How to Change Your Xbox Name: Complete Guide

How to Change Your Xbox Name
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While it is true that certain individuals may have successfully devised an impressive online alias at an early stage or upon their initial attempt, there exists a substantial number of individuals who desire to change the username they use on an internet platform at some juncture. Fortunately, changing Xbox’s name is a straightforward process, as changing one’s gamertag can be simply accomplished. Below are all the relevant elements that should be taken into consideration when deciding how to change your Xbox name on your mobile.

How to Change Your Xbox Name

First and foremost, consider your gamertag length. The phrase should be brief and memorable to help other participants remember it. Avoid using numerical numbers or symbols, which can be difficult to remember. Also, consider the genre of games you play. Shooting video game fans may benefit from a gamertag that reflects their interest. Strategy gamers may choose a Gamertag that reflects this preference. Also, consider the image you want to portray. Additionally, your gamertag must be unique. The ideal pick should be unique and free of claims or connotations. Finally, your gamertag must meet standards. Please avoid aggressive language and inappropriate topics. Here are some ways to make your Xbox login more memorable:

#1. Select a Name That Holds Personal Significance

Contemplate a name that bears personal relevance, such as a moniker derived from a nickname, a favored pastime, or a beloved fictional persona. This will enhance the memorability and distinctiveness of your name.

#2. Minimize the Utilization of Commonplace Vocabulary         

Make an effort to minimize the usage of ordinary terms or phrases while selecting your Xbox username. This will enhance the challenge for fellow participants in discerning your identity, rendering it more distinctive.

#3. Employ Lexical Combinations        

It is advisable to utilize a fusion of lexical elements to generate a distinctive appellation. One possible approach entails amalgamating an individual’s preferred pastime with their favored fictional persona, engendering an exclusive appellation.

#4. Utilize Unique Characters to Enhance Name Distinctiveness            

One potential strategy to enhance the distinctiveness of one’s name is to employ typographical elements such as an underscore or an exclamation point.

#5. Employing an Alternative Linguistic Medium

Consider the utilization of a distinct language as a means to generate an exclusive appellation. This will enhance the challenge for fellow participants in discerning your identity, rendering it more distinctive.

#6. Employ an Amalgamation of Alphanumeric Characters         

It is advisable to utilize a blend of letters and numbers to generate a distinctive appellation. This will enhance the level of difficulty for fellow participants in discerning your identity, rendering it more distinctive.

How to Change Your Xbox Name for Free

To access your Xbox account, it is necessary to authenticate by providing your current login and password. After completing the task, proceed to choose your profile from the primary menu. Also, to initiate the editing process of your profile, please navigate to the profile page and choose the option labeled “Edit Profile”.Continuing on the Edit Profile page, proceed to choose the option labeled “Change Name” and proceed to input your preferred new name into the designated text field. Furthermore, after inputting your revised name, proceed to choose the option “Confirm” to securely store the modified information. To finalize the procedure, it is necessary to log out of your Xbox account and then log back in using your newly chosen name. 

How to Change Your Xbox Name on Mobile                                                             

Fortunately, it is possible to change the Xbox name even on portable devices such as mobile phones. However, a significant portion of individuals are not accustomed to the intricacies of the Xbox platform, resulting in a heightened level of difficulty in comprehending its functionalities. Many players are unaware that it is possible to change their Xbox name on mobile devices other than the console. This guide outlines the steps to modify your Xbox Gamertag on Android or iOS devices. To change your Xbox name after installing the Xbox application on your mobile device, please adhere to the following instructions:

  • Open the Xbox application on your device.
  • Navigate to the Profile area and proceed to input the desired information in the Settings.
  • To access the ‘Help Topics’ section, please navigate to the ‘Support & Feedback’ tab and tap on it.
  • Thereafter, proceed to tap on the option labeled ‘Manage your account & profile’ and select the option titled ‘How to Change your Xbox Gamertag.’
  • Subsequently, pick the ‘On the Web’ alternative inside the ‘Ways to Modify your Gamertag’ category.
  • Proceed to the option labeled ‘Choose your New Gamertag.’
  • By taking this action, your web browser will be launched and you will be redirected to a webpage related to Xbox.
  • From there, you can effectively modify your Xbox Gamertag using a mobile device.     

Why Do I Have to Pay to Change My Gamertag?           

Gamertags can be changed for free for the first time. Once a free opportunity is used, it cannot be obtained again. More so, like other online games, changing a username or Gamertag costs money. A complimentary opportunity is one-time only. Restricting gamertag changes is thought to reduce abuse. Preventing users from continually changing their Gamertag allows other users to obtain their desired one. Changing Gamertags requires changing records, hence there are fees. Several records contain duplicate files with your name. When licenses are transferred, purchases are made, messages are delivered, or achievements are won. Keeping track of details can be difficult when managing a lot of information.

How to Change Microsoft Username?

To change your account name through the Settings app:

  • Navigate to Settings > Account > Your Info and click Manage My Microsoft Account. This will open the Microsoft Accounts settings in the default browser.
  • Once the Microsoft Accounts website opens up, sign in with your Microsoft account and hit Your Info.
  • Next, click on Edit Name. In the panel that pops up, enter the new first and last name, complete the Captcha security check, and hit Save.

How Much is an Xbox Name Change?

Initially, modification of an Xbox Gamertag incurs no cost, whereas subsequent changes necessitate a price. The cost associated with altering one’s Gamertag is subject to regional variations; but, as a general rule, it amounts to $9.99 in United States currency. Payment for this fee can be made using many methods, including credit card, PayPal, Xbox gift card, or cash from your Microsoft account. 

How Much Is a Yearly Xbox Live Subscription?

By utilizing a complimentary Xbox Network account, users are allowed to engage in various activities, such as playing demonstrations, accessing trailers, and downloading applications from the Xbox Marketplace. By subscribing to Xbox Live Gold, users gain access to online multiplayer functionality and receive complimentary games monthly. Xbox Live Gold is a subscription-oriented program that is available for purchase in durations of one month, three months, and one year. The pricing structure for Xbox Live Gold subscriptions is as follows: $59.99 for a 12-month subscription, $24.99 for a three-month subscription, and $9.99 for a one-month subscription.

Will I Lose Everything if I Change My Gamertag?

All profile games and content will remain accessible. The console will recognize the user’s profile under a different Gamertag. Redownloading the profile may activate the new Gamertag. Also, the line “some games may not support this change” means that a backward-compatible game not designed for the Xbox One may display numerical characters in one’s Gamertag. If “GamerGuy” is taken, the algorithm will produce “GamerGuy#1175.” In Xbox One games, the username is always “GamerGuy.” For older games not designed for Xbox One, the Gamertag will be “GamerGuy1175,” using numerical characters instead of a hashtag symbol. Changing one’s gamer tag is allowed online.

How Long Does It Take for the Xbox Gamertag to Change?

Typically, the process of changing one’s Xbox gamertag requires approximately 48 hours. However, other factors exist that may account for the delay in the alteration of your Xbox Gamertag:

  • There exists a potential that a technical anomaly may be occurring in the processing of Gamertag changes by the Xbox servers. The potential causes for delays in processing gamertag changes on Xbox servers include
  • Excessive traffic or maintenance activities. 
  • There is a potential concern with the internet connection, which could be leading to a disruption in the communication between your console and the Xbox servers. 
  • An issue may arise with the Xbox server’s account functionality, thereby impeding the successful execution of the Gamertag alteration process. 

How Do I Hide My Xbox Gamertag Number?

You can avoid the inclusion of numbers in your Xbox gamertag by opting for a distinctive appellation that does not incorporate numerical digits. One may also consider incorporating more characters or spaces to enhance the uniqueness of their chosen Gamertag. In a situation where the preferred gamertag has already been claimed, you can consider appending an underscore or altering the capitalization to establish a distinct and exclusive identifier. It is important to consider that the maximum length for a gamertag is restricted to 12 characters. Therefore, individuals may need to employ creativity to optimize their options.

Why Do I Have 2 Xbox Gamertags?

The issue with your gamertag can be attributed to the implementation of the new gamertag system by Microsoft at a previous point in time. This implies that the user possesses a gamertag that will be visible on Xbox and related applications, representing their previous gamertag, as well as an additional Gamertag that will be displayed in games that do not support the new gamertag system. In a situation where you desire to make further alterations, a fee will likely be incurred, given that your complimentary opportunity for modification has already been utilized.

Can I Get My Old Xbox Gamertag Back?

To regain possession of one’s previous gamertag, it is necessary to undergo an additional name change process, which incurs a fee of $10. Regrettably, if another individual has already appropriated your initial gamertag, it may be challenging to regain possession of it, unless the person in question is amenable to relinquishing it, hence enabling you to assert ownership over said gamertag on your account. Nevertheless, if your initial gamertag remains unclaimed, it is possible to reassert ownership over it, provided that it adheres to the guidelines outlined in the Xbox Code of Conduct. 

Which Xbox Is the Newest?

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S represent the fourth generation of gaming consoles within the Xbox series. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, both launched on November 10, 2020, belong to the ninth generation of video game consoles. This generation also encompasses Sony’s PlayStation 5, which was also introduced in the same month.

How to Get Xbox Gold for Free?

Acquiring points with Microsoft Rewards is a straightforward process since the completion of daily chores frequently suffices to consistently obtain complimentary subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold. The duration of the complimentary subscription may range from a few days to a fortnight, and it is possible to accumulate many gift cards to maximize the accumulation of prizes.


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