Best Talentneuron Alternatives & Competitors 2023

best talentneuron alternatives & competitors
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TalentNeuron offers market intelligence technology capabilities based on in-depth data analysis. Discover the best contemporary alternatives and competitors to TalentNeuron as we provide a list of the top TalentNeuron substitutes available on the market today that offer products that are competitive with TalentNeuron. To choose the top option that best suits your needs, check out the top TalentNeuron alternatives and competitors listed below.

Talentneuron Competitors 

Services like job scraping and mining are very popular right now. There are other prerequisites for building intelligent fact-finding apps on top of the raw data in addition to these. These consist of equipment that could be used to calculate the pay scale that should be provided to engineers with a particular level of experience. More so, establishing matching systems for job candidates and job postings.Using job data to identify trends in certain sectors or businesses. This can involve predicting a recession or determining which industries will see growth and decline in the upcoming quarter.

The main service that TalentNeuron offers is “expert-validated labor market analytics for talent insights,” which Gartner acquired in 2017. Also, it offers data subscription solutions, research, and advisory insights that help businesses, governments, and academic institutions create their human capital management plans. The business is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, and was established in 2012. It also provides labor market information for competition analysis, planning hiring requirements, developing a hybrid hiring and location strategy, and locating crucial talent. The significant news is that Leeds Equity Partners, a well-known name in the knowledge industry, will purchase the business no later than the first quarter of 2023. It’s important to remember that Talent Neuron, which CEB acquired, was crucial in producing findings like this one, which states how the typical hiring process took 71 days in May 2019. 

Due to this recent change, there is concern regarding the future of TalentNeuron, and current users are actively searching for alternatives and competitors.

Top Talentneuron Competitors 

The talent intelligence market is expanding and contains both little and huge fish in a sizable body of water. Depending on the cost, additional benefits, support, and other requirements, businesses may employ various tools and services. Let’s get a bird’s-eye view of the most sought-after top Talentneuron competitors and alternatives available today:

#1. Censia

In order to scale quickly, enable innovation, and increase operational excellence, businesses need to be able to estimate future labor demands. As one of Talentneuron competitors and alternatives, Censia Labor Intelligence does this while removing unconscious bias and helping businesses attract, train, and retain a high-quality, diverse staff.
Additionally, the Censia talent intelligence platform is a comprehensive data platform that uses AI and machine learning to provide the capacity to make data-driven decisions about hiring talent with ongoing, deep, and useful insights throughout the full personnel management lifecycle. Talent intelligence allows you to do everything from workforce planning and talent acquisition to optimizing your current staff:

  • Determine the skill shortages in the workforce, the positions for which you should be employing them, and the ones you should avoid. 
  • Find highly qualified and competent passive applicants in a matter of seconds.
  • Compare passive prospects with active applicants to rank the best-fit candidates instantly.
  • Improve your current ATS and HR Systems

#2. Virkware

A super intuitive AI talent marketplace and a Talentneuron competitor, Virkware helps HR leaders drive organization-wide talent management strategies by connecting individual aspirations to possibilities and fostering an employee-first culture.

A single easy platform has a comprehensive range of capabilities that fit into how employees operate, allowing them to deliver more with the same effort. They gain tremendous insights and greater organization-wide opportunities.

  • Discover talent across the enterprise based on experience, talents, interests, and peer recognition.
  • Match Aspirations with chances: spread organizational chances to assist employees in achieving career goals.
  • Retain and Reward the Best: Regular 360 feedback and powerful reports provide rich insights on top performers.
  • Winner Culture: Create a start-up culture that attracts talent and boosts engagement.

#3. Claro Analytics

Claro Analytics offers a “360° workforce intelligence platform” that enables you to explore hiring patterns, wages, and talent pools in your area. Among its primary use cases are:

  • Managing diversity objectives and programs for businesses.
  • Delivering information on recruiting patterns within the organization and throughout the industry.
  • Certain algorithms boost retention rates.
  • Via API access, data about the labor market.
  • The location of the talent pool and current trends in salary measures.

This Talentneuron alternative and competitor aims to increase marketing and recruitment ROI and ensure improved decision-making with data instead of gut instincts in order to support the five criteria mentioned above. HR staff can make split-second choices thanks to real-time KPI tracking. Connecting to existing ATS, HRIS, or CRM software has the added benefit of being advantageous. Several of the current insights offered are:

  • Insights into your present workforce as well as future demands and adjustments.
  • Real-time information on how the attrition rates, salaries, and skill sets of your current personnel compare to those of your rivals.
  • An internal prediction program called Job Seeking Sonar determines which employees may be in danger of leaving the company. As a result, you may be able to begin the employment process considerably earlier.

#4. SkyHive

Skyhive offers real-time data on the global workforce. Complex graphs that display jobs, skills, incomes, and other data points are used for this. It assists you in locating talent hotspots in your neighborhood or nearby cities, which may aid in deciding where to locate your new office. However, it first makes sure that you can keep important personnel on board by establishing internal mobility pipelines and reskilling opportunities for those who might be interested in progressing within the company.

Once you have all the relevant data in your system, it is beneficial to automate the development of job postings. This could cut down on the time needed to make new posts for the most recent vacancies. On this platform, you may also find the standard tools for matching jobs to talent, acquiring the most recent labor market data, and discovering new trends.

#5. Talismanic

Employers, educators, and students can use employment market data and the most recent findings constructed on top of the data more easily thanks to Talismatic. With 4 million+ current job ads, 30k+ skills, 100k+ job roles, and 250m+ data points, it provides employment market analytics. Also, it is simple to perform research based on labor data and to develop reports thanks to their regional market analytics data, demand and supply estimates, problem-specific data, and solution accessibility.

 #6. LinkedIn Talent Insights 

LinkedIn TI is used by executives, professionals, analysts, and recruiters to make data-driven decisions. It is much simpler to use the same platform, as the majority of them already use it for posting jobs, hiring people, and accepting applications for open positions. Talent Insights aids in talent management and recruitment by

  • Describing the best career choices to make or abilities to acquire in order to increase one’s employability.
  • Assisting managers in organizing their current staff so that each team operates as effectively as possible
  • Use data to enhance KPIs like hiring timelines to improve the hiring pipeline.
  • Allowing businesses to use up-to-date data to remodel employer branding and sourcing for employment.

Generally, Talent Insights makes use of data from LinkedIn profiles that have firm names and information linked to them. Aggregating, normalizing, and standardizing all the data results in a macro-level comparison dashboard.

#7. JobsPikr

JobsPikr, an AI-powered, no-frills solution, provides demand-based labor market data. The billions of data points acquired over time give its insights more credence. Only one platform serves every market, including the US, EU, APAC, and others, making it extraordinary. The platform gives additional data from the job description, such as wage ranges, necessary abilities, certifications, etc., from the demand side owing to our unique machine learning models and over 10 years of scraping knowledge. Recency is a major component of JobsPikr’s insights, making it useful for use cases that require continual trend tracking, such as talent intelligence or labor market analytics. It can help identify historical patterns and job market changes. – The main uses include:

  • Evaluation of the environment for growth 
  • Identifying the professions and talents that are in demand 
  • Examining how other companies are using similar talent 
  • Benchmarking salaries.

Advantages of Using JobPikr

The primary services that can be modeled on top of its data give JobsPikr its uniqueness.

  • Enhancing worker productivity: Using data to develop a people’s strategy would assist in recalibrating career mapping while considering a variety of requirements. It would be simple to identify current employees who could be promoted or moved laterally, and then you could choose which external profiles matched your requirements for things like salary, experience, and location.
  • Modernizing wage benchmarking: Internal equality, pay, and benefits are all included in modern wage benchmarking. To retain talent and make sure individuals you hire don’t leave at the last minute, it can be essential to gain insights into how your rival or your industry pays its employees.
  • Data-supported judgments- A situation like COVID can result in abrupt changes to the talent network. If you don’t have a BCP and a talent management plan in place, this can cause your talent planning to go crazy. Also, these strategies must be flexible enough to be shaped and altered in difficult circumstances. Real-time data can assist you in foreseeing such challenging scenarios if you have forecast modeling that can feed on the stream of real-time data that our team at JobsPikr provides.

Is Talent Neuron Part of Gartner? 

PRNewswire, February 2, 2023, NEW YORK — Leeds Equity Partners (“Leeds Equity”) declared that it has acquired TalentNeuron from Gartner, Inc. (“Gartner”), a major supplier of human capital analytics and insights subscription solutions to businesses, governmental agencies, and educational institutions.

Who Is the Founder of Talentneuron?

The TalentNeuron CEO, founders, and directors are:

  • Co-creator and CEO Vijay Swaminathan is a creator of 1 business.
  • Co-founder Vamsee Tirukkala is a founder of 1 business.

What Are the 4 Quadrants of Gartner? 

The Gartner magic four quadrant rates businesses based on how well they can execute in a particular market and how complete their vision is. 

#1. Niche Players

The organizations that are positioned in the bottom left quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant exhibit the least comprehensive vision and execution capability. The “Niche Players” quarter is for you. Instead of seeking to grow to meet more demands, niche players may have a strong focus in a specific area. 

#2. Visionaries

Visionaries are those who fall into the bottom right quadrant of the Gartner magic quadrant. They have a clear vision and some excellent concepts, but they have yet to show that they can put them into practice. 

#3. Challengers

“Challengers” are those who are positioned in the upper left corner of the Gartner magic quadrant. They demonstrate a significant capacity for action and customer service, but their ability to fully envision novel ideas for the future is less developed. 

#4. Leaders

The strongest participants, visionaries with a great capacity for execution, reside in the top-right quadrant of the Gartner magic quadrant. These people are referred to as “Leaders” in this quarter. Leaders are effective now and have the skills and vision necessary to excel in the future. 

What Are the Top Countries That Use Talentneuron?

With 47 customers, most of the companies using TalentNeuron for succession planning are American. Customers from the United States make up about 85% of TalentNeuron’s clientele. With 2 (3.64%) and 2 (3.64%), respectively, clients, India and Ireland are two additional top nations utilizing TalentNeuron.


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