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Learning online management courses gives you a competitive edge in every job segment. It introduces a survey of functions and basic principles of management online. It also develops a range of management skills that are relevant, either for study or work. There are also free online management courses available. Read on to find them out.

Online Management Courses Overview

This refers to the practice of contracting with external third-party organizations. These organizations help higher education institutions develop and deliver online certificates or degrees. Online management courses work with higher education institutions to take their academic courses online.

Taking management courses online helps you learn more about how to apply business concepts, terminologies, and tools whilst exploring the world of business management. It teaches you how to communicate professionally. Also reflecting your own management style.

How Online Management Courses Work

Online classes are basically a mix of video recordings and live tutorials. They also complemented assessments and readings that students can complete during their free time.

The aim of taking an online course is to provide the same quality education as the ones offered in higher institutions. It is supposed to provide a more flexible format for students.

With the availability of online courses, many of them are designed to enable students to gain access and log into their own schedules. Online courses are supposed to be flexible, but there is still a lot of time being spent in the virtual classroom. This is where the flexibility comes in.

Online education has many programs designed to allow students to access coursework and log in on their own schedules. Rather than having to be in class very early in the morning. Students are also able to log in to view course videos and other materials during their leisure time. while other courses have weekly or monthly deadlines for the tasks and assignments that were given.

Free Online Management Courses

There are free online management courses that will teach you the best business management skills. Learning how to become a good manager requires acquiring a wide range of professional skills. as well as cultivating a solid understanding of the business and your employees. The following courses are designed to help you become the best manager you can be.

  • Warehouse Management: Inventory, Stock, and Supply Chains
  • Supervision Skills: Managing Groups and Employee Interaction
  • Facility Management-Maintenance and Repairs
  • Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare

#1. Management: Inventory, Stock, and Supply Chains

In this online course, you will learn the skills that are required to be a successful warehouse manager. You will also learn about inventory, stock, and supply chains for running an efficient warehouse. This course teaches you to study troubleshooting techniques and technological tips. It will also make you understand why warehouse reports are very crucial. This online course will prepare you to successfully manage your own warehouse.


This warehouse management course will equip you with the necessary knowledge needed to become a successful warehouse manager. First of all, it teaches you about warehouse inventory.

This brings you to an understanding of warehouse stock management. Therefore, allow the foundation of your knowledge to build your skills. By the completion of each section, you will be able to test yourself with assessments.

Warehouses play an important role in modern supply chains. This comes with ever-growing global trade and e-commerce sales. Managers of warehouses hold a significant amount of responsibility in serving demands. This online course gives you the necessary skills for managing a warehouse. It comes with the gain of learning the insights and principles of warehousing.


After the completion of this course, you would be able to:

  • Describe warehouse layouts.
  • Discuss the concepts and basics of inventory management.
  • Have adequate knowledge about reducing inventory costs.
  • Analyze stock
  • List your stock variation methods.
  • Learn the best practices for controlling stock movement within a warehouse.
  • Compare methods of storage
  • Know how to choose warehouse management software.
  • Analyzing crucial reports on warehousing
  • Exploring the potential use of robotics in warehousing
  • Recognizing problems solving techniques and troubleshooting tips

#2. Supervision Skills – Managing Groups and Employee Interaction

This course on supervision skills will teach you how to cope with arguments and disagreements at work. It also teaches you tactful and effective workplace management. This includes how to best deal with different situations and how to take corrective actions. This gives adequate knowledge on how to manage organizations properly.


Learning this course’s “supervision skills” starts with the introduction to team management techniques and effective groups. Acquiring knowledge about KASH (knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits) will be acquired. This improves teamwork and helps resolve conflicts among colleagues. This leads you to cover the topic of group dynamics and learn the features of team design.

Team leadership and autonomy are also part of the study guide. This includes learning how to understand important team roles and their responsibilities, and the organization of effective teams.

After this, it teaches you how to handle clashing personalities and how to take corrective action as a manager. Furthermore, skills for preventing and handling grievances would be learned. Also, you would be able to give constructive feedback that benefits both the company as a whole and the individual employee.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Organize effective teams.
  • Explain group dynamics and development.
  • Explain the transition curve.
  • Analyzing building, and maintaining cohesive teams.
  • List the practical guidelines for planning change.
  • Having knowledge about the tips for handling difficult behaviors in meetings.
  • Explaining how to provide constructive feedback.

#3. Facility Management – Maintenance and Repairs

In this course, the basic concepts of facilities management and the roles of a facilities manager will be introduced. You will learn about the ins and outs of the various duties of this profession, like vendor management, lease purchase, safety, health maintenance, and repair. This course shows the importance of having a well-managed workplace, including how it can affect employees’ behaviors and productivity.


Facility management is all about inspecting buildings and the people that are working therein. It is the integration of places, people, and processes within a built environment to improve the efficiency of the business.

There are several qualities that an individual must possess in order to be a facility manager. This course makes you explore the dos and don’ts of facility management. However, there are several departments that are attached to this course. Learning this course teaches you how to make a massive difference in the productivity of a company.

Moreover, this course is a dominating field with high responsibility. Since facility management is global, most roles in the industry offer opportunities for traveling and working in other countries.


After taking this course, you will be able to :

  • State the importance of strategic and annual planning.
  • Explain the characteristics of being a facility manager.
  • Know the symptoms of workplace anxiety.
  • Explain the impact of well-managed workplace employees.
  • Spot different health programs that boost company performance.
  • Sort information into the information a facility manager needs for purchase, lease, and vendor management.
  • Outline the responsibilities of a facility manager in promoting sustainability.
  • Adequate knowledge about knowing the importance of having maintenance schedules.

#4. Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare

This online course, Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare, will give you adequate knowledge about safety management practices. This provides an introduction to managing health in the best way. Managing health and safety in healthcare will teach you about safe systems of work, safety consultation, and safety statements, including physical, biological, and chemical hazard types and general principles of prevention.


Managing health and safety in healthcare starts by giving a well-explained overview of health and safety. First, they begin by teaching you about the safety statement, which is a legal requirement for all employers.

This course covers a wide variety of healthcare hazards in physical, chemical, and biological forms. Towards the completion of this course, identifying components and recognizing the importance of safety consultation will be learned.

Free Online Management Courses with Certificates

According to research at Oxford, they offer an extensive range of flexible courses in business management. They offer open enrollment and free online certificate courses. They also provide the perfect entry point to the elite world of business management.

Ambitious learners are invited to participate in their free online management courses. Also, certificates are available upon completion for a small fee. Enjoy the freedom to complete your free management course at your own pace with no form of fixed schedules or deadlines.

Short Online Management Courses

There are various management courses online which are available. Some short causes which you could tale online about management include:

#1. Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is ideal for established executives, business owners, and senior managers. This online course is perfect for newcomers with no business experience. It also concludes with an online assessment. After that, you will be able to claim a certificate of completion as proof of your new skills.

#2. Anger Management

Anger is a normal emotion that cannot always be avoided. The key to successful anger management lies in identifying your own anger. Carefully controlled anger can bring about positive outcomes. However, anger that controls you can affect your well-being.

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Best Online Management Courses

Here are some of the top online management courses, they include:

  • Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage (edX)
  • Introduction to Business Management
  • Business Foundations (edX)
  • Business and Technology (edX)

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To Wrap It Up

By learning online management courses, you will be open to acquiring new skills, also offering you varieties of schedules and helping you to learn at your own pace.

Online Management Courses FAQs

What are the Best Online Management Courses?

  • Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage (edX)
  • Introduction to Business Management
  • Business Foundations (edX)
  • Business and Technology (edX)

What are the Free Online Management Courses available?

  • Warehouse Management: Inventory, Stock, and Supply Chains
  • Supervision Skills: Managing Groups and Employee Interaction
  • Facility Management-Maintenance and Repairs
  • Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare

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