How to Get More Storage on PS4: Easy Tps & Tricks

How to Get More Storage on PS4
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The gaming business that relies on consoles is developing at a breakneck pace. We’ve seen a lot of consoles, including the PS4, which originally launched with 500GB of storage. At the time, it could only hold about a dozen or so games. Modern Warfare has a minimum storage requirement of roughly 175GB. Only about four or five games will fit on your PS4. If your PS4’s storage is already at capacity, it doesn’t mean you can’t add more space. Increasing the PS4’s external hard drive space is achievable if you wish to play current games of substantial size. This tutorial will show you how to increase your PS4’s storage space

How to Get More Storage on PS4 

Consider these options to expand your PS4’s storage space when it becomes full. Here are some ways to easily expand your PS4’s storage:

Solution 1: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Increase PS4 Storage

You may easily add more PS4 storage with the help of these options. To answer the question, “How do I get more storage on the PS4?” we advise increasing the capacity of the internal hard drive from 500GB to the desired total. To increase PS4 storage space, you’ll need to adhere to three phases, including detailed instructions.

  • Step 1: Remove the PS4’s Hard Drive
  • Step 2: Replace the Old PS4 Hard Drive with a New One
  • Step 3: Install the Copied Hard Drive on the PS4

Step 1: Remove the PS4’s Hard Drive

Step two involves taking the PS4’s hard disk out of the console. A screwdriver and other tools are necessary for this since they will facilitate the process of removing the hard drive.

  • Start by using your thumbs to push the shiny side of your PS4’s top cover. Lift the cover up and back once it has popped to the side, and then pull it out of the system.
  • Second, get rid of the screw that secures the hard drive bracket to the enclosure to free the hard drive tray. The internal components of the drive are fragile and easily damaged; therefore, you must remove it with extreme care.
  • Now that you’ve gotten the drive out of its enclosure, you can take the hard drive tray apart by removing the screws on its left and right sides. Once you’ve undone these side screws, taking out the hard disk from its tray is a breeze.

Step 2: Replace the Old PS4 Hard Drive with a New One

The next step is to connect both the new and old drives to your computer after you have removed the drive from your game console. After that is done, you may utilize a variety of cloning programs to transfer your data from the old drive to the new one.

Partition master is highly recommended as it is a versatile piece of software that can be used for a wide range of purposes, including but not limited to disk cloning and space partitioning. All of your data can be moved from the old drive to the new drive with the help of the partition manager. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to expand your PS4’s storage:

  • To begin, go to the “Clone” section of the left menu. Use “Clone Partition” and “Next” to duplicate the current partition.
  • Click “Next” after you have chosen the source partition.
  • Select the partition you wish to use as the destination, and then click “Next.”

To avoid losing information, you should copy files from the target disk to the source partition or create a backup of the target partition before cloning. Confirm “Yes” in the warning box.

  • Click the “Start” button, and then sit tight until the clone is finished.

Step 3: Load the Cloned Hard Drive into Your PS4

Repeat the procedures from Phase 1 in reverse order once you have finished cloning your old hard disk to a new one. After doing so, you can replace the hard disk on your PlayStation 4. And with the extra space it affords, you may stock up on the types and quantities of games that suit your fancy.

Solution 2: Use a PS4 External Hard Drive

If you don’t have much money, don’t stress about upgrading your PS4’s hard drive. In this article, we’ll show you how to use a USB drive to increase the amount of space available on your PlayStation 4. By following the steps outlined below, you’ll have your external hard drive up and running in no time, ready to store your games on your PS4. It’s a great method to play a variety of games without worrying about space.

  • Step 1: Prepare the PS4’s hard drive for use.
  • Step 2: Modify the directory where the program will be installed.
  • Step 3: Copy games and applications to an external hard drive

If you want to use an external hard drive with your PS4, you’ll need to meet a few conditions first. If you’re seeing a “PS4 can’t read USB” message, you need to make sure you have the latest external drive.

You’ll need the most recent PS4 firmware to connect a USB external disk to your game system.

Decide on the top PS4 external hard drive. To play games without difficulty, your USB drive should have at least 250GB of space and no more than 8 TB.

You should only use a USB 3.0-compatible flash drive, and there is a limit of one external disk at a time. 

Follow the instructions below to connect the external drive to your PS4 once you’ve finished the necessary setup.  

Step 1: Prepare the PS4’s Hard Drive for Use.

Get the PS4 hard disk working first, then format the external storage device. Doing so ensures that your USB will be compatible with the PS4 system. You can begin the formatting process by following these steps:

  • First, ensure a proper connection between the external drive and the PS4. Going forward, open the “Settings” app from the game console’s home screen, and then navigate to “USB Storage Devices” under the “Devices” menu.
  • To continue, choose the external hard drive that is now connected to your PS4 and then hit the “Format as Extended Storage” option. To finish the PS4 USB formatting process, follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 2: Modify the Location Where the Program Will be Installed.

The next step, after formatting the external drive, is to alter the program installation directory to accommodate the new files. Read the detailed instructions below to learn how to finish this section:

  • First, from the PS4 main menu, select “Settings,” then “Storage,” to change where apps are stored.
  • The second step is to go into the “Application Install Location” settings by selecting the “Options Menu” button. To have PS4 use the external drive as its primary storage, select “Extended Storage” from the system menu.

Step 3: Copy Games and Applications to an External Hard Drive

The next step, after you’ve changed where you keep your applications and formatted your external drive, is to transfer your games to the latter. Just follow these simple steps to confidently migrate your apps:

  • In the first step, you’ll need to open the PS4’s settings menu and select “Storage” from the drop-down menu. After that, go to “Applications” by selecting “System Storage,” which is where your program library is kept.
  • A second action is to go to the “Options Menu” and pick the “Move to Extended Storage” option. Here, you can pick and select which programs and games will be copied to your external storage device. Tap the “Move” button and then confirm with “OK” to move the selected items. In a short while, your downloaded games and apps will be updated.

Solution 3: Uninstall Extra Software

It’s time to look at a different option to increase your PS4’s storage capacity after examining the first. In order to make room for more recent games, you can empty your PS4 of old ones by following this method. Consult the following manual for help with this task:

  • First, open the PS4’s Settings menu and select “system storage management.” This will open a new window where you should click “Applications.”
  • Second, after that, you’ll get a list of apps where you can select specific games and apps by checking the appropriate boxes. To remove the selected software, simply click the “Delete” button.

Hit the Delete key

PS4 External Hard Drive

If you’re thinking of getting an external PS4 hard drive, here are the pros and cons to help inform your decision.


First, let’s start with the fantastic benefits a PS4 external hard drive will give you.

#1. You Get a Portable Gaming Library

An external hard drive is the perfect portable gaming library. With it, you can transport all your digital games and install game data everywhere you go. This is a win-win scenario if you employ physical games, digital games, or both. If you use physical games, you may carry your saved data to a friend’s house, and you won’t have to experience the long wait as their PS4 installs the game data if you use an external hard drive.

#2. You’ll Have a PS4 With Tons More Storage Space

The PS4 can accommodate up to 8TB of external storage, which is considerably more than the default 500GB hard disk. If you’re having to delete games on your PS4 to clear up space, an external hard drive would fix this problem. You’ll immediately notice and enjoy the change, as your PS4 can suddenly carry more than five games!

#3. A PS4 External Hard Drive Is Very Easy to Set Up

Three distinct storage devices, with two internal and one exterior

Unlike with an internal PS4 hard drive, it’s incredibly quick and straightforward for you to set up an external hard drive for your PS4. There’s minimal hassle and you’ll be ready to use your new hard disk within a few minutes. What’s nice is that you don’t have to open up your PS4 or worry about getting the appropriate measurements for your hard drive

#4. The Benefits of an External Hard Drive Compensate for Its Physical Space Requirements

Although an external hard drive is a distinct peripheral device that occupies physical space separate from the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console, its impact is very inconsequential, particularly when one takes into account its advantages.

The advantages of being able to keep numerous games on an external hard drive and transport them conveniently surpass the minor drawback of occupying additional physical space inside one’s living environment.

#5. One Can Utilize This Method to Create a Backup of the Internal Storage of Their PlayStation 4 (PS4) Console.

If an individual is satisfied with the internal storage capacity of their PS4, it is nevertheless advisable to contemplate the use of an external hard drive for the purpose of data backup.

People generally dislike corrupted data. Inside the realm of gaming, this phenomenon might encompass the unfortunate consequence of forfeiting all accumulated progress inside a game, or alternatively, the arduous process of reinstalling and downloading a game in its entirety, inclusive of all accompanying software updates.


There are some disadvantages to take into account when considering the utilization of an external hard drive for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) gaming console.

#1. The Exposure of an External PS4 Hard Drive Is Greater.

As their name implies, external hard drives are located apart from the main computing device.

This implies that an external hard disk is comparatively more susceptible to potential damage in comparison to an internal hard drive. While this issue may not be of significant magnitude, it is imperative to consider the individuality of each person’s gaming setup.

#2. Failure to Disconnect Data Properly May Result in Data Corruption.

Failure to adhere to the prescribed protocol while detaching an external hard drive from a PlayStation 4 console may result in data corruption and the consequential loss of game files.

#3. Losing an External Hard Drive Is a Relatively Simple Task for an Individual.

External hard drives have a compact physical footprint, which is highly advantageous. Additionally, it implies that they might be lost quite easily.

This issue is exacerbated when one frequently travels with an external hard disk. There is a possibility of misplacing the item in question or experiencing an event when it inadvertently falls out of one’s bag, resulting in its permanent disappearance. 

#4. The Cost of an External Solid-State Drive (Ssd) Is Higher in Comparison to That of an External Hard Disk Drive (Hdd).

External solid-state drives (SSDs) exhibit exceptional speed and have the potential to enhance one’s gaming experience. However, there is a significant disparity in price between the two options. It is anticipated that the cost of solid-state drives (SSDs) will decrease gradually as time progresses. Currently, when faced with the decision to purchase an external solid-state drive (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD) with equivalent storage capacities, it is evident that the price of an SSD is significantly higher.

Can I Add More Storage to My PS4? 

An expanded storage device can be used to add space to your PlayStation®4 console, allowing you to install games that would otherwise not be possible.

How Many Games Can You Put on a 500GB PS4? 

There would be room for 12 games on a 500-GB hard drive. If you wish to play additional games but your hard disk is full, you’ll have to delete some. If you want to play every game you possess at once, like the current generation, then you’ll need a lot more than twelve games.

How Many GB Is the PS4? 

A user-upgradeable A 2.5 500 GB, 1 TB, or 2 TB hard disk is included in the console.

Which PS4 Model Is the Best?

 In conclusion. Those on a tighter budget should look into the PS4 Slim, while those with a 4K TV and an eye for gaming excellence should go with the PS4 Pro. If you really need a PlayStation now, that is.


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