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The Houston Astros are an American professional baseball team. It is in the West Division of Major League Baseball and has won many awards, such as the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger, during its time as a professional team. After debuting in 1962, the club soon rose to prominence as one of the best baseball teams in the country. For nearly three decades, the Houston Astros have used the new logo. But besides the current one, the Astros have had seven different logos over the course of their history. In the course of their 60 years as a club, the Houston Astros have gone through a number of distinct logo designs.


Houston Astros is a group of American professional baseball players that compete in major league baseball. It spent the previous 51 seasons (from 1960 to 1999) as a part of the National League. While it has been a part of Major League Baseball since the year 2000, it however belongs to the Western Division and performs its duties within it. The club was founded in 1962 and is currently operating out of Houston, Texas.

Generally, After it was founded, the club went by a different name for a period of two years, ending in 1964. However, during Roy Hofheinz’s tenure as team president, the name was changed before he sold the company to GE and Ford in 1975.

John McMullen, an entrepreneur, bought the rights to run the team in 1979 and has had her for nearly 15 years. She sees a relocation to Drayton McLane Jr. in 1993 but was however purchased by Jim Crane in 2011. Moreover, the new owner decided to move the team to AL for the 2013 season on November 15 of that year. MLB paid Crane $70 million to organize this event as part of a larger overhaul of the league.

The Houston Colt 45’s is the initial name of the club. The team moved to its current location in Houston, Texas, in 1965 as the space race gained momentum in the city.

The Houston Astros has generally used a wide range of logos, from straightforward typographic versions to elaborate graphical icons. Before the name change, there was a blue colt depicted that was however changed later on. He was replaced in the 65th by the so-called Rondel, a traditional sign with other components surrounding it in the middle.

What is the Houston Astros?

The Houston Astros, originally known as the Houston Colt. 45, is a professional baseball team based in Houston, Texas, USA. The current moniker was adopted in 1965, and the Astros currently play in the Major League Baseball’s West Division as representatives of Minute Maid Park with James Click as the club’s general manager.

A blue circle serves as the foundation for the Houston Astros’ logo. Orange bands separate it into two substantial portions. The letter “H” within is huge and white, with a thin gray outline and gigantic rectangular serifs. She sits on a five-pointed orange star. The white words “HOUSTON ASTROS” on the other hand span a large white frame.

Does the Houston Astros have a brand New logo for 2023?

The entire star emblem for the new Astros uniforms has a block letter ‘G’ in the center. This emblem will be on the Astros’ home caps, which are solid blue, while it will be on the team’s away caps, which are solid orange.

Houston Astros Logo – Meaning and History

In 1962, the Houston Astros Club made its debut; at the time, it was known under the name Houston Colt 46-s. The team has used seven distinct logos over the years, the first four of which featured both the name and an image, while the most recent logo features only the team’s name in white lettering against a blue background. The word “Astros” has generally been transitioned through several forms during virtually the entirety of the history of the Houston Astros logo. This practice was carried on until a variant appeared with the letter “H”. This, was basically spelled out in capital letters to start the first component of the club’s name. This idea was first proposed by designers in the year 2013.

Because the management team thought it was successful, any additional modifications to the logo were put on hold for the time being. Regardless, they make sure the version that was approved is the one that satisfies all of the standards that are necessary for our current era. It is simple to display on information carriers, it is easily recognizable, and also has suitable typography. In addition to that, it has the name written out in “encrypted” form.

1962 – 1964

The original old logo of the Houston Astros was designed in 1962. It portrays an illustration of a blue gun with the “C” in “Colt” formed by smoke coming from the barrel. The letters “45-s” spell out “under the gun.” while the word “Houston” is displayed in blue in a semicircle at the top.

1965 – 1976

Houston Astros shall hereafter be known as the club’s official name. The second Houston Astros logo had a white Astrodome on an orange background. There are also two baseballs, and as they go around the structure, their paths are painted on the ground. The principle is generally similar to the way atoms move.  The word “Astros” is written in blue next to the stadium where the team plays.

1977 – 1993

The Houston Astros now have a new logo designing the old one. This now features a more condensed version of the blue and white Astrodome. Also, it has somewhat larger letters in the word “Astros.”  larger letters in the word “Astros.” As in the past, the emblem contains depictions of baseballs and the paths they take.


The new emblem featured the team’s name within a dark blue stadium silhouette with a thin gold outline. Houston is in white, while Astros is in gold, with a white outline. A golden flying star also appears in the top right corner.

1995 – 1999

The outline of the stadium was completely eliminated from the 1995 version of the emblem. However, it still has a golden flying star and the team name in blue. The positions of the various components of the logo meanwhile have remained the same.

2000 – 2012

The club’s logo was updated once more at the turn of the millennium. The new Houston logo features the team’s shortened name, “Astros,” in black, with a thin yellow-brown contour, and the same underlining. A gold brick star sits atop the moniker.

2013 – today

A simple logo is now in use, and its designs are able to perfectly represent all of the information that is required. The letter “H” in the middle stands for “Houston,” and the star with five points stands for “Astros.” The round rondel in the center on the other hand symbolizes the continuation of tradition.

The club’s full name is written over broadband that is defined by thin separating lines that are part of the design. Because the sign’s design is so similar to the stars in the ring that are found on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it has gained an incredible amount of popularity. The circumference of the circle is delineated by a continuous stripe of blue color.

Houston Astros Logo Font and Colour

A huge five-pointed star with an uppercase “H” in the backdrop is a classic aspect of this baseball team’s logo. Since most of the world’s major space-related items are located there, the star is a fitting monument to the area’s rich history in the space race. The club’s name and the city it calls home are both represented by the same letter in the emblem. They’re enclosed in a ring. After that, however, is a big blue stripe that reads “Houston Astros” across the bottom and “Houston” across the top. Additionally, the primary observatory building and a satellite orbit were included in earlier iterations.

Generally, designers offered a logo with a chopped typeface including single-pointed lines to represent the star beams. Next up was a variant with cursive writing and a smaller font size. Nevertheless, a variation with a bold player serif, Player Bold, designed by Patrick Griffin and pioneered by Canada Type, was given the go-ahead for publication in 2013.

There are basically three colors in the Houston Astros’ official color scheme, and they’re all represented on the logo. There’s a dark blue background with orange accents (the star and separating lines) and white for the central letter and the team’s name.

Why are the Astros Blue and Orange?

The blue and gold Astros uniforms were supposed to be orange and blue. Nevertheless, since the plan is to depict a meteor streaking across the night sky, they settled on a gold background with a deep blue outline. You’ll see that instead of the traditional five-pointed Lone Star, it’s a five-pointed open star.

The futuristic typeface nevertheless fits well with the overall aesthetic of the Astros’ uniforms, and taken individually, the pieces aren’t horrible. However, to some viewers, it lacks the necessary Astrosian flair.

What does Astros Stand for?

“ Moving toward the space age” The presence of the Astrodome prompted the local baseball team to choose the name “The Astros.” Thus, the expansion National League club in Houston, formerly known as the Colt.45s, changed its name to the Astros, ushering in a new era in the city’s baseball history.

Although many things have changed for the Houston professional sports teams over the decades since the Astros name was first used prior to the 1965 season, the term itself is still the oldest nickname in the franchise’s history. And it’s also the most recognizable, with all due respect to the NFL’s Texans and NBA’s Rockets.

Why are the Astros Bearing Baby Blue?

Astros wear blue basically to highlight prostate cancer. Blue is the official color for prostate cancer awareness. Hence, the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) reports that MLB players, managers, coaches, and on-field staff will demonstrate their support in solidarity by donning specially created New Era caps with blue Club insignia.

As a result, the Houston Astros, along with the rest of Major League Baseball, in their support to help the world fight against prostate cancer, players, coaches, and on-field staff wear blue ribbons and wristbands on their jerseys throughout Father’s Day weekend.

Caps include a blue shadow tech heather crown and graphite visor, while players wear outfits that feature blue accents and variations on the team’s traditional emblems. Two pairs of blue-hued socks are also available to the players.

Why did the Colt 45s Change their Name to Astros?

Since October 17, 1960, Houston has been home to a professional baseball team. However, they haven’t always gone by the name “Astros.”

For the first three years of the franchise’s existence, the Astros played under the name Houston Colt.45s.

The team’s name wasn’t changed to the Astros until December of 1964 when then-owner Roy Hofheinz made the decision.

A reference to the heroes of the day and the fact that Houston is known as the “Space City” inspired Hofheinz to give the team that name. But he cut it down to “Astros” so the sports media wouldn’t have to. At the same time, this rebranding occurred about the time the team relocated to Astrodome.

The fact that the Colt Firearms Company owned Cold 45 was another factor in the rebranding. The company Colt Firearms had given Hofheinz permission to use the Colt name and a silhouette of a Colt on the baseball uniforms.

Colt wanted a piece of the action when the team moved into the Astrodome, hoping to cash in on apparel sales. Due to Hofheinz’s displeasure, the name Colt.45s was changed to the Astros.

The blue gun was part of the original Houston Astros logo. This was in use back when the team was still known as the Houston Colt 45s.

However, in 1965, the team changed its name and logo to the orange roundel depicting the Astrodome surrounded by baseballs. Below that, the word “ASTROS” was inserted. There were also minor adjustments to the typeface and color palette in 1977.

Houston Astros – Brief Team History

The Houston Astros is a Houston-based American professional baseball franchise. After spending their first 51 seasons in the National League(NL), the Astros joined the American League (AL) West division in 2013. Currently, they are still playing in Major League Baseball (MLB).

The Houston Colt.45s was basically the Astros’ original name. While they joined the New York Mets as expansion teams in the National League in 1962. However, when they moved into the Astrodome three years later, the first domed sports arena and the dubbed “Eighth Wonder of the World,” the current moniker was chosen to honor Houston’s status as the Johnson Space Center’s host city. In 2000, the Astros relocated to Minute Maid Park, a new venue.

Generally, from 1969 to 1993, the Astros belonged to the NL West division. But from 1994 to 2012, they competed in the NL Central division. Nevertheless, as part of an MLB restructuring, they were transferred to the AL West division in 2013.

In 1972, the Astros recorded their first winning record, and in 1980, they first qualified for the postseason. The Astros rose to major prominence in the early 2000s under the leadership of the Killer B’s, a group of notable hitters that included the only Astros in the Hall of Fame, Craig Biggio, and Jeff Bagwell. However, the Astros were swept by the Chicago White Sox of the American League in the 2005 World Series. After experiencing a severe downturn for the following ten years, businessman Jim Crane paid $680 million to acquire the franchise in 2011.

Jim Crane Ownership

By the middle of the 2010s, the Astros had transformed from a struggling organization into one of MLB’s most dominant and successful clubs. They have generally won more than 100 games in three consecutive seasons. Under Crane’s ownership, the Astros embraced sabermetrics and pioneered new analytical technologies in their transition to the American League. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2017 World Series to claim their first title. They later returned in 2019 against the Washington Nationals and in 2021 against the Atlanta Braves. However, both times they were defeated.

A. J. Hinch and Jeff Luhnow were suspended when the Astros were identified as the main suspects in an MLB-wide conspiracy involving sign theft during the 2017 and 2018 seasons. After their bans, Crane sacked them and replaced them with Dusty Baker and James Click, respectively. The Astros have earned a reputation as one of the most despised baseball teams in modern times. This, basically is due to their involvement in the scandal and what were perceived as light sanctions for their players. Despite this, the Astros have maintained their dominance, making an American League Championship Series appearance in each of the last six seasons and winning four of those championships. They are usually regarded as the American League’s most dominant team right now.

The Astros’ overall record from 1962 through the end of the 2022 season is 4,831-4,820.

Houston Astros Uniforms

The Colt.45 era, 1962–1964

In 1962, when Houston’s Major League Baseball team debuted as the Colt.45s, the “C” in “Colts” was represented by a navy pistol with orange smoke pouring out of the barrel. The city’s name appeared in navy block letters with orange trim on the road shirts. While a patch of the Texas flag adorned the left sleeve. The front of the navy caps meanwhile read “.45s” in orange.

Shooting Stars 1965–1974

In 1965, after being rebranded as the Astros and relocating to the Astrodome, the team debuted its “shooting star” home uniforms. When the team first debuted, they used navy jerseys with orange accents. However, today their caps include an orange star and “H” in block serif letters. The road clothes on the other hand were unchanged besides the addition of the Astros logo in place of the Texas flag. The same logo was also applied to the home uniforms.

The Astros altered their uniforms in 1971, keeping the same design. However, they switched around the team’s colors. The one with a navy color, is now an orange one, while the one with an orange one, is now a lighter blue. The jerseys now feature the players’ last names across the back. In 1972, polyester, which was at the moment changing the industry, was also adopted as the uniform fabric. There were no more buttons or belt loops; instead, there were elasticized waistbands and zippers on the new jerseys. Fans loved the uniforms, however,  they only lasted until 1975, when the Astros shocked baseball and the fashion world by switching to a completely different look.

Tequila Dawns and Orange Rainbows: 1975–1986

The Astros debuted their new look for the 1975 season. The Astros joined the growing number of clubs that had abandoned their conventional uniforms. The bottom half of the uniform was a solid block of alternating yellow, orange, and red stripes. Over the middle was a big, dark blue star. While on the down of each leg of the pants was the same striped pattern.

The jerseys and pants of the players were both numbered. The vivid stripes were supposed to evoke the track of a blazing rocket cutting across the sky. Although they were criticized by critics, fans of the uniforms helped inspire copies to appear at the high school and little league levels. The Astros wore this unique uniform on the road and at home until 1980. The only slight adjustments is to the navy star and number motif.

Rainbow Shoulders: 1980–1993.

The Astros adopted a new uniform that year that was much simpler and relegated the rainbows to the sleeves. While the original rainbow uniform was reserved for home games, the design was eventually expanded to include the road uniform in 1982. Additionally, the navy cap is back with this uniform, replacing the orange cap that was removed in 1983. The old rainbow outfits were retired in favor of this one in 1987. The Astros only wore the white home uniforms and the cream away uniforms with this style, never the grey ones. The pullover style was abandoned and this outfit was updated with buttons and belts for the 1989 season.

Midnight Blue and Goldenrod: 1994–1999

After the 1993 season, the team’s clothing and colors were changed to project a new. The plan is to design a more serious image that coincided with the change in ownership. Formerly known for wearing rainbow clothes, the squad has since switched to black and gold. The team’s conventional star emblem was hence updated to a stylized, “flying” star with an open left end.  While the “Astros” font was altered to a more aggressive one.

A star originally replaced the penultimate “O” in “Astros” and “Houston” on both the home and away uniforms. In 1997, the star was moved to the side of the word “Houston” on the away uniform. The correspondence was written with a more futuristic style. And as an alternate uniform, the Astros also donned dark blue jerseys with white lettering and gold trim. The cap was a deep blue color, and the logo was a soaring star. The Astros also debuted their new grey road uniforms for the first time since 1974.

Railroad Design: 2000-2012

When the Houston Astros played their first game at Minute Maid Park (then Enron Field) in 2000, they wore throwback uniforms. The Astros sported uniforms in brick red, sand, and black instead of navy for the first time in team history. Their new ballpark was built on the site of an old railroad terminal, which served as inspiration for the team’s choice of colors.

The Astros’ primary home uniforms were black pinstripes with black script “Astros” letters and red numerals. Red script “Houston” letters and black number patches adorned the suits worn on the road. The Astros donned non-pinstriped white, black, and red uniforms throughout this time as part of their ongoing quest to find the perfect look. The sand star on a red cap was however retired in favor of the red cap with the updated star. While the black cap with the revised star in red became the standard cap.

Sporting Navy and Orange: 2013 – Present

The 2013 season marked the Astros’ return to the traditional navy and orange uniforms. Aside from the numbers on the left chest, both sets of uniforms also featured the names of the city (for away games) and the team (at home) in block navy letters with orange accents. They also put some piping to the front. The team’s name and numbers were written in navy and outlined in white on the orange alternate jersey. Similar to the Yankees, the Astros used navy jerseys with orange rainbow stripes down the sides.

The front of the jersey used to contain an “H” star. In 2016 however,  it was replaced by the word “Astros” in orange. The orange-brimmed version of the navy cap with the “H” and star design is back. The Astros sported an all-orange cap with their home uniforms until 2015, and then an orange cap with a navy brim with their alternate uniforms from 2016-2018.

The Astros were one of eight MLB franchises that year to use Nike’s “City Connect” uniforms. The “Space City” wordmark paid homage to NASA’s “worm” insignia by appearing on the uniform’s primarily navy shirt, and the uniform’s typography and numbers followed suit. Numbers on the right leg and a red-orange-yellow gradient on the piping and socks are two examples of the “Tequila Sunrise” uniform details borrowed for this design. The “H-star” emblem replaces the traditional white star on the modified Texas flag seen on the left sleeve patch. This otherwise follows the Astros’ navy and orange color scheme. The “H-star” logo has been updated to include a planetary orbit, and all-navy caps now sport this design.

Why do the Astros have “Space City” on their Uniforms?

The Houston Astros Community Connect jersey honors the achievements made by our city in space exploration. The word “SPACE CITY” is stenciled across the chest in large, space-themed text, and the grid pattern on the sleeves is modeled after the star charts that have guided numerous space missions.

What is the reason behind all MLB Players Wearing number 42 in their Uniforms?

Since 2009, on April 15, all Major League Baseball players and on-field personnel have worn uniform No. 42 in recognition of Jackie Robinson Day. On Friday, there were also numerous memorials that are spread out throughout the day. Likewise, New York’s 42nd Street was renamed and became Jackie Robinson Way.

What Color Do Astros Wear When Playing at Home?

The team reverted to its original colors in 2018 after wearing blue and gold for the final six seasons in the Astrodome then brick red, sand, and black with pinstripes for the previous thirteen seasons at Minute Maid Park. That means the traditional blue and orange color scheme and the H and star mark.


The Houston Astros are a baseball team in the United States. It competes in Major League Baseball as a West Division team and has won numerous notable honors during its tenure, including the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Awards. The group debuted in 1962 and rapidly rose to prominence as one of the best baseball teams in the country.

The Houston Astros have used a variety of logos over the years, from a fairly straightforward wordmark to a fairly intricate insignia.

The Houston Astros have utilized their new logo for almost 30 years. However, the Astros have utilized seven different logos throughout their history, with the exception of the current version. The Houston Astros have had a variety of unique logo designs over the duration of their 60-year existence as a team. They are without a doubt one of the most successful and recognizable teams in MLB history.


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