Cheap Car Insurance in FLorida
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Finding affordable car insurance is a top priority for many Florida residents. The Sunshine State is known for its diverse driving conditions and unique insurance requirements, and as a result, the search for the best cheap car insurance is both a challenge and a necessity. Well, that’s why we compiled this list together to help you choose cheap coverage for your car in Florida. That way, you’ll be able to make the right decision when it comes to buying policy coverage for your car.

How Much is Insurance per Month in Florida?

In Florida, basic liability car insurance costs $112 a month, while full coverage costs $246 a month. Average car insurance rates in Florida are a lot higher than those across the country, which are $53 a month for basic coverage and $144 a month for full coverage. And this is because of several factors surrounding the city.

How Much is the Average Insurance in Florida?

In Florida, the average monthly cost of auto insurance is $112 for liability coverage and $246 for full coverage. In contrast, the national average cost of insurance is $53 monthly for basic coverage and $144 monthly for full coverage. From the above, it’s obvious that Florida vehicle insurance prices are significantly higher than the national average.

Cheap Florida Insurance

If you live in the Sunshine State and want cheap or rather affordable insurance coverage for your car, then you need to check out the following insurance providers in Florida: 

#1. Geico

First on our list of cheap car insurance providers in Florida is Geico. Geico is widely regarded as a reputable insurance provider across the states. It provides competitively priced premiums, commendable customer care, and a user-friendly interface. It offers highly affordable car insurance rates for drivers who have not been involved in any recent accidents. I’m a huge advocate of simplicity and ease, which is one of the reasons why Geico stands out for me. This is primarily because Geico has simplified its application process and ensured that people can get quotations and efficiently administer their insurance plans through their online platforms.

Geico is perfect for people with proficient driving skills and is the most cost-effective option in terms of cheap car insurance in Florida. They have affordable average rates across various driver profiles, so even those with a history of causing accidents or receiving speeding tickets can still get coverage at affordable rates.

#2. State Farm

State Farm is a commendable option for cheap insurance in Florida, particularly when considering the procurement of various plans. The company offers a diverse selection of insurance products, including automobile, homeowners, renters, condominium, and life insurance. State Farm provides a wide range of car insurance discounts, such as those for good students and good drivers. Its customer renders prompt assistance in facilitating the resolution of any issues that may arise.  

#3. Travelers

Travelers provide a diverse selection of automobile insurance discounts, potentially assisting in mitigating the company’s elevated premium costs. Residential insurance policies provide a wide range of choices but with limited opportunities for reductions. Travelers also provide commendable house and car insurance coverage but at a higher cost. You can reduce your premium with the use of discounts while also gaining access to a diverse array of supplementary insurance options, like ridesharing coverage for vehicles and water. Although it offers cheap car insurance in Florida, if one desires a more extensive scope of coverage and is ready to incur a slightly higher cost, the traveler insurance company is a viable alternative to consider.

#4. Farmers

Farmers Insurance is a reputable insurance provider that has garnered favorable client feedback. Nothing beats a positive review. Farmers offer a wide range of policy customization possibilities. However, its prices for auto and home insurance were around 14% above the mean. If you’re seeking an insurance provider with the most competitive rates, you may probably discover more affordable rates with an alternative insurer. Nevertheless, should you be inclined to allocate additional funds towards customizing your insurance policy and ensuring a seamless claims process, Farmers emerges as a commendable choice.

#5. United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) 

The United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) is a regional entity that primarily caters to a clientele consisting of high-risk drivers across 16 states. The University of Alabama Insurance Company (UAIC) offers competitive pricing for individuals who have received a speeding ticket or been involved in an accident. However, it is worth noting that many individuals may be able to secure more cost-effective insurance options from alternative providers.  

#6. Nationwide

Nationwide has commendable performance as an insurance firm. The company provides dependable customer service and the ease typically associated with a prominent national corporation. Additionally, customers have the option to purchase an insurance policy and conveniently handle their coverage using online platforms. Nationwide insurance is not accessible in all states across the country. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that this particular insurance company holds a prominent position as one of the greatest entities in the United States.

Who is Cheaper Geico or Progressive?

Geico generally exhibits comparatively cheaper rates across the board, whereas Progressive tends to provide more favorable pricing options for individuals classified as high-risk drivers. Both Geico and Progressive provide affordable automobile insurance options to consumers throughout the United States. 

What is Florida Minimum Insurance?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage of $10,000 and Property Damage Liability (PDL) coverage of $10,000 are the bare minimums for car insurance in most states.

Can You Haggle Insurance Prices?

Yes, up to a point. Your premium might be reduced if you search for or find a relevant deal. Although the rate itself is not negotiable, premiums often are.

What is Cheaper than Allstate?

When compared to other major insurers like State Farm, Geico, and Progressive, Allstate has higher average premiums, fewer discounts, and worse customer service ratings. In addition to State Farm, USAA, and Progressive, Geico is one of six of the top 10 vehicle insurance providers that are less expensive than Allstate on average.

Cheap Car Insurance For 20 years in Florida

Drivers in their twenties often need to obtain multiple quotes to identify the affordable car insurance option available to them. The cost of insurance premiums tends to be significantly higher for individuals in their early twenties but gradually decreases as they get more experience behind the wheel. However, there are insurance companies that offer more favorable insurance costs for young drivers; hence, it is advisable to engage in comparative analysis to identify such providers.

The best cheap car insurance options in the state of Florida for individuals aged 20 are as follows:

  • Geico: offers an annual premium of $878, which may be further broken down to an approximate monthly cost of $73.
  • Travelers: The average expenditure for travelers amounts to $1,191 per year, which can be estimated at approximately $99 per month.
  • Nationwide: Nationwide insurance policy is $1,367, equivalent to an average monthly payment of approximately $114.
  • State Farm: The annual premium for State Farm insurance amounts to $1,379, which can be approximated to an average monthly cost of $115.
  • Direct Auto: Direct Auto insurance amounts to $1,774, which can be approximated as $148 each month.

Cheap Car insurance for Drivers Age 30 

During their 30s, a significant number of drivers experience a reduction in their auto insurance prices compared to their teenage and early adult years. However, other factors, such as an individual’s driving history and the kind and model of their vehicle, might contribute to an escalation in insurance premiums. Individuals in their thirties have the potential to secure more favorable pricing for their automobile insurance by engaging in comparison shopping and capitalizing on any discounts.

These companies may offer cheap and favorable prices to Florida car owners who possess clean driving records.

  • State Farm: The annual premium for State Farm insurance amounts to $1,757, which can be approximated as $146 per month.
  • Geico: Geico insurance amounts to $2,493, which can be approximated as $208 per month.
  • Nationwide: The average cost of Nationwide car insurance for drivers aged 30 is $3,203, which translates to a monthly expense of approximately $267.
  • AIG: The annual cost of AIG amounts to $3,333, which can be approximated as $278 per month.

Cheap Car Insurance for Seniors in Florida

Car insurance premiums tend to increase after the age of 65. Insurance companies have determined that senior drivers have a higher propensity for involvement in accidents.

Senior citizens in Florida have the opportunity to avail themselves of discounts ranging from 10% to 20%, resulting in potential savings. Both Geico and State Farm offer defensive driving and low mileage discounts. According to our analysis, Geico offers the most affordable full-coverage quotes for senior drivers. On average, a 65-year-old driver in Florida can expect to pay approximately $117 per month for their insurance policy. State Farm is a company that offers affordable insurance options, particularly for senior car insurance in Florida. On average, their rates amount to $131 per month.

Does Credit Score Affect Car Insurance?

Yes. Your insurance rate can change a lot depending on your credit score. If you don’t have good credit, your yearly rates will go up by 72%.

Why is Florida Car Insurance so Expensive?

The high cost of Florida vehicle insurance is due to several variables, including the high number of uninsured drivers and high-risk drivers who live in and visit the state.

Can I Self-insure in Florida?

You certainly can. However, to be eligible for self-insurance in Florida, the driver must present a notarized financial statement verifying that their net worth is greater than $40,000. Both a social security number and a driver’s license must be current and active for the Florida motorist.

How Much is Florida Without Insurance?

For the first offense, you will be fined $150 and your driver’s registration and license will be suspended for up to three years. If you are caught a second time, you will be fined $250, and your registration and driver’s license will most likely be suspended for up to three years.

If you are caught for the third and subsequent offenses, your registration and driver’s license will be suspended for three years with a $500 bill.

Do I Need Uninsured Coverage in Florida?

No, citizens of Florida are not forced to acquire uninsured motorist coverage. Insurance companies, on the other hand, are obligated to provide a certain level of uninsured motorist coverage, often known as UM. If you prefer not to obtain uninsured motorist coverage, you must do so in writing.

Final Thought

It’s essential to remember that “cheap” insurance shouldn’t mean sacrificing necessary coverage. Make sure the policy you choose provides adequate protection for your needs. Additionally, always read the policy details and understand what’s covered and what’s not before making a decision.


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