Top Six Ways to Use Mobile Form Apps

mobile form app

With the development of technology accelerating, the way people do business is changing rapidly. Technology is making businesses easier to run because all kinds of processes are more accurate and efficient. When you use a mobile forms app, your business is more connected because field employees can send data back to the office in real-time. Take a look at the top six ways to use mobile form apps.

#1. Billing and Invoicing

When you use these apps, you can invoice customers as soon as the job is finished. This speeds up your billing process and allows you to get paid more quickly. You don’t have to go back to the office or wait for an employee to return to invoice your customers. In addition, data is uploaded in real time, so everyone will know what materials are used and what jobs were done at all sites in the field.

#2. Custom PDF Creation

When you use a mobile form app, the data field workers collect can be entered, and they can create a PDF immediately. The PDF can be sent to customers and the office, and they can be customized. You can have your logo or your business name and choose the font, size, and colour. Your digital copy can easily be designed to match your original paper version in the office. This gets estimates and other forms to the customer much more quickly.

#3. Easily Create a Daily Job Report

Often businesses have to wait until the end of the day for field employees to send in the jobs they completed. They often leave out some of the information, and the daily job reports can’t be completed until the following day. 

With the mobile app, they can enter their jobs as they complete them, and they won’t need to send anything else in. The data can be entered into their mobile devices, and it will be available to everyone who needs to see it. Every day businesses will have a better idea of the progress of each job every day.

#4. Generate Purchase Orders From Anywhere

Customers are always happy when jobs take less time, and any steps that can eliminate wasted time are positive. When employees can use mobile forms to fill out purchase orders for jobs, this saves time. Rather than waiting until the following day or that evening, they can fill out the PO request right away. They don’t need to wait for someone at the office to get back to them.

#5. Dispatch Teams in the Field

Another way to use mobile forms is to dispatch teams who are already out in the field. As jobs come in, you can dispatch them to the next job. You can also send updated information about a job, such as one that cancels or delayed.

This helps to make the business run more efficiently, and field employees know what they need to do. They can finish one job and look at the next right from the phone, and there is no need to worry about miscommunication.

#6. Issue Service Quotes

Employees may go to customers’ homes to look at something that needs service. Once they inspect it, they can fill out the mobile form to generate a quote. This makes it more likely that the customer will have the job done because the employee is already there.

They won’t need to wait for the information to go back to the office at the end of the day because the technician can enter the data and produce a service quote immediately. Speeding up this type of process increases customer satisfaction and improves your ability to perform jobs.

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