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Do you want to get an insurance policy but don’t know which insurance company to use? Well, choosing insurance coverage isn’t something you just do without carrying out proper research. That’s why we have provided you with a review of this insurance company. If you would love to know more about Esurance insurance companies, we have put together an article for an Esurance insurance review for 2023. This is the latest information about Esurance car insurance to guide you on your path to choosing an insurance company. 

Esurance Car Insurance 

Allstate owns this online vehicle insurance service. Online and mobile apps allow Esurance customers to manage their insurance. Although Esurance has high customer complaints, its auto insurance premiums are expensive. Unlike other insurers, it offers few discounts and optional coverage. Consider purchasing insurance elsewhere if you value customer service and active coverage discounts over pricing.

Furthermore, this company is a little more expensive than other auto insurance companies, and as earlier stated, they do not have some of the discounts and other features that drivers looking to buy insurance normally provide. Nevertheless, it offers an easy-to-use website and mobile app, making it attractive to people who prefer to communicate with their insurer online rather than visit a walk-in office.

Despite this, this insurance company is one of the best in the US. This 1999-founded company insures renters, homeowners, motorcycles, and vehicles. Since Esurance offers online vehicle insurance quotes, it can provide fast, affordable quotations.

So if you would love to interact with your insurance provider over a computer or online using digital platforms, then this company is your best bet. Additionally, all claims or cases are reported online, and the company is well-known and popular for its speed. They boast a six-minute standard quote time and a one-day claim approval rate of 69%. 

This insurance company’s iOS app gets 4.8 stars in the Apple App Store and its Android app gets 4.3 stars in Google Play. A sleek company website is also available. Its clean design sets it apart from other insurance companies’ websites.

Their trademark is always about being fast, providing simple policy purchases, and providing policy access without the assistance of a local dealer or salesperson.

Esurance Car Insurance Review

This brand is a reasonably new insurance company compared to major insurance providers that have been around for nearly a century. Esurance has almost 15,000 reviews on Google Play, and their mobile app earned 4.4 stars out of 5. On the Apple Store, they have more than 210,000 reviews and earned a standard of 4.8 stars out of 5. Regardless, Esurance has a reasonable mix of negative and positive reviews, which is only normal. Outlined below are some of the insurance coverages provided by Esurance that you should know before getting an insurance plan from them. 

#1. Auto insurance:

When you’re purchasing auto insurance, you must know the type of auto insurance you are looking for and what you need to buy. A lot of states expect drivers to have auto insurance before they can buy a vehicle. Regardless of that, the average coverage requirements differ from state to state, but this mostly includes liability insurance and uninsured or motorist coverage.

If you want additional coverage, you should check out their full coverage insurance. Full coverage isn’t a particular policy category; but it’s a mix of coverage types, like liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

Esurance provides all the conventional coverage alternatives, including optional coverage such as:

#2. Emergency roadside assistance: 

If you opt for this package, Esurance will provide up to $75 for towing, tire changes, lockouts, and other assistance when you’re stranded. You can include it in car policies that have full collision coverage. To get help, you can contact them using the company’s mobile app, but be mindful that using this coverage counts as an insurance claim.

#3. CarMatch rental coverage:

This coverage pays for the total cost of a rental similar to your car if it’s stolen or while it’s being fixed after an accident, for a period of 45 days, or $3,000. This plan isn’t accessible in all states, and you must have full collision coverage to be eligible for this policy.

#4. Gap coverage:

If you financed or rented out a vehicle and it’s totaled, insurance providers will usually pay out what the car was worth at the time of the accident, but you can still owe more than that. With this insurance, the company will pay up to 25% of your car’s price to enable you to make up for the rest.

Esurance Homeowners Insurance 

Esurance provides homeowners insurance coverage in 31 states. If you are concerned about getting coverage because you reside in a state without Esurance coverage, Esurance will assist you in getting home insurance through a partner company.

Esurance’s standard plans include two features that most insurance providers do not offer:

Water backup coverage: This coverage protects you when a drain overflows or a sump pump fails and causes damage. Coverage varies by state, and it costs between $5,000 and $25,000.

Fire department charges: This plan pays for coverage if you are involved in a fire accident and you end up calling the fire department. If you get charged for services provided, this company will cover all costs. 

Esurance’s optional home insurance features include:

This policy will serve you well if your property is damaged and you file a claim, but a new policy requires more expensive renovations than your policy covers. This coverage helps you cover the cost remaining, and it is between 5% and 20% of your dwelling coverage limit.

Increased building structure insurance. This plan provides you with additional coverage for severe damage. Your coverage will provide up to an additional 40% of your home coverage limit to renovate your property after it’s destroyed.

Identity theft coverage. This package provides up to $10,000 to rectify your identity crisis and credit after identity theft. Esurance also offers assistance from an ID theft advisor, monthly credit tracking, and access to a yearly credit report and score. This insurance costs $3 per month for one person and $4 for a couple.

Fair rental income. If a rental area on your property is left uninhabitable after a claim, the company repays you for the lost income.

Home daycare. In case of an accident, this plan protects in-home daycare operators up to their insurance liabilities.

How Much Is Esurance Car Insurance?

Esurance car insurance costs an average of $1,218 per year ($102 per month) for a minimum-coverage policy, which is less than the national average of $720 per year. Factors like a driver’s age, state, driving record, and policy limits determine the precise cost of vehicle insurance with Esurance. For example, full coverage insurance from Esurance costs an average of $3,166 per year.

Esurance determines car insurance rates by considering the likelihood of the driver filing a claim in the future. Insurance firms charge higher premiums to high-risk drivers, like teens and drivers who recently caused an accident. Drivers can save with Esurance’s multi-policy and multi-vehicle discounts.

How to Cancel Esurance Car Insurance 

If you wish to cancel your Esurance insurance, the policyholder must contact their agent directly, or you can call customer service at 1-800-378-7262. Now, policyholders are required to provide basic information about themselves, their Esurance policy digits, and the date they would like their policy to be terminated. 

To guarantee you won’t drive without insurance, the corporation may request your new vehicle insurance program. If you paid your plan payment in full, they’ll refund the unused portion, minus cancellation fees.

You can also cancel your policy by mail. Write an email that includes your name, policy number, and the date you want your coverage to end. After doing this, sign, add the date, and send your letter to: Esurance Customer Service, C/O Allstate Insurance Company, PO Box 660637/ Dallas, TX 75266-0637

To cancel in person, you can visit your nearest Esurance insurance office and speak with a salesperson. Proceed to deposit the cancellation fee. The company charges a cancellation fee of 10% of your remaining package balance or a flat payment of either $30 or $50.

Don’t cancel your policy just because your life is changing. If you only want a new car or move, you can contact Esurance Insurance to change your mailing address or vehicle details.

Furthermore, if you’re canceling your current coverage so you can easily switch to another insurance company, ensure you activate your new policy before canceling the old coverage. This prevents a reverse in coverage, which would lead to higher policies in the future.

Esurance Quote

A driver’s unique profile, including age, sex, and location, will impact the cost of auto insurance quotes from this provider.  Although an Esurance car insurance premium is usually an affordable alternative, it may not be the best choice for some motorists.

Using Esurance’s online quotation tool or calling 1-800-378-7262 to repack can get you a coverage rate in minutes.

Is Esurance good for car insurance?

Yes, it is. The company has a financial strength rating of A+ (Excellent) from AM Best because of its parent company, Allstate. 

Who is cheaper than Esurance? 

When it comes to standard car insurance costs, Progressive is cheaper than Esurance. Progressive’s regular yearly rate for comprehensive coverage insurance is $1,642, while Esurance’s average rate for the same policy is $2,077.

Is Esurance a real insurance company?

Yes, Esurance is a real company although a  fully digital insurance company. It was created to serve clients who wish to manage their programs online or through a mobile app.

Is Esurance more expensive? 

Esurance standard prices are higher than normal for those with fair or poor credit, but cheaper than the national norm for drivers with excellent credit.

Why does my car insurance keep going up with Esurance? 

This is because your auto insurance price is mainly based on factors distinct to you, certain alterations in your life could influence your rate.

Bottom Line 

Esurance is a little costlier than other major insurance companies but may appeal to drivers who prefer to communicate with their car insurance provider online. We have provided you with an Esurance insurance review for 2023, we hope it makes you really want to contact them for a policy. Reach out to them and get that insurance premium today.

Esurance Car Insurance Review FAQs

Does Esurance pay out claims? 

Yes, Esurance pays out claims. 

What rank is Esurance? 

It is ranked as the 2nd cheapest quartile as compared to major auto insurance companies.

Is Esurance a 6-month policy?

Yes, usually, you’ll have the choice to renew your Esurance premiums every 6 months.


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