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Voicemail has become a vital means of communication. Whether you’re using your phone for personal or professional reasons, voicemail allows you to receive important messages from callers who are unable to reach you. But how do you choose the best one? 

This blog post will discuss the best voicemail apps for Verizon, Android, iPhone, and T-Mobile users. 

What Is a Voicemail App?

The voicemail app allows users to receive voice messages from callers when they are busy or unavailable. The callers can leave a message, which is then stored in the user’s voicemail inbox. Users can access their voicemail inbox through their phone’s dialer or a dedicated voicemail app.

When choosing a voicemail app, consider the most important features you need, such as voicemail-to-text transcription, call-blocking tools, and cloud storage. Consider which carriers the app works with, as some apps may only be compatible with certain carriers.

How to Check Your Voicemail App

Depending on the user’s carrier and phone, there are different ways to check voicemail. 

For iPhone Users

iPhone users can check their voicemail using the visual voicemail feature in the Phone app. The visual voicemail feature displays a list of messages that users can choose to play or delete without listening to all of them.

In some countries or regions, you can also get voicemail transcription, which turns voicemail messages into text. Users can set up voicemail by creating a voicemail password and recording a greeting.

For Android Users

Android users can check their voicemail by calling their voicemail service using their phone’s dialer app. They can also view a list of their voicemails in their phone app if their carrier and phone support it. Some carriers also offer visual voicemail apps that users can download to access their voicemail. 

To turn on visual voicemail, users can go to their phone’s settings and enable it. Voicemail transcription is also available for some carriers and devices.

Users can change their voicemail settings to customise their voicemail experience. They can change their voicemail password, set up their voice mailbox, change notification settings, and turn on vibrate. They can also change which carrier handles their voicemails if they have multiple carriers.

Where Is the Voicemail App on my Phone?

The steps to check the voicemail app on your phone may differ depending on the device and carrier. Here are some general steps to checking voicemail: 

For Android Phones

  • To check voicemail on an Android phone, open the Phone app and then press and hold down the “1” key. 
  • With some Android devices and carriers, you can view a list of your voicemails in the Phone app. On the bottom, tap Voicemail.
  • You’ll need to use the carrier-specific app for Visual Voicemail on Android. For instance, AT&T users can download the official AT&T Visual Voicemail app on their Android phones.
  • To set up voicemail on Android, open the Phone app, select the keypad icon, then press and hold the number one. Enter your PIN and follow the instructions to finish the setup. Hang up, then press and hold the number one again to access your voicemail.

For iPhones

  • To check voicemail on an iPhone, open the Phone app and then select Voicemail. 
  • Visual Voicemail (available from select carriers) shows a list of your messages. You can choose which ones to play and delete without listening to all of them.
  • To check your messages when Visual Voicemail isn’t available on your iPhone, tap Voicemail, then follow the instructions. Or, dial your own mobile number, press * or # (depending on your carrier) to bypass your greeting, and then enter your voicemail password.

Is There a Free Voicemail App for Android?

Yes, there are free voicemail apps for Android. Here are some of the best free voicemail apps for Android:

  • YouMail
  • Google Voice
  • Voxist
  • My Visual Voicemail
  • InstaVoice
  • Base Visual Voicemail

How Do I Activate My Voicemail?

To Activate Your Voicemail on an Android Phone, Follow These Steps:

  • Open the Phone app on your Android phone.
  • Tap the dial pad icon in the bottom-middle of the screen.
  • Call your voicemail system’s number by pressing and holding the number 1 or dialling the number associated with your voicemail account.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the setup process. You may be prompted to enter a password or record a greeting.
  • Once you have completed the setup process, hang up and press and hold the number 1 again to access your voicemail.

To Activate Voicemail on an iPhone, Follow These Steps:

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone
  • Tap on the “Voicemail” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you are setting up voicemail for the first time, select “Set Up Now.”
  • Create a voicemail password and confirm it. Passwords must be at least 4 digits but no more than seven.
  • Choose if you want to use the default greeting or record a custom greeting. If you record a custom greeting, tap “Record” to begin recording one. After recording your greeting, tap “Done” to save it.
  • After the setup, you can access your voicemail messages by tapping the Voicemail tab.

Note that the steps may vary slightly depending on your carrier and region, so check your carrier’s website for more information. Additionally, you must have a voicemail plan with your carrier to use voicemail on your iPhone.

You can also adjust your voicemail notifications by going to Settings > Phone > Notifications. Here, you can change the number of notifications displayed on the Phone app icon, set up an alert when you receive a new voicemail, and choose a vibration pattern and sound for new voicemail notifications.

If you have Visual Voicemail enabled, you can also use the Voicemail Transcription feature to translate your voicemail messages into readable text. To use this feature, ensure you have an iPhone 6S or later model running at least iOS 10 and that Siri’s language is set to either English (United States) or English (Canada).

To listen to your Visual Voicemail messages, go to the Voicemail tab in the Phone app and tap on a message to open it. If the voicemail transcription works properly, you should see a message transcript below the playback button.

Best Voicemail Apps

It is important to consider the following factors when choosing a voicemail app:

  • Visual voicemail feature
  • Transcription feature
  • Spam blocking feature
  • Customisable greetings
  • Search function
  • Compatibility with your carrier and device

Android Voicemail App

There are several Android voicemail apps available that cater to different needs. Google Voice is the best voicemail app for Android, as it supports all carriers, offers visual transcriptions, and allows you to set up filters to block spam calls. However, apps like YouMail, InstaVoice, and Voxist also offer great features and can be considered based on individual needs. Below is a list of the best voicemail apps for Android:

#1. Google Voice

Google Voice is a popular app that supports all carriers and allows you to see the name and number of the caller before listening to the message. 

It also allows you to set up filters to block spam calls. It offers visual transcriptions and supports Spanish as well.

#2. YouMail

YouMail is an Android app that allows you to control visual voicemail and block calls. It offers customizable greetings that you can record using your voice.

It uses audio fingerprint analysis to identify unknown callers and add them to a database of spam calls.

#3. InstaVoice

InstaVoice is the best app for checking voicemails from the cloud, and it notifies you when a message has been left for you and saves messages in your inbox.

It allows you to send SMS and emails, record a customized greeting, and attach up to 10 numbers in a single account.

#4. Voxist

Voxist is a popular app that offers visual voicemail, transcription, and spam-blocking features.

It lets you make different greetings for each contact and has a search feature so you can find specific voicemails.

#5. Phone by Google

Phone by Google is an app that comes pre-installed on many Android devices and offers visual voicemail features.

It allows you to see a preview of the message before listening to it and offers a search function to find specific voicemails.

Verizon Voicemail App

Verizon offers both basic and premium visual voicemail, and you can sign up through your My Verizon account. There are a few options for the Verizon voicemail apps, depending on your preferences. Here are some of the best Verizon voicemail apps:

#1. Basic Visual Voicemail

This is free with your Verizon smartphone plan and allows you to view a list of your voicemails and select which to play, delete, or respond to with a call or text.

#2. Premium Visual Voicemail

This is available for $2.99 per line per month on Android and Windows phones and allows you to read your voicemails.

#3. Voicemail to Text for iPhone

This is available for $2.99/line per month and transcribes the first 45 seconds of your voicemails so you can read them.

#4. YouMail Robocall Blocker & Voicemail

This visual voicemail app lets you automatically transcribe your voicemails, save them forever in folders on your phone, and ignore robocalls and telemarketers.

#5. Visual Voicemail Plus: 

This app is a comprehensive transcription app that allows you to view accurate readings of your voicemails. 

It can send you voicemail alerts even when your phone is off or out of network coverage, allowing you to leave a specific greeting to a particular caller.

It’s worth noting that some of these apps are only available for certain types of phones (e.g., Voicemail to Text for iPhone) and that additional data charges may be associated with visual voicemail, depending on your plan. Additionally, some apps listed here may not be available on prepaid accounts.

Overall, the best Verizon voicemail app for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a basic voicemail experience, the included Basic Visual Voicemail should suffice. If you want more advanced features like voicemail transcriptions or the ability to customize your greetings, a premium option, such as YouMail or Visual Voicemail Plus, is a better fit.

T-mobile Voicemail App

There are several T-mobile voicemail apps available. However, it’s important to note that Apple iOS devices use a built-in voicemail app, while the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app (VVM) is only available for Android devices.

Users of the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app for Android can listen to and view messages in any order on their phones. It is available on other phone models as well. T-Mobile provides multiple options for voicemail: Voicemail, Visual Voicemail (VVM), and Voicemail to Text (VTT).

To Set Up Voicemail on T-Mobile Voicemail App 

  • Open your dialer app
  • Press and hold the number one (or dial 123)
  • Follow the prompts to create a new four to seven-digit password.
  • Once the password is set, follow the prompts to record your greeting.

T-Mobile will automatically delete voicemail messages after a specific amount of time, which can range from 14 to 30 days, depending on the type of voicemail.   

You can save a message by pressing the number nine key after playing it or by using a computer to log into the My T-Mobile page.

Voicemail App for iPhone

The top five voicemail apps include: 

  • YouMail Visual Mail
  • Hullomail
  • Fusion Voicemail Plus
  • Google Voice
  • Libon Voicemail App

The ability to receive and manage messages on the go has become crucial in today’s fast-paced world. Using voicemail apps can help you make sure you’re not missing important messages. With the variety of voicemail apps available on the market, you can definitely find one that will fit your preferences best. 


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