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When navigating the complex realm of sales optimization and pricing strategies, it’s essential to explore solutions beyond the standard offerings. One name that often arises in discussions about sales optimization is Zilliant. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Zilliant Salesforce, examining its pricing strategies, gathering insights from Zilliant reviews, and sizing up its Competitors. This insight will empower you to make informed decisions that can transform your sales processes and drive profitability.


Zilliant is a leading provider of price optimization and revenue growth management software solutions. Their platform leverages data science and artificial intelligence to help businesses in various industries, such as manufacturing, distribution, and B2B services, make more informed pricing decisions. Zilliant’s software analyzes vast amounts of data to determine optimal pricing strategies, enabling companies to maximize their profitability while remaining competitive in the market.

Furthermore, Zilliant’s solutions go beyond just pricing. They also assist businesses in optimizing their sales and marketing strategies by providing insights into customer behavior and market trends. This holistic approach helps organizations not only set the right prices for their products and services but also improve their overall revenue growth. In essence, Zilliant empowers businesses to drive profitability and revenue growth through data-driven decision-making and pricing strategies.

 Zilliant Salesforce 

Zilliant Salesforce is a powerful integration that directly brings Zilliant’s price optimization and revenue growth management capabilities into the Salesforce platform. This integration allows businesses to seamlessly incorporate pricing intelligence and optimization into their Salesforce workflows.

With Zilliant Salesforce, users can access real-time pricing guidance and recommendations while working within Salesforce, enabling them to make informed pricing decisions and respond to customer inquiries more effectively. This integration streamlines sales processes by providing a unified view of customer data, product information, and pricing strategies, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience and helping organizations maximize their revenue potential. In summary, Zilliant Salesforce is a valuable tool for businesses looking to leverage Zilliant’s pricing expertise within their existing Salesforce CRM system, leading to improved sales effectiveness and profitability.

 Zilliant Pricing 

Zilliant Pricing is a comprehensive pricing optimization solution designed to help businesses set the right prices for their products and services. It employs advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence to analyze market dynamics, customer behavior, and historical transaction data.

By doing so, Zilliant Pricing enables companies to determine optimal pricing strategies that maximize profitability while remaining competitive. It offers real-time pricing guidance and recommendations, empowering sales teams to negotiate effectively and make data-driven pricing decisions. Additionally, Zilliant Pricing allows businesses to segment their customer base and tailor pricing strategies to specific customer segments, further optimizing revenue and profit margins. In essence, Zilliant Pricing is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to enhance their pricing strategies, drive profitability, and gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Zilliant Reviews 

Zilliant Reviews refer to feedback and assessments provided by users and customers of Zilliant’s pricing optimization and revenue growth management solutions. These reviews are crucial for prospective clients looking to understand the effectiveness and value of Zilliant’s software.

They often highlight the software’s strengths, such as its data-driven approach, real-time pricing guidance, and its ability to improve profitability. Users also share their experiences with the ease of implementation and the level of support they receive from Zilliant’s customer service team. Additionally, reviews may point out any areas where users believe the software could be enhanced or improved to better meet their specific needs. These insights from real users can be invaluable for businesses considering the adoption of Zilliant’s solutions, offering them a firsthand perspective on how the software performs and its impact on revenue growth and pricing strategies.

Zilliant Competitors

Zilliant faces competition from several other companies in the fields of pricing optimization and revenue growth management. One of Zilliant’s notable competitors is PROS, which offers similar AI-powered pricing solutions that help businesses optimize pricing strategies and enhance profitability.

Another strong competitor is Vendavo, which specializes in pricing optimization, quoting, and sales negotiation solutions. Vendavo provides tools that enable businesses to set competitive prices and negotiate effectively with customers. Additionally, Vistaar, a pricing software provider, offers solutions for price management, deal management, and analytics, putting it in direct competition with Zilliant. These competitors often differentiate themselves through unique features, industry specialization, and the depth of analytics and insights they offer, making the choice between them a matter of specific business needs and priorities. Businesses seeking pricing optimization solutions should carefully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these competitors to determine which best aligns with their pricing and revenue growth objectives.

What Does Zilliant Do?

Zilliant specializes in providing advanced pricing optimization and revenue growth management solutions to businesses across various industries. Their primary focus is to help companies make data-driven decisions related to pricing, sales, and overall revenue strategies.

Using sophisticated data analytics and artificial intelligence, Zilliant’s software enables businesses to set optimal prices for their products and services, considering factors such as market dynamics, customer behavior, and competitive positioning. It offers real-time pricing guidance, empowering sales teams to negotiate effectively and maximize profitability. Additionally, Zilliant assists in identifying opportunities for cross-selling and upselling by analyzing customer data and market trends. In essence, it plays a vital role in helping organizations enhance their pricing strategies. It also improves sales effectiveness and ultimately achieves higher revenue and profit margins.

Who Are the Founders of Zilliant? 

Zilliant was founded by two brothers, Pete and Barrett McManus, in 1999. They co-founded the company to provide advanced pricing optimization and revenue growth management solutions to businesses across various industries.

Is Zilliant a SAAS Company?

Yes, Zilliant operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. This means that instead of traditional on-premises software installations, it delivers its pricing optimization and revenue growth management solutions through the cloud.

Being a SaaS company offers several advantages to its customers. Such services include easy scalability, accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, and automatic updates to ensure that users always have access to the latest features and improvements. Furthermore, the cloud-based nature of its offerings simplifies implementation and reduces the need for complex IT infrastructure. However, making it a more cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses seeking to optimize pricing strategies and drive revenue growth. In summary, Zilliant’s SaaS model provides businesses with a convenient and efficient way to leverage their advanced pricing and revenue management tools. This is done by minimizing the operational complexities associated with traditional software installations.

Who Is the CEO of Zilliant?

The CEO of Zilliant is Pascal Yammine. He was formerly an SVP, Global Customer Success, at Salesforce.com. However, executive leadership positions can change over time due to various factors. 

Is Zilliant Built on Salesforce?

No, Zilliant is not built on the Salesforce platform. Both Zilliant and Salesforce offer solutions that can enhance sales and pricing strategies. They are separate and distinct companies with their own technology platforms and offerings. Zilliant provides pricing optimization and revenue growth management solutions that leverage advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. This is to help businesses make data-driven pricing decisions and improve profitability. These technologies interface with Salesforce and other CRM systems to provide real-time price advice. However, Zilliant operates independently of Salesforce, and its core technology is not built on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce, on the other hand, is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It focuses on managing customer interactions, sales, and marketing processes. Salesforce offers its own set of tools and solutions to support sales and customer relationship management. Salesforce and Zilliant offer different products and technological platforms, yet they can integrate to improve pricing and sales.

How Many Employees Does Zilliant Have? 

Zilliant, a modest technology firm with only 249 workers and $50.0 million in yearly revenue, is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The number of employees, nevertheless, may fluctuate over time. 

Who Bought Zilliant?

Madison Dearborn Partners purchased Zilliant, an Austin, Texas-based B2B price optimization firm. It had raised approximately $70 million in venture capital funding from firms such as Goldman Sachs, Austin Ventures, Trellis Partners, DB Capital Venture Partners, ABS Ventures, Panorama Capital, Cardinal VC, and Edelman Financial Services.

Is Zilliant a SAAS Company?

Yes, Zilliant operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. This means that Zilliant delivers pricing optimization and revenue growth management solutions. It is done through the cloud rather than through traditional on-premises software installations.

Being a SaaS company offers several advantages to its customers. For instance, it allows for easy scalability. As businesses can adjust their usage and access additional features as needed without the hassle of hardware and software installations. Additionally, since SaaS solutions are hosted in the cloud, they are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling remote work and flexibility.

SaaS models also provide automated updates, so customers always get the latest features and improvements without having to manually upgrade. This cloud-based solution streamlines adoption and minimizes the need for costly IT infrastructure. However, this makes it more cost-effective and adaptable for organizations looking to maximize pricing and revenue growth. In conclusion, Zilliant’s SaaS architecture makes using its comprehensive pricing and revenue management capabilities easy and reduces the operational hassles of traditional software installations.


Is Zilliant built on the Salesforce platform?

The Zilliant CPQ Connector naturally interfaces with Salesforce CPQ to give granular, market-aligned, and optimized price guidance from its Price Manager or Price IQ in real time.

Who is the largest provider of IT services in terms of annual revenue?

With nearly $161 billion in revenue in 2022, Microsoft is the world’s top, most valuable, and most visible IT corporation. Microsoft Corporation, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 in Redmond, Washington, is a global technology company.

What are the advantages of Zilliant?

Zilliant’s solutions help B2B organizations respond to changing market dynamics more effectively. Also, grow financially, and acquire a strategic competitive edge, all while achieving the best ROI and shortest time to value.


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