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In order to thrive in today’s competitive mortgage industry, you need a sales procedure that is both efficient and effective. Sales automation from Velocify by ICE Mortgage Technology helps your company stay organized and focused on the actions that bring in new customers. Learn about the best sales automation technology available today, and watch as your loan officers’ sales soar, their communication with borrowers improves, and their loan closing times shrink. In this article, we will discuss Velocify Lead Manager, alternatives, CRM, and its pricing.

Velocify Overview

For businesses in the mortgage, education, and insurance industries, Velocify offers a cloud-based lead management solution called Velocify. The solution provides several distinct sales tools, including Velocify Pulse, Velocify Lead Manager, Velocify Loan Engage, and Dial IQ.

Furthermore, Velocify Pulse is a salesforce automation product that allows sales teams to better manage calls, write and send emails to prospects and groups of recipients, and track the success of these efforts with the use of pre-made templates. Data automation aids sales reps in scheduling tasks, and the Velocify portal’s progress updates and reminders make it easy to manage follow-ups.

Sales teams may use Velocify’s lead management functionality to better manage leads by making calls, sending texts and emails, and reviewing conversation histories with leads.

Workflow automation, lead scoring and prioritizing tools for duplicate lead management, and lead routing are some of the other features available.

In addition, this service requires a monthly subscription fee per user.

What Is Velocify?

Velocify is a sales automation and customer relationship management (CRM) application that runs in the cloud. It was made to help businesses in many ways, but especially with sales and lead management. Features including lead routing, automated communication workflows, performance analytics, and reporting tools were all made available by Velocify.

One of its primary features was lead prioritization, which worked by giving each lead a score based on a number of factors to help sales teams zero in on the most potential prospects. It additionally offered automatic email and phone calls, which facilitated communication and increased productivity in sales.

2017 saw the acquisition of Velocify by Ellie Mae, a software company that specializes in mortgage origination solutions. In 2019, private equity firm Thoma Bravo acquired Ellie Mae, and the company’s Encompass CRM platform absorbed the Velocify name.

Features of Velocify

Here are a few of Velocity’s most notable features:

  • Lead Management: In order to help sales teams prioritize and follow up with leads successfully, Velocify helps you capture, track, and manage leads from a variety of sources.
  • Sales Automation: It provides salespeople with automated tools to facilitate routine operations like email communication and lead distribution.
  • Call and Email Logging: With Velocify, sales teams can keep tabs on their communications with leads via email and phone and analyze how quickly they respond.
  • Lead Distribution: The software’s use of predetermined criteria ensures an equitable and effective distribution of leads among salespeople.
  • Dialer for Telesales: Velocify is an integrated sales dialer that teams can use to make outbound calls and more effectively connect with leads.
  • Workflow Customization: Users can tailor automated sales processes and workflows to their unique sales strategies.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Velocify’s reporting and analytics capabilities give insight into vital indicators like sales performance and lead conversion rates.
  • Lead Nurturing: It helps with lead nurturing by sending automated drip emails and reminders.
  • Integration Capabilities: To further expand its features and facilitate communication with other CRM platforms, Velocify may connect with external applications.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Velocify is mobile-friendly, so sales reps can access it from their phones and tablets and keep working even when they’re out and about.

What Does Velocify Do?

Velocify puts you in touch with leads and gives you the resources you need to respond quickly and effectively. In my opinion, the best way to crack Velocify is to investigate two of their most popular products now used by sales reps.

Velocify Pulse is an inbound lead and opportunity management system that helps you organize, automate, and keep track of your team’s responses. You may use Pulse to make phone calls and craft email messages tailored to each lead straight from your prospect list, regardless of the device you’re using to communicate. Lead scores, account notes, and data mining instruments are just some of the customer-facing resources that Pulse makes available to you. With Pulse, you can easily communicate with your customers and get the resources you need to quickly close deals.

Velocify LeadManager is a software application that helps sales teams save time and focus on prospecting by automating repetitive processes. Click-to-call, Local Presence, inbound/outbound mixing, and prerecorded voicemails are just some of the time-saving tools included in Lead Manager. Having a special lead manager might free up valuable hours for your sales staff. You may rest assured that your team will never again work with outdated information, thanks to the Lead manager. When evaluating your pipeline data in ReportHub, you can have faith in the numbers because Velocify LeadManager automates status changes.

What Are the Advantages of Velocify?

Here are some of the top advantages to using Velocify:

  • Automation: Follow-up emails, reminders, and lead routing are just a few of the menial tasks that the software may automate. As a result, sales teams are free to concentrate on other fruitful endeavors.
  • Saves Time: Velocify helps salespeople save time that they can put toward networking and making sales by automating and simplifying lead handling.
  •  Enhanced Communication: Velocify helps improve lead communication through tools like automated SMS and email marketing, which in turn helps nurture relationships over time.
  • Scalability: The software’s modular structure makes it adaptable to a wide range of commercial contexts. It can adjust to larger numbers of salespeople and leads.
  • Compliance: Velocify’s ability to record and track communications with prospects and customers makes it useful in highly regulated areas like finance.

What Are the Best Velocify Alternatives?

Here are the best Velocify alternatives:

#1. Soffront CRM

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) across a wide range of sectors can benefit from Soffront CRM, an on-premise CRM software. Marketing automation, sales force automation, customer support, help desk, field service, and more may all benefit from the centralized management that Soffront CRM provides.

Furthermore, Soffront CRM equips firms with systems for handling customer care, keeping tabs on sales performance, and measuring the results of marketing initiatives. Self-service options such as portals, forums, and live chat are part of the solution. It can also handle customer service inquiries and sales orders.

A company’s workflow, user population, and processes can all be tailored to fit perfectly within Soffront CRM. The solution’s built-in drag-and-drop functionality allows users to easily alter its settings.

In addition, Soffront CRM provides monthly subscription services with access to phone, email, and online knowledge base help.

#2. Contivio Contact Center

Companies of all sizes can benefit from using Contivio Contact Center, which is a cloud-based CRM service. Sales teams, marketing departments, and service operations can all benefit from using this software. Call recording, conferencing, transferring, and forwarding are also important functions. Agents can log notes and review their call logs within the solution to gauge how they’re doing.

Also, self-service IVR, automatic call routing, and call-back capabilities are some of the ways in which Contivio Contact Center aids in the management of operations and the enhancement of the customer experience. Custom fields in the customer relationship management system (CRM), such as agents’ specialties, call urgency, business hours, shift schedules, holidays, and more, are used to determine who will answer incoming calls. IVR, short message service (SMS), and broadcast message users can also perform satisfaction surveys.  

You can connect your existing VoIP system or telecommunications provider to the Contivio Contact Center. It can synchronize data and events with CRM programs that run in a browser or on Windows. The system provides a user dashboard where managers may monitor operational metrics such as queue length, agent performance, and media type in real-time.

In addition, the pricing for the service is based on a monthly subscription per user.

#3. Nimble 

Businesses looking for a streamlined CRM solution with an emphasis on relationship management will find Nimble to be an appropriate alternative to Velocify. Nimble excels in streamlining contact management and improving customer interactions, in contrast to Velocify’s heavy focus on sales automation and lead monitoring.

Nimble is a contact management platform that aggregates data from several channels, such as email, social media profiles, and more. When sales teams have access to more information on leads and customers, it’s easier to cultivate those relationships. Nimble’s social network features make it easier to find and connect with prospective customers.

Nimble’s user-friendly design and helpful tools for relationship-building make up for its maybe inferior sales automation features over rival Velocify. It’s a great option for companies that put a premium on relationship management and internet visibility. However, other customer relationship management platforms, such as Salesforce or HubSpot, may be more suitable for businesses that place a premium on automated sales processes.

#4. Nutshell 

For companies looking for a robust CRM solution that integrates sales automation and contact management in a straightforward package, Nutshell is an attractive alternative to Velocify. Nutshell provides a more comprehensive suite of tools for managing client interactions than Velocify, which is well-recognized for its sales automation capabilities.

In a nutshell, it is much simpler to keep tabs on and cultivate leads with the help of Nutshell’s consolidated platform for tracking leads, contacts, and sales possibilities. It helps sales teams by providing tools like email monitoring, sales reporting, and task management.

Nutshell’s user-friendliness is a major selling point because it makes the software suitable for people with varied degrees of technical knowledge. Integrations with other popular apps, such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, are also available.

Companies that need comprehensive sales automation or features tailored to a particular industry may find that Velocify is the better option. Your unique needs and the degree to which you automate your sales activities will ultimately determine whether you choose Nutshell or Velocify as your CRM.

#5. Freshsales 

If you’re searching for a more modern and feature-rich CRM option than Velocify offers, Freshsales is an excellent alternative. Freshsales is a more comprehensive solution for handling leads, contacts, and transactions than Velocify, which focuses solely on sales automation.

Freshsales’ lead scoring, email tracking, and automation features are all significant tools that can improve your business’s efficiency. In addition, it has in-built telephony and email integration, streamlining your interactions with leads and customers.

Freshsales’ strong analytics and reporting capabilities stand out as a great way to gain insight into your sales success and interactions with customers. It’s simple to use and can connect to a wide range of different corporate applications.

However, Velocify may still be the better option if you’re looking for a highly specialized and adaptable sales automation system. Yet, Freshsales is a better alternative to Velocify for many companies because it can be customized to meet a wider variety of CRM requirements. The decision you make for CRM software should be based on your unique needs and priorities.

#6. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a viable alternative to Velocify because it provides a full set of features for managing customer relationships. It has more tools for managing prospects, contacts, and customer interactions than Velocify does because of Velocify’s focus on sales automation.

Furthermore, Zoho CRM’s lead management, contact management, and sales automation tools make it a good fit for companies trying to improve their lead tracking and sales processes. In addition to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams, it also provides email integration, automated workflows, and data analytics.

Zoho CRM’s adaptability to different company sizes is one of its main selling points. It has multiple pricing tiers, with the most basic plan being free.

However, businesses looking for highly specific sales automation skills may still find Velocify to be the better option. Zoho CRM, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive CRM solution than only sales automation, making it a flexible option for enterprises. Your decision should be in line with the goals and requirements you have for your CRM system.

#7. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a strong alternative to Velocify, especially for companies looking for a simple and comprehensive CRM system. It has a wider range of functionality than Velocify, including marketing and customer care tools.

HubSpot CRM is popular for its user-friendliness and doesn’t require a high level of technical ability to operate. It has tools for keeping tabs on leads and contacts, monitoring emails, automating tasks, and generating reports.

HubSpot CRM is advantageous since it provides a single interface for marketing, sales, and customer support by integrating with the HubSpot Marketing and Service Hubs. Greater teamwork and communication are potential outcomes of this amalgamation of systems.

While Velocify is an excellent alternative for most businesses, it may still be the best choice for those who need advanced sales automation capabilities. If you’re searching for a CRM solution that can handle more than just sales automation, including marketing and customer service, then HubSpot CRM is a great option. Additionally, the particular CRM requirements of your company should be a factor in your decision.

#8. Insightly 

Insightly is a great alternative to Velocify since it provides a flexible customer relationship management (CRM) solution with robust contact and project management features. Velocify is better at sales automation, although Insightly has more functionalities.

Lead and contact management, project management, email integration, and workflow automation are just some of the features provided by Insightly. It’s a powerful option for companies that want to centralize the management of their sales processes and other functions.

Insightly’s project management features are particularly useful for organizations that need to keep tabs on the many moving parts involved in managing their sales and client relationships.

Velocify, on the other hand, may still be the better alternative if niche sales automation and lead tracking are your top priorities. Insightly is the best CRM software for businesses that want more than simply sales automation, such as integrated project management and teamwork tools. It’s important that you select an alternative that works for your organization and your CRM requirements.

#9. SalesSeek

For businesses of all sizes, SalesSeek’s online customer relationship management (CRM) service is an indispensable tool. Marketing automation, email marketing, and comprehensive reporting are only a few of the main features.

Users of SalesSeek are able to keep tabs on prospects, record customer service activities, observe client relationships, and evaluate company processes. In addition, you can monitor the quality of leads and the ROI of campaigns, track website traffic, and more with the help of the marketing dashboard, visitor monitoring, role-based data access, and adjustable report settings.

Also, Financial applications, email marketing tools, social media platforms, form automation, and landing page software are just some of the integrations available. Some examples of such platforms are Experian, Xero, Sage One, Quickbooks, DocuSign, Zendesk, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.

SalesSeek has a subscription plan that may be purchased on a monthly basis. You can contact them via phone or email if you need help. There is also an online knowledge library and in-app help available for users. Also, read MONDAY CRM: Review, Pricing, Uses and More 2023

Who Uses Velocify?

Midmarket and corporate businesses operating in the B2B and B2C sectors engage with substantial volumes of potential customers. The primary sectors of focus encompass the mortgage, insurance, for-profit education, debt, technology, call center, and business services industries.

Velocify Pricing

There are various plan options for Velocify’s price structure. The solution’s pricing is entirely customizable, so users may pick and choose the features that work best for them. Both Velocify LoanEngage and Velocify Dial-IQ must be quoted individually in order to obtain pricing information. For a tailored price quote on either of these items, you’ll need to get in touch with the sales staff directly.

There are three different pricing tiers for Velocify LoanEngage: the base plan, which includes Velocify LoanEngage and Dial-IQ Outbound, and two higher tiers, which add Dial-IQ Plus to the mix. visit find out more about Velocify, go visit their website.

LeadManager & Dial-IQ, Pulse & Dial-IQ, and LoanEngage & Dial-IQ are all available together with Velocify Dial-IQ as a bundled offering. In addition, Sales Automation is included. For those using Salesforce CRM, Velocify Dial-IQ is an alternative sales dialer. To learn more about Velocify, get in touch with a member of the sales staff.

Standard pricing for Velocify Pulse begins at $60 per user, each month on an annual basis. Velocify Pulse is an optional add-on to Dial-IQ Outbound and Plus. For more information on the features and price of Velocify, please visit their website.

There are two price points for using Velocify LeadManager. Both the basic and premium plans are annual subscriptions with prices beginning at $60 and $95 per user, respectively. Dial-IQ Outbound and Plus can be purchased separately, but there are also package options available.

What Are the Disadvantages of Velocify?

While Velocify does have certain benefits, there are also some possible drawbacks to think about:

  • Cost: Velocify software is not cheap and may be out of reach for some enterprises and organizations.
  • Complexity: It could take longer for users to become familiar with the software and skilled with all of its functions.
  • Integration: Velocify’s integration with other systems can be difficult depending on your current technology stack, perhaps resulting in data silos and incompatibilities.
  • Customization: Users comparing Velocify to other CRM or lead management tools may feel that it lacks the flexibility offered by other alternatives.
  • Support: Some people may have had positive and negative experiences with the customer service they received.
  • Scalability: Velocify may not be as scalable for very large firms with difficult needs, but it is still a good fit for many smaller businesses.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Velocify is an intuitive and feature-rich sales acceleration and automation software made to handle high-volume transactions, customer interactions, and lead management. This helps sales teams and individuals zero in on qualified prospects, engage with them using the most effective methods, and ultimately boost the business’s conversion rates.

The software program makes it possible to optimize and streamline the entire lead engagement and sales procedure. It’s a viable software option among many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of Velocify?

Velocify does not provide a free version, although it does give a free demo.

Is Velocify a CRM?

Yes. More than 1,500 businesses use Velocify, making it a top web-based customer relationship management and sales management software. They may more easily connect with potential customers, gather leads, speed up sales, and meet the ever-changing demands of their clientele.

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