METRO PHONE DEALS: Best Metro by T-Mobile Phone Deals 2023

Best Metro Phone Deals for both New and Existing Customers
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The best phone deals from Metro are frequently found in-store, but you can occasionally find these phones for incredibly low prices online. Sometimes! The best phone deals from Metro are typically only available to new customers as a draw to sign up, but existing customers can occasionally save a few hundred dollars when adding a second line to their account. Existing customers can take advantage of metro phone deals, and no, they are not the same as those offered to brand-new customers. 

Metro Phone Deals 

One of the most recognizable small carriers is Metro by T-Mobile, previously known as MetroPCS. While paying less for their prepaid plans, Metro customers can take advantage of T-Mobile’s strong 4G and 5G networks. Metro by T-Mobile is the brand name for T-Mobile’s no-contract division; MetroPCS was its previous name. Regardless of the name, it offers some fantastic discounts on both plans and phones. There are currently some of the best phone deals Metro by T-Mobile deals available for both new and existing customers. Since many of the discounts are only available in-store, carefully check your location before purchasing. 

One of the biggest prepaid wireless service providers in the US is Metro by T-Mobile, formerly known as Metro PCS. Metro sells mobile devices like phones and tablets as well as other technology from manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Alcatel Onetouch, ZTE, and HTC. This article contain for Metro by T-Mobile’s most recent phone deals for existing and new customers. 

Metro Phone Deals for Existing Customers 

For Metro PCS existing customers, you might be curious about any phone deals that are specifically designed for Metro PCS users. The following information about each of the deals Metro PCS deals to existing customers will help you to ensure you get the best deal.

You qualify for one of Metro PCS’s best cell phone deals for existing customers and have a Metro PCS line of service. For its current customers, Metro by T-Mobile provides some of the best phone deals around. 

Metro Phone Deals iPhone 

#1. $200 Off iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is Apple’s newest flagship device. You can get it for $200 off right now if you visit a Metro retailer, switch to Metro by T-Mobile, and maintain your current phone number and port it to Metro.

One of Apple’s top smartphone models ever is the iPhone 14. It comes equipped with a robust A15 Bionic processor, new security features like crash detection and emergency satellite connectivity, as well as a 12MP main camera. Additionally, it has 5G connectivity, giving you access to T-Mobile’s lightning-fast data speeds. 

Purchasing a new Metro plan in-person is the only way to take advantage of the $200 discount; online purchases are not eligible for this offer. You must also port your existing phone number over to your new plan. You can save $200 on an iPhone 14 Plus, Pro, or Pro Max thanks to the fact that this promotion is also valid for the entire iPhone 14 series.

#2. iPhone 11 for FREE

You can obtain the iPhone 11 without paying anything if you port your number to Metro by T-Mobile and change service providers. With Metro by T-Mobile, you can immediately save $500 on the iPhone 11 by switching. This deal is only available in-store. 

The iPhone 11 was an instant market leader on all counts thanks to its timeless design, superior camera setup, and 5G connectivity. A new, unlocked iPhone at this great price is pretty uncommon. The iPhone 11 does not, however, support 5G connectivity. Check out the iPhone SE offer below if you are interested in a discounted 5G iPhone. That being said, this Metro offer is a great option if you are considering upgrading to a great classic iPhone but do not want to sign a contract. 

You must choose a new $60 plan in person at a Metro retailer, port your number to Metro at the time of switching, and meet other requirements to be eligible. You will then be eligible for an immediate rebate, which will reduce the cost of the iPhone 11 by $500.

#3. iPhone SE for $99

By switching to Metro and activating a line with a qualifying plan, you can purchase the Apple iPhone SE (2022) for just $99 instead of the regular price of $199. It is available in-store only. 

Apple’s smallest smartphone, the 3rd-generation iPhone SE (2022), has enough power to compete with much larger models from rival smartphone makers. It is powered by the same Apple A15 Bionic processor that powers the iPhone 13 series and the entry-level iPhone 14. Additionally, 5G connectivity is built in for quick data transfer rates. This top-notch device is yours for just $99 thanks to Metro’s fantastic new offer.

The savings total more than $300. Remember that your phone will be unlocked when it arrives, so you can always change carriers later if Metro is not your thing. Prepaid wireless services are available through Metro PCS, which is owned by T-Mobile. The business offers dependable no-contract wireless plans, devices, and services. 

Metro Phone Deals for New Customers

The carrier will give you a discount on the price of the device if you simply port in a number that has not previously been on the T-Mobile network. There are currently 11 fantastic phones available, though the selection changes quite frequently. These include the Nokia G400, the OnePlus Nord N20, and the Moto G Stylus (2022).

The $20 per line activation fee is required even though the phones are free; however, this is a small price to pay when compared to purchasing a device. You can only benefit from the limitless discount in stores, as with the majority of Metro deals.

#1. $500 off the Galaxy S21 FE 5G

To save on the Galaxy S21 FE, visit a Metro retailer, switch to Metro by T-Mobile, and maintain your current number while porting it to Metro. 

The Galaxy S21 FE smartphone lives up to its name. Nearly all of the S21 series’ internal technological prowess is present, in addition to a larger display and a larger selfie camera. The telephoto lens is where there is the biggest difference: the S21 has 64MP while only has 8MP.

To receive the $500 savings, enroll in a new Metro plan in-person (online purchases are not eligible for this offer). You must also port your existing phone number over to your new plan. It now only costs $99 in total to purchase the phone. 

#2. Pixel 6a for FREE

Among Google’s most well-liked products is the Pixel 6a. It is not the most recent budget Pixel device—the most recent model is the Pixel 7a—but it still has a lot of punch. In exchange for switching and bringing your old number, Metro is currently giving away this phone.

If you choose this offer, you will save close to $350! T-Mobile is also providing an online-only deal for this device, which is a very uncommon move for Metro! If you choose to switch to Metro and need a new number, you can buy the Google Pixel 6a for just $49.99. As a result, you will ultimately save $300. Deals from Metro are typically only available in-store, so this is a fantastic chance for those who do not live close to a Metro location to switch and save.

#3. Free Galaxy A14 5G

Modern smartphones offer a ton of functionality in a small package, like the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G. This is because smartphone technology has advanced to such a point. The only requirement is that you switch from another carrier to Metro and enroll in an unlimited plan to receive these workhorses for free. At Metro by T-Mobile, this offer is only accessible in-person. If you activate a new line with Metro, you can receive the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G free of charge! Metro by T-Mobile is offering this Samsung Galaxy device!

Does Metro Give Free Phones to New Customers?

Activating a new line and switching to Metro PCS entitles you to a free brand-new phone. Yes, you heard it right! Only a free phone; there are no additional fees or hidden costs. At this time, if you switch to Metro and trade in an eligible device, you can choose from one of the following three phones or another fantastic phone (other models vary by location and store). Some of the phone deals for new customers include:

  • Google Pixel 6a
  • T-Mobile REVVL 6 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
  • Motorola moto G 5G (2022)
  • OnePlus Nord N300 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s, etc

Do Metro Customers Get T-Mobile Deals?

Customers of Metro receive fantastic benefits. Every Tuesday, simply for being a customer, check out the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for freebies and special benefits. Every week, check out the fantastic deals by opening the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

Does Metro Have a $25 Plan?

If you switch to Metro, you can get 4 lines of unlimited 5G for just $25 per month per line (taxes and fees included). You can also get up to four Samsung Galaxy A14 5G phones free. Use the store locator to find a Metro location that is participating in your area. Increase your 5G network coverage on T-Mobile by switching to Metro. For $25/line/month, you can get 4 lines of UNLIMITED 5G. The price you see includes taxes and other fees as well, so it is the price you pay.

Can I Buy a Phone at Metro and Activate It Myself?

Up to five lines can be activated by new customers using the online activation tool. The Online Activation Tool, however, is unable to provide support for current users. Existing customers must visit a Metro by T-Mobile store or call Customer Care at 1-888-8metro8 to activate new lines. The Online Activation Tool does not currently require payment to activate.

Is Metro or T-Mobile Cheaper?

In contrast to T-Mobile, MetroPCS provides competitive pricing, more affordable monthly plans, and a greater variety of plans with features that help you control your data usage.

Can Metro Customers Switch to T-Mobile?

The good news is that switching from Metro to T-Mobile now offers several advantages. You will initially be able to receive a free phone. The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G and the Nord N300 5G would be more expensive upfront in an ideal world.


Naturally, you want to change carriers if you find one that provides more affordable plans and a free phone when you do so. And when that occurs, you need to remember something crucial that will help you avoid overpaying for the switch. One of the special offers that make switching to Metro more alluring is the possibility of receiving a free 5G phone of your choice. 

When switching and trading in any eligible device, you will be able to select from leading brands like Samsung and Motorola. Remember that this offer is only valid in-store and that activation fees and sales taxes do apply. Additionally, keep in mind that availability and choice vary by location. Additionally, some promotions might call for ID verification, plan activation, and porting from an acceptable carrier. 

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