TOP SAFEST COUNTRIES in the World in 2023

Top Safest Countries
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On the verge of our lives, we never expected to see war. We were not ready for such a big pandemic. We also did not anticipate that the United States would become such a hostile environment for women. Yet, these things have occurred, and we remain unsure of their ultimate impact on our existence. This is why a lot of people dream of leaving for greener, more peaceful pastures. So, then, which countries are the safest in the world in 2023? Read on to learn about the safest country in the world and the least safe countries for women.

Safest Countries in the World

The safest countries in the world include:

#1. Iceland

New data from the World Peace Index shows that Iceland is the world’s safest country. The number of killings, the number of violent crimes, and the number of small guns are just some of the things that make up the index. In addition, the index considers things like the number of refugees and IDPs and the state of the political system.

Natural calamities are uncommon there, making Iceland a secure country in which to raise a family. Iceland is thought to be a very safe country for all of these reasons and more. Iceland is not only a very secure country, but also a very attractive one. It contains several of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, such as rivers, hot springs, and ice.

#2. New Zealand

This kingdom of the long white sky is well-known for its beautiful scenery and welcoming people, although few people know that it ranks second in terms of safety worldwide. Given its low crime statistics and relatively tiny demographic, it is a far more secure area to reside in than many others throughout the world. Also, having a reliable administration and geographical isolation in the Pacific makes the nation more secure.

New Zealand has strong building rules to defend against seismic damage, despite the prevalence of catastrophes such as quakes and volcanoes. In other words, explore all that New Zealand has to offer without worrying about your safety.

#3. Ireland

You may think of Ireland and picture beautiful green hills, vibrant bars, and kind and welcoming inhabitants. In addition, it is the world’s third-safest nation. Terrorist activity is quite rare in Ireland. It has been mostly peaceful in recent years, and it is not fighting right now because it has a policy of keeping its military small.

#4. Denmark

Denmark is more than just the home of Legos, cakes, and hygge. It ranks as the fourth-safest nation in the world. There have been only 55 murders reported across the country. The stability of the country can be attributed in part to its robust economy and social safety net. There is also less violent and criminal activity as a result of decreased disparities and societal instability.

The people of Denmark are very similar to one another. Hence, because of its compact size, this country enjoys a high level of social stability and unity. You can feel safe in Denmark whether you’re taking a stroll down the beach or riding your bike along the seaside.

#5. Austria

Austria is the fifth safest country in the world in 2023. Demonstrations that turn violent amid continuous social upheaval are still a concern in Austria, although it’s not difficult to avoid them and the country as a whole is a highly safe destination for tourists. Consequently, with the standard warning to be on the lookout for thieves and pocketbook snatchers, crimes are quite rare. Throughout the past few years, major terrorist attacks have been avoided in Austria, which is another positive development.

Least Safest Countries in the World

Below are the least safest countries in the world:

#1. Afghanistan

After five years, Afghanistan still tops the list of the least safest countries in the world. Afghanistan, a nation torn apart by a century of conflict, rebellion, and political wars, has the most fatalities as a result of the war and violence of any country in the world. This is especially impressive given that Russia and Ukraine were at war for a few months during the period in which the information was gathered.


The United Nations has said that the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen is the worst it has ever seen. The continuous armed battle has lasted for over five years, displacing 4.3 million people and putting 14 million at risk of famine and severe illness. The majority of Yemen’s population, around 80%, requires immediate humanitarian aid as of now.

#3. Syria

Robberies, assaults, and kidnappings all contribute to the GPI of 3.456 in Syria, which is a direct result of the country’s ongoing civil war and political upheaval. There is almost no rule of law and order beyond the capital city of Juba. Also, armed conflict is common between the government and rebel organizations.

#4. Russia

In spite of the fact that the majority of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict’s bloodshed has occurred in Ukraine, Russia has been deemed to be among the least safest countries in the world. This is because of the preexisting economic difficulties and an autocratic government that is frequently noticeably antagonistic to its own public, as well as the fatalities suffered by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. International restrictions have made it hard for Russia to do business and trade in agricultural goods. This makes life even harder for Russians, who were already having a hard time.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that the scope of the 2022 GPI study was limited to the outbreak of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine. In the 2023 report, Ukraine may have replaced Russia as the more hazardous nation. Russia’s war with Ukraine had far-reaching effects, particularly in the realms of commodities like food and energy scarcity. It is also predicted to continue having ramifications at least through the 2023 report, with increasing indicators such as malnutrition and political turmoil.

#5. South Sudan

High rates of internal strife make South Sudan one of the least safest countries in the world. Both the number of deaths triggered by internal conflict and the total murder rate have dropped significantly, leading to a general increase in safety in the country.

Safest Countries in the World for Women

Below are the safest countries in the world for women:

#1. Switzerland

To this day, Switzerland is one of the safest countries for women, and in the world, as it currently occupies the top spot. Many factors contribute to this, including the high quality of life afforded by the nation’s low rate of crime, strong economy, and democratic governance. Maintaining peace and stability in Switzerland has been a top priority for decades thanks to the country’s policy of neutrality. Without having fought a war since 1815, this country has been spared the bloodshed and political upheaval that have plagued other countries.

Switzerland is likewise well-known for its anti-gun policies. The country possesses one of the highest ownership rates for guns in the world. It also has one of the lowest rates of gun-related violent crime and shootings. The gun laws in Switzerland are much stricter than most people realize. Overall, the robust economy, democratic system, and strict firearms prohibitions make Switzerland a secure place to call home. Also, the Swiss passport is considered to be among the most secure in the world. Even though Switzerland is not an EU member, Swiss nationals enjoy the same freedom to move around the EU and EEA as citizens of any other EU member.

#2. Australia

The safety of women in this country is unparalleled. Its high safety ranking is the result of several factors, such as a low rate of crime and a robust economy. As a result of its low crime rate, the country is a wonderful area to set down roots and raise a family. The healthy state of the economy is largely responsible for the lack of crime. When people have secure financial footing, they are less likely to resort to illegal behavior.

In addition, when it comes to government and politics, Austria consistently ranks high for its competence and absence of corruption. When enjoying the breathtaking Dolomite landscape or Vienna’s world-famous Sachertorte, you can rest easy knowing that you are in one of the safest countries for women in the world.

#3. Denmark

When it comes to the protection of women, Denmark is third in the world. In contrast to many other countries, residents, especially kids, report feeling secure at all hours. Denmark is well-known for its communal outlook, which places a premium on equality, has a robust sense of common duty, and prioritizes social welfare to ensure the pleasure and safety of all its citizens.

#4. Switzerland

This country has one of the most secure passports in the world but is also renowned as one of the most costly places to live and visit. Although it is not a member of the European Union and uses its currency, Swiss citizens have full access to all of the benefits of EU membership, including the ability to work, study, and retire in any member state.

#5. Japan

This country has one of the lowest rates of violent crime and the percentage of internal or external conflicts. Thus, this makes it one of the safest countries for women in the world. Also, the country’s traditions of women-only subways and pathways during certain times, as well as women-only accommodations, can make solo female travelers feel even more secure.

What Is the Safest Country in Africa?

They include:

  • Ghana
  • Sierra Leaone
  • Somalia
  • Mauritus
  • Gambia
  • Botswana

Is USA a Safe Country?

When you consider some of the problems, such as the hazards posed by guns and brutality, it is then followed by Norway and Japan, both of which have the subsequent highest ratings in the area. As well as the threats posed by nature, it can appear to be on the verge of an apocalyptic scenario. On the other hand, the United States of America is generally a secure country to go to.

Where in the World Has the Lowest Crime Rate?

Iceland is the nation that has the lowest crime rate in the world, as measured by the “social safety and security” component of the Global Peace Index (GPI). 

Which Is Richest and Safest Country in the World?

The northern European nation takes first place on the Wealth Index. It has maintained its position at the top during the last seven years. Norway is the only nation to be placed in the top ten of every subindex. Also, Switzerland has maintained its position as the second most wealthy country for the past three years in a row.

What Is the Richest Country in Africa?

The gross national income (GNI) per capita in Seychelles is $14,500, making it the richest country in Africa. Mauritius is the second richest country in Africa with a gross national income per capita of $9,800, and Libya is the third richest country in Africa with a gross national income per capita of $7,400. With a gross national income (GNI) per person of $5,530, South Africa ranks as the fourth richest country in Africa.

What Is the Riskiest Country?

The riskiest country in the world is Afghanistan with the global crime index of 7.08

What Are the Top 10 Most Violent Countries?

Syria, Myanmar, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia are examples of a few of the most violent countries in history. Other examples include Iraq. As a result of their disputes, which frequently involve several actors with conflicting interests, all of these countries have experienced levels of violence that have not been seen on this scale since the end of World War II.

What Is the Number 1 Safest City?

It has been decided that Frisco, Texas, a city in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, is the safest place to live in the whole country. Frisco has the sixth-lowest rate of economic criminal activity in the nation. It also has the fourth-lowest rate of violent crime.


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