Best Strategies for Promoting Mobile Games

Mobile gaming is extremely popular because, well, everybody owns a smartphone these days.
According to the report, there are over 2.2 billion mobile gamers in the world today. It’s a gigantic client base, but the market is highly competitive.

So how does a mobile game developer promote their product and establish a successful mobile gaming business?

We can’t say there is a single foolproof strategy that works for all developers, but there are a few tricks that work well for most companies. In this post, we will show you the seven most important strategies for promoting mobile games

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#1. Get to know your target audience

The first step is very important in the promotion stage of your mobile game development.
There are a number of things you have to consider when analyzing your audience – what kind of games they like, their age, gender, etc.

Audience demographics will impact the way you promote your games. For example, if your target audience is young and male, think about where they would spend their time online – video game sites and subreddits. The idea is to learn what your average gamer wants and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

#2. Publish an eye-catching trailer or gameplay video

Trailers and gameplay videos are still the best ways to attract gamers. This is where you promote your game’s unique features in an engaging way in order to attract attention online. That being said, there are some rules that should be followed when creating a video for promotion.

First, keep it short – around two minutes is perfect. Second, make sure your video is relevant. Use any footage, images, dialogue, or music that helps your narrative. Third, make it look professional – poor quality will do more damage than good.

#3. Build a compelling game website

You also need to build a compelling website to present the game’s most notable characteristics.
For instance, an apple pay casino will use a website to showcase different payment methods, precious deposit bonuses, and game collections. That way, a typical online casino with a mobile deposit can make the most of its marketing budget. The same goes for other types of games. All titles deserve a great website with all the necessary information regarding gameplay, story, and more.

#4. Use social media to generate interest and build a community

Social media use is on the rise as well – there are over 2.46 billion active monthly users on Facebook alone. In fact, most websites now have a popular page with hundreds of thousands of followers that you can interact with at any given time.

Promoting your game on social media is fairly easy, but it still helps to have some kind of strategy. Using hashtags like #mobilegames or #mobilegaming can help you find like-minded people and start a conversation with them. The more followers you gather, the larger your customer base will be.

#5. Reach out to gaming influencers

Influencers are gamers who have a sizable audience of followers on social media sites like YouTube and Twitch. They often promote products for free, so it’s easy to get their attention. To contact influencers, you will need to know what makes them tick. And while this varies widely depending on who you want to reach out to, there are a few general things that should be included in every message: personal info (influencer name and website), an introduction of your product, a description of how it’s useful for the influencer’s audience, and a CTA.

#6. Release your game in a number of markets simultaneously

App Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the most important parts of promoting mobile games. This term refers to various methods that help apps rank higher when searched by keywords. For instance, having a good description and image that accurately describes the game will help users find it with ease.

Keywords are another vital part of ASO – they allow your app to be found by people looking for similar products. But you can’t just go inserting random keywords everywhere without considering what is actually relevant. Also, choose only two or three top keywords before finalizing your app’s name.

#7. Cross-promote your game with non-competing apps and games

Finally, you can boost mobile gaming projects by cross-promoting them with apps and games that aren’t direct competitors. The good thing is that you won’t need to spend a lot of money on this, especially if the other party is also interested in cross-promotion. To do so, simply find similar apps or games and contact their developers.


Launching a mobile game can be profitable, but only if you promote it properly. We showed you seven ways to do it right, so now it’s your turn to do the heavy lifting. Good luck!

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