RAISER’S EDGE NXT: All You Need To Know

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  1. Raiser’s Edge NXT
  2. Features of Raiser’s Edge NXT
    1. #1. Fundraising Management
    2. #2. Donor Relationship Management
    3. #3. Data Management and Reporting
    4. #4. Integration and Accessibility
    5. #5. Online Donation Forms
    6. #6. Event Management
    7. #7. Communication and Marketing
    8. #8. Easy accessibility
    9. #9. Prospect Research and Wealth Screening
    10. #10. Board and Committee Management
  3. Pros of using Raiser’s Edge NXT
    1. #1. Improved Fundraising Efficiency
    2. #2. Enhanced Donor Engagement
    3. #3. Increased Operational Efficiency
    4. #4. Integration Capabilities.
    5. #5. Mobile Accessibility
    6. #6. Improved Board and Committee Management
    7. #7. Event Management
    8. #8.  Data Security and Compliance
    9. #9. Collaboration and Teamwork
    10. #10. Online Fundraising and Giving
  4. Cons of using Raiser’s Edge
    1. #1. Limited Customization
    2. #2. Reporting and Analytics Limitations
    3. #3. Integration Challenges
    4. #4. Customer Support and Service
    5. #5. Cost
    6. #6. Complexity
    7. #7. Data Migration Challenges
    8. #8. Updates and Downtime
    9. #9. Internet Dependency
    10. #10. Lack of Full Accounting Features
  5. Raiser’s Edge API
  6. Raiser’s Edge Nxt Pricing
  7. Features ofRaiser’s Edge NXT Pricing
    1. #1. Base Pricing
    2. #2. Additional Features
    3. #3. Customization and Integration
  8. Raiser’s Edge Vs Salesforce
  9. Key Similarities Between Raiser’s Edge And Salesforce
    1. #1. Nonprofit Focus
    2. #2. Data Management
    3. #3. Customization
    4. #4. Reporting and Analytics
    5. #5. Workflow Automation
    6. #6. Integration
  10. Difference Between Raiser’s Edge And Salesforce
    1. #1. Integration Options
    2. #2. Comprehensive Platform
    3. #3. User Interface
    4. #4. Scalability
    5. #5. Cost
    6. #6. Focus
  11. Raiser’s Edge Competitors
    1. #1. Aplos
    2. #2. Kindful
    3. #3. DonorPerfect
    4. #4. Bloomerang
    5. #5. NeonCRM
    6. #6. Classy
    7. #7. Salsa CRM
    8. #8. eTapestry
    9. #9. DonorSnap
    10. #10. Little Green Light
  12. How Do I Get To Raiser’s Edge Nxt?
  13. Is Raiser’s Edge Similar To Salesforce?
  14. Is Raiser’s Edge Easy To Learn?
  15. What Are The Minimum Requirements For Raiser’s Edge?
  16. Does Raiser’s Edge Nxt Have An App?
  17. Conclusion
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Raiser’s Edge Nxt is a cloud-based solution, which means it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It also offers integration capabilities with other software solutions commonly used by nonprofits, such as email marketing platforms and accounting systems. The CRM capabilities of Raiser’s Edge NXT enable nonprofits to track and analyze donor interactions, communication histories, and giving patterns. This helps organizations build stronger relationships with their supporters and tailor their fundraising strategies accordingly. This article is tailored to give you details on everything you need to know about Raiser’s Edge Nxt.

Raiser’s Edge NXT

Raiser’s Edge NXT is a fundraising and constituent relationship management (CRM) system developed by Blackbaud. It is designed to help nonprofit organizations manage their fundraising efforts, donor relationships, and overall operations more effectively. Raiser’s Edge NXT is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Raiser’s Edge NXT also offers certification programs for individuals who want to develop their skills using the software.

Features of Raiser’s Edge NXT

Raiser’s Edge NXT offers a range of features designed to help nonprofit organizations streamline their fundraising efforts and manage their donor relationships effectively. 

Here are the features of Raiser’s Edge NXT:

#1. Fundraising Management

Raiser’s Edge NXT offers resources for organizing fundraising events, keeping track of contributions, and processing gifts. It provides alternatives for online giving, pledge management, gift processing, and campaign tracking.

#2. Donor Relationship Management

Raiser’s Edge NXT’s CRM features enable NGOs to monitor and examine donor interactions, communication histories, and giving patterns. Organizations can cultivate enduring bonds with their supporters and adjust their fundraising tactics whenever they are needed. 

#3. Data Management and Reporting

Strong data management tools provided by Raiser’s Edge NXT enable NGOs to efficiently store, arrange, and analyze constituent data. It offers adaptable reporting and analytics solutions that assist organizations in learning more about the trends, demographics, and performance of their donors.

#4. Integration and Accessibility

Raiser’s Edge NXT is a cloud-based solution that provides accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Its integration with other software is used by nonprofits, such as email marketing platforms and accounting systems.

#5. Online Donation Forms

Raiser’s Edge NXT includes customizable online donation forms that make it easy for donors to contribute and for organizations to capture donor information securely.

#6. Event Management

Raiser’s Edge NXT offers event management features for organizing and tracking fundraising events. It helps manage event registrations, ticketing, attendee information, and post-event follow-up.

#7. Communication and Marketing

The Raiser’s Edge NXT comes with abilities for organizing email correspondence, designing tailored campaigns, and segmenting donors for focused marketing. It enables NGOs to effectively engage their supporters and keep in touch with them.

#8. Easy accessibility

Raiser’s Edge NXT offers mobile apps that allow users to access and manage information, check fundraising progress, and track donor interactions easily.

#9. Prospect Research and Wealth Screening

Raiser’s Edge NXT includes prospect research tools that help organizations identify potential major donors. It provides wealth screening features to analyze donor wealth and giving capacity, helping nonprofits prioritize their fundraising efforts.

#10. Board and Committee Management

Raiser’s Edge NXT features support the management of committees and board members within an organization. It streamlines governance procedures by assisting with the tracking of board member terms, committee assignments, meetings, and communication.

Pros of using Raiser’s Edge NXT

#1. Improved Fundraising Efficiency

Raiser’s Edge NXT provides automation and workflow features that streamline fundraising processes, saving time and effort for nonprofit organizations.

#2. Enhanced Donor Engagement

With Raiser’s Edge NXT, nonprofits can track and analyze donor interactions, communication history, and giving patterns. This information helps organizations personalize their outreach, resulting in stronger donor relationships and increased engagement.

#3. Increased Operational Efficiency

By centralizing data and streamlining data management and reporting processes, operational efficiency is increased. It offers customizable reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling NGOs to learn more about the effectiveness of their fundraising and take informed decisions.

#4. Integration Capabilities.

Raiser’s Edge NXT integration ensures data consistency and eliminates the need for manual data entry across different systems.

#5. Mobile Accessibility

Raiser’s Edge NXT mobile accessibility enables nonprofits to stay connected and work efficiently from anywhere.

#6. Improved Board and Committee Management

Raiser’s Edge NXT helps to track board member terms, committee assignments, meetings, and communication. It cuts down the governance processes.

#7. Event Management

It helps organizations streamline event planning, registration, ticketing, and attendee management, which makes it easier to execute successful events and track their impact on fundraising efforts.

#8.  Data Security and Compliance

Raiser’s Edge NXT ensures data security and compliance with industry standards, such as GDPR and PCI-DSS. It provides robust security measures to protect sensitive donor information and offers options for data backup and recovery.

#9. Collaboration and Teamwork

By offering a single platform for communication, document sharing, and task management, Raider’s Edge NXT helps team members collaborate. Within the fundraising and development teams, it helps to increase collaboration and productivity.

#10. Online Fundraising and Giving

Raiser’s Edge NXT integrates with online giving platforms, enabling nonprofits to create branded online donation pages and accept online donations securely. This feature expands fundraising reach and makes it easier for donors to contribute to the causes they want. 

Cons of using Raiser’s Edge

#1. Limited Customization

Organizations with specific or unique requirements may find it challenging to tailor the software to meet their specific needs.

#2. Reporting and Analytics Limitations

There are limitations in the reporting and analytics features of Raiser’s Edge NXT. Generating complex or customized reports requires additional effort.

#3. Integration Challenges

Integrating Raiser’s Edge NXT with other software or platforms is complex and requires technical expertise. This is a challenge for organizations that rely on multiple systems or need to connect their fundraising efforts with other operations.

#4. Customer Support and Service

The reviews regarding customer support and service provided by Blackbaud, the company behind Raiser’s Edge NXT have been bad. There are delays and difficulties in getting timely assistance or resolving issues.

#5. Cost

Raiser’s Edge NXT can be expensive for smaller non-profit organizations. Subscription fees and the cost of implementation, training, and support also add up.

#6. Complexity

There may be a learning process for users of Raiser’s Edge NXT due to its complexity. It could take some time for staff to get skilled at utilizing all of its capabilities.

#7. Data Migration Challenges

Migrating existing data can be complex and time-consuming when transitioning from another system to Raiser’s Edge NXT. Ensuring data accuracy during the migration is paramount. 

#8. Updates and Downtime

Raiser’s Edge NXT requires regular updates and maintenance. These updates may lead to downtime and disruptions in your fundraising efforts.

#9. Internet Dependency

Being cloud-based, Raiser’s Edge NXT relies on a stable internet connection. If the internet goes down or experiences issues, it can disrupt access to the software.

#10. Lack of Full Accounting Features

Raiser’s Edge NXT focuses on donor management and fundraising but does not offer full accounting abilities. It can be complex and challenging for organizations to integrate it with accounting software.

Raiser’s Edge API

Raiser’s Edge API is the Application Programming Interface provided by Blackbaud for Raiser’s Edge software. The Raiser’s Edge API enables developers to access and manipulate data within Raiser’s Edge, integrate it with other systems, or develop custom applications. It allows developers to integrate Raiser’s Edge with other software applications, automate tasks, and perform other tasks. The API uses a RESTful architecture, which means it follows the principles of Representational State Transfer (REST) and leverages standard HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) for data manipulation. It also requires authentication and authorization to ensure secure access to the Raiser’s Edge data.

Developers can refer to the API documentation provided by Blackbaud to understand the available endpoints, request/response formats, authentication methods, and other details necessary for integrating with Raiser’s Edge using the API. APIs require programming knowledge and development skills. Organizations may choose to work with in-house developers or engage with third-party developers who specialize in integrating and working with APIs.

Raiser’s Edge Nxt Pricing

Raiser’s Edge NXT pricing depends on the number of records, the specific features and functionalities required, and the size of the nonprofit organization. 

Features ofRaiser’s Edge NXT Pricing

#1. Base Pricing

Raiser’s Edge NXT starts at a base price, which may be an annual subscription fee. The base price depends on the number of constituent records or contacts that the organization needs to manage within the system.

#2. Additional Features

Some features may be included in the base pricing, while others may require additional fees. Event management, volunteer tracking, or prospect tracking functionalities may come at an extra cost.

#3. Customization and Integration

Customization options, such as tailored reports or specific integrations with other software systems, may also have additional costs associated with them.

Raiser’s Edge Vs Salesforce

Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce are both software platforms in non-profit organizations for different aspects of their operations. They have some similarities and differences. 

Key Similarities Between Raiser’s Edge And Salesforce

The similarities between Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce are as follows:

#1. Nonprofit Focus

Both Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce have a strong presence in the nonprofit sector and offer specific solutions tailored to nonprofit organizations.

#2. Data Management

Both platforms provide robust data management abilities that allow organizations to capture, track, and analyze various types of data. Including donor information and fundraising data.

#3. Customization

Both Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce offer customization options. Organizations can tailor the software to their specific needs and workflows.

#4. Reporting and Analytics

Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce platforms offer reporting and analytics features, enabling organizations to generate insights and reports on key metrics and performance indicators.

#5. Workflow Automation

Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce provide workflow automation capabilities. With this organizations can streamline processes and improve efficiency.

#6. Integration

Raiser’s Edge has more limited integration options compared to Salesforce. Their integrations allow organizations to connect with other software systems and streamline data flow between different applications.

Difference Between Raiser’s Edge And Salesforce

The differences between Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce are

#1. Integration Options

Salesforce offers a wide range of integration options with its robust API and a large ecosystem of third-party integrations. Raiser’s Edge clients have limited integration options with the software’s API, making it challenging to connect with other software systems.

#2. Comprehensive Platform

Salesforce is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform that can be customized for various purposes, including fundraising. It offers features beyond fundraising, such as sales automation, marketing automation, service management, and more. Raiser’s Edge is primarily focused on fundraising and donor management.

#3. User Interface

 Salesforce offers a modern and intuitive user interface with customizable dashboards and workflows. Raiser’s Edge has a user-friendly interface, but it is considered less visually appealing compared to Salesforce.

#4. Scalability

Salesforce is known for its scalability and flexibility. This makes it suitable for organizations of all sizes, from small nonprofits to large enterprises. Raiser’s Edge is often considered more suitable for mid-sized to large nonprofit organizations with specific fundraising needs.

#5. Cost

The cost of Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce are dependent on the specific needs and requirements of the organization. Salesforce offers different editions with varying pricing. Raiser’s Edge pricing is based on the number of users and the specific modules required.

#6. Focus

Raiser’s Edge is a fundraising-specific product. Salesforce offers a platform on which fundraising and many other products are built. Raiser’s Edge is built specifically for nonprofits. Salesforce has a broader target audience.

Raiser’s Edge Competitors

These competitors provide alternative options for nonprofits seeking donor management, fundraising, and CRM solutions, each with their own set of features, pricing models, and target markets.

Here are the competitors for Raiser’s Edge:

#1. Aplos

Aplos is a cloud-based nonprofit accounting and donor management software that provides tools for financial management, donor tracking, and online fundraising. Its features are donor database management, online giving, and financial reporting.

#2. Kindful

Kindful helps NGOs organize their processes, maintain donor connections, and keep track of fundraising efforts. It provides services including reporting, online gift processing, and donor database administration.

#3. DonorPerfect

DonorPerfect is a fundraising and donor management program that offers NGOs tools for monitoring donors, accepting donations online, managing events, and reporting. It has functions including donor database administration, email marketing, and tracking of fundraising campaigns.

#4. Bloomerang

Bloomerang is a donor management system with a strong emphasis on engagement and retention. It uses email marketing, reporting, managing donor databases, and online giving.

#5. NeonCRM

NeonCRM is for donor management, fundraising, event management, and membership management. It provides tools for online donations, email marketing, and reporting.

#6. Classy

Classy is a fundraising platform that helps nonprofits create online fundraising campaigns, manage donors, and track fundraising progress. Peer-to-peer fundraising, event registration, and donor management can be done on Classy. 

#7. Salsa CRM

Salsa CRM helps nonprofits track donors, manage fundraising campaigns, and engage supporters. Its features are donor database management, online giving, and email marketing.

#8. eTapestry

eTapestry is best for small and medium-sized NGOs. It can be used for donor tracking, online giving, event management, and reporting.

#9. DonorSnap

DonorSnap is a web-based donor management software that helps nonprofits track donors, manage fundraising campaigns, and generate reports. 

#10. Little Green Light

Little Green Light provides nonprofits with tools for donor tracking, online donations, event management, and reporting. Including email marketing, and fundraising campaign tracking.

How Do I Get To Raiser’s Edge Nxt?

To access Raiser’s Edge NXT, you need login credentials provided by your organization. Visit the Raiser’s Edge NXT login page, enter your email and password, and click “Sign In” to access the features and functionalities of the software. If you encounter any issues, contact your organization’s IT or support team for assistance.

Is Raiser’s Edge Similar To Salesforce?

Raiser’s Edge is similar to Salesforce. They are both customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that nonprofit organizations use. They help organizations manage their data, fundraising efforts, and donor relationships. There are also differences between the two platforms in terms of features, functionality, and user experience.

Is Raiser’s Edge Easy To Learn?

The ease of learning Raiser’s Edge depends on individual experience and preferences. Some might find it relatively easy to learn, especially for basic tasks like looking up information or using predefined features. There may be difficulty for database administrators or more complex tasks. Blackbaud, the developer of Raiser’s Edge, provides support, training resources, and a community for users to learn and get assistance. 

What Are The Minimum Requirements For Raiser’s Edge?

The minimum requirements for Raiser’s Edge rely on the version and deployment. It is recommended to have at least 1 GB of disk space, and 2 GB of RAM, and use a supported browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. 

Does Raiser’s Edge Nxt Have An App?

Raiser’s Edge NXT does not have a separate mobile app that needs to be downloaded. Users can access Raiser’s Edge NXT directly through their mobile device’s browser, just as they would on a desktop computer. This browser-based access allows users to access donor records and perform tasks 24/7 from any location without the need for a dedicated app.


Raiser’s Edge NXT is intended to assist nonprofit organizations in successfully managing their operations, donor interactions, and fundraising activities.  Raiser’s Edge NXT provides comprehensive tools for managing fundraising campaigns, donor cultivation, and gift processing. It offers features such as campaign tracking, donor segmentation, online giving, and pledge management. When evaluating Raiser’s Edge NXT or any CRM system, organizations need to consider their specific needs and requirements. The competitors in the nonprofit fundraising and donor management software market offer a range of features and benefits designed to meet the unique needs of the nonprofit sector.


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