CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Top Contractor Services & Companies In 2023

contractor management system

The world of contractors has changed due to technology. As a result, you can hire contractors from anywhere just by using a contractor management system. Contractor management companies record and store information on the general contractor and their services using their database system and software. In addition, most current contracts mandate the use of contract management software for efficient administration between numerous parties.

What Is a Contractor Management System?

Companies can manage work that is outsourced to contract employees or subcontractors with the aid of a contractor management system. In addition to organizing and managing work orders, these systems help with performance and productivity management.

They are mostly employed by businesses that depend on independent contractors’ specific expertise and skill sets to finish complex jobs and projects. For instance, contractor management is frequently used in the fields of construction, retail, dining, energy/utilities, and other related companies.

With the use of 1099 issuance, task management, and completion tracking software, companies can make sure that they execute their tasks in accordance with their requirements.

Examples Of Contractor Management Systems

#1. Deel

Deel is a worldwide payroll system with compliance recruiting designed for remote teams. Therefore, anyone, anywhere, can use Deel to find employment and get paid. Employers may instantly hire full-time workers or independent contractors legally and quickly anywhere in the world using a tech-enabled self-serve method.

The business offers employment, management, and payment services to companies that hire foreign workers and contractors.

#2. Contractor Compliance

Contractor Compliance is a cloud-based application that enables businesses to effortlessly gather, monitor, and manage the compliance needs of vendors and third-party contractors. Moreover, with this system, you can access contractor information instantaneously from any device, anywhere, at any time.

#3. is a contractor management system that you can use to pay, organize, and manage contractors and freelancers. It is as simple as clicking a button and you can also do it anywhere in the world.

#4. Rapid Contractor Management

Rapid Contractor Management is the best contractor compliance management system. It assists you in managing the whole lifecycle of your employees. It also enables centralized management of your contractors’ whole lifecycle.

Their online contractor management solutions are ideal for businesses of any size that use contract labor or subcontractors. You can also use them to distribute pre-qualification forms, assess legal compliance, store all business documents online, and keep track of expiration dates. In addition, this contractor management system assists businesses in managing tasks, tracking task completion, and ensuring that activities are executed in accordance with company requirements.

#5. Sitepass

Human resource managers, business owners, and health and safety managers all have one thing in common and that is Sitepass. This is because they share the same dilemma of needing a better solution to manage employee compliance.

Sitepass ensures that your workforce is safe and receives consistent training. It also offers a single platform that you can customize to any industry that needs to lower its compliance risk.

#6. ClearPath Workforce Management

With a concentration on the contingent labor market, ClearPath is a top provider of human resources outsourcing services. It provides contractor management services to business owners.

Clearpath maintains compliance and reduces the risks related to their needs for contingent labor. They serve clients in the United States and Canada. It is also a reputable certified woman-owned human resource outsourcing business.

#7. BraveGen

BraveGen CSR is a system for gathering and reporting enterprise-level carbon and sustainability statistics. It has won several awards. BraveGen is a cloud-based software that streamlines reports to numerous stakeholders. It also offers large enterprises the information they need to better understand and advance sustainability goals.

What Is Contractor Management?

Contractor management is the management of contract work carried out for a certain business. In order to handle the health, safety, insurance, training, and client-specific paperwork of contractors, contractor management adopts a system. The majority of contemporary contracts demand the usage of general contractor management software to simplify administration among various parties.

Contractor Database Management System

Contracts contain a variety of essential information about your

  • Clients and suppliers;
  • The products you purchase and sell;
  • The prices you pay or receive for them;
  • Your obligations under the contract, and more.

Therefore, keeping them safe is crucial. The core purpose of a contract database management system is to access, monitor, report on, and analyze this data.

A contractor database management system, to put it another way, is the monitoring, logging, and analysis of the crucial data contained in each contract that your business engages in throughout the course of the whole contract duration. Consequently, managing contracts includes managing the data related to those contracts. Although managing contract data manually with physical contracts is possible, working with digital contract management software is easier.

The contractor database management system for contract allocation makes it possible to easily store contract records. Therefore making it easier to obtain information about contracts that have been awarded or reports about any registered contracts at any time.

Examples of Contractor Database Management Systems

  • HSI Donesafe
  • Gatekeeper
  • Payzerware
  • Worksuite
  • TopBuilder
  • Lano
  • Verature
  • WorkMarket
  • Papaya Global
  • Constrafor
  • The Power Tools

Contractor Management Companies

#1. Ironclad

Contracts are commercial judgments encased in formalities. Contractor management companies like Ironclad that allows legal teams to focus on more important work. They also influence corporate strategy by handling the administrative tasks that are best left to robots.

Ironclad is a platform that can handle all contract kinds, including legal, sales, finance, HR, marketing, procurement, and others. Because of this, reputable brands all around the world rely on them to assist them in creating and managing their digital business contracts. You can use Ironclad, the top contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform in the world, to digitalize your contracts. In addition, they offer consumers a cutting-edge, all-in-one, customizable experience while making it simple and secure to write and collaborate on contracts.

#2. Icertics

Icertis is the top cloud-based provider of enterprise contract management. The Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform is a cutting-edge, user-friendly product that is extremely adaptable and constantly responds to challenging business requirements.

It is a privately held software provider that uses a software-as-a-service business model to offer enterprise companies contractor management tools. The business, which was established in 2009, has its main office in Bellevue, Washington.

Icertis Contract Intelligence, the company’s core product, is a platform for managing contracts throughout its lifecycle. In addition, it enables an organization to digitally capture and keep all of its contracts in the cloud. The software also makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to spot questionable contract language and alert users to any compliance issues. With the aid of machine learning, it can read contracts and provide analysis.

#3. Clinipace Worldwide

A new, technology-enhanced CRO service model was invented by Clinipace Worldwide, a digital contract research organization (CRO), to meet the specific requirements of venture-backed, mid-tier, and strategic pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical companies.

Clinipace is a full-service, international contract research company (CRO), and we take a personal approach to clinical research. We offer a degree of freedom and collaboration that is not achievable in a traditional CRO context. They use the latest cutting-edge technologies to enhance the way clinical research is conducted. This also has an impact on the future of healthcare.

#4. Juro

Juro is an all-in-one contract automation platform. It is a full-service contract management software created for contemporary businesses. They support legal departments at companies such as Deliveroo, Skyscanner, and Estée Lauder in creating contracts that are quicker, more collaborative, and more personable.

In addition, with the help of the contract automation platform Juro, legal and business teams can execute and manage contracts from a single collaborative workspace.

#5. SpotDraft

At SpotDraft, they create cutting-edge technologies that will make managing paperwork easier for companies while also enabling them to “bring their contracts to life.” Some of the most significant business is governed by contracts.

Spotdraft simplifies the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to execution. They also automate most of the contract lifecycle to be user-friendly. It is a comprehensive platform, that gives legal teams more time to concentrate on pressing problems.

#6. EquityZen

With EquityZen website, employees from private companies can sell shares and trade them as well. The website frequently connects employees from private companies with investors who otherwise would not be able to invest in the business before an IPO. EquityZen, a financial services provider that offers an investing platform for connecting shareholders of private firms.

#7. Lexion

Contractor management companies include Lexion. Using email-driven workflows and an AI-powered repository, Lexion’s straightforward and effective contract management system enables you to scale legal and quicken contracting.

With the help of elite and experienced teams such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Lexion is able to create the only contract management system that CB Insights ranked as the world’s most promising AI legal tech startup two years in a row. Also, fantastic brands rely on Lexion to handle their contracts. For instance, Brooks Running, Outreach, RetailNext, OfferUp, Blue Nile, and others.

Contractor Management Services

Businesses can use contractor management services to access the contract labor they require without having to assume all the duties associated with hiring and onboarding contractors.

When a corporation contemplates hiring temporary contract workers to acquire the assistance they require, it must also take into account any administrative costs associated with it, such as the processing of applications, onboarding, contractor management, payroll solution, and compliance with employment legislation. In other words, you can reduce a large portion of this burden by working with a third-party provider of contractor management services.

What Is the Need for Contractor Management Services?

When a company determines that contract work is better suitable for their specific business needs than permanent staffing, they get contractor management services. Additionally, a contract management company will have thoroughly checked out each of its contractors to make sure they are ready to begin work on the project from day one.

Why Do Companies Use Independent Contractors?

Usually Workers are often hired for long-term employment, however “alternative working arrangements” like contract labor have grown more popular in recent years.

#1. Lower costs

According to Forbes, payroll expenses for internal staffing will range from 20% to 30% for firms. In addition to contributing to unemployment insurance programs, employers are required to pay a portion of taxes, Social Security, and Medicare.
here is also the added expense of benefits like medical and dental coverage. You also pay the overhead of a human resources department to keep track of everything, in addition to these benefits. You can avoid the majority of these costs if you hire ICs to execute the work instead.

#2. Loose Commitment

It can be challenging to fire employees when you no longer need them because hiring permanent personnel involves an exchange of allegiance. With ICs, there is no expectation that the relationship will last a long time, making it easier to break it up when it is best for your company. Due to the lack of permanent employee safeguards, ICs are less likely to face legal action in the event of a termination.

#3. Better Performing Workers

Contract jobs need to be simple to implement. Workers have everything they need to complete the task at hand, and they are prepared to dive in and get going without much if any, training.

General Contractor Management Software

General contractor software is created specifically to meet the needs of their distinct business workflows. In addition to playing a variety of roles, general contractors frequently supervise all stages of a construction project, from pre-construction to ongoing upkeep and repairs after completion. Therefore, they require software that will assist them in managing their business while also assisting them in the entire contracting process.

Most of the usual capabilities that come with contractor management software are required for contractors, but general contractors should also take the following elements into account when shopping.

For a lot of responsibilities and procedures, a general contractor uses contractor management software. Moreover, with the help of these technologies, one can manage nearly all aspects pertaining to contract jobs. At the most advanced level, some of the key features you’ll discover in almost all general contractor management software systems are as follows:

  • Project cost and invoicing
  • Link to vendors and subcontractors
  • Professional project management
  • The completion of the project
  • Control over records and audits.
  • Collaboration and workflows
  • Plans, schedules, and Gantt charts are all included.
  • Financials
  • Managing documents and drawings.

You can see how all these beneficial features could entice most general contractors to opt for contractor management software. More often than not, these systems will be more effective than other options. It is worth considering these other options though.

Top General Contractor Management Software 

  • Procore
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • Buildertrend
  • mHelpDesk
  • Jobber
  • Sine
  • JobNimbus
  • Sage 100 Contractor

How Do You Effectively Manage a Contractor?

Managing a contractor can be easier if you have a contractor management system. There are other steps to follow:

  • Make managing contractors a part of your HR/people strategy.
  • Standard contractor payment
  • Income tax compliance
  • Make independent contractor agreements and think about the best payment method.
  • Review contract agreements on a regular basis.
  • Think about outsourcing contractor management.

What Is the Best Software for a Small Construction Business?

Highly productive teams in small and large businesses utilize ClickUp, the top-rated productivity and project management tool in the world.

How Do Contract Management Systems Work?

Legal and compliance departments, for example, can search for and evaluate contracts using contract management software instead of having to manually find them and comb through piles of paper. Contract management software digitizes all contracts and saves them in a single repository.

How Do Independent Contractors Track Hours?

The most crucial aspect of any job or assignment you work on is time management. You can organize everything you need to successfully complete a task with the aid of a time monitoring tool.

  1. Clockify
  2. Everhour
  3. Harvest
  4. TopTracker
  5. Time Doctor
  6. Desktime

What Do You Mean by Contract Management?

The process of managing contract formulation, execution, and analysis is known as contract management. Its goal is to increase an organization’s operational and financial performance while lowering its financial risk. Organizations are under growing pressure to save expenses and boost performance.


With the aid of a smart contractor management system, you can automate international payments, quicken the laborious onboarding procedure, and instantly keep an eye on deadlines, expenses, and budgets.

The phrase “contractor management” refers to the supervision of contractual work carried out on behalf of a certain business. In order to manage the health and safety data, insurance details, training schedules, and particular documentation relevant to the contractor and the owner client, contractor management uses a system. A contract management system ought to have a method for managing the data associated with contracts.


What are the types of contracts?

  • Fixed-price contract.
  • Cost-reimbursement contract.
  • Cost-plus contract.
  • Time and materials contract.
  • Unit price contract.
  • Bilateral contract.
  • Unilateral contract.
  • Implied contract.

What is contract management system CMS

The Contract Management System (CMS) is a web-based,. NET application created to enable OCFS contractors to develop their contracts online, including an electronic signature feature, submit financial claim information electronically, develop budget modifications as needed, and find out how much money has been paid out.

What are the types of service contracts?

  • Time and materials contract.
  • Fixed price services contract.
  • Not to exceed (or time and materials with a cap) contract.
  • Retainer-based services contract.
  • Recurring service subscription.
  • Managed services agreement.


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