Tech Tools to Improve Your Online Experience

Tech Tools to Improve Your Online Experience
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In 2023, it feels like life is lived online sometimes. Maybe you spend so much time on your phone each day that it feels strange to put it away for an hour or two without checking it once. Perhaps your job keeps you on the computer for eight hours a day, and then you go home and immediately turn on a streaming platform to unwind. By the time you go to bed, you realize you have spent the vast majority of the day online.

While you should never neglect your physical health by being addicted to devices, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy your online experiences even more. Plenty of technological innovations exist to improve your user experience in various ways. 

Since so much of our time is spent interacting with online tools and platforms, you should try to optimize that time to make the most of it. Here are some tech tools you can try in 2023 to improve the online experience, either for work, play, social connection, or anything in between.

Keeping Photos Secure

Nowadays, most of the photos we take are on our phones, or at least in the cloud. Online security is an important subject, and the last thing you want is for strangers to get ahold of your personal photos. You can hide your photos with multiple tech tricks to ensure that these images are kept private. For iPhones, there is a “hide” option for your albums that you can turn on. You can do the same for albums in the cloud through the Photo Albums app. Using these features, and similar functions for Androids, can protect your images from being stolen and viewed by hackers or even friends and family. 

Gaming Equipment

If you are an avid video gamer, then you are familiar with the joy that comes with playing games online. It gives you the ability to play alongside or against friends, even if they are not in the room with you. However, a low-quality setup can ruin your online gaming experience. It might be worth investing in better gaming equipment so that you can connect with your friends and fellow gamers seamlessly. For example, a quality headset with an advanced microphone will ensure you can hear and speak clearly to other gamers. A gaming keyboard will optimize your PC experience, while a wireless mouse will grant more versatility with your player movements. There are some amazing tech innovations available to gamers that can elevate your experience online. 

The Discussion Forum Usenet

Sometimes, you just want to share your opinions about your passions. Maybe no one in your immediate circles has the same interests you do, so you have no one to talk to about them. It never hurts to turn to others online. One platform that is perfect for in-depth discussions of many topics is Usenet. This network’s own set of international servers keep it secure and unrestricted, making it a platform for newsgroup discussion groups. Within these newsgroups, you can talk about the specified topic to your heart’s desire with others, while also getting to download user-generated articles quickly and securely. This tool can greatly enhance your enjoyment of a particular hobby or topic of interest, and all it takes is a subscription to one of the most reputable Usenet providers to gain access to the newsgroups.

Stylus Pen

If you are a creative, a student, or a worker, then you could benefit from the use of a stylus pen. These tools allow you to mark up documents on your touchscreen devices without the clumsiness of using your finger. A stylus pen can be incredibly cheap, but it can change the way you interact with your devices. It could be useful for artists who want to concept ideas on their tablets. A writer could add notes to text documents when editing. Students can download articles and highlight certain sections or write notes in the margins. The uses of stylus pens are many. 


Education is just as important for adults as it is for children. Learning new skills or subjects can engage your brain to promote long-term health, open up new career possibilities, or simply reveal new hobbies. One platform that is ideal for learning is Coursera. If you want access to a huge library of courses based on a monthly subscription or one-time fee, then this is the platform to choose. You can learn anything from coding to new languages to science subjects to financial topics. 

Make the Most of Your Internet Usage With These Tools

Life online is inevitable. We have become heavily dependent on this resource, and whether or not it is a good thing, it is impossible to avoid. All you can do is take advantage of various tech tools to make the most of your experience online. Tech hacks to keep your photos secure can promote better online safety. Gaming equipment can increase your enjoyment of a hobby while a stylus pen has versatile uses for touchscreen devices. Lastly, online learning is very accessible with a platform like Coursera. These tools can help you enjoy the Internet even more than you already do. 

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