Medical Billing Company USA: Top Best Option for 2023

Medical Billing Company USA
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Healthcare facilities and medical groups greatly benefit from consistent medical billing services from medical billing companies in the USA. Many top medical billing company in the USA provide organized medical billing and coding operations across the United States to aid medical facilities in claiming timely reimbursements and maximizing their revenue. Services that the best medical billing companies in the USA offer are described in this article.

Medical Billing Company USA 

When a patient enters a healthcare institution for examinations, treatments, procedures, and more, a medical billing company bills the patient. Patients receive a bill, and insurance companies receive claims and follow-ups. We have a helpful guide if you haven’t launched your medical billing firm yet.

Because outsourcing billing greatly increases the efficiency and precision of the process, healthcare providers use it. Additionally, it shortens the revenue cycle, helping businesses earn as much money as possible.

Businesses that handle medical billing utilize reliable software to guarantee accuracy and adhere to detailed procedures and guidelines. Billers and coders must submit claims with the appropriate codes for the procedures carried out by the healthcare provider. These codes cover medicare, medicaid, and health insurance claims. Medical billing company USA provides the following services: 

  • Collections and billing
  • Payer agreement
  • Enrollment of providers 
  • Fiscal management
  • Regulation Coding 
  • Analytics of Data

In order to obtain a better level of reimbursement in less time, these businesses use specifically trained staff that is educated about different payers and can operate within each company’s unique policies. Additionally, your medical billing business can pursue unpaid accounts and follow up on denied claims.

Advantages of Medical Billing Company

Working with a medical billing company has certain advantages, which are:

  • Partnering with medical billing outsourcing firms has many advantages.
  • Improved efficiency for the office employees of the practices
  • Fewer submittal mistakes
  • Faster handling of claims
  • Health Care Revenue Cycle Administration Improvements
  • Access to knowledgeable industry experts
  • Lower costs per patient
  • A higher profit margin
  • Patient satisfaction rises as claims are quickly processed

Most importantly, employing outside medical billing organizations can help practitioners feel less stressed overall about complicated billing issues.

How to Run a Medical Billing Company

The medical billing procedure demands lightning-fast efficiency. These businesses are required to adhere to a rigid procedure that minimizes human error and increases efficiency. Claims and reimbursements can be processed more quickly with the correct billing software and a uniform methodology. The following are the critical actions involved in managing a medical billing company:

#1. Log the Patient In

New patients or clients are questioned by the medical personnel at the healthcare facility. These consist of data on demographics, background, and health insurance.

To prevent mistakes later in the process, medical billing providers must constantly review and confirm the correctness of patient data that has been collected.

2. Check the Patient’s Insurance

Medical billers get in touch with the patient’s insurance provider to verify the specifics of their plan. They must review the policy’s perks and coverage once more. In order to ascertain the patient’s financial obligations, they should also confirm deductibles and copays. 

#3. Review the Patient Notes Made by the Healthcare Provider

Healthcare professionals keep notes on the patient’s diagnoses, procedures, and other services. These notes are frequently saved electronically as documents or voice recordings. 

#4. Transform the Medication to Codes

Medical coders at the billing company transform medical data to ICD-10 and CPT codes. These codes are used to determine if insurance companies will pay a medical claim.

To streamline billing, these codes must be correct and comprehensive. Medical billing software streamlines this procedure, but professional coders and billers must be skilled and aware of potential difficulties.

#5. Include Fees in Medical Claims

The billers will subsequently add the fees to the medical services. Since the rates are not standard, the amount will vary depending on the healthcare provider. 

If insurance pays for a portion of the expense, it should be stated. The patient must be made aware of the cost upfront. 

#6. Payer Adjudication Follow-up

The billing company is going to keep the payer updated throughout the procedure. Claims are resubmitted if they are denied. Additionally, the patient will be notified of the refusal and told they are responsible for the service’s cost. 

#7. Write Letters to Patients

Patients receive billing statements from the billing business. These include a breakdown of the costs and an explanation of their insurance policy. This aids patients in comprehending their financial obligations. 

#8. Revise Payments

Then, billing companies go for the payments. They can check on all of a healthcare facility’s accounts receivable and follow up on unpaid claims.

Top Medical Billing Companies in USA

Locating a third-party consulting organization devoted to assisting healthcare providers can be difficult, particularly if your business offers a wide range of services. We have put up a comprehensive list of medical billing company in the USA for your reference in order to aid in your decision-making.

#1. Connext Global Solutions

Connext is a Philippines-based provider of back-office business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Since 2014, the business has offered low-cost, highly qualified professional staffing services.

Furthermore, Connext helps its clients with their staffing difficulties by enabling seamless cloud connectivity. The company does this by creating outstanding remote teams that help their clients’ businesses run smoothly. it is seen as the best medical billing company in USA

#2. CareCloud 

With offices in the US, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, CareCloud is a prominent provider of healthcare information technology. Since its founding in 1999, this outsourced provider has been supported by qualified professional knowledge in healthcare services.

RCM, practice management, patient experience management, telehealth, and healthcare analytics are just a few of its many medical offerings. 40,000 healthcare professionals are currently being served by CloudCare throughout 50 states.

#3. Revele

This healthcare outsourcing business, formerly known as GroupOne Health Source, has been collaborating with clients since 1991. There are two of its headquarters, one each in Indiana and India.

Its specialist RCM and medical billing solutions include clinical coding, denial management, patient payment, remote staffing, and healthcare analytics. It also has a focus on MIPS and EHR software. 

#4. Infinite-O 

Infinite-O is a global BPO firm with offices in the US, the UK, Australia, and the Philippines. It boasts a large pool of qualified RCM and billing experts who are trained to use EHR or EMR systems.

Also, Infinite-O additionally provides finance and accounting, research and analytics, customer experience, IT, and back-office support in addition to healthcare services. 

#5. 4D Global 

Since 2015, 4D Global has collaborated with US-based medical billing companies as a revenue cycle management provider. There are two headquarters for it, one each in India and Arizona. 

Payment posting, rejection management, data input, provider authorization, credit balance resolution, and A/R follow-up, including qualification and benefits, are among its list of offered services. 

#6. Medwave

Medwave provides services to various healthcare industries, including medical billing, A/R recovery, and accreditation. Also, it benefits medical professionals working in toxicological laboratories, physical therapy, behavioral treatment, and more. Pennsylvania is the location of this provider of healthcare services. 

#7. 20/20 MD 

charging 20/20 MD One of the forerunners in American medical billing services is billing. New York and New Jersey are home to the company’s two corporate offices. The business has 20 years of knowledge and has honed its highlighted services. 

20/20 MD Medical coding, auditing, physician credentialing, and RCM are all considered billing services. 

#8. ACP Billing Service

According to ACP billing services, the medical billing company USA is one of the most competitive. This 2008-founded Orlando-based provider of medical services provides round-the-clock assistance to various healthcare facilities.

They can assist with application administration, application development, hospital billing, physician billing, and physician billing processes.


Medical billing solutions, billing for behavioral and mental health treatments, and credentialing services are all provided by ABCS RCM. Additionally, it specializes in web design, SEO, PPC, and eWebSchedule: software for agencies. Ohio waiver provider billing is another area of expertise. 

#10. Absolute Solutions

Absolute Solutions was established in 2004 and provides project management, consulting, and billing services to healthcare organizations. One of its objectives is to offer clients straightforward, effective services that make the most of every dollar they spend. 

Best Medical Billing Companies 

In the table below, we’ve ranked the best medical billing companies or service providers.

#1. Athenahealth

The mission of AthenaHealth is to support healthcare organizations in achieving and exceeding their financial and clinical targets. They achieve this by forming alliances with clinics of different sizes. They offer them through their cloud-based platform knowledge, technology, and insights.

Additionally, consulting and reporting is Athenahealth’s best tool. If its billing team observes a reduction in performance or metrics below the norm for practices like yours, it will contact you first. You’ll also get unique reports and learn how to run your practice profitably. For some clinics, athenahealth’s faults may be offset by its extensive consultation.

#2. CureMD

All types of medical organizations can get help from CureMD. Through cutting-edge technology, their solutions can change the way your clinical and operational processes work. The health information solutions from CureMD help you save time and effort.

Operations and decision-making are streamlined and made simpler. Additionally, it guarantees that you adhere to industry standards and best practices. 

#3. Kareo

Small practices that simply need to outsource a portion of their RCM should use Kareo. Kareo may manage small, medium, or big parts of the process while being accountable to you. Kareo’s PMS gives you real-time updates on your claims’ progress.

Kareo provides medical billing services such as charge input, coding, claim scrubbing, denied-claim administration, and unpaid claim follow-up. Kareo’s EMR system is likewise free. Kareo’s clearinghouse fees are covered, unlike other billing services. Over 1,600 U.S. billing organizations use Kareo due of its simplicity and accuracy.

#4. ChartLogic

One of the most practical medical billing services we researched is ChartLogic. Since 1994, ChartLogic has offered solutions for healthcare technology. Dedicated account managers are assigned to each ChartLogic RCM client during the setup process. Prior to and following implementation, this contact will follow up with you to address any issues.

They assist medical practices in enhancing patient care, operational effectiveness, and financial success. More so, each biller or coder employed by ChartLogic has years of knowledge in a certain area of medicine, and they will be paired with you in accordance with that experience.

#5. AdvancedMD 

AdvancedMD is the premier large-practice medical billing service. Its RCM team has a 97.68% first-pass acceptance rate (FPAR).

AdvancedMD’s high FPAR comes from its billing team’s one-year minimum experience and several trained medical coders. Also, these professionals can clean up your claims. AdvancedMD doesn’t conduct charge input or coding, therefore you’ll have to enter your claims yourself.

AdvancedMD is adding technologies to improve customer service. Customers said the phone system swap has improved customer service. AdvancedMD medical billing clients benefit from this customer service focus.

How Many Medical Billing Companies Are in USA? 

As of 2023, there were 1,841 medical billing service companies in the US, a 13.2% growth from 2022.

What Is the Highest Paid Medical Biller? 

Below are high paying jobs as medical billers:

  • Consultant for reimbursement.
  • Analyst of reimbursements.
  • Manager of medical billing. 
  • Healthcare biller.
  • Collector of medical insurance. 
  • Specialist in billing.
  • Coordinator of medical billing. 
  • Counselor for compensation.

Is Owning a Medical Billing Company Worth It? 

Many different types of professions may find it satisfying and profitable to start their own medical billing business. You have the opportunity to launch an independent or at-home business whether you already possess medical billing and coding credentials or are striving to obtain them.

How Do Medical Billing Companies Get Clients?  

Newspaper ads and advertisements in regional medical journals are wonderful places to start. It’s a smart idea to draw attention to your business by providing special discounts and introductory pricing for potential customers. Do it better as well! Discover your assets, then capitalize on them.

How Big Is Medical Billing Industry?

The size of the worldwide medical billing outsourcing market was predicted to be USD 11.1 billion in 2021 and USD 12.2 billion in 2022.


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