Commercial Real Estate Investor: Meaning, Salary, How to Become & Find One 

commercial real estate investor
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Commercial real estate refers to a piece of property that is utilized solely for business-related reasons or to provide a work area. A commercial real estate investor is someone who purchases, develops, and manages commercial real estate. Investing in commercial properties is very rewarding, although there are multiple risks involved.

Are you interested in learning how to become an investor in commercial real estate, or do you want to find one? This article will give insight into what a commercial real estate investor is, what their salary range is, and how to become or find investors.

Commercial Real Estate Investor

An investor in commercial real estate buys and sells commercial properties, which are buildings intended to be rented out to companies or retailers for use in their operations. 

Being an investor in commercial real estate can give you some of the highest income streams possible, with an annual return on the purchase price often ranging from 6% to 12%. However, it depends on factors such as location, the status of the economy, and external circumstances.

What is Commercial Investment Real Estate?

Commercial investment real estate is real estate that is used solely for business-related reasons or to provide a workspace rather than as a dwelling space for individuals. 

The term “commercial property” can refer to anything from a single storefront to a massive shopping mall, as well as office buildings, industrial properties, multifamily rentals, retail spaces, and even healthcare facilities. 

Commercial real estate is an appealing investment option as it offers a reliable source of substantial rental income that is, on average, three times greater than that offered by residential real estate. Investors benefit from having a safe and consistent stream of revenue on their investment because the leasing tenure of commercial tenants is typically longer, running anywhere between 10 and 20 years. In addition, in comparison to other kinds of property, commercial real estate has a higher potential for growth in value over a longer period of time.

Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investment

Investing in commercial real estate can provide a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Greater potential for income: The return on investment for commercial properties is often higher than that of single-family home properties
  • Cash flow: Due to the longer lease durations, commercial real estate can give a very continuous source of revenue. 
  • Less competition: Because the commercial area is typically less flooded with other investors, it is an appealing choice for people who are wanting to make an investment.
  • Longer leases: Compared to residential properties, commercial buildings typically have longer lease arrangements with their tenants. These longer leases give exceptional returns and a large amount of monthly cash flow to investors.
  • Connections between businesses: Commercial real estate provides investors with the rare chance to take part in business-to-business connections.

What You Should Know Before Investing

Before making an investment in commercial real estate, it is essential to have a solid understanding of possible mistakes, and risks that can be encountered in the investment. Therefore, keep the following things in mind:

  • Not all commercial investments have equal importance, therefore understand when, what, and how to make investments in commercial real estate in order to achieve success as an investor.
  • Incorrect valuations can result in financial devastation hence take into account every aspect involved in the process of valuing an asset and the financial complexities of commercial real estate investing.
  • Skipping steps in the process can result in entering into a transaction for which you are not adequately prepared, therefore let a deal go to someone else rather than risk entering into an unfavorable transaction on your own.
  • Not working with a team can waste both your time and your money, so you should align your services with a capable team.

How to Become a Commercial Real Estate Investor

Getting started as an investor in commercial real estate requires taking a number of steps, such as putting together a team, doing research on the market, and developing a strategy. The following is a list of the steps that will help you through the process:

#1. Create a Team

You will need the assistance of a number of different specialists if you want to become a commercial real estate investor. Some of these professionals include a mortgage broker, an accountant, a property manager, a real estate lawyer, a home inspector, and an insurance broker.

#2. Understand the Market

Buying and selling land and buildings are both part of the real estate investing process. Educate yourself on real estate investing, and ensure that nothing has been overlooked if you want to be successful with your real estate investments.  Reading books on real estate or personal development can also be a way to increase your knowledge of the sector.

#3. Make a Plan

Make a decision about where and how you want to invest your money. Consult with a financial advisor or an accountant before moving forward with your plan. There are many different approaches to investing in real estate. Also, you have to choose a strategy that is most suitable for you based on your objectives and your financial situation. 

#4. Work with a real estate agent

If you are interested in investing in commercial real estate, it is in your best interest to utilize an agent that has previous experience working with investment properties. Find a real estate professional that can guide you through the process of looking for good investment properties.

How Do Investors Make Money from Commercial Real Estate?

As an investor, it is possible to make profits through commercial real estate investment, which can also act as a hedge against the volatile nature of the stock market. You can make a profit by investing in directing. Direct investments allow investors to take on the role of the landlord by acquiring ownership of the physical property in which their investment is located. Those who either have a significant level of information about the commercial real estate market or have the ability to engage organizations that do are the ones who best suit making direct investments in this sector. 

What Are Ways Real Estate Investors Make Money?

Real estate investing offers several ways to make money, including:

  • Appreciation: This is an increase in property value over time. It is the primary way investors make money from real estate assets.
  • Rental income: This is the money collected by renting out the property to tenants. Positive cash flow from rental income can help pay off the property. Also, it contributes to saving for another down payment to buy the next investment property sooner. 
  • Flipping properties: This involves buying a property at a low price, fixing it up, and selling it for a higher price. 

There are ways an investor can make money through commercial real estate without hands-on management. They include:

  • REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts): These are companies that own and operate income-producing real estate, such as apartments, office buildings, and warehouses. Investors can buy shares in these companies and receive a portion of the income generated by the properties. 
  • RELPs (Real Estate Limited Partnerships): These are partnerships in which one partner provides the capital and the other partner manages the investment. Then, the partners split the profits

Commercial Real Estate Investor Salary

The average commercial real estate investor’s salary range is $94,123. However, the salary range can fall between $85,532 and $104,624. 

The salary range of a commercial real estate investor varies depending on various factors like education, certifications, skills, and how many years you have worked. 

The salary for a commercial real estate investor varies by investment field However, there are annual salary ranges for different real estate investments:

  • The salary range for a commercial real estate investor in wholesale usually falls between $21,000 to $100,000
  • For a commercial real investor in flipping  houses, the salary is between  $15,000 to $200,000
  • For those into buying a rental property, the salary range is $20,000 to $150,000

How to Find Commercial Real Estate Investors

If you looking for commercial real estate investors, there are multiple ways you can find appropriate investors to invest in your commercial real estate 

#1. Join a Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) in Your Area

Networking is an excellent method for getting in touch with the appropriate investors. Joining these associations is great for networking and also to find other commercial real estate investors. You can also find national and international investors through these associations. In addition to this, it offers an immediate opportunity to interact with investors on a more intermediate level and establish contact with them.

#2. By Using Online Resources 

Use online platforms like Reonomy to find investors in a certain asset type or region. Reonomy allows you to search and find commercial real estate investors based on asset type, location, and other filters. You can also see the full ownership portfolios of these investors.

#3. By Using the Right Broker

Commercial real estate deals are often more complex than residential deals, and it’s important to work with a broker who has commercial experience. A commercial real estate broker will have valuable experience when it comes to negotiating and securing larger properties.

Apollo Commercial Real Estate Investor Relations

Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc. (NYSE: ARI) is a real estate investment trust that primarily originates, acquires, invests in and manages to perform commercial first mortgage loans, subordinate financings, and other commercial real estate-related debt investments.

Why Do Investors Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

There are various reasons why investors invest in commercial real estate, but generally, the reasons can include:

  • Commercial real estate provides some of the highest income streams in comparison to residential real estate
  • One very distinct advantage of commercial real estate is a relatively consistent stream of income due to longer lease periods.
  • Commercial real estate investing offers several tax benefits that other investment strategies do not. 
  • There is a perceived difficulty in commercial investing, hence the commercial space tends to be less saturated with other investors thereby is relatively less competition.

What is the Most Profitable Commercial Real Estate?

The most profitable commercial real estate investments are typically those that can bring in the highest return on investment. They include commercial properties with a high number of tenants and properties located in high-growth areas.

Is Commercial Real Estate Investment Banking?

Commercial real estate and investment banking are two different fields, but they can be related in certain ways. Commercial real estate involves buying, selling, leasing, and managing properties used for business purposes. On the other hand, investment banking involves providing financial advice and services to corporations, governments, and other entities.

Real estate investment banking refers to the practice of connecting investors with real estate assets, such as properties, portfolios, and development projects. This can involve raising capital, providing financial analysis, and facilitating transactions. Investment banks can also provide financing for commercial real estates projects, such as construction loans, bridge loans, and mezzanine debt.

Can Real Estate Investors Become Millionaires?

Investors in real estate can become millionaires. Real estate investing has helped a lot of millionaires and real estate moguls amass their wealth. Investors must have a clear plan and strategy in place if they are to reach this level of wealth, and it may take years to amass a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio that yields enough income to support their desired standard of living. 

What is a Commercial Investor?

An individual, group, or institution that invests money or capital to buy a for-profit property or business with the hope of creating cash flow is known as a commercial investor. One of the best ways to increase wealth is through commercial real estate investments, which also offer some of the highest revenue streams available.


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