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AssuranceAmerica provides high-risk drivers with nonstandard auto insurance that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to acquire at a reasonable price. They offer insurance at an inexpensive price for other drivers, and they might even get a better offer than if they go with a larger firm. How can you tell if AssuranceAmerica is the best? We have all that and more in this article.

What Is Assurance Car Insurance?

Assurance car insurance refers to monetary coverage that offers compensation for an occurrence to your car that is guaranteed to occur. Assurance and insurance are comparable concepts, and they are frequently used synonymously. However, assurance refers to consistent coverage for lengthy periods of time or until death, whereas insurance refers to coverage during a short period of time. Validation services offered by accountants and other experts may also fall under assurance.

Note that:

  • Financial coverage that offers compensation for an occurrence that is guaranteed to occur is referred to as assurance.
  • Unlike insurance, which provides risk coverage over a predetermined policy term, assurance provides continuous coverage over long periods, frequently lasting until the insured’s death, as is the case with whole life insurance.
  • Assurance is the collective term for professional services offered by lawyers, accountants, and other professionals. These services are referred to as assurance services.
  • Assurance services can assist businesses in identifying trouble spots and reducing risks.
  • When there are no bad results, negative certainty takes accuracy for granted.

How does Assurance Insurance work? 

Whole-life insurance is among the best instances of assurance. Life insurance is sometimes known as “life assurance” in the United Kingdom. The death of the policyholder is the adverse event that whole-life and term life insurance cover. The beneficiary of a life assurance policy (also known as full life insurance) receives payment upon the death of the policyholder because the covered person’s demise is guaranteed. 

Therefore, while the insurance policy covers an incident that might occur, the assurance policy covers an event that will happen regardless of circumstances.

Assurance America Car Insurance Review

AssuranceAmerica is a small insurance provider with operations in ten states. It provides high-risk drivers with nonstandard auto insurance that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to acquire at a reasonable price. This implies that drivers can get a low-cost policy here even if they have a history of at-fault accidents, DUIs, speeding tickets, or even reckless driving penalties.

Assurance America Car Insurance Cost

Apart from your driving history, one of the main factors influencing the cost of your auto insurance coverage is your place of residence. Additionally, state minimum auto insurance coverage requirements and other insurance-related laws have an impact on these expenses at the state level. Depending on local circumstances, your local payment may be higher or lower than the state average.

StateAssuranceAmerica Average Monthly Premium
South Carolina$323

Assurance America Car Insurance Quotes

One of the main elements used by insurance providers to calculate the cost of your auto insurance policy is your driving history. This is due to the fact that your driving history predicts your future driving style. It’s one method by which businesses estimate your risk level. People with clean driving records are less expensive and low-risk. People with prior offenses are considered high-risk and must pay more.

Driver ProfileAssuranceAmerica Average Monthly PremiumNational Average
Clean Record$216$77
At-Fault Accident$313$113
Speeding Ticket$290$104

How do I file an AssuranceAmerica auto insurance auto claim?

You can get in touch with your local AssuranceAmerica agent or give the general customer care line a call at 1-888-580-8134 in order to submit a claim. The claims office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., ET; however, claims can be filed at any time.

If you can contact your local agent first, he or she will be able to provide you with more personal service aimed at getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Similar to other auto insurance providers, AssuranceAmerica and all of its local representatives urge clients to assist with any law enforcement inquiries.

In many cases, the answers to who is at fault for a vehicle accident and whose insurance would pay claims can be found in these investigations and the resulting police reports.

Being aware of what to do following a car accident can help you expedite the lengthy procedure that lies ahead. You will receive instructions on how to proceed with your claim after you get in touch with the corporate office or your local agent.

How do you cancel AssuranceAmerica auto insurance?

You can reach AssuranceAmerica auto insurance via the following phone number, fax, email address, or U.S. postal service:

Assurance America Auto Insurance Contact Information

Contact InformationAssuranceAmerica Customer ServiceAssuranceAmerica Claims
Phone Number1-800-450-78571-888-580-8134
Local Phone Number1-770-952-02001-678-996-0110
FAX Number1-877-952-02581-888-579-8801
Local FAX Number1-770-952-02581-770-984-0170
Office HoursMonday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–7 p.m. ETMonday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. ET
Mailing AddressPO Box 723128Atlanta GA 31139-0128PO Box 725009Atlanta GA 31139-0009
Email Address[email protected][email protected]
Fraud ReportingNA[email protected]

Is Assurance car insurance good? 

Yes, AssuranceAmerica is a good car insurance firm, particularly for individuals seeking a customized, charitable insurance provider.

Assurance America is renowned for its inexpensive costs and helpful customer support. Most clients stated:

  • Low prices and a readiness to locate coverage that fits their financial situation
  • Simple, uncomplicated insurance plans
  • Insurance representatives who react quickly

Is Assurance America a real insurance company? 

In 1998, Assurance America was established in Atlanta, Georgia. AssuranceAmerica’s ability to leverage its efficiency and offer a scalable platform for future expansion is the basis of the company. It offers customers with less-than-perfect driving records and non-standard auto insurance.

What is the rating of Assurance America? 

AssuranceAmerica has received over 76 anonymous employee ratings, earning it an aggregate rating of 3.6 out of 5.

What is the best car insurance coverage to have?

#1. American Family

They offer several different forms of optional auto insurance, and the company receives relatively few complaints. Even with their merely average auto insurance premiums, this makes them stand out.

#2. Auto-Owners

The various coverage options, claims procedure, low complaint rate, and cheap pricing of Auto-Owners Insurance are its strong points.

#3. Nationwide

For some types of drivers, Nationwide offers reasonable rates for auto insurance along with a variety of useful add-on coverages. If you’re looking for auto insurance, you should check out this provider because there aren’t many complaints about it. Remarkably, Nationwide provides drivers who wish to potentially reduce their expenses based on real driving with both a usage-based insurance scheme and a pay-per-mile option.

#4. USAA

Car insurance from USAA is reasonably priced for drivers with a variety of driving records. If you are eligible, it’s worthwhile to check out USAA. To qualify for USAA vehicle insurance, you must be a service member, veteran, or family member of a service member.

#5. Geico

If you’re looking for affordable auto insurance, Geico offers very competitive rates for a wide range of drivers.

#6. Travelers

Overall, Travelers offers reasonable pricing for a variety of drivers. Additionally, the organization offers a wide range of optional features that might improve your insurance coverage, making it a worthwhile alternative to consider when doing your comparison shopping.

#7. Westfield

Westfield boasts affordable auto insurance premiums for a wide range of drivers, a low complaint rate, and an excellent rating from experts in auto repair on its crash claim handling. If you live in one of the states where Westfield operates, the shopping rates are worth it.

#8. Erie Insurance

Erie has good coverage offerings and a top score for its collision repair claims processes. These advantages offset Erie’s car insurance rates, which can be a mixed bag depending on your driving record.

#9. Progressive

For drivers with a DUI, Progressive offers excellent rates along with a variety of optional auto insurance coverage options. It receives few complaints, which helps to balance costs that are high for negligent drivers and only average for excellent drivers.

#10. State Farm

State Farm is worth looking at because of its reasonably priced auto insurance and low complaint rate.

Is assurance better than insurance? 

You must consider the following factors to determine which is better for you:

#1. Objectives

“Insurance” describes the act of making up for a loss, such as losses incurred as a result of an accident, fire, theft, flood, and so forth. Providing financial backing for a certain situation is called assurance. a serious illness, demise, or impairment, as an illustration.

#2. Different Types of Policies

Insurance covers items like health, auto, and cell phone insurance. Term insurance, endowment plans, ULIPs, life insurance, and other financial products are all considered forms of assurance.

#3. Maximum Amount of Claims

The ability to file several claims for insurance versus only one for assurance policyholders is one of the main distinctions between the two types of coverage.

#4. Renewability

When it comes to insurance, consumers can typically renew their contracts annually or upon expiration. Assurance is not subject to renewability.

#5. Coverage

Insurance includes things like health, home, auto, and property insurance, but assurance covers things like life and disability insurance.

#6. The Nature of Risks

Another important distinction between assurance and insurance is that assurance often only covers death, but insurance also covers theft, catastrophes, fire, accidents, and other unknown risks.

Who owns AssuranceAmerica insurance? 

David Millner Guy is AssuranceAmerica’s Executive Chairman and directs the organization’s efforts to establish itself as a market leader in the auto insurance industry.

Who is AssuranceAmerica affiliated with? 

AssuranceAmerica Corporation, a Georgia corporation, is affiliated with its subsidiary, TrustWay Insurance Agencies, LLC (“TrustWay”), a Delaware limited liability company (formerly known as AssetAmerica Insurance Agencies, LLC).

Does AssuranceAmerica have roadside assistance? 

When an insured vehicle becomes disabled, AssuranceAmerica’s Towing and Labor (Roadside Assistance) coverage option pays for the costs of towing and labor.

How long has AssuranceAmerica been around?

AssuranceAmerica, a 1998 startup, offers the private vehicle market basic, low-limit property, and liability insurance through a network of more than 4,000 highly qualified independent agents.



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