. You can also cancel your sponsored post at any time.

Is There a Profit in Indeed?

Profit is the motivator for all businesses. Despite providing free access to job seekers, Indeed is profit-driven. Indeed has unique business models as the world’s leading job portal. That is, it has ways to make money.

We can discuss its pay-per-click model, in which companies pay a small fee each time a job seeker views their job postings. Again, we can point to their pay-per-applicant model. Companies pay for each successful applicant who meets their minimum requirements under this system.

The third model is advertisement. Indeed capitalized on its massive website traffic by allowing brands to advertise on its virtual real estate. Seriously, there could be other ways to make money. And I hope you’ve taken a look at its three revenue-generating angles.

Is Indeed Free for Employers?

Indeed has been free for both employers and job seekers since its inception in 2004. As a result, as an employer, you can use the platform to hire qualified candidates. However, keep in mind that free posting will get you less exposure. Furthermore, your posting will appear in general search results. However, for a faster response, choose the sponsored job posting. You’ll get a better outcome!

What Is the Purpose of Indeed?

Indeed is a free job board where you can find new opportunities. You can use it to look for work as a job seeker. You can also upload your resume and set up job alerts. As a result, whenever a job matches your interests and qualifications, you’ll receive an email notification. It also provides services to companies looking to hire highly qualified employees.

Indeed demonstrates that there is no need to change a logo that is effective. Why alter a successful logo? The beta version of the company’s website went live in 2005. Since then, the brand hasn’t felt the need to change the logo in the slightest, believing that it does its job well. The logo is composed of a wordmark and a small pictorial element.

The company has kept the logo the same since its inception, idolizing the single logo for their brand. It’s no surprise that this logo does its job so well, and the company chose to keep it without making any changes. The visual identity is neat, stylish, and one-of-a-kind, which is difficult to find in logos these days.

The logo is made up entirely of lowercase letters with no serifs. The thickness of the strokes varies, and they have rounded ends. This typeface has a personal feel to it, with the letters appearing almost handwritten. There’s something very special about this logo, not only because it’s been with the company for so long with no changes, but also because it’s had an impact.

What Makes Indeed Unique

With millions of logos in the world, it’s natural to wonder what makes this one unique. What distinguishes this logo from the others and what they have to offer? What has made this logo unique enough to survive the years without even the slightest change? Great logos like this one are created, not just exist. They are designed to grow with the brand and establish itself as strong and memorable, matching the brand’s personality and making it as important as it is today.

The Indeed logo has a few distinct elements that set it apart and have helped it become as well-known as it is today.

It’s Uncomplicated and Straightforward.

Logos nowadays are crammed with information. People feel the need to showcase their design skills in their logo, ensuring that there is a bold and detailed symbol associated with their brand. In reality, a logo does not require much to make an impression. Indeed demonstrates that a logo can be as simple as the name itself.

The Indeed logo is clean and simple, and the company did not consider it necessary to include anything else. The quality is obvious; a simple blue wordmark. When you use it, you don’t have to think too hard about it, and you don’t have to look for a deeper meaning; it’s simple and to the point.

It Is Memorable and Easily Recognized

The Indeed logo, without a doubt, makes an excellent first impression. When you see it, the logo is simple enough to catch your attention while also having enough personality to keep it. It’s a simple logo that makes an impression without being overpowering. The high quality of the logo is the main reason it is memorable and easy to recognize. People are unlikely to forget a well-executed logo with a distinct design element. Viewers will be able to process it quickly, and it will leave a lasting impression in their minds.

It is Simple To Read

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies create a wordmark that is simply unreadable. People can’t remember a brand or know what they do if they can’t even read their own name to begin with. If a brand chooses to use text in their brand identity, it is critical that the text be readable. Indeed recognized the significance of having a clear, easy-to-read font, which is why they chose an easy-to-read font and displayed the name in clear letters. Despite the fact that the name is entirely lowercase, it is easy to remember.

It is Adaptable

There is no denying that advertising is a critical component of any brand’s success. To be successful in today’s world, a brand must advertise itself in all forms. It’s the most reliable and trustworthy way to generate new leads and ensure that your brand is known.

However, for brands to fully advertise their business, their logo must be adaptable to all different mediums. A brand’s logo should never be limited to what it can be used on; it should be free to advertise its brand wherever it will draw consumers in. Indeed knew that their logo needed to be adaptable and render both offline and online while maintaining high quality.

Does Indeed Make Profit?

Because Indeed is a free platform, many people believe that it does not make a profit or make a very small profit. Money is the driving force behind every business, and Indeed is no exception. Even though their platform is free, the job search engine makes a profit. How? Pay-per-click advertising, banner ads, hiring events, and subscription fees are how Indeed makes money.

Although the platform remains free for those who post and search for jobs on the site, they still make money from those who browse the platforms. The company provides premium features to hiring companies that they are free to use. Premium features increase the likelihood that employers’ job postings will be seen by interested and qualified candidates. Employers, on the other hand, are free to use the platform without selecting premium features if they so desire.

Has Indeed Always Been Free?

Indeed’s services have always been free, which is an interesting fact. Since the company’s inception and initial launch in 2004, the job platform has remained free for job seekers to browse. Indeed’s services are still free today, and the company has never charged a fee for their services. This is undoubtedly one of the aspects of their business that has led to their widespread success. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find completely free, high-quality services that don’t require payment.

How Does Indeed Work?

Indeed makes job posting and searching as simple and straightforward as possible on their platform. If you’re a new employer on the platform, posting a job can take as little as five minutes. Create a free account on the platform, then enter a job description. Employees will be able to sponsor their listings here, allowing them to be promoted to more job seekers and appear for a longer period of time.

Employers will then begin to receive applications from employees who are interested in the position via email. Employers can sift through the applications and schedule interviews until they find the ideal candidate for the position. Unless you choose to upgrade to Indeed’s premium features, all of this is completely free.

The process is the same for those looking for their dream job on the platform. You will create a free account and upload your resume. This is where you can personalize your account and make it appealing to employers. You’ll also be able to set your job preferences and ensure that you only see jobs that are relevant to what you’re looking for.

You can search for salaries by location and job title using the platform’s search engine. If you find a company that you’d like to work for, you can read “Company Reviews” to see what to expect from them and to ensure that they’re legitimate. You will be able to read reviews from previous employees as well as learn about salary and workplace culture. You can also download the Indeed app for easier access to the platform.

Begin looking for and applying for jobs! You can keep searching and using the platform for your employment needs until you find your dream job!


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