Freedom Life Insurance
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One option to consider if you’re looking for new life insurance coverage is Freedom Life Insurance. Selecting the best life insurance provider for your needs might be difficult because you have many options. So to help you decide if this insurance company is suitable for you, this article will examine Freedom Life Insurance critically and compare its life insurance plans to its rivals.

Freedom Life Insurance

Freedom Life Insurance is the only straightforward life insurance plan that the Freedom Life Insurance Company, a USHealth Group company, provides for families looking to safeguard their loved ones. Currently, USHealth Group has more than 15 million members covered.

Freedom Life can be a good choice for people who seek minimal coverage with a predetermined benefit period. You can combine your policy with benefits provided by Freedom Life’s parent company, such as health, dental, or vision care because it is a part of USHealth Group.

Pros and Cons of Freedom Life Insurance

Freedom Life Insurance provides term insurance with ten-year renewable terms. The sole life insurance that Freedom Life Insurance offers is this product, Life Protector.

The Freedom Life Insurance Life Protector policy is quick and easy to apply because it is a guaranteed-issue product with “no exam.”So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

Pros of Freedom Life Insurance

  • Additional insurance goods offered: The parent firm of Freedom Life provides various insurance products in addition to term life insurance. Additionally, dental care, vision, health, and accident insurance are available.
  • Range of high-end choices: With this organization, you can select your premium amount in $5.4 increments from $10 to $50. By providing these choices, clients can locate coverage that fits their budgets. Your coverage will be lower the cheaper the premium.

Cons of Freedom Life Insurance

  • Just one choice for life insurance: Freedom Life offers just one choice: 10-year-term life insurance. This is in contrast to most life insurance firms, which provide a variety of life insurance plans, including whole, universal, and term life policies. You must locate a different insurer if you desire any other plan or term.
  • Not accessible in every state: Regrettably, not all fifty states offer Freedom Life’s coverage.
  • No endorsements or riders available: You can extend and personalize your coverage by adding riders to your policy from other insurance companies. There are no insurance riders with Freedom Life; everyone has the same policy, which cannot be changed. 

Freedom Life Insurance Review

Founded in 1956, Freedom Life Insurance Co. is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They presently operate as a division of the Dallas-Ft. Worth-based USHealth Group. Through their parent firm, they provide different insurance kinds in addition to essential term life insurance products. United Healthcare, an even bigger health insurance provider, owns USHealth Group.

#1. Life Insurance Policies Offered

There is just one kind of life insurance that Freedom Life Insurance Co. provides. This 10-year term life insurance plan is named LifeProtector. This indicates that ten years after the original purchase date, the plan is still in effect. You do have the option to renew if this 10-year term ends earlier, but doing so may result in higher charges. This specific coverage can be continued until the policyholder is 70. This term life insurance plan is reasonably priced and straightforward. The charge varies from $10 to $50 per month. Your age, your health at the time, and the death benefit amount you choose will all affect your exact premium.

No riders are included with this term life insurance policy, so you cannot alter your benefits. Furthermore, acceptance is not assured with this life insurance policy. You’ll have to go through the usual application process, and if the insurer deems you too hazardous to insure, your application may be rejected.

Although Freedom Life Insurance only provides one kind of life insurance coverage, USHealth Group, its parent firm, offers a wide range of additional insurance products. These consist of a range of healthcare plans with an emphasis on providing coverage for severe illnesses and injuries. Together with dental and vision insurance, USHealth Group also offers several kinds of accident insurance.

#2. Riders on Hand

The lack of riders in Freedom Life Insurance’s term life insurance plan is one of its main drawbacks. Riders are used to tailor a life insurance policy to your particular situation. Plans such as this one from Freedom Life Insurance may not provide the coverage that you and your family require and are highly restrictive.

#3. Unique Characteristics of Freedom Life Insurance

The ability to combine your term life insurance policy with the other insurance products that USHealth Group provides is one of the most distinctive aspects of Freedom Life Insurance.

USHealth Group provides a large selection of specialist health insurance policies. Additionally, USHealth Group is a component of United Healthcare, which provides more conventional health insurance plans and is one of the biggest health insurance providers in the country. You can locate an extensive range of health insurance plans via this network.

The policies listed below are available from USHealth Group and can be combined with your life insurance. It should be noted that not all of these plans would be underwritten by Freedom Life because USHealth Group works with various underwriters.

#4. Financial Ratings

It’s always beneficial to look into the financial ratings of the organization before buying any life insurance policy. It’s critical to confirm that your insurance provider is financially secure enough to settle claims, particularly in lean economic circumstances. The most well-known organization that rates insurance firms’ financial stability is A.M. Best, although there are other companies.

The best A.M. Best Rating belongs to Freedom Life Insurance among all the subsidiaries of USHealth Group. They have improved in the last few years and hold an A- rating. Even if an A- rating isn’t the best one, it does mean that Freedom Life Insurance will be able to pay claims in the case of a downturn in the economy.

#5. Freedom Life Insurance Reviews

When looking for life insurance, you should also take the company’s web reviews into account. These evaluations can help you understand what other clients have experienced with the business and what to anticipate if you buy insurance. Reviews should be considered a guideline only, though, as individual experiences can differ significantly.

The Better Business Bureau does not presently recognize Freedom Life Insurance as accredited. Most of the evaluations on their listing on the BBB website are unfavourable. Poor customer service and ambiguous coverage terms from USHealth Group and Freedom Life are mentioned in these reviews. Negative ratings can also be found when you visit their listings on other review websites, such as Yelp and Google Business.

Even if these reviews are based on the experiences of specific consumers, it’s crucial to keep them in mind when looking for life insurance. The abundance of unfavourable reviews usually points to a pattern of subpar customer care that other clients are likely to encounter as well.

#6. Customer Relations

The online consumer resources offered by USHealth Group and Freedom Life are restricted. The website does not provide an automated quotation, and Freedom Life does not provide the online chat feature or life insurance calculators that several other firms do.

#7. Policy on Cancellations

Since Freedom Life only provides term life insurance, cancelling your coverage is not difficult. You can easily stop paying your payments if you no longer want coverage. Your term insurance plan only exists as long as you pay your premiums during your term.

If you want to cancel your policy, it is best to contact the firm or your Freedom Life insurance agent. 

#8. Complaint Catalog

All consumer complaints regarding insurance firms are gathered by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which also publishes corporate complaint ratios. A complaint ratio is a figure that shows the number of complaints filed against a business about its market share. 

The complaint ratio in the industry is typically 1.0. A ratio higher than 1.0 is considered subpar and suggests the business had more complaints than anticipated. With 48 complaints, Freedom Life’s complaint index in 2022 was 1.09. In 2021, Freedom Life had a complaint ratio of 1.16, with 42 complaints received. 

#9. Independent Evaluations

One of the most well-known credit rating companies emphasising the insurance sector has been AM Best for over a century. It provides financial strength ratings (FSRs), which represent its assessment of a company’s financial standing and capacity to fulfil contractual commitments. 

AM Best has assessed the insurance behemoth UnitedHealth Group, which includes USHealth Group and Freedom Life Insurance Company, as having an A+ (Excellent) rating for financial strength.

There was no mention of USHealth Group or Freedom Life in the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study. Based on factors like cost, selection of products, and client satisfaction, life insurance firms were ranked in the survey.

Cost of Freedom Life Insurance

For a price on the term coverage offered by Freedom Life, you must speak with an insurance representative; online quotes are unavailable. The premium payment choices, according to the firm, start at $10 and go up to $50 in $5 steps.

How to Examine Freedom Life Insurance’s Digital and Technological Developments 

#1. Mobile App Features and Functionality

A feature-rich mobile app is available from Freedom Life Insurance to improve customer experience. Policyholders can easily access their accounts through the app on their smartphones or tablets, viewing policy details, tracking premiums, and managing beneficiaries.

The software also warns users of impending payments and significant policy revisions by sending notifications and alerts. Customers may easily stay informed about their insurance coverage thanks to the user-friendly layout, which guarantees a smooth navigation experience.

#2. Capabilities for Online Account Management

Via its secure website, Freedom Life Insurance Company offers extensive online account management tools. Policyholders can update personal information, examine policy documents, and monitor claims status, among other duties, by logging into their accounts.

With the help of the web portal’s user-friendly layout, clients can effectively manage their policies and choose their coverage with knowledge.

#3. Digital Resources and Tools

Customers can use various digital tools and information from Freedom Life Insurance in addition to the mobile app and online account management. These resources include educational materials, interactive calculators, and enlightening articles about financial planning and life insurance.

By providing functional digital solutions, the organisation fosters financial literacy and confidence among its clientele by arming policyholders with the information and tools necessary to make informed decisions regarding their insurance requirements.

Who is the Owner of Freedom Life Insurance?

USHealth Group owns the whole subsidiary Freedom Life Insurance Company. The company offers exclusive plans for term life insurance. Its parent firm provides coverage for dental, vision, and health care.

Which is the Best Life Health Insurance?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) states that Northwestern Mutual holds the greatest market share of any life insurance business in the nation, with 7.20%. It provides many life insurance policies and has excellent financial ratings from several organizations.

In Which US City is Freedom Life Insurance Company?

With its home office situated in Fort Worth, Texas, Freedom Life Insurance Business of America (“FLICA” or the “Company”) is a stock life insurance business with a Texas domicile.

Who is the CEO of Freedom life insurance company?

The CEO of Freedom Life Insurance Agency is KJ Carter.


It can be simple to add a term life insurance policy with Freedom Life if you currently have health, vision, or dental insurance with USHealth Group and get along well with your insurance agent. It does, however, only have a single policy and a 10-year term. Additionally, not all 50 states have access to it.

Most consumers will require a life insurance provider with more alternatives and comprehensive coverage than Freedom Life. A life insurance provider offering whole or universal policies and riders like accelerated death benefits might be a better option for you.


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