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  1.  OnSpring Competitors
    1. #1. LogicGate
    2. #2. ACL GRC
    3. #3. ZenGRC
    4. #4. RSA Archer
    5. #5. MetricStream
    6. #6. NAVEX Global
    7. #7. Compliance 360
    8. #8. Resolver
    9. #9. ProcessGene 
    10. #10. LogicManager
    11. #11. SAI360
  2. OnSpring Technologies
  3. Features Of OnSpring Technology
    1. #1. Platform Features
    2. #2. Instant Reporting
    3. #3. Workflows
    4. #4. Surveys
    5. #5. Audit Scoping
    6. #6. Audit Risk Assessment
    7. #7. Audit Project Management
    8. #8. Time and Expense Management
    9. #9. Audit Work Paper Management
    10. #10. Dynamic Reporting
  4. Distinct Benefits of OnSpring Technology
    1. #1. Improved Business Processes
    2. #2. Streamlined Collaboration
    3. #3. Scalability
    4. #4. No-Code Automation
    5. #5. Improved Risk Management
    6. #6. Better Decision-Making
    7. #7. Strong Security Measures
    8. #8. Expertise and Support
    9. #9. Highly Configurable
    10. #10. Compatibility with Other Systems
  5. Drawbacks on OnSpring Technology
    1. #1. Limited Language Support
    2. #2. Dependence on Internet Connection
    3. #3. Security Concerns
    4. #4. Complexity
    5. #5. Limited Mobile Functionality
    6. #6. Inadequate Training Materials
    7. #7. Third-Party Integrations
    8. #8. Learning difficulty
    9. #9. Cost
    10. #10. Limited Customization
  6. OnSpring Technology
  7. Professionals That Use OnSpring Technology
    1. #1. Compliance Officers and Team
    2. #2. Risk Managers and Analysts
    3. #3. Internal and External Auditors
    4. #4. Legal and Compliance Departments
    5. #5. IT and Security Professionals
    6. #6. Operations and Quality Assurance Managers
    7. #7. Project Managers
    8. #8. Human Resources (HR) Professionals
    9. #9. Finance and Accounting Professionals
    10. #10. Data and Information Management
  8. Onspring Pricing
  9. What Is OnSpring GRC?
  10. Is The OnSpring Audit Software Any Good?
  11. Is The Onspring Training Worth It?
  12. Who Are The Typical Users Of OnSpring?
  13. What Level Of Support Does OnSpring Offer?
  14. Conclusion
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If you are considering using a cloud-based solution that provides users with a platform to manage their governance, risk, and compliance programs. OnSpring Technology is considered competent and best suited for such specific needs, budgets, and requirements. However, there are some top competitors and alternatives to the OnSpring industry. These Onspring competitors offer alternatives to OnSpring’s business process management (BPM) and GRC solutions. Competition in the software industry is good, it leads to innovation and a variety of choices for customers. In this article, we listed the top 11 OnSpring competitors and alternatives, if necessary.

 OnSpring Competitors

OnSpring competitors are software providers that offer similar products or services. Some of OnSpring competitors in the GRC and BPM software space all provide similar functions, including the ability to model and design processes, automate workflows, manage rules and decisions, collect analytics, and provide reporting.

These are some of the top competitors and alternatives to OnSpring in the GRC space.

#1. LogicGate

LogicGate is a cloud-based GRC platform that offers an intuitive interface for managing risk and compliance. It provides a customizable framework for building workflows, forms, and reports.


ACL GRC is a comprehensive GRC solution that offers risk management, compliance management, and audit management capabilities. It provides centralized access to a range of metrics and insights.

#3. ZenGRC

ZenGRC is a GRC platform that runs in the cloud and provides capabilities for workflow automation, risk management, and compliance management. It offers a central dashboard for monitoring the state of compliance.

#4. RSA Archer

Risk management, compliance management, and policy management functions are all offered by the enterprise GRC platform RSA Archer. It includes a variety of modules that can be altered to suit certain requirements.

#5. MetricStream

MetricStream is a GRC platform in the cloud that offers capabilities for risk management, compliance management, and audit management. It provides a selection of tools for streamlining compliance procedures.

#6. NAVEX Global

The risk management, compliance, and ethical management capabilities of NAVEX Global are offered through a cloud-based GRC platform. The management of incident reporting and whistleblowing is supported by a variety of technologies.

#7. Compliance 360

A GRC platform, Compliance 360 offers capabilities for risk management, compliance management, and audit management. A variety of solutions are available for expediting compliance procedures.

#8. Resolver

Resolver, a cloud-based GRC software, offers capabilities for risk management, compliance management, and incident management. It provides a variety of incident management and tracking options.

#9. ProcessGene 

Using ProcessGene GRC, companies can manage their risks, remain compliant, and manage their audits with the help of a cloud-based GRC platform. It offers a range of tools for automating compliance processes.

#10. LogicManager

There are quite a few features offered by LogicManager, including the ability to manage risk, compliance, and audits using a cloud-based GRC platform. LogicMamger offers a range of tools for tracking and managing risks.

#11. SAI360

As a cloud-based GRC platform, SAI360 includes the capability of managing risk, ensuring compliance, and managing ethics for the organization. It offers a range of tools to manage compliance risk and control costs.

OnSpring Technologies

Onspring Technologies is a software company that specializes in providing solutions for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), as well as Business Process Management (BPM). Onspring’s platform is designed to help organizations streamline their processes, manage risk, ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards, and enhance overall operational efficiency. Onspring offers a no-code platform for reporting, analysis, process management, and coordination that enables business users to build and deploy their workflows without relying on IT. The company is focused on Audit, Risk, Vendor, and Compliance operations.

Features Of OnSpring Technology

Onspring Technologies offers a range of features, including:

#1. Platform Features

OnSpring’s platform includes features for reporting, dashboards, workflows, messaging, surveys, formulas, task management, and shared lists.

#2. Instant Reporting

OnSpring’s reporting can provide instant data in tables, graphs, and maps.

#3. Workflows

 Users can create multi- or single-path workflows to automate processes and streamline operations.

#4. Surveys

Onspring’s survey feature enables users to send assessments and gather feedback from stakeholders.

#5. Audit Scoping

The platform offers audit-scoping features to help users define the scope of audits and assessments.

#6. Audit Risk Assessment

Users can perform risk assessments and analyze audit risks to inform decision-making with OnSpring.

#7. Audit Project Management

Onspring’s audit project management features enable users to manage audits, assign tasks, and track progress.

#8. Time and Expense Management

Users can manage budgets and resources by using OnSpring’s time and expense management features.

#9. Audit Work Paper Management

OnSpring’s audit work paper management features help users organize and manage audit documentation.

#10. Dynamic Reporting

Onspring’s GRC Software version 24.0 includes dynamic reporting abilities, improved survey features, and key metric displays.

Distinct Benefits of OnSpring Technology

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and Business Process Management (BPM) are two distinct but closely related disciplines that often share common features. Here are the key features of each:

Here are some of the benefits of Onspring Technologies:

#1. Improved Business Processes

OnSpring’s ISO certification can help identify areas where processes could be improved. This leads to greater efficiency and cost savings.

#2. Streamlined Collaboration

The OnSpring platform has tools for task management, shared lists, messaging, surveys, dashboards, workflows, and reporting. This can be used to facilitate collaboration between team members and improve communication.

#3. Scalability

Onspring’s GRC software is designed to be scalable and can support collaboration across large teams and complex business processes.

#4. No-Code Automation

OnSpring’s no-code platform enables business users to build and deploy their workflows without relying on IT, which can save time and resources.

#5. Improved Risk Management

Onspring’s GRC software includes features for risk management, compliance management, and audit management, which can help businesses identify and mitigate risks.

#6. Better Decision-Making

Businesses may make better decisions by using Onspring’s real-time reporting and data insights.

#7. Strong Security Measures

With features like role-based access control and data encryption, OnSpring’s platform is built with security in mind. Businesses that place a high priority on security may benefit from this.

#8. Expertise and Support

OnSpring’s consultants have long-standing GRC careers and can provide deep expertise and support to help businesses optimize their operations.

#9. Highly Configurable

Onspring’s platform is designed to be highly configurable. Businesses can tailor it to their specific needs. Businesses with complex processes or specific requirements can take advantage of it.

#10. Compatibility with Other Systems

Onspring’s software can be integrated with other systems. It enables businesses to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Drawbacks on OnSpring Technology

Here are a few potential drawbacks of OnSpring Technologies:

#1. Limited Language Support

Onspring’s platform is primarily available in English, which could be a disadvantage for businesses with multilingual teams or customers.

#2. Dependence on Internet Connection

Onspring is a cloud-based platform, it requires a stable Internet connection to function properly. Businesses in areas with limited or unreliable internet connectivity could be at a disadvantage. 

#3. Security Concerns

 Onspring’s security measures do not meet the specific requirements of all businesses.

#4. Complexity

Onspring’s platform is complex to set up and manage. This could be a disadvantage for businesses with limited IT resources or technical expertise.

#5. Limited Mobile Functionality

The mobile app’s functionality can be limited compared to the desktop version. Companies that require mobile access to OnSpring’s platform may not be able to function properly. 

#6. Inadequate Training Materials

The available training materials on OnSpring are limited or not as comprehensive. It poses a challenge for businesses that lack IT personnel or may want to train them.

#7. Third-Party Integrations

The platform may not support all third-party integrations. This could be a disadvantage for businesses with complex IT ecosystems.

#8. Learning difficulty

There may be learning difficulties for users who are not familiar with OnSpring’s platform.

#9. Cost

There are upfront costs associated with implementation and training. The cost of OnSpring’s platform can vary depending on the specific solution and package chosen by the customer.

#10. Limited Customization

OnSpring’s platform may not be as customizable to fit most users. It depends on the specific needs of the user.

OnSpring Technology

Onspring technology is designed to be flexible and adaptable, making it suitable for a wide range of organizations and industries. It can be utilized by various professionals and departments within an organization to address specific needs related to Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), and Business Process Management (BPM).

Professionals That Use OnSpring Technology

Here are some groups that use OnSpring technology:

#1. Compliance Officers and Team

Compliance professionals can use OnSpring to manage compliance activities, track regulatory changes, and ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations.

#2. Risk Managers and Analysts

To detect, evaluate, and mitigate risks in many organizational areas, risk management teams might use OnSring.

#3. Internal and External Auditors

Auditors can use OnSpring for audit planning, execution, and reporting, helping them streamline audit processes and manage findings.

Legal teams can manage legal documents, contracts, and regulatory compliance requirements using OnSpring’s document management and compliance tracking features.

#5. IT and Security Professionals

IT and security teams can use OnSpring for cybersecurity risk assessments, compliance with data security regulations, and incident response planning.

#6. Operations and Quality Assurance Managers

Quality assurance managers can track quality-related concerns and guarantee adherence to quality standards., Operations managers can also streamline and automate numerous operational procedures.

#7. Project Managers

Project managers can configure OnSpring to manage project workflows, track tasks, and ensure project timelines are met.

#8. Human Resources (HR) Professionals

For HR process management, employee onboarding, performance reviews, and compliance with HR regulations, HR professionals can use OnSpring.

#9. Finance and Accounting Professionals

Finance and accounting teams can use OnSpring for financial risk management, budgeting, financial process automation, and accounts payable/receivable.

#10. Data and Information Management

The document and data management features that are available on OnSpring can be utilized by individuals responsible for data and information management.

Onspring Pricing

Onspring’s pricing model is not publicly listed on their website. It depends on factors such as the specific features and services requested, the number of users, and the deployment option chosen (on-premise vs. cloud-based). Potential customers may need to contact OnSpring directly for a quote. 

What Is OnSpring GRC?

Onspring GRC is Onspring’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance platform. It is a no-code solution that provides businesses with tools for managing various aspects of their compliance and risk management programs. Including policy management, third-party and vendor risk management, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting. Onspring’s GRC platform offers features such as audit universe planning, control library, regulatory change management, and incident and asset management.

Is The OnSpring Audit Software Any Good?

OnSpring audit Software has a lot of positive reviews and ratings. The platform is easy to use and customizable to business needs and it can promote efficiency and transparency across the internal audit process. Onspring’s customer support is excellent and the platform offers a fast ROI. Onspring has also been ranked as a top GRC platform by industry analysts and review sites. Every business has different needs and preferences, so it’s recommended to evaluate Onspring’s audit software based on your specific requirements.

Is The Onspring Training Worth It?

Onspring’s training program is well done, helpful, and informative. Onspring also offers a certification program for their Essentials training and hands-on labs. There are several positive reviews on Onspring’s training program. Businesses and individuals have to decide on their specific needs and business goals to know if the training program suits their needs.  It may be helpful to evaluate the training program based on specific use cases and determine if it aligns with learning objectives.

Who Are The Typical Users Of OnSpring?

Onspring is a versatile software platform used by professionals in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and Business Process Management (BPM) roles. Typical users include compliance officers, risk managers, auditors, process owners, legal teams, IT professionals, and more. Onspring helps these users manage compliance, risk, audits, processes, and various operational tasks efficiently. It offers customization, reporting, and collaboration features, making it a central solution for enhancing GRC and BPM activities across different industries and organizational functions.

What Level Of Support Does OnSpring Offer?

Onspring offers several levels of support to its customers. OnSpring’s customer support includes the ability to speak with a real human being for in-the-moment questions, a knowledge base, FAQs/forums, and 24/7 live support. OnSpring’s community support is great. Onspring also offers unique training options for customers to become experts in their no-code GRC software.


Onspring Technologies is a cloud-based software provider that offers automated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions for organizations. Onspring’s platform provides features such as risk management, and compliance management, Onspring’s technology can be integrated into other systems and used to manage ESG reporting and Federal regulatory compliance. Some advantages of Onspring Technologies include its Highly configurable platform, Flexible deployment options, User-friendly interface, and Robust workflow automation. The disadvantages of Onspring Technologies are its limited mobile functionality, reporting capabilities, and limited language support. Users should carefully assess each platform to see which one best matches their unique needs because the specific features and capabilities of each provider may vary.


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