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Firms must navigate regulatory requirements, manage risks, and maintain comprehensive compliance programs. This is when Exiger enters the picture. Exiger has developed as a major global provider of technology-enabled regulatory, financial crime, risk, and compliance solutions, thanks to its cutting-edge technology, relentless focus on innovation, and unrivaled expertise. In this in-depth blog review, we will delve into the world of Exiger, investigating its basic offerings, its revenue, key competitors, and government solutions. So, join us on this educational journey to see how Exiger is redefining the compliance and risk management sector.

What is Exiger?

Exiger is a pioneering firm that specializes in assisting organizations in combating financial crime, managing risks, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Founded in 2013, the brand has swiftly become synonymous with industry excellence. Exiger’s services include due diligence, investigations, compliance management, and monitoring solutions. Exiger enables firms to stay one step ahead of an increasingly complicated and tough regulatory landscape by combining technology, data analytics, and subject matter expertise.

Exiger’s product set is based on its unique technology platform, DDIQ (Due Diligence IQ). To automate and streamline due diligence operations, DDIQ leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Organizations can use this technology to conduct more efficient and complete investigations, derive useful insights from massive volumes of data, and make educated risk-based decisions.

Exiger Review

Exiger’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is shown in the excellent reviews it has received from clients in a variety of industries. Exiger partners applaud the company’s superior technology, domain experience, and personalized approach to tackling their particular compliance and risk management concerns.

Exiger’s ability to design solutions to unique industry requirements is valued by clients, resulting in more effective compliance processes and increased risk mitigation techniques. Exiger’s technological platform’s durability and scalability, together with its committed team of professionals, have earned the company a reputation for producing remarkable outcomes and creating operational efficiencies.

Exiger Revenue

Exiger has enjoyed considerable revenue growth over the years as a major player in the compliance and risk management market. While exact sales data are not publicly available, industry studies and market analysis show that Exiger’s revenue is on the rise. This expansion can be due to rising demand for cutting-edge compliance technology, an expanding regulatory framework, and Exiger’s ability to provide clients with value-added solutions.

Exiger is well-positioned to capitalize on future possibilities and achieve significant revenue growth because of the company’s ongoing investment in R&D and strategic collaborations. Also, Exiger is well-positioned to maintain its outstanding revenue performance in the foreseeable years, thanks to its focus on innovation and commitment to customer success.

Exiger Competitors

When it comes to the competitive landscape in the compliance and risk management market, Exiger is up against several established firms. The following are the top Exiger competitors:

#1. Kroll:

Kroll is well-known for its knowledge of risk management and compliance solutions. The organization has a proven track record of conducting comprehensive investigations, due diligence, and background checks. Kroll, with its global presence and extensive network of professionals, aids organizations in risk management and regulatory compliance.

#2. Deloitte:

Deloitte is a well-known professional services firm that provides a wide range of risk advising and compliance services. The multidisciplinary strategy of the business combines extensive industry knowledge with technical innovation to assist organizations in addressing difficult compliance challenges and improving risk management skills.

#3. Thomson Reuters:

Thomson Reuters is a well-known provider of regulatory intelligence and technological solutions. Risk intelligence, regulatory content, and compliance management systems are among the services they provide. Thomson Reuters, with an emphasis on providing accurate and fast information, assists firms in staying ahead of regulatory changes and adapting their compliance strategies accordingly.

#4. PwC:

PwC is a major “Big Four” accounting firm that provides full risk assurance and compliance services. Their global network of professionals specializes in risk assessment, compliance planning, and internal controls. PwC aids firms in identifying and managing risks while adhering to changing requirements.

#5. Accenture:

Accenture is a worldwide consulting organization noted for its technological and digital transformation skills. Also, Accenture provides a variety of compliance and risk management services, including risk assessment, compliance program design, and regulatory advice. Their emphasis on harnessing technology assists firms in improving their compliance capabilities and risk mitigation techniques.

#6. Ernst & Young (EY):

EY is a well-known professional services firm that offers a complete range of risk management and compliance services. The firm helps businesses navigate regulatory challenges, establish effective compliance frameworks, and manage risks across industries and locations.

#7. Control Risks:

Control Risks is a risk consulting organization that specializes in political, security, and integrity threats. Risk evaluations, compliance due diligence, crisis management, and security advice are among their offerings. Control Risks assists businesses in identifying and mitigating risks in complicated operating situations.

#8. IBM:

IBM, a well-known technology corporation, provides risk management and compliance solutions that rely on advanced analytics and cognitive computing. Their technologies help firms to evaluate massive amounts of data, identify potential dangers, and assure regulatory compliance. IBM’s technological expertise helps firms improve their risk management capabilities.

#9. SAS:

SAS is a global leader in analytics and risk management solutions. Risk modeling, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance solutions are among the services they provide. SAS enables enterprises to identify risks, detect anomalies, and manage compliance across several industries and regulatory frameworks by leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

#10. Resolver:

Resolver is a provider of integrated risk management software that assists businesses in streamlining their compliance and risk management operations. Their software enables firms to identify risks, track occurrences, and maintain regulatory compliance. The user-friendly design and extensive feature set of Resolver make it a popular choice for enterprises looking for an all-in-one risk management solution.

These top Exiger competitors deliver a wide range of experience and cutting-edge solutions to the compliance and risk management market. Companies can select from a variety of solutions based on their specific demands, industry specialization, and geographical requirements. Because of the competition among these firms, organizations have access to cutting-edge solutions for effective compliance and risk reduction.

Exiger Government Solutions

Exiger has developed specific solutions suited to the public sector in response to the unique issues that government agencies confront in controlling risks and maintaining compliance. Also, Exiger Government Solutions (EGS) gives government agencies the tools and experience they need to effectively combat fraud, corruption, money laundering, and other financial crimes.

#1. Financial Investigations:

EGS provides government entities with comprehensive financial investigative services. Conducting in-depth investigations into complex financial transactions, finding patterns of criminal activity, and compiling evidence for prospective enforcement proceedings are all part of the job. EGS assists federal agencies with their financial investigations by leveraging innovative technological platforms, data analytics, and subject matter expertise.

#2. Regulatory Compliance:

EGS assists government agencies in establishing and maintaining strong regulatory compliance processes. The company aids in the development of policies and procedures, the assessment of compliance risks, and the implementation of appropriate monitoring and reporting mechanisms. The digital solutions provided by EGS enable agencies to automate compliance operations, follow regulatory changes, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

#3. Background Checks and Due Diligence:

EGS provides government entities with due diligence and background check services. This entails performing extensive investigations to confirm the integrity and backgrounds of individuals, organizations, and institutions. Exiger’s DDIQ technology platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate due diligence operations and give thorough risk evaluations.

#4. Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML):

EGS works with government authorities to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The firm offers AML/CTF compliance consultancy, risk assessments, and the deployment of effective controls and monitoring systems. By regulatory standards, EGS’s technological solutions enable agencies to detect suspicious transactions, identify potential risks, and report suspicious activities.

#5. Sanctions and Watchlist Screening:

EGS assists government agencies in meeting their commitments related to sanctions and watchlist screening. The firm provides technology solutions that allow for real-time screening of individuals, businesses, and transactions against worldwide sanctions and watchlists. The extensive screening capabilities of EGS assist agencies in identifying and avoiding connections with sanctioned individuals or entities.

#6. Risk Control and Mitigation:

EGS works with government agencies to identify, assess, and mitigate risks in a variety of areas of operation. This comprises risk assessments, risk management framework development, and risk mitigation techniques implementation. EGS’s technological solutions give agencies the tools they need to efficiently monitor and manage risks.

#7. Education and Training:

EGS provides training and instructional programs to government professionals in areas such as compliance, risk management, and financial investigations. These workshops offer significant insights into new trends, regulatory developments, and industry best practices. Subject matter specialists at EGS provide tailored training programs to meet the demands of certain agencies.

Exiger Government Solutions combines the company’s cutting-edge technology platform, DDIQ, with its extensive knowledge in compliance, risk management, and financial investigations. EGS enables government agencies to proactively identify risks, discover patterns of criminal conduct, and take rapid action to protect public interests by leveraging data analytics, automation, and subject matter expertise.

What does Exiger do?

Exiger is a global leader in the field of compliance, risk management, and regulatory solutions. The company provides a range of services and technology platforms designed to help organizations navigate complicated regulatory environments, manage risks, and assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

What industry is Exiger in?

Exiger engages in the professional services market, primarily focused on compliance, risk management, and regulatory solutions. Financial services, government agencies, healthcare, technology, energy, and other industries are among the clients served by the firm. Its services are intended to assist firms in various industries in meeting regulatory obligations, managing risks, and maintaining robust compliance frameworks.

What is an Exiger check?

Exiger’s ScreenIQ solution for sanctions screening and adverse media monitoring has been proven to make life easier for risk management and compliance teams around the world. Businesses can help shield themselves from hefty fines and brand damage by adhering to worldwide sanctions lists.

Who is the CEO of Exiger?

Brandon Daniels is the CEO of Exiger, where he is leading the creation and scaling of novel artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to solve difficult supply chain challenges for Fortune 500 corporations and 40+ government organizations.

Is Exiger a good company to work for?

Exiger has a solid reputation in the compliance, risk management, and regulatory solutions business. Employees have given the organization favorable feedback, and it has been recognized for its contributions to the field. However, as with any organization, the experience of working with Exiger might vary depending on individual preferences, roles, and specific circumstances.

Who are the founders of Exiger?

Michael Beber, Michael Cherkasky, and Brandon Daniels founded Exiger. Michael Cherkasky and Michael Beber are seasoned investigators, risk managers, and compliance specialists. Cherkasky formerly served as CEO of Kroll Inc., a worldwide risk consulting firm, while Beber previously held executive positions at Kroll. Brandon Daniels has expertise in using digital solutions for compliance and risk management, owing to his background in technology and financial services.

Is Exiger legit

Yes, Exiger is a legal organization in the industry of compliance, risk management, and regulatory solutions. Since its inception in 2013, the company has established itself as a credible participant in the market. Exiger works with a diverse set of clients, including businesses and government agencies, to assist them in negotiating regulatory issues, managing risks, and maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Exiger is a major leader in the industry of compliance, risk management, and regulatory solutions. Exiger’s broad range of services and innovative technology platforms assist firms across all industries in navigating complicated compliance requirements, mitigating risks, and safeguarding their operations.

Overall, Exiger’s commitment to providing comprehensive compliance, risk management, and regulatory solutions, combined with its emphasis on technical innovation, positions it as an industry leader. Organizations, on the other hand, have a variety of options when it comes to selecting a provider that best meets their specific needs and objectives.


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