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Making sure your checked bag doesn’t exceed the weight restriction can be as difficult as navigating all the fees associated with purchasing an airline ticket. When you have a financial safety net that will allow you to recover the money you spent on your trip if something goes wrong, traveling might be less stressful. In this article, we review AARP travel insurance products, costs, and coverage in order to find out if it is the best senior travel insurance.

Aarp Travel Insurance Review

AARP life insurance comes with a fair number of advantages. The majority of its members’ wants and budgets may be accommodated, which is the most significant aspect. For seniors, AARP offers both term and permanent life insurance policies.

Furthermore, it has a financial strength grade of A++, which indicates that it is as stable as a business of its size can be. As a result, it will probably continue to exist for many years to ensure that your claim is paid promptly.

Additionally, its representatives are also very competent. So they can provide you with options if you want to talk about other products. However, only AARP members get access to these particular programs.

You may find out more about the company’s policies, how it operates, and who qualifies if you’re an AARP member or considering joining and requiring term or permanent life insurance coverage by reading the information below.

Aarp Travel Insurance Policies

#1. Term life insurance 

This coverage can endure until the insured person reaches 80 and is open to AARP members aged 50 to 74 and their spouses aged 45 to 74. Although the death benefit remains constant throughout the course of the policy, the annual premium goes up every time the covered individual moves into a new five-year age bracket. 

Furthermore, at or before the age of 80, a term life insurance policy may be changed to permanent coverage. Age will determine the cost of permanent insurance. The $10,000 to $150,000 (or $100,000 in New York) in coverage quantities are offered by the AARP term life plan, while higher amounts can be obtained by calling New York Life. 

Note that applicants supply some basic health information and respond to a few health-related questions, but they are not required to undergo a life insurance medical exam.

#2. Whole-life insurance

Members of AARP between the ages of 50 and 80, as well as their spouses, are eligible for this coverage. Although you can cease paying premiums after the policy is deemed paid up (usually at age 95), the annual cost remains constant and coverage lasts the entirety of your life. Additionally, the online application offers coverage up to $50,000, but higher amounts can be obtained by calling New York Life. Note that acceptance is determined by the responses to a few health-related questions.

#3. Guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance

Members of AARP between the ages of 50 and 80, as well as their spouses, are eligible for this policy. The age range for members and their spouses eligible for coverage in New York is 50 to 75. 

Furthermore, acceptance is certain, and no health-related inquiries are necessary for approval. However, if the insured passes away within the first two years of the policy, just a portion of the death benefit (110% of the premiums paid in most states) is paid out. For an accidental death, the full benefit is given starting on the first day of coverage. The featured coverage is up to $25,000, but calling New York Life may provide larger coverage alternatives. Note that not all states offer guaranteed acceptance for full life insurance.

AARP Life Insurance Cost

Prices are as follows:

Policy TypeCoverage amount53 yo woman65 yo man

How to File a Claim with AARP

Customers can file claims quickly and easily with AARP since all the necessary information is prominently displayed on the AARP website. The claims webpage also outlines the various claim filing alternatives and what policyholders might anticipate.

Particularly, AARP advises members to submit claims via the company’s online site. However, it is also feasible to submit a life insurance claim via mail or fax.

All claim information can be faxed to (855) 381-5010. Additionally, you can mail-in claims to one of the following addresses:

#1. Regular Mail

  • New York Life Ins. Co. AARP Operations
  • Attn: Claims Department
  • PO Box 30713
  • Tampa, FL 33630-3713

#2. Express Mail

  • New York Life Ins. Co., AARP Operations
  • Attn: Claims Dept.,
  • Bldg. 3 – 1st Floor
  • 5505 West Cypress Street
  • Tampa, FL 33607

Lastly, note that:

  • Members of AARP must download a claims packet from the website before beginning a claim. 
  • A certified death certificate, evidence of guardianship for a minor beneficiary, and executorship documents for the estate are all necessary documents for a life insurance claim.
  • Depending on the type of claim (such as proof of an accidental death), additional papers can also be needed.

AARP Travel Insurance for Seniors

Given their advanced age, senior citizens stand to gain the most from AARP travel insurance. This is due to the fact that they are more likely to get sick or hurt when traveling than other people, and they are also more likely to have underlying medical disorders that could deteriorate. 

Therefore, start by making sure your plans include sufficient insurance against:

  • travel cancellations and disruptions, 
  • high limits for unexpected medical costs, 
  • emergency airlifts, and
  • repatriation of remains.

AARP Travel Insurance for Cruise

AARP Senior Cruise Travel Insurance typically requires clients to plan their travel months or years in advance. It seems reasonable to have trustworthy cancellation protection given how much time passes between making an initial payment and departing.

Cruise cancellation benefits come in three areas:

#1. Basic Cruise Cancellation Benefits

Basic coverage provides a 100% refund for

  • Death of you, a traveling companion, business partner, or family member; serious accident; serious illness; or
  • jury service
  • a court appearance
  • accident on the road on the way to the airport
  • At your journey destination, your host’s demise or hospitalization
  • Weather
  • Insolvency of your travel company

Keep in mind that any illness or injury must be so severe that a doctor advises against travel. Additionally, for a refund to be granted, a non-traveling family member’s illness or accident must be serious and necessitate your presence to provide for them.

#2. Cruise Travel Insurance—Cancel For Work Benefits

It’s crucial to include coverage for Cancel for Work Reasons because a large portion of senior cruise travel insurance customers are still employed.

Rescinded Vacation and Lay Off are the two main Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance advantages that are significant for cruise travelers.

Therefore, if your employer had previously approved your time off but changed its mind before you could depart, you would need to provide the trip insurer documentation of this work cancellation, such as a letter from HR, and they would arrange for a 100% refund.

On the other hand, an employee layoff or downsizing is another issue. The finest cruise travel insurance plans provide 100% compensation, provided the individual is not at fault. To be eligible, you must, however, have put in a minimum amount of time. The finest policies only call for a year. Note that more stringent regulations call for 36 months of service before this perk becomes available.

#3. Aarp Travel Insurance Cancel for Any Reason

Many people believe that youthful clients are the only ones who benefit from Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance. But it’s helpful to Senior Cruise Travel Insurance consumers.

Senior travelers are often in good physical condition. They take care of themselves, which is one reason they are able to travel the world. Sadly, occasionally the senior customers have friends or family members who are not in the best of health. Instead, Senior Travelers would prefer to postpone their cruise in order to help them if a friend or family member fell ill.

Who has the best travel insurance?

#1. AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance:

AXA Assistance USA’s travel insurance offers three different plans, the most basic of which covers trip interruption and cancellation as well as the loss of bags and personal possessions. For vacations focused on those activities, the platinum plan provides reimbursement for missed golf and ski days. 

#2. Travel Guard® Travel Insurance:

Travel Guard is a good choice for people looking to insure a future trip due to the number of coverage types it offers. There are many ways to tailor your coverage, thanks to the three main packages that are available online and the additional extras that are available through a salesperson. One related child under the age of 17 is covered under the deluxe, preferred, and essential plans.

#3. Allianz Travel Insurance

There are ten different travel insurance policies offered by Allianz for travelers who want to be able to change or cancel their travel plans. You have the option of purchasing coverage for a single trip or a yearly plan that covers all travel for the entire year. 

Furthermore, Allianz offers a Cancel Anytime policy that can reimburse up to 80% of pre-paid, non-refundable travel costs in place of basic cancel for any reason coverage. 

#4. USI Affinity Travel Insurance:

Medical plans from USI Affinity are available for people who are going abroad and want coverage for their travels. Annual medical coverage that covers several journeys of 30 days or less is available to frequent travelers. Additionally, along with international travel medical insurance coverage, this organization also offers trip cancellation insurance products. 

#5. Nationwide Travel Insurance

Nationwide offers cruise-specific insurance that can protect against things like unexpected illnesses, accidents, changes in the itinerary, and trip interruptions. Depending on the type of travel, Nationwide offers three levels of cruise insurance (universal, choice, and luxury). While not available in New York or Washington, Nationwide offers a 10-day review period on its cruise insurance, allowing you more time to evaluate the policy and make sure it’s a suitable fit. 

#6. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection:

A luxury vacation requires a significant financial investment, so having it insured could ensure that the cost is reimbursed if you need to cancel or delay your trip. LuxuryCare travel insurance from Berkshire Hathaway offers generous coverage limits for trip interruption, medical costs, and extras like athletic goods. Additionally, with other independent plans, Berkshire Hathaway also provides coverage for cruises and adventurous travel. 

Is AARP Life Insurance reputable? 

The company that provides all of AARP’s life insurance policies, New York Life, has an AM Best financial strength rating of A++ (superior).

What is a good rate for travel insurance?

Travel insurance typically accounts for 6.87% of a person’s overall trip expenses. Therefore, you might anticipate paying a minimum of 4.15%, but it can go as high as 15.8%. 

Does AARP offer life insurance for seniors over 60?

If you’re between the ages of 50 and 80, you can purchase AARP’s whole life insurance policy, which provides a death payout of $5,000 to $50,000. 

Who owns AARP insurance?

Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired teacher from California, and Leonard Davis, who eventually created Colonial Penn’s insurance firms, started AARP in 1958.

Does AARP life insurance increase with age? 

Yes, the cost of term life insurance normally rises with age. Like with most insurance types, the larger the risk for the insurance provider, the more expensive your premium will be.

Who competes against AARP? 

The following is a list of businesses that AARP competes with or that provide comparable services to:

  • Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)
  • National Council on Aging (NCOA)
  • American Seniors Association (ASA)
  • Seniors Coalition
  • Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA)

Is AARP and UnitedHealthcare the same company?

The AARP Medicare Supplement insurance plans are underwritten only by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company (UnitedHealthcare). Therefore, AARP receives royalties from UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company for the use of its intellectual property.

What current issues is AARP concerned with? 

For the 50+ population, AARP focuses on the issues that matter most to them: caregiving, economic stability, health care, access to affordable, high-quality long-term care, building and preserving livable communities, consumer protections, and ensuring that our democracy functions more effectively for all.

Does AARP pay for funerals? 

Members can purchase life insurance via the AARP Burial Insurance Program to pay for cremation and burial expenses. Additionally, the National Funeral Directors Association estimates that the average funeral expense in 2021 was over $7,000.

Is AARP life insurance affordable? 

The cost of AARP term life insurance will rise every five years and skyrocket after just a few years. The prices for coverage are expensive, as you can see from the AARP term life insurance rate table!

How much is AARP life insurance per month?

Only those over 50 are eligible for AARP’s coverage. Depending on your age and health, coverage for $100,000 costs, on average, $160 per month. Up until the age of 75, premiums rise over time in 5-year age bands.

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