5 Ways You Can Make Your Business More Employee-friendly

5 ways you can make your business more employee-friendly
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Running an employee-friendly business could mean the difference between keeping quality employees or having a fast turnover of workers. Low employee retention rates can be frustrating, especially if you have invested time and effort in their training before they hand in their notice and leave.

If this scenario is a constant within your business, you could very well find that your business is stale and standing still. Quality, long-term employee retention is how you can get your business moving forwards in leaps and bounds, and there are ways in which you can attain this if you desire it.

#1 Provide parking or promote carshare or supply park-and-ride facilities

Where at all possible, you should provide free parking for all of your workers either on-site or very close by and preferably in a safe location. If, however, this is impossible to do due to either a lack of space or only having a limited number of parking bays, then perhaps look at promoting and actively working out a car share system with your employees.

Of course, the alternative to this is that you either invest in or hire the services of a local bus business and supply a free park-and-ride for your employees that are not allocated a parking bay on-site or close by.

#2 Offer free break time beverages and healthy snacks

You could offer all of your workers free break time beverages and healthy snacks to see them through the morning or afternoon working sessions. A pot of coffee does not cost much, nor does the contents of a large fruit bowl, and yet it could mean a lot in the eyes of your employees. You could very well see an increase in productivity, as having a healthy bite to eat and a drink may keep mid-morning or mid-afternoon tiredness at bay.

#3 Listen to your employees’ requests

In order to enhance your business, you should encourage your employees to make suggestions on the areas of your business that affects them. This could be about any break time facilities, such as outdoor furniture for sunny days – or it could be about an easier or maybe quicker way of carrying out certain procedures within their role.

It is important that you take the time to converse with your employees and get to know every one of them. Spending some time on employee engagement will be highly beneficial to your business as it will help your employees feel more connected and loyal to you. Although there should be at least one face-to-face meeting, most employee engagement chats could be held over an employee experience platform such as that offered by Simpplr. They could be in the form of email, messaging, or even video links, amongst other services offered.

#5 Be flexible with all of your employees

There will be times when your employees will need a bit of flexibility. This could be as a result of a dependant’s sickness or issues with transport, for instance. Allowing your employees to either work from home on days that they cannot attend work – or offering them alternative working hours that suit their needs could be a way in which your business will not lose manhours and your employees do not lose pay.

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