Ford & Tesla Fight For Dominance In The Commercial EV Space

Ford & Tesla Fight For Dominance In The Commercial EV Space

The future of the automotive industry looks to be heading in the direction of electric and self-driving vehicles. In the United States, developments such as the all-electric truck leasing business opening in LA are merely a sign of the times. Electric vehicles are here to stay and they’re entering the commercial sector at a rapid pace.

Clash Of The Auto Industry Titans

Auto manufacturers like Ford, Tesla, and Volkswagen are all particularly invested in the electric commercial vehicle industry. All three of these titans have released electric trucks early in the EV revolution to get ahead of the competition. Now, Ford and Tesla are the two companies spearheading the future of electric commercial vehicles, and both look likely to compete on this front for many years to come.

Ford Releasing Its Second All-Electric Commercial Truck

Ford recently premiered the second truck in its line of all-electric commercial vehicles. The fact that Ford has already moved on to its second installment in this series of vehicles underlines the company’s commitment to a future of electric vehicles, both in the private and commercial sectors of the automotive industry.

Ford is a titan in the automotive industry, and they are looking to compete with Tesla, which, despite being relatively new to the industry, has completely taken over the competition with its innovative, interesting, and surprisingly powerful electric cars and trucks. The newest commercial truck being released by Ford is the Ford E-Transit, which is in production in Kansas for American customers and in Turkey for European customers.

Getting A Head

Another reason that Ford is the only “big 3 automaker” currently challenging Tesla in the commercial vehicle industry is because of their focus on trucks instead of electric cars. Trucks are the most popular class of commercial vehicles, with dual trucks, in particular, offering numerous benefits to companies that need a vehicle that’s suited for heavy commercial use.

Dual trucks have increased towing capacity, performance advantages, and sheer durability, which simply isn’t offered by other classes of vehicles. The fact that Ford is focusing its production on electric trucks specifically has given it a head start in the industry of electric commercial vehicles.

Tesla Domination Not Showing Any Signs of Slowing Down

Currently, when anyone talks about electric vehicles, Tesla is the first company that comes to mind. This is because the company and its enigmatic leader Elon Musk have been working hard to provide top-of-the-range electric road cars and commercial trucks to their customers. Its popularity has been on the rise over the past decade or so, and in the first quarter of 2022 Tesla delivered more vehicles to customers than in any previous quarter of the company’s history. One of the biggest reveals from Tesla in 2022 was the unveiling of the Tesla Semi – a long haul, an electric commercial truck that promises to challenge some of the best vehicles already on the market.

The battle between Tesla and looks is set to continue for the next decade or so as the automotive industry continues to shift to the realm of electric vehicles.

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