VoIP NUMBER: Meaning, Apps, How to Find & Call it

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Even though there are over a thousand ways to communicate via the Internet, people still make and receive phone calls. It’s convenient, and for good reason. However, there is another way to communicate with a phone number: a VoIP service. In this article, we will analyze a VoIP number, a non-VoIP number, a free app you can use to get one, how to find the owner, and also how to call it. Without further ado, let’s proceed!

What Is a VoIP Number?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) number is similar to a traditional landline number, but it can be used to make calls from any Internet-enabled device. When you sign up for a VoIP service, you will be able to select your VoIP number, which will allow you to make and receive calls from the same number across all of your devices. VoIP phone numbers are compatible with any computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or VoIP-enabled phone.

Being able to work on the go is important in today’s modern business world, making VoIP numbers a popular choice for many businesses.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP operates by routing calls over the internet. Unlike traditional phone service, which requires calls to be routed through the local phone company, VoIP phone service can be accessed via any broadband connection. VoIP uses this method to route calls along the most efficient path.

VoIP also includes other modes of communication, such as chat and text messaging. A company’s owner can choose VoIP phone numbers for its employees, even if they work from home. A traditional phone line is rendered obsolete by VoIP for both business and residential use.

VoIP Phone Vs Landline

The transmission mode of the two technologies is not the same. A VoIP phone number is not assigned to a specific location, whereas a regular phone number is.

Furthermore, the underlying technologies are vastly different. A standard landline number is transmitted over copper phone lines. To make calls, a VoIP number uses data networks such as the Internet and internal enterprise LANs (Local Area Networks).

How Can I Get a VoIP Number?

A VoIP service plan is required to obtain a VoIP number. There are numerous providers and plans available, so it is critical to take the time to ensure you get the right service for your business. The great thing about VoIP service plans is that you can scale them as needed, so make sure you’re not locking yourself into extras you don’t need.

Once you’ve decided on the best plan for your needs, setting up your VoIP number should be quick and simple.

How to Get VoIP Phone Service

If you’re going to get a VoIP number and make calls over the internet, the first thing you should do is make sure you have a good internet connection. An unreliable internet connection will result in poor-quality calls, which is the last thing you want. Setting up a VoIP phone service should be simple once you’ve decided it’s the best option for you.

Conduct some research on the best VoIP service providers (see our recommendations below), choose your VoIP number, and decide on any optional VoIP devices you might want to use (some people like to work with a traditional handset, whereas others are happy working through their devices).

How to Call a VoIP Number

Many people are now using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services to make phone calls. VOIP service providers enable users to make calls to other users over a high-speed Internet connection. You can call someone from a regular phone if you have their VOIP phone number. If the VOIP user does not have a phone number, you will need to take extra steps to call whoever it is using the VOIP service. The following are the steps for dialing a VoIP number:

#1. Step 1

Determine whether you must be a subscriber to the VOIP service. Many VOIP service providers restrict calls to two subscribers. If the person has a phone number, it is a good indication that you can contact him without being a subscriber. You can find out if you need to be a subscriber by asking the person you want to call. If you know the name of the VOIP provider the person is using, you can also go to their website.

#2. Step 2

If it has been determined that you require an account to use the services, open a new account with the VOIP provider. You can set up a new account by going to the VOIP provider’s website and clicking on the “New User” or “Register” button. The precise wording will differ.

#3. Step 3

Log in to your VOIP account and type in the name or phone number of the person you want to call. This will be a distinct username or number that the individual uses with the VOIP service provider.

#4. Step 4

Select “Call,” “Send,” or “Dial” from the menu. The precise wording will differ. Please keep in mind that some VOIP services, such as Skype, will require you to be added as a “Contact” or “Buddy” before you can call the person.

#5. Step 5

When the person answers the VOIP call, start talking through your microphone-enabled headset. In order to receive subscriber-to-subscriber calls, the person you’re calling must be logged into his VOIP account.

How to find the Owner of an VoIP Number?

To find the owner of an VoIP number may become critical to your or your company’s well-being at some point. For example, you could miss an important call and lose a lot of money, get harassed by a spam caller, or get a call from a scammer who manages to con you.

Even if you’re using one of the best VoIP services available, you’ll need to employ a variety of techniques to find the owner of the VoIP number. Here are some practical methods that can help you find the owner of any VoIP number:

#1.  Set Up Caller ID on Your Device

Caller ID is an important feature to enable, and it consists of two parts: the default VoIP phone number and the Caller ID Name (CNAM). The steps for activating caller ID may differ depending on your device, but typically, you must navigate to the account settings section of the main menu and select the option there.

Check to see if an incoming VoIP call number and name can be displayed. If the name is already in your phonebook, it will be displayed. If this is not the case, the service will search online databases to match the number to an owner’s name and display this information on your screen when you receive a call. This can be a very effective and practical method to find the owner of any VoIP number.

#2. Use the Automated Service *69

When you dial “*69” on your phone, it launches an automated service that displays the last call’s details, including the VoIP number and time of the call. Calls, where the caller has blocked or hidden their caller ID, will also be displayed by the system.

A reverse phone search or lookup can assist you if you have a missed call and want to find out who was attempting to contact you. It entails taking a caller ID and entering it into an application or a lookup website to look up the caller’s information. You can get the owner’s name and address by performing a reverse phone lookup for free or for a small subscription fee.

#4. Ask Your VoIP Service Provider

If the caller has a registered caller ID and IP address, your VoIP service provider may be able to track where the call originated. All you have to do is contact your provider and provide the caller ID and time of the call to its support team. For regular users, your provider will most likely be able to trace the caller at no cost to you. In some cases, you may be required to pay for the service.

#5. Perform an IP Address Lookup

To perform an IP address lookup, you must first obtain the IP address of the caller. The IP address, for example, can be displayed on the screen of your VoIP phone, which receives it from your router via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). DHCP is a computer network protocol that assigns IP addresses.

Once you have the address, use an IP WHOIS lookup to find out who owns the IP address, where it is located, who the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is, what the hostname is, and how to contact them.

#6. Check the Domain

When reviewing logged inbound calls on your VoIP phone, you may notice that they show a VoIP address domain associated with the number. You can use ICANN’s lookup option to access publicly available information about the domain owner’s name and mailing address.

What is a Non-VoIP Number?

A non-VoIP number is one that is not associated with any particular service provider or phone plan. It works well with internet phone services and helps to protect your identity. As a result, distinguishing between a user and a hacker or malware operation is simple. A non-VoIP USA phone number will enable you to use all online services, including financial ones.

How to Get a Non-VoIP USA Phone Number

If you require a non-VoIP number, there are several options for obtaining a free non-VoIP USA phone number. It can be done via a free non-VoIP phone number app or via a non-VoIP phone number for SMS verification services. Let’s look at some of the free non-VoIP phone number apps.

#1. Google Voice

You can use the Google Voice App to get your own phone number and use it for free calling and texting. If you want all of the benefits of a virtual phone number but don’t want to pay for it, this is a great non VoIP number app option. You can get a free US number through Google Voice and use it to make and receive calls as well as send and receive texts.

#2. Burner

Burner is a non voip number app and a paid option for obtaining a reliable additional phone number. It is primarily used for non-VoIP verification and has a 14-day trial period. This enables clients to test a non-VoIP verification number with limited call and message access. Users can then decide whether or not the monthly premium service is worth the cost. If they like Burner’s service, they can pay a small monthly fee for quality and trusted second-number assistance.

#3. Free Tone

Free Tone is also a non voip number app and its a completely free service with a wide range of options. It allows calling and messaging within the United States and Canada, with the only restriction being that communication is limited to these two countries. A free Tone is a good option if you need a non-VoIP verification phone number for account verification. Some people, however, may prefer a service that includes a non-VoIP verification phone number. It is entirely up to you to make the final decision.

#4. Hushed

It is similar to Burner in that it provides both free and premium services to its customers. You can use this Hushed non voip number app secondary phone number for free for three days. If you like the features of Hushed, such as custom voicemail and call forwarding, you can upgrade to Hushed’s paid 7-day and permanent plans. Hushed is similar to Burner, but if you like the application’s custom features, it may be a better fit for your needs.

Is VoIP Number a Real Number?

A VoIP number is a real phone number that operates through an internet connection. Voice Over IP phone numbers is assigned to users rather than physical locations. This means you can use your VoIP number from any location by using a VoIP phone app that works on any mobile device or desktop computer.

Why would Someone get a VoIP Number?

This is due to VoIP’s ability to share a phone number across multiple devices. Calls to that number can be answered from any other device that uses the same number, reducing customer-missed calls and the need for call transfers.

Does VoIP Phone use SIM Card?

VoIP calls are not service provider dependent and do not require a SIM card. All you need is an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data), a VoIP app (such as Skype), and a VoIP SIP account.

How much is a VoIP Number?

The average VoIP phone system ranges in price from $99 to $400 per extension. Maintenance, service fees, and other ongoing costs typically range between $20 and $30 per extension per month.

Is VoIP Phone Free?

There are a few free VoIP services available, including 2ndLine and TextNow. For video calls, you can also use Zoom or Google Meet as VoIP options.

Are VoIP Phone Numbers Free?

Of course, the most obvious advantage of free VoIP phone numbers is that, well, they’re free. That being said, when you shop for a business communication tool or phone service based on price, the features, quality of service, and customer support may fall short.

How do I Set up VoIP on my Phone?

Step-by-step instructions for configuring a VoIP phone system.

  • Run a network and internet connection test.
  • Invest in Quality VoIP Hardware.
  • Find a VoIP Service Provider with the Correct Features.
  • Obtaining a Business Phone Number.
  • Configure Your VoIP Phone System.
  • Put Your New VoIP Lines to the Test.
  • Train Your Employees to Make the Most of VoIP Features.


A VoIP number is a necessary component of modern business. The days of a fixed landline telephone that made calls over telephone lines are long gone. Instead, VoIP services enable businesses to connect their devices and make calls over the Internet, allowing them to conduct business from any location. There are numerous options available, including local, toll-free, and vanity VoIP numbers.


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