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In California, renters insurance is not required by law, but it is frequently wise to purchase coverage, particularly if you reside in a wildfire-prone area. While the building where you live will be insured by your landlord, you are responsible for insuring your personal property. To locate the most affordable and effective renters insurance in California, we compiled the best cheap renters insurance in 2023.

What Is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance refers to property insurance that safeguards the occupants of rental homes. Insurance providers offer coverage in return for premiums paid by occupants of condominiums, single-family houses, and apartments. Policies cover liability claims that are not brought about by structural issues with the property as well as the personal property of an insured party. When someone files an insurance claim after their unit is damaged, these sorts of plans also cover the living expenses that must be paid. Even though it’s not required by law, several landlords like their tenants to have some kind of coverage.

Note that:

  • Tenants who reside in rented housing are protected by renters insurance, which is a type of property insurance.
  • When a unit is damaged, policies pay for personal items, liability claims, and additional living costs.
  • Some landlords demand confirmation of renters insurance before they hand over the keys, even though it is not legally required.
  • Floods and earthquakes are not covered by renters insurance.
  • The personal property of any renter residing on the property is not covered by the landlord’s insurance.

How Renters Insurance Works

When a tenant rents a house, townhouse, apartment, condo, room, or another type of habitation, they frequently get renters insurance as property insurance. Anyone who sublets a property from another renter is also eligible. Depending on the type of coverage a tenant chooses, policies differ; the higher the coverage, the higher the premium.

These kinds of policies protect the insured party against losses to their personal property within the dwelling as a result of losses from theft, fire, and other types of disastrous loss events. The amount of coverage depends You should buy enough renters insurance to replace all of your personal possessions in the event of a loss. The easiest way to determine this amount is to create a detailed list of all of your belongings with estimated values.

What does Renters Insurance in California Cover?

The principal categories of protection offered by a typical renters insurance policy are listed below.

#1. Personal property:

This covers personal goods like furniture, clothing, and electronics.

#2. Liability insurance:

This compensates for harm or loss to another person, such as a visitor who trips and falls inside your flat.

#3. Additional living expenses (ALE):

This pays if a covered issue (such a home fire) prevents you from living in your flat. Additionally, ALE pays for things like lodging costs and meals at restaurants.

The Best Renters Insurance California 

Consider these firms that made the list of the best renters insurance providers if you want renters insurance from well-regarded insurers. To read our review of each company, click on its name.

CompanyAverage annual rate
Credit: Nerdwallet

Cheap Renters Insurance California 

The businesses listed below offer renter insurance at rates below the $182 yearly average in California.

CompanyAverage annual rate
Auto Club of SoCal (AAA)$116
California Casualty$118
CSAA (AAA)$121
Credit: Nerdwallet

Cost of Renters Insurance California 

In California, the average cost of renters insurance is $182 per year, or roughly $15 per month. That is 23% more than the $148 yearly average for all of the country. Additionally, with an average cost of $250 per year, Los Angeles is one of the most costly cities in California for renters insurance.

State Farm Renters Insurance in California

State Farm is an enticing option for renters insurance because it offers online estimates, a mobile app, and a reasonable base price. Renters can affordably secure their possessions with State Farm’s cheap base price—the lowest we discovered during our research—and even take into account specialized coverage for unique situations.

Furthermore, inflation coverage is one of the extra coverage choices offered by State Farm for renters insurance. It adjusts your coverage limits in response to inflation so that your actual amount of coverage does not drop as inflation rises. Additional insurance includes loss of use, medical payment coverage for visitors staying at your rental property, and personal liability coverage to safeguard your assets in the event of an accident.

Due to its reasonable base costs, practical selection of additional coverages, and simple online quotes, State Farm can be an excellent option for renters insurance. Despite the fact that State Farm does have some problems with renters insurance, these can be outweighed by the affordable rates and wide range of coverage offered in comparison to the majority of the main insurance providers in our assessment.

How much does renters insurance cost per month in California? 

In California, renters insurance typically costs $17 a month or $207 a year. The ideal renters insurance provider offers reasonable pricing, useful policy features, and excellent customer service.

Is it illegal to not have renters insurance in California? 

Although California does not have a statute requiring renters insurance, some landlords may insist on it if you want to live on their property. Since your landlord’s insurance does not cover damage to your personal belongings, it is generally a good idea to get at least some type of coverage.

Is renters insurance worth it in California? 

In California, having the appropriate renters insurance coverage can be crucial for protecting your personal property from covered occurrences like theft or wildfires. Not only do many landlords want it before you move in, but even if they don’t, it might still be a wise investment.

What company has the cheapest renters insurance? 

#1. Lemonade Renters Insurance

For college students seeking affordable renters insurance who want to engage with their provider as little as possible, Lemonade is great. With a strong focus on technology, the business enables consumers to swiftly create quotations online and carry out the majority of tasks—including filing a claim—from mobile devices. Artificial intelligence powers Lemonade’s claims, enabling the business to resolve simple claims in a matter of minutes.

#2. State Farm Renters Insurance

Average Monthly Cost: $11.00

State Farm does well in terms of accessibility, communication methods, and brand authority, making it a wise choice for renters searching for affordable insurance.

Despite having reasonable prices, State Farm includes various coverage options that rival companies would generally charge extra for. Standard State Additionally, State Farm insurance covers company personal property, fire department service fees, and jewels and furs. For a top provider, the company offers fewer discounts, though.

#3. Allstate Renters Insurance

Average Monthly Cost: $14.17

Allstate provides affordability, cost savings, flexibility, and additional coverage. The business also provides exceptional customer service and expertly attends to the demands of its policyholders.

Another way to lower the cost of your renters insurance is to take advantage of Allstate’s discounts. In addition to regular discounts like bundling and avoiding claims, Allstate offers lower rates to renters and retired seniors who sign up for autopay.

#4. American Family Renters Insurance

Average Monthly Cost: $14.42

American Family offers exceptional customer service while keeping costs low. In addition to providing round-the-clock customer service, the business has had a small number of complaints, which shows that current policyholders are generally satisfied. Renters can contact a local agent through the organization to address their problems, and you can submit claims online through the customer portal for a straightforward, stress-free experience following a loss.

#5. Nationwide:

The average monthly cost of insurance from Nationwide that covers your possessions, personal responsibility, medical costs, and loss of use is $14.66. Nationwide offers Brand New Belongings, an add-on product that goes above and beyond standard protection and covers your goods at replacement costs. Additionally, it offers a sizable reduction when combined with motor insurance.

Do landlords need renters insurance in California? 

You are not legally required to carry renters insurance in California. However, as a condition of their renting agreement, landlords may demand that you get renters insurance. In California, landlords are permitted to stipulate in the conditions of the lease that you obtain renters insurance.

Why is renters insurance important? 

#1. Protection for your personal belongings.

The idea of making an inventory of your possessions is a good one. How would you replace your expensive electronics—things like cell phones, smartwatches, computers, tablets, TVs, and gaming consoles—if the worst happened? What about the shoes and clothing you own that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars? And how much are your couches, tables, chairs, beds, mattresses, and recliners worth? A renters insurance policy can protect all of these personal items as well as additional items.

#2. Liability insurance in case someone gets hurt while visiting your rental home or apartment.

What would you do if a guest was harmed at your home but you couldn’t afford to pay for their medical expenses? What if they filed a lawsuit against you? How would you pay the legal fees? Think about the following scenarios, which can occur to any renter:

  • Somebody’s kid got bit by your dog.
  • When you invited some pals over for a party, things got out of hand.
  • Someone fell inside your flat after tripping.

You may relax knowing that you have protection for yourself and your possessions with a renters insurance policy.

#3. Your landlord’s insurance does not cover you.

Many tenants feel they would be protected by their landlord’s insurance, but that is simply untrue. The landlord, as the owner of your rental home or apartment complex, has homeowners insurance that covers the building’s physical structure but excludes coverage for your personal property within. 

#4. Coverage for additional living expenses

Most renters insurance policies cover the additional costs you’ll incur if your rental property or apartment is damaged and uninhabitable while repairs are being made. Your renters insurance coverage would cover the additional living expenses above $900 that you incur while staying in a hotel, eating out, etc.

#5. It’s affordable.

Depending on the location, size, and contents of the rental property, renter’s insurance monthly premiums in the United States range from $15 and $30 on average.

What does landlord insurance cover in CA?

You may decide to include certain landlord rental coverage in your insurance, such as:


This protects your property in the event of a fire, damage, or vandalism.

#2. INCOME – 

This reimburses you for any lost wages resulting from a covered loss. Additionally, the lost income that you would have received if you had been receiving rent will be covered by this insurance.


This safeguards you against liability losses caused by claims or legal action. If someone is hurt on your property, you want to be protected. Liability insurance will aid in defraying these expenses, including any resulting from tenant claims or medical or legal expenses.

#4. OPTIONS – 

Other choices, such as rent guarantee, disaster, employer liability, or content insurance, are available that you might wish to discuss with your insurance agent.

You might be protected by landlord insurance from any monetary loss that might be incurred to your rental property as a result of mishaps, injuries, or legal actions. Being protected in case of a loss is always a smart idea, especially since landlord insurance is extremely affordable.

What is the Sutton rule in California? 

The “Sutton Rule” of subrogation states that a landlord and tenant are automatically regarded as “co-insureds” under a fire insurance policy as a matter of law. As a result, the insurer of the landlord who pays for fire damage brought on by a tenant’s negligence cannot bring a claim against the tenant.

Why did my renters insurance go up? 

Your insurer can see you as a higher risk and increase your rates if you submit several claims over time. Additionally, your insurance costs could go up if you move to a new place with a higher incidence of theft, natural disasters, or other dangers.

Is Lemonade good insurance? 

Overall, Lemonade is a respectable provider of insurance. It provides outstanding insurance coverage at a very regular price. However, there are differing opinions about customer service, thus it can take longer to complete repairs after making a claim.

Is Nationwide leaving California?

Following its announcement that it would make efforts to minimize risk and manage its personal and commercial line portfolios, Nationwide Insurance is the most recent to join the increasing list of insurance industry behemoths taking action on new business.


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