Safeco Insurance Claims: How To Process & File

Safeco Insurance Claims

Safeco writes insurance policies for thousands of drivers in Texas, all the while having hundreds of adjusters and appraisers employed. They can make your insurance claim with Safeco a nightmare without an attorney.

This is because many insurance companies take advantage of people who have been injured in a car or truck accident and do not understand they can hire an attorney to help.

Safeco Insurance (like all profitable insurance companies) is well-versed in beating down claims, denying them, and asking tricky questions. Many injured people have found themselves shortchanged or slighted when filing a claim with Safeco without an attorney.

Most insurance companies use bully tactics to deny, delay, or defend claims being brought by accident victims, and Safeco Insurance is one of those big, profitable companies.

Overview of Safeco

Safeco Insurance was founded in Boston in 1923. It was one of the earliest insurance providers to come out of Boston. For nearly a century, the company has been serving drivers, homeowners, and businesses all over the country.

The provider’s name, which stands for Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company of America, was changed in 2008 to Liberty Mutual, after that entity acquired it. The company provides a wide range of insurance services, including auto and home insurance policies through independent agents all over the country.

Safeco Car Insurance Coverage

Safeco offers the following car insurance coverage options:

  • Collision. If your car is in an accident, collision insurance pays for damages to your car or its replacement.
  • Comprehensive. If your vehicle suffers damage because of circumstances other than accident or theft, comprehensive coverage pays for damages or replacement. 
  • Liability. If you’re responsible for an accident you were part of, liability insurance through Safeco is offered in two ways: 
    • Bodily Injury Liability. It helps pay for expenses like hospital bills and medical care for the other party. 
    • Property Damage Liability. It helps pay for damages to the other party’s vehicle or real property.
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance. Safeco provides standard roadside assistance including tow services, flat tire repair, and locksmith assistance.
  • Rental Car Reimbursement. If your car is in the shop because of a covered loss, Safeco helps cover the cost of a rental car.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP). If you or any passengers suffer injuries in an accident, personal injury protection helps pay for any medical expenses no matter who was at fault. 
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist. If you’re in an accident and the other driver is at fault, this coverage helps pay for repairs and medical bills if the at-fault driver has no coverage or too little coverage. 
  • New Car Replacement. If you’re the original owner of a totaled or stolen car that’s less than one year old, new car replacement pays you the value of a comparable new car.
In addition, you can choose from several coverage options if they’re available in your state, including:
  • Rideshare coverage. If you drive for a company like Uber or Lyft, your personal policy is suspended while you use the app. Meanwhile, the ridesharing company’s insurance is limited between rides. Safeco’s rideshare coverage closes that gap so you’re covered while you wait for a request.
  • Better car replacement. This coverage pays for the actual cash value of a car one model year newer if yours is totaled.
  • Original parts replacement. This option pays for new, original factory parts for your car in a collision or comprehensive claim.
  • Personal property coverage. This coverage pays if your belongings are damaged in an accident or stolen from your car. Typically, this is covered by renters or homeowners insurance if you have it.
  • Gap coverage. If your car is totaled or stolen, Safeco pays the difference between how much is left on your loan or lease and the value of your car.
  • Electronic key and lock replacement. This pays to replace lost or stolen electronic keys, remote control pads and locks with no deductible.
  • Custom equipment coverage. This protects equipment that wasn’t installed at the factory or dealership, including permanently installed audiovisual equipment, a modified or custom engine, roll bars, custom wheels, murals and decals.
  • Pet coverage. This option pays for veterinary expenses or a death benefit if your cat or dog is injured or dies in a collision.
  • Emergency assistance package. This pays for roadside assistance along with meals and lodging during an emergency. It also includes personal property coverage.
The company also offers multiple insurance products, including: 
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • Motor Home Insurance
  • Off-Road Vehicle Insurance
  • Snowmobile Insurance
  • Golf Cart Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Pet Medical Insurance
  • Identity Theft Insurance

Safeco Car Insurance Discounts

Safeco offers multiple discounts to its customers. Availability varies based on location. Discounts include:

  • Multiple Policy Discount. You can save up to 15% when you bundle insurance policies together through Safeco. 
  • Multiple Vehicle Discount. Receive a discount if you insure multiple vehicles under the same policy. 
  • Safety Discounts. You can save money by keeping a clean driving record, completing an accident prevention course, or driving a safe car.

Advantages of Safeco Insurance

Here are some of the advantages of using Safeco Insurance:

  • Bundling discounts. Safeco allows you to save up to 15 percent when you bundle your home and auto insurance policies.
  • Multiple discounts for young drivers. Safeco also offers a Teen Safety Rewards program that allows young drivers to save on their insurance rates. It also provides discounts for drivers with good grades or those who complete an approved driver education program. Teens without a car living away from home also get discounts.
  • Right Track discount program. This program uses a plug-in device that you install in your car to track your driving habits. Good drivers get discounts for their safe driving habits.

Disadvantages of Safeco Insurance

Here are some of the disadvantages of Safeco Insurance:

  • Low customer satisfaction. Safeco has a lower customer satisfaction rate compared to competitors. In its 2020 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, J.D. Power gave Safeco a below-average score, which signifies a large number of unhappy customers.
  • Requires local agent. Unlike many insurance providers, Safeco doesn’t offer online quotes. Customers must contact an independent local agent to get quotes, which may not be convenient for everybody.
  • Ride-sharing insurance limited to a few states. Safeco does not provide standard ride-sharing coverage. You can only get it as an add-on in 13 states, including Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Minnesota. Other states where Safeco offers ride-sharing coverage include Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.

How to make an insurance claim with Safeco

You can file a claim with Safeco through your online account, Safeco’s mobile app, or by calling 1-800-332-3226. Claim phone support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

When you file a claim, you’ll need the following information: 

  • Your Safeco policy number
  • Contact information
  • The incident date and description 
  • Resulting damage

Once you file a claim, you can track its progress online or through the mobile app. You can also upload photos of any damage through the app, available on iOS and Android.

How the claims process works

Each claim is different, but most follow these basic steps:

  • File your claim. Whether you file online or with help from your agent, Safeco will provide you with clear next steps and any other additional info they need.
  • Review the damage. All damage needs to be documented. In some cases, only photos are needed, while others may require an in-person review.
  • Receive estimates and schedule your repairs. Safeco will estimate the amount of money that it will take to repair or replace your property. We can even help you schedule the repairs.
  • Finalize your claim. Get paid the money that you’re owed, minus your deductible, and get back on the road.

Filing a claim with Safeco Insurance

After the police assure you it’s okay to leave the scene of the car accident, you need to contact your law firm to get the proper advice on what to do next. If the person who caused the accident and your injuries is insured by Safeco Insurance, you will eventually have to contact Safeco and let them know you were in an accident and set up a claim.

People who work for the insurance company may pretend to be on your side, but they are not! They are trained to ask tricky questions that can damage your future injury claim. An experienced personal injury attorney will help you better understand the claims process and can offer you essential advice on how to maximize your future injury settlement.

When filing a car accident claim, be prepared to answer detailed questions regarding the accident. Be prepared to talk about both property damages and bodily injury damages. If you say you aren’t hurt in your initial call, this may come back to bite you later.

Saying the wrong thing in a recorded statement can be devastating to your claim and it can drastically decrease the amount you can receive for damages. The adjuster will probably want to know all the details regarding the collision.

If you were not at fault, you must be 100% firm that this accident was the other party’s fault.

While you should be honest and forthright with information, there is a right and wrong way to go about the process. Speaking too soon and too freely (without legal counsel) can enable any insurance company to gain an upper hand or position of power.

How to negotiate a fair settlement

If you are offered a settlement that is low or does not cover your medical bills, do not accept the check. You may need to take legal action to get the compensation you deserve. An experienced Houston car accident attorney will assist you in negotiating a settlement that meets your needs.

One step that you or your attorney can take is to send a demand letter. The letter simply states the facts of your case and the reasons why the settlement offer is not acceptable. The letter provides an option for the insurance company to negotiate rather than go to court. Demand letters may be ignored, especially if they are not coming from an attorney’s office.

Therefore, it may be best to have your attorney handle the negotiations, including sending a demand letter if one is needed.

It can be in your best interest to discuss your case with a car accident lawyer sooner rather than later. Your attorney will handle all of the negotiations with Safeco Insurance and will act on your behalf to obtain the best settlement possible. Experienced attorneys know how much money your claim should be worth and will work to get you what you deserve.


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