Top 21 HOT SAUCE BRANDS in 2023, Ranked!!! (All You Need)

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  1. Best Hot Sauce Brands
    1. The Ingredients In Hot Sauce
    2. #1. 13 Stars Hot Sauce Brands
    3. #2. The Heatonist Hot Sauce Brands
    4. #3. Elijah’s Xtreme Hot Sauce Brands
    5. #4. Frank’s RedHot Hot Sauce Brands
    6. #5. TorchBearer Hot Sauce Brands
    7. #6. Tabasco Hot Sauce Brands
    8. #7. Angry Goat Pepper Co Hot Sauce Brands
    9. #8. Siete Foods Hot Sauce Brands
    10. #9. Louisiana Hot Sauce Brands
    11. #10. Valentina Hot Sauce Brands
    12. #11. Pex Peppers Hot Sauce Brands
    13. #12. Yellowbird Hot Sauce Brands
    14. #13. Kultivar & Co Hot Sauce Brands
  2. Mexican Hot Sauce Brands
    1. #1. Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce Brands
    2. #2. Valentina Mexican Hot Sauce Brands
    3. #3. Tapatio Mexican Hot Sauce Brands
    4. #4. El Yucateco Chile Habanero Mexican Hot Sauce Brands
    5. #5. La Guacamaya Mexican Hot Sauce Brands
    6. #6. Mayanik Mexican Hot Sauce Brands
  3. What is The Most Sold Hot Sauce in America?
  4. What is The Most Popular Hot Sauce in Mexico?
  5. What is Texa’s Favorite Hot Sauce?
  6. Texas Hot Sauce Brands
    1. #1. Yellowbird Habanero Texas Hot Sauce Brands
    2. #2. Cindy’s Cin-Fully Hot Cayenne Hot Texas Sauce Brands
    3. #3. August in Austin Texas Hot Sauce Brands
    4. #4. Habanero Supreme Pepper Texas Hot Sauce Brands
    5. #5. Ghost Pepper Texas Hot Sauce Brands
    6. #6. Spooky White Texas Hot Sauce Brands
  7. Louisiana Hot Sauce Brands
    1. #1. Crystal “Louisiana’s Pure” Hot Sauce
    2. #2. Tabasco Hot Sauce
    3. #3. Louisiana Brand, “The Perfect” Hot Sauce
    4. #4. Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce
    5. #5. Cajun Chef Hot Sauce
  8. Why is Cholula So Good?
  9. What State is Known For Hot Sauce?
  10. What is The Original Hot Sauce?
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Hot sauces must be classified as a different type of food. With a few (or more) dashes of your favorite hot sauce, even the most ordinary dishes can be transformed into something outstanding. You may include your favorite sauces in your cooking to make the tastiest marinades, sauces, and dips rather than just slathering them on completed goods. For a list of brands of hot sauce you can get and enjoy either for yourself or as a family, here is a list of Mexican and Texas brands.

Best Hot Sauce Brands

Chili peppers and other ingredients are used to make hot sauce, a type of sauce, seasoning, or salsa. There is a plethora of store-bought, ready-to-eat hot sauces available.

The Ingredients In Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is often made by combining chili peppers, vinegar, and salt. Fermentation is used in many hot sauces to provide a sour or funkier flavor. They come in a wide variety of colors and textures, from green to red to brown liquid or paste. We’ll only talk about sauces that are based on chilies, even though there are plenty of other spicy condiments that use substances other than chilies to impart their heat (mustard sauce, wasabi, horseradish).

At least a few bottles of hot sauce are a must-have item in any well-stocked kitchen. However, for those of us who actually enjoy the spice, the spicy food frequently fills the entire refrigerator door. You may need to lower the number of hot sauce bottles filling up your limited food storage space if your spicy-averse, mayo-loving partner or roommate complains that there isn’t enough room for their Hellman.

Hot sauces also have a wide market, which is supplied by well-known companies like Frank’s and Tabasco and small-town manufacturers. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top hot sauce manufacturers for 2023 in observance of National Hot Sauce Day.

#1. 13 Stars Hot Sauce Brands

13 Stars Hot Sauce, a veteran-owned and -operated business, has been dispensing small-batch spicy bliss since 2019. When local peppers are in season, 13 Stars purchases them and uses them to create a range of sauces, from a fresh and inventive spin on the traditional salsa verde to a nuclear-level hot sauce created with the famous ghost pepper and Carolina reaper. These sauces are not only fantastic, but a percentage of each sale goes to their veteran and first responder fund, a portion of which is regularly donated to various charities.

#2. The Heatonist Hot Sauce Brands

Although you may be aware of The Heatonist sauces from the well-known YouTube series “Hot Ones,” where they produced classic Hot One sauces like the “Final Dab,” the spice actually got its start when its inventor Noah began selling a range of his favorite hot sauces in Brooklyn. In addition to their own original compositions that are based on data gathered from thousands of customer sampling sessions each year, The Heatonist sells a variety of the best hot sauces made purely with love (fresh, high-quality ingredients). Keeping standards in mind

#3. Elijah’s Xtreme Hot Sauce Brands

Elijah’s Xtreme was founded in 2014 by a father and son who loved hot peppers and wanted to create excellent, entertaining hot sauces. Why not check out their impressive list of honors instead of believing what we say? Elijah’s Xtreme offers some of the best sauces on the market! The Reaper Sauce is the only product to have received 15 industry awards!

#4. Frank’s RedHot Hot Sauce Brands

Any list of the best hot sauce producers must include Frank’s RedHot, one of the most popular pantry staples. Thus, the first-ever buffalo wings were created in 1964 at the Anchor Bar & Grill in Buffalo, New York, thanks to the infamous choice to use Frank’s RedHot. Given its extensive and stellar history, it comes as a little surprise that Frank’s is the most popular hot sauce brand in America.

#5. TorchBearer Hot Sauce Brands

Torchbearer sauce is the hot sauce that practically everyone prefers. The sauces from TorchBearer pack a punch, with sauces like chipotle barbecue and smokey horseradish ranging from mild to insanely spicy. These creations live up to their tagline, “Accidentally Healthy, Intentionally Delicious,” and are made with only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients that are free of gluten, dairy, nuts, and eggs. Since its debut in 2005, Torchbearer Sauces has received over 52 distinctions on a national level.

#6. Tabasco Hot Sauce Brands

Tabasco is well-known and adored by many. There are several reasons why the original red pepper sauce is well-liked. It is indeed quite hot, which is the first and most significant element. Even individuals with a severe aversion to spice should be able to tolerate it, despite the fact that it has considerable heat. You don’t need to completely cover your food in this brand’s sauce to enjoy the flavor because a little goes a long way with it.

In addition to the heat, it also has the ideal amount of vinegar, which greatly enhances the flavor of your dish. It could be a little less watery, but the flavor is so great that I don’t even mind the odd consistency. I use tabasco frequently and probably always will.

#7. Angry Goat Pepper Co Hot Sauce Brands

Out of a few extra peppers from the garden, a company that makes spicy sauces, pepper jellies, mustards, and barbecue sauces has developed. Not surprisingly, multiple episodes of the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones” have featured the Vermont-based Angry Goat Pepper Co. With sauces ranging in strength from XXX to extremely strong, there is something for practically every palate.

#8. Siete Foods Hot Sauce Brands

Siete Foods, a family-run company with its corporate headquarters in South Texas, aspires to corner the market for nutritious Mexican-American food by providing delectable recipes and hot sauces. began when the co-founder and president, Veronica, and her seven family members came together to support her after she made the decision to change to a low-inflammation, grain-free diet in order to heal her crippling autoimmune illnesses. The founders of Siete Foods created the company because they did not want to keep their excellent cuisine to themselves. And trust us when we say they produce some amazing hot sauces! All varieties adhere to the Whole30 diet and include well-liked components like fruits, vegetables, avocado oil, and apple cider vinegar.

#9. Louisiana Hot Sauce Brands

Some of the best dishes in the nation are made in Louisiana. They created the first po-boy, beignet, and crawfish boil for the nation, which is what I consider to be the ideal feast for a celebration. However, Louisiana Hot Sauce doesn’t offer anything particularly unique. Our sauce is excellent on its own, but when compared to the other sauces on this list, it just seems a little underwhelming.

Even if it’s not unbearably hot, the majority of the heat is felt right away. When chewed, practically all of the necessary spiciness is lost. Only a strong saltiness is left at this point. I drink more salt than 90% of the world’s population, but I still feel like this sauce has a little too much sodium for me. It’s okay if Louisiana Hot Sauce is all you have. There are numerous, generally superior alternatives.

#10. Valentina Hot Sauce Brands

The fact that Valentina feels and looks thicker than many other hotter sauces on the market is one of my favorite things about it. It doesn’t have the thin, watery consistency that you may anticipate from other hot sauces, making it the ideal consistency for coating meats and veggies. Having said that, it just lacks the heat I expect from a good hot sauce.

Due to its mild character, this specific kind is a suitable choice for households with individuals who have various spice tolerances. But this sauce won’t satisfy true spice connoisseurs. In my opinion, it serves more as a condiment than a truly spicy sauce. Although it has delicious flavors and can be used in many different types of food, I wouldn’t pick it as my first option when looking for heat.

#11. Pex Peppers Hot Sauce Brands

The best hot sauces are typically made by family-run companies, and PexPeppers is no exception. The 18 various hot sauces offered by PexPeppers are prepared in small batches to maintain product quality. These sauces, whose names include HornetBOMB Habanero, Solar Fuego, and Atom Splitter Tropical Douglah, thus give any food they are combined with a potent flavor boost.

#12. Yellowbird Hot Sauce Brands

It’s probably a good idea to avoid becoming lost in the sauce, as Yellowbird warns. Yellowbird, an Austin, Texas-based business, was established as a result of a self-taught sauce specialist’s love of hot pepper cultivation. As the chefs use ingredients they grow themselves or obtain from a network of small farms to create amazing sauces using only the freshest ingredients, you’ll be led on a flavor explosion journey from habanero hot sauce to blue agave sriracha and so much more in between.

#13. Kultivar & Co Hot Sauce Brands

The production of delicious small-batch spicy sauces was the main objective of Kultivar & Co. As the peppers grew, the company’s founders, Lisa and Ira, realized that their goal was more than just making great sauce. They also wanted to help the community where they live. Because of this, Kultivar & Co. only uses the best ingredients from suppliers who practice sustainable farming. They also give 35% of their profits to local charities.

Mexican Hot Sauce Brands

Mexican food is available in many delectable variations. Hot sauces, on the other hand, are one of the most favored components of Mexican food. Recipes for Mexican hot spicy sauce brands that enhance a dish’s flavor without lowering its nutritional value are the tastiest. These sauces’ numerous chilies improve the flavors of the various dishes.

Mexican cuisine regularly uses canned spicy sauce in fast food restaurants, home cooking, and street food. Due to its enormous versatility, there are countless choices. If you’re in need of some spice in your life, we can offer you a taste of Mexican with these well-known hot spicy sauces from that country. Below is the list of the Mexican Hot sauce brands you can go for:

#1. Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce Brands

From Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, to Austin, Texas, Cholula journeyed in 1989. Cholula Hot Sauce takes its name from the oldest continuously inhabited city in North America, which has a 2,500-year history. Five flavors of Cholula are also currently offered: original, green pepper, chipotle, chile lime, and chili garlic. It can also be recognized by its distinctive wooden cap. According to the corporate website, burgers, grilled corn, ranch dressing, and popcorn are the ideal foods to pair with Cholula. Due to the presence of piquant peppers, it offers a pleasant flash of heat.

#2. Valentina Mexican Hot Sauce Brands

Valentina is the name of one of the most well-liked hot sauces in Mexican taquerias. It only has a few components and a passable flavor. Since Valentina is “thicker and less vinegary [than Tabasco] with deeper depth of chile flavor,” it is ideal for imparting heat to any Mexican meal as well as spicy cocktails.

#3. Tapatio Mexican Hot Sauce Brands

Despite its Southern Californian roots, Tapatio is very popular in Northern Mexico. In 1971, Jose-Luis Saavedra Sr. started the company in a small warehouse in Maywood, California. He started his company since Tabasco was the only fiery Mexican sauce available in Southern California. Tapatio has only had one flavor since 1971, and it has not altered. Although it goes well with nearly anything, among its best uses are pasta dishes, tuna, hot beverages, and potatoes and eggs for breakfast.

#4. El Yucateco Chile Habanero Mexican Hot Sauce Brands

If you want some heat, there is just one option: El Yucateco Chile Habanero. This hot sauce thus has a strong, acidic flavor and was established in 1986. Its headquarters are in the Yucatan Peninsula in southeast Mexico. Guacamole, a range of meats, and salads pair well with the green habanero sauce. It won’t take more than a few drops. Caribbean Habanero, Black Habanero, Red Habanero (their mildest flavor), Kutbilik Habanero (a whopping 11,600 Scoville units), and Chipotle are just a few of the hot sauce varieties El Yucateco offers.

#5. La Guacamaya Mexican Hot Sauce Brands

In 1948, in El Rosario, Sinaloa, the first batch of La Guacamaya Mexican Hot Sauce was created. Its Scoville rating is 8,400.

Red and green habaneros, dried chili peppers, and other spices are present in each of these flavors. The old-fashioned method of making this hot sauce includes the use of a manual star corn mill and a stone grinder. When the sauce was first made, dried chiles and spices were utilized.

#6. Mayanik Mexican Hot Sauce Brands

Merida, Yucatan, is home to the production facility where Mayanik was manufactured. This plant’s name comes from the ancient Mayans, who once lived in the area where it now grows.

When the pepper was harvested and utilized to make the sauce determines how hot it is. It’s possible that the pepper for hot habanero sauce was harvested later than the pepper for green habanero sauce. This hot sauce has a watery consistency and a high acidity due to the amount of vinegar in it.

What is The Most Sold Hot Sauce in America?

Sriracha has been voted America’s favorite in 31 out of the 50 states, including the Golden State.

If you’re going to Mexico, you have to try Valentina. You can’t go wrong with this fiery sauce; it’s a staple that works well with any dish. Puya chilies are used to make this sauce, which has a more pronounced chili flavor than vinegar.

What is Texa’s Favorite Hot Sauce?

” Sriracha” is the most popular spicy sauce in Texas, as well as 31 other states and the entire Western region. The clients of Instacart buy a lot of hot sauce.

Texas Hot Sauce Brands

Hot sauce is more than simply a condiment, as genuine Texans are well aware of. Every meal must include it, whether it is ice cream, chilled potato salad, chicken, or chili. A strange mixture makes food come to life. It should not be surprising that Texas is the birthplace of some of the best locally produced spicy sauces in the world. These sauces, which are also influenced by culinary customs from Mexico, Asia, and the Caribbean, push the limits of taste and heat combining. The top six are listed here in no particular order. Grab a few bottles from your local Texas hot sauce producer and blow the roof off your upcoming feast. Here is the list of Texas hot sauce brands for you.

#1. Yellowbird Habanero Texas Hot Sauce Brands

Yellowbird pays meticulous attention to detail, which is the key to its exceptional quality. In keeping with his handcrafted ethos, guitarist George Milton makes his own purees of vegetables and spices and buys all of his organic ingredients directly from farmers. The spicy habanero pepper, which lends the firm its name, is still the star of this hotter-burning sauce than sriracha.

#2. Cindy’s Cin-Fully Hot Cayenne Hot Texas Sauce Brands

She is referred to as the “Chili Queen.” After winning 15 first-place prizes at chili cook-offs, including two at the Terlingua International Chili Championship, the biggest chili tournament, Cindy Reed Wilkins became known as a hot sauce deity. Wilkins has been honing her formulas ever since, and in 2005, she established a business that distributes a wide range of hot sauces. This vinegar-based, cayenne-infused highlight is scorching.

#3. August in Austin Texas Hot Sauce Brands

The mother-son pair of Joy Burleson and Brian Rush originally entered the Texas hot sauce market in 2003 after deciding to focus on their carefully refined recipes rather than their thriving tamale business. Currently, they have trouble keeping certain of their sauces in stock. They produce their own hot sauces, some of which are so intense they are dubbed “Red Fang’s Night Destroyer” and are made with cactus and lime flavoring. But if you stick with their original August in Austin sauce, you’ll be secure. The red habanero hot sauce only needs five common ingredients to be made, and it has a straightforward flavor and just the right amount of heat to mix with almost anything.

#4. Habanero Supreme Pepper Texas Hot Sauce Brands

By winning the top honors at the Austin Hot Sauce Festival in 1994, the owners of The Aztexan Pepper Company made a big stir in the Texas hot sauce brands business. Since that time, the group’s unique habanero-based sauce has won the festival’s people’s choice award for best pepper sauce ten times. Their single sauce offering, which can challenge the Tabasco bottle in your cabinet for supremacy, is the key to their success.

#5. Ghost Pepper Texas Hot Sauce Brands

For his loved ones, Kerry Stessel started making hot sauces as a surprise. After the 2008 financial crisis, when money was scarce, he started seeking new employment opportunities. He worked on the sauce-making recipes for two years, perhaps turning his pastime into a full-time job. As a consequence of Stessel’s attempts to roast his ingredients and mix peppers to produce distinctive and complex flavor profiles, a series of hot sauces with a range of characteristics have been produced.

#6. Spooky White Texas Hot Sauce Brands

Frankie Valdez, a native of San Antonio, used to prepare hot sauces when cooking for family and coworkers. His Dallas-based hot sauce business now produces handcrafted condiments with ingredients inspired by local fare as well as the tastes of locations Valdez has been to, including Spain and the Bahamas, for a smaller clientele. His most well-known condiment is the well-known Spooky White sauce. The sauce has a lemony tang and just the right amount of heat. It blends habaneros in white and orange.

Louisiana Hot Sauce Brands

All lovers of spicy sauce should show off their passion for it today. It’s also a great chance to try out various hot sauce variations and decide which one you like most. Start your day of heat by preparing dishes with your preferred sauce, visiting your neighborhood grocery store to sample several sauces, or planning a flavor-packed gathering with cuisine that pairs well with hot sauce. Naturally, each of these recommendations needs to be utilized with caution. So if you want to spice up your “food” existence, stop talking right now. The celebration will get spicier by using these tips for spicy sauce. These Louisiana hot sauces are unstoppable forces, with Tabasco Hot Sauce bringing life to all culinary creations and Crystal Hot Sauce serving as the state’s emblem of spice.

#1. Crystal “Louisiana’s Pure” Hot Sauce

The state’s culinary tradition would not be complete without its reddish-orange hot sauce, which is a mainstay in Louisianan homes and eateries all throughout the country. Its powerful flavor wins many people over with just three simple ingredients. Any Louisiana food, including smothered cabbage and red beans and rice, can be improved with Crystal Hot Sauce. You can purchase more of this acidic pantry essential at your neighborhood grocer or online at

#2. Tabasco Hot Sauce

The flavor and excitement of Tabasco Hot Sauce have remained popular for around 150 years after it was originally made. This sauce’s diverse flavor profile and stylish look enable one to pair it with a variety of foods. The origins and ongoing production of this unusual sauce are located on Louisiana’s Avery Island. Anyone’s taste senses will be taken on an incredible voyage by its moderate, smokey heat. You may purchase Tabasco Hot Sauce from any nearby retailer or online at

#3. Louisiana Brand, “The Perfect” Hot Sauce

Without a doubt, Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce is the perfect addition to any Cajun recipe. The sweetness and intensity in this New Iberia reddish-yellow sauce are just right. This fiery sauce will always be the star of the show, whether it is served with Cajun-style jambalaya, crispy fried chicken, or freshly shucked oysters. If you’re thinking about improving your sense of taste, go to your neighborhood supermarket or shop online at

#4. Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce

You’ll want to “slap yer mommy” after tasting this hot sauce, as the name of it implies. Everyone who eats it will feel like a native Louisianan because to its peppery flavor enhanced with Cajun seasonings. This sauce complements a range of foods because it is so delicious. Even those who are not big fans of hot sauce will find that the overall heat balance is low and suited for everyone. This hot sauce is difficult to overlook thanks to its colorful and striking branding. There is a shop close by where you can buy Slap Ya Mama Hot Sauce if you enjoy spice. Visit if you can’t find your way to a food store.

#5. Cajun Chef Hot Sauce

A potent condiment that blends flavor and heat is Cajun Chef hot sauce. Cajun Chef works whether you’re munching on popcorn or smoking hot wings. This sauce will satisfy you with its strong heat punch. The perfect balance of vinegar and spices may transform a dish into something remarkable. Are your urges already too strong for you to control? If so, satisfy them by going to your neighborhood market or online at

Why is Cholula So Good?

Cholula, made from green peppers, adds just the right amount of spice to cooked food while also imparting a rich, complex flavor. The combination of jalapenos and poblanos, two green chilies, creates such a complex flavor.

What State is Known For Hot Sauce?

Based on data collected by Instacart, Village Hot Sauce is the best hot sauce in our state. According to the data presented in the second map, North Dakotans purchase more spicy sauce per capita than any other state in the union when measured in ounces per customer.

What is The Original Hot Sauce?

Tabasco sauce was first produced in 1868, making it the oldest established brand in the hot sauce business.

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