The Best Car Rental Companies
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The choices for hiring a car can be confusing and challenging to sort through. In the meantime, there are several car rental companies for different needs and purposes of travel. Undoubtedly, you want the best deal for your money or are just looking for comfort when using the internet. These top selections for the best car rental companies include everything from companies with excellent customer service to those with terrific rewards programs.

Best Car Rental Companies

The best car rental company is one that fulfills your requirements. Some of these companies include Alamo, Enterprise, National, Hertz and the rest. Consider the type of car you require, the location of the rental, the pricing, and the company’s reputation. If you require a specific car, such as a luxurious car or a van, you may need to hire a firm specializing in such vehicles. You may need to rent from a smaller company if you are renting from a place that is not near a large airport.

Another significant factor to consider is the cost. Car rental rates might vary considerably. Therefore, it is critical to research rates from multiple providers before deciding. Eventually, you should think about the company’s reputation. Read internet reviews to find out what other customers say about the company’s customer service, car condition, and overall experience.

#1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Although Enterprise has higher prices in some places, it is still a customer service favorite. With over 7,600 sites nationwide, you’re sure to find an Enterprise at the airport or city you’re visiting. It also features a four-tiered loyalty program called Enterprise Plus, which allows customers to earn rental upgrades year after year. They can also earn and redeem points for free rental days, receive faster members-only check-ins, and contact customer care via a dedicated phone line. 

#2. National Car Rental

Most car rental companies demand extra fees for additional drivers and one-way car drop-offs. National, however, is not one of them. National also provides friendly equipment such as car seats, ski racks, and GPS devices. In certain regions or countries, National’s Emerald Club loyalty program lets you earn points for free rental days and automobile upgrades. 

Furthermore, because the same firm owns National and Enterprise, you can earn Enterprise points when renting from National. Moreover, having the right credit card may already have automatic executive status with National, granting you a guaranteed upgrade when renting a medium car or above.

#3. Hertz

Hertz is a household name in the auto rental industry, providing a diverse selection of cars and ranking third on this list of the best rental car companies. Hertz’s rental car rates are significantly higher than Enterprise’s, ranging from $40 to $78 per day for economy vehicles. As a result, they received 4 out of 5 points. 

Due to inflation, Hertz had to significantly boost their car rental costs, which has impacted overall customer happiness. But only by a small margin! The difference is only a few bucks; still, Enterprise has won the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Award twice in 2019 and 2020.

Hertz access points may be found everywhere, which makes sense given that it is the world’s largest airport car rental firm. There are around 8,500 outlets in major airports and towns worldwide.

#4. Alamo Rent a Car

As a baseline, Alamo provides unlimited free travel, and if you’re traveling with another person, Alamo identifies several instances in which it will neglect the additional driver price. These include if the second rental car driver is the registered driver’s spouse or domestic partner or if the other driver is a business partner or employer when driving on a corporate contract. You will not be charged an additional driver fee if you are a Costco member. 

Other advantages include the Alamo Insider program, which guarantees consumers a 5% discount. Military and AAA members receive rotating discounts, while select types of drivers receive free automobile upgrades.

#5. Avis Car Rental

While Avis’ daily rates are often higher than its competitors, such costs can often be lowered with discounts and special offers. For instance, union members can save up to 30 per cent on pay-now rates, and active-duty military, veterans, and National Guard and Reserves members can save up to 25 percent on base rental prices. In addition, AARP members can save up to 30 per cent off regular prices.

#6. Budget

Budget offers regular limited-time deals, such as 10% off rentals of five or more days or SUV rentals for $50 per day, in addition to its 35% pre-pay discount. Budget’s extensive car range also includes hybrids such as the Toyota Prius, convertibles such as the Chevy Camaro, and pickup trucks such as the Jeep Gladiator.

While the pre-pay discount is excellent and the flexible cancellation policy makes it more appealing, remember that Budget will charge $50 for cancellations made within 24 hours of your booked pick-up and $150 for cancellations made within 24 hours of your scheduled pick-up. 

Furthermore, there are no reimbursements for no-shows or early returns of your rental automobile.

Best Car Rental Deals 

One can find the best car rental deals by comparing prices from various companies and making reservations ahead of time. It is also critical to thoroughly read the tiny print to ensure you know of any hidden costs or restrictions. Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis are among the best car rental companies. These firms have many vehicles to pick from and generally provide special deals and discounts. It is critical to compare costs from many firms to locate the best offer.

You can also save money by booking your car rental ahead of time. When booking your car rental, read the fine print thoroughly. Some firms may charge extra for extra drivers, kid seats, or GPS. It is critical to be informed of these fees before booking your rental.

Enterprise ranks first among the best car rental companies regarding overall client satisfaction for the second year, with an 865 score. National comes in second (859), and Alamo comes in third (837). Overall industry consumer satisfaction is 829, down from 830 in 2021 and 841 in 2020.

Here are some of the best car rental deals:

  • Hertz: When you book online, you can save up to 25% off your rental.
  • Avis: 10% off Avis rentals* Return to better with an Gift Card*. You will receive a special military rate when you book a car rental with! Active-duty military, National Guard, veterans, and others can save up to 35% off PAY NOW prices.
  • Budget: When you book through the Budget website, you can save up to 40% off your rental.
  • Enterprise: Save up to 10% off your rental when you book through the Enterprise website.
  • National: Get up to 35% on your rental when you book through the National website.

Book your rental beforehand and compare costs from various companies to obtain the best bargain. Renting a car out of season or selecting a smaller vehicle are two other ways to cut costs.

Best Car Rental Websites 

One of the most challenging aspects of scheduling a trip is renting a car. Rates are occasionally standardized, meaning one company’s price may differ significantly from the brand on the corner. Indeed, several car rental websites help you streamline your search. Rental car deals vary considerably in terms of car size and type, pick-up location, cancellation restrictions, and, in some instances, mileage caps.

#1. Kayak

Kayak is among the most well-liked travel search engines because it rapidly searches dozens of online travel companies and direct booking sites. It then understandably compiles all your selections. You can be qualified for more “private deals” by logging into your Kayak account to save even more.

Kayak is notable for its comprehensive searches, which include more minor, local businesses you might not be aware of, and well-known ones like National and Budget. Results for peer-to-peer car sharing on Turo are also included. If you’re not tied to the famous brands everyone rents from, these alternative options might enable you to find a lesser cost.

Kayak provides a helpful map tool that is available when looking for off-airport rentals. You can compare costs in several neighborhoods to see if they match up with a convenient location.

#2. Expedia

Expedia Group owns several well-known online travel services, including Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and For your rental car, all of them have simple search tools, although Expedia rarely had the best deal, according to dozens of test searches. Occasionally, the price was only a few dollars above or below the lowest price.

Expedia has lower costs, but you’ll have to jump through some hoops. You can save up to 10% on your reservation by connecting to your Expedia Rewards account, which is free to create. That may be sufficient to match or better the best price other rental vehicle websites offer. 

Another advantage is earning or using Expedia Rewards on your reservation. Its program is predicated on set rates, so you won’t get a lot of bang for your buck by storing up your points for a large, smooth redemption. When it comes to paying for travel, though, every little bit helps.

#3. Costco Travel

People renting cars through Costco Travel are part of the devoted Costco customer base. It has a long history of providing above-average rates. However, based on current evidence from Forbes, this is more of an exception than a rule.

Costco’s poor performance might be attributed, in particular, to the restricted benefits it provides compared to rival retailers. It does not return pricing from a dozen different automobile rental firms but rather from only a few of the most well-known ones. This can be helpful if you have too many options and want to narrow your options to tried-and-true manufacturers quickly. However, the limited selection of alternatives might disappoint you if you’re looking for the best deal.

Despite their popularity, customers are better off using alternative services to find rental cars.

#4. Priceline

Overall, Priceline occasionally returned the best price on rental cars based on the available searches. Priceline provides “Express Deals” as one option for the cheapest vehicle rentals. These are rentals for which you do not know which agency will deliver the car until after booking. You must commit to these costs because they are prepaid and nonrefundable.

Priceline also offers lower prices on more traditional bookings at times. Even if you don’t want a nonrefundable rental car from a surprise agency, examining their website is a good idea.

If you use Priceline frequently, you may be eligible for rental vehicle discounts through their VIP program. You’ll also save money if you book numerous travel components through Priceline, even if you don’t book each element simultaneously.

The Best Car Rentals in LAX

Los Angeles International Airport is well-known for being one of the most complex airports to enter and exit. On the other hand, LAX has some of the most convenient flights to and from the West Coast. As a result, if you’re flying to or from Los Angeles, you’ll undoubtedly arrive at LAX.

Los Angeles is, however, specifically known as a motor city destination. As a tourist, undoubtedly, you cannot take the subway everywhere you wish to go in this city. Instead, ride-sharing services and rental cars are your best bets for the most convenient transportation. 

Presently, 11 rental car companies offer services at all well-known or national brands at LAX. Recent traveler reviews show these are some of the best of those brands. 

#1. Alamo

According to both Google and Kayak reviewers, Alamo is one of the best car rental businesses at LAX. Reviewers praise the personnel for being particularly helpful and courteous, and they like that the staff does not try to sell or push more expensive services throughout the check-in process. While some users found their experiences with the other rental agencies on this list less than satisfactory, others likewise found using Alamo’s shuttle service from LAX to be, if not pleasant, then at least uncomplicated. 

Alamo has many options for individuals who wish to avoid touch and don’t necessarily want to work with the employees, no matter how polite. Skip-the-counter alternatives, for example, transport you from the terminal to the shuttle to the rental car without requiring you to check in. You can still check in using Alamo’s self-service kiosks if you don’t want that option. 

Alamo also has lower costs than other car rental businesses on this list, so it may be ideal if you want the best of both worlds: a good deal and an excellent rental experience. 

#2. Enterprise

Enterprise is one of the top-rated car rental companies at LAX, with some of the best overall and most recent evaluations. Equally, Enterprise is well-known throughout the country as a trustworthy car rental company, frequently providing some of the best automobiles and customer service. Reviewers praise the Enterprise location’s pleasant and helpful personnel and the smooth check-in and return processes. 

Furthermore, the Enterprise Plus rewards program is more robust than rival rental car providers for frequent travelers. As a result, if you enjoy accumulating reward points and obtaining VIP status in loyalty programs, you should consider using Enterprise as your go-to car rental company, no matter where you’re going. 

The principal disadvantage? Enterprise is undeniably more expensive. As a result, if you’re seeking the best travel offer, you should look elsewhere. Surprisingly, there are numerous additional top-rated rental car businesses at this airport.

#3. Sixt-Rent-A-Car

Sixt provides a vast selection of vehicles at reasonable pricing. Even though this brand isn’t as well-known as Hertz or Enterprise because it hasn’t been in the United States for very long, it’s growing in popularity, particularly when travelers discover the company’s speedy, courteous service. 

The service here is satisfactory, but remember that it is not open 24/7 like most other rental vehicle places near the airport. Instead, the brand provides service until midnight every day, then resumes service the next morning. Obviously, you’re out of luck if your flight arrives late. If you’re departing Los Angeles before the rental counter opens, 24-hour returns are permitted; however, you won’t be able to speak to a human.

Which Is Better, Alamo or Enterprise? 

Alamo chiefly targets leisure airport markets, whereas Enterprise is available everywhere: airports, cities, downtown, cruise ships, etc. Enterprise ranked first in overall customer satisfaction for the second consecutive year, ahead of National and Alamo, who came in third.

How Do I Choose a Good Car Rental? 

7 steps to selecting a car rental provider: comparison process

  • Conduct an overview comparison with a car rental platform.
  • Examine any unusual conditions.
  • Extra cost. 
  • Confirm that there are no hidden fees. 
  • Review the ratings. 
  • Go over the reviews. 
  • Make your decision.

What Are the Most Famous Rental Car Companies? 

Some of the best car rental companies are:

  • Enterprise
  • National
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Hertz
  • Alamo
  • Sixt

Is Turo a Trusted Site? 

Turo’s website states that hosts are covered for up to $750,000 in liability insurance and must select one of Turo’s three protection options. Plans are calculated based on the total amount the host earns for a rental.

How Do You Beat the High Price of a Car Rental?

How to Get the Lowest Rental Car Rate

  • Know what you need.
  • Book early, especially during peak travel periods.
  • Use Discounts.
  • Join a loyalty program.
  • Compare Prices.
  • Consider smaller car rental companies.
  • Look for Coupon Codes
  •  Read the fine print.

Who Is the Easiest to Rent a Car From? 

Enterprise and Hertz are renowned for providing more accessible and faster car rental services. 

Is Hertz Better Than Alamo? 

For the second year in a row, Hertz came out on top, with Enterprise and Alamo following closely behind. Budget was last.

What Car Rental Company Is Known to Try Harder?

Avis has employed the tagline “We try harder” for 50 years. This was initially introduced when the company was ranked second in the rental automobile sector (Hertz was first). It also implied that, despite ranking second, the corporation will continue to strive to improve its service quality.


Finding the best rental car rate can feel like a burden unless you know where to look. Some vehicle rental websites will conduct the comparison shopping for you and allow you to quickly filter your results to discover a car and price that meets your requirements. While there was no clear winner for which site offered the best pricing, there were advantages and disadvantages that may make one stand out as a preference for you.

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