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A trustworthy company’s homeowners insurance policy can go a long way toward safeguarding your finances and providing peace of mind. Farmers Home Insurance is renowned for its highly regarded customer support and adaptable plans. In order to help you decide if Farmers is the best insurance option for you, Business Yield evaluates Farmers Home Insurance and the features and discounts it provides.

Farmers Home Insurance Review

Farmers Insurance was, as its name implies, originally developed with farmers in mind. Local farmers knew that the same insurance would be accessible to all members in need, so they pooled their money throughout the year to cover unforeseen equipment breakdowns, accidents, and other expenses. After over a century, the company’s homeowners insurance and other products have grown to encompass a wider range of insurance options for all Americans. But you don’t need to work in agriculture to benefit from the company’s many years of experience and insurance offerings.

Furthermore, they offer insurance for businesses, dogs, and more. Policies offer comprehensive coverage, and clients value having a direct relationship with an agent. However, coverage is limited to a few states, and the cost may be higher than usual.

This is a thorough analysis of the available coverage options, costs, and the claims procedure.

Here are a few highlights of the pros and cons of Farmers and its home insurance coverage:


  • It provides special discounts, like one for nonsmokers.
  • $50 is deducted from your deductible each year that your home insurance policy is in effect.
  • It has a fully customized home, additional construction, and insurance limitations for liability coverage that are adaptable.


  • It scored lower on the J.D. than the industry average. Power 2021 Study on Home Insurance
  • It often costs more than rivals like Lemonade that don’t have physical stores or sales representatives.

Farmers Home Insurance Coverage

Farmers Home Insurance is a great option if you’re searching for additional protection in the form of extended coverage. It is offered in forty states.

In the majority of states, a typical policy covers the following four categories:

#1. Dwelling coverage: 

This can provide funding for home rebuilding or repair.

#2. Personal property insurance:

This can assist you in covering the expense of repairing or replacing household appliances.

#3. Liability coverage: 

This offers financial defense in the event that you are held liable for an injury or property damage sustained by someone while residing in your home.

#4. Additional living expenses:

If you have to live somewhere else while your home undergoes repairs, coverage can help with expenses like food and rent.

Farmers Home Insurance Additional Coverage

Farmers also support the following policies:

#1. Personal article floaters: 

With this optional insurance coverage, you can insure valuables at greater limits, such as fine jewelry.

#2. Eco-rebuild: 

This add-on offers an extra $25,000 in insurance coverage to rebuild your house with environmentally friendly building supplies and appliances.

#3. Replacement cost coverage: 

Instead of calculating the reimbursement based on depreciation, this coverage pays you back for the price of purchasing a brand-new item to replace a damaged or destroyed one.

#4. Identity theft: 

This coverage will assist with covering losses and associated costs, such as document restoration, in the event that your identity is stolen.

Furthermore, you might also need to get flood insurance if you reside in a high-risk flood zone. Through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the federal government provides flood insurance. Although Farmers does not offer flood insurance, your Farmers representative can assist you in establishing your eligibility and obtaining coverage.

Farmers Home Insurance Cost

There is a perception that Farmers Homeowners Insurance is more expensive than other companies. However, your location, the size of your house, and the level of coverage you choose will all affect the cost of your insurance. You can also optimize the discounts to reduce your entire cost if you deal with an experienced insurance agent.

Note that $1,272 is the average price of homeowners insurance nationwide. But if you want more coverage or coverage in specific locations, be prepared to spend more. Each and every homeowner is unique. So, in order to compare prices, it’s imperative to obtain at least three bids. To ensure you’re comparing comparable policies, speak with an agent. In this manner, you can get a reduced price without sacrificing important coverage.

Farmers Home Insurance Discounts

When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, Farmers is probably not your best deal. However, the business provides numerous options to reduce the cost of coverage, such as savings for:

  • Being a part of a specific company, trade association, or profession
  • Combining your homeowners insurance with another eligible Farmers coverage, like life or vehicle insurance
  • Signing up for ePolicy to get electronic versions of all policy documents and bills
  • Utilizing Underwriters Laboratories-approved materials to construct a roof (UL)
  • Insurance for a house that is under 14 years old
  • installing safety features in your house, including interior sprinklers, a security system, or a fire alarm
  • Putting in place automated gas or water shutoffs and strengthening your home’s windows, walls, roof, or foundation to protect it from natural disasters are examples of home safety measures.
  • Possessing green certifications, like EPA, ENERGY STAR, and LEED
  • Not submitting a claim for three years in a row
  • Installing a smart home system that enables remote monitoring or control (notice that this discount cannot be paired with the home safety or green certification discount and isn’t available in all states)
  • After buying a house, you should convert a Farmers Renters Insurance policy that is at least a year old to homeowners insurance.
  • Making two or the entire policy payment at once, or setting up automatic monthly payments
  • Always make on-time bill payments
  • You can also be eligible for state-specific home insurance savings on top of that.

How to File a Claim with Farmers Homeowners Insurance

There are three ways to file a claim with Farmers: online, over the phone, or in person with a representative. Whichever option you select, the entire process ought to take five minutes or less. You can keep an eye on everything using their online claims management portal once you register a claim.

#1. Call the claims center:

Call 1-800-435-7764 if you would rather speak with a representative when filing a claim over the phone. During the call, a claims consultant will assist you with the procedure and help you file the claim.

#2. File a claim online.

By providing certain answers, you can submit a claim online. It just takes a few minutes to complete. Just log into your account and navigate to the claims section in the app or online.

#3. Chat with a representative:

You can use the chat feature on the company’s website to get assistance with making a claim if you would rather speak with someone there. If your quote comes from a local, licensed insurance agency, you can also obtain help from your agent.

Does Farmers Insurance have a good reputation? 

Yes, Farmers Insurance enjoys a positive image. The NAIC reports that Farmers receives fewer complaints from customers than the average auto insurance company, outperforming firms such as USAA and Geico.

What company owns Farmers Insurance?

Zurich Insurance Group is a multinational insurance firm based in Switzerland that owns Farmers Insurance Group. Please keep in mind, though, that corporate ownership is subject to change, so it’s wise to confirm the most recent details from reputable sources.

Is Farmers Home Insurance the most expensive insurance?

Farmers Home Insurance is not necessarily the most expensive insurance. Note that a number of variables, including the property’s location, kind, and chosen coverage levels, can affect the price of home insurance. To get the best deal, it’s critical to compare estimates from several insurance providers.

Are Foremost and Farmers the same company?

Indeed, the Farmers Insurance Group includes both Farmers Insurance and Foremost Insurance. Travel trailers, prefabricated homes, motor homes, and other specialty housing are among the areas for which Foremost Insurance, a division of Farmers Insurance Group, specializes in offering insurance products.

Why is my Farmers insurance bill so high?

The reason Farmers is so costly is due to increased insurance company overhead and agent commissions.

Who has the most expensive home insurance? 

When it comes to dwelling coverage amounts of $500,000 and $750,000, Shelter is the most costly house insurer. Prices differ greatly between businesses since they all utilize different pricing formulas. This implies that when purchasing a policy, it’s critical to compare prices for homeowners insurance.

What is unique about Farmers Insurance?

Here is a list of the unique features of Farmers Insurance:

  • They focus on providing prompt, effective claims service.
  • They offer a broad selection of insurance products, such as commercial, renters, life, vehicle, home, and recreational insurance.
  • There are options for customizable coverage that let you adjust a policy to your specific needs.
  • Farmers Inner Circle is an online forum where policyholders may interact with professionals, exchange ideas, and receive information.
  • Farmers Friendly Review is a free service that provides in-person meetings with agents to discuss policy coverage and identify any gaps.
  • Policyholders can access digital ID cards, file claims, manage policies, and interact with agents via a mobile app.
  • They offer specialized insurance products offered by Farmers Insurance Group subsidiary Foremost Insurance for niche markets such as travel trailers, motor RVs, and prefabricated homes.
  • 24/7 assistance with claims and customer service.
  • They offer discount options, such as multi-line discounts and safe driving awards.
  • Tools and resources for education to assist clients in understanding insurance and making wise decisions.

Is Farmers Insurance financially stable?

The company that reviews insurance companies, AM Best, gave farmers an A for financial stability. This indicates that Farmers fulfill its insurance duties with great excellence.


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