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How to get Free Amazon Coupons
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We occasionally come across products on Amazon that have a tiny orange flag waving at us beneath the price that says “Save more” and a tiny “Apply coupon” checkbox right next to it. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a product’s price decrease after entering a coupon code or, in this case, pressing a button. You can only imagine how happy we were to learn about Amazon coupons because they are a great tip that has improved both our lives and our shopping carts. Yes, Amazon has a whole section of its website devoted solely to discount codes and free coupons that can be used to save money on specific purchases.

How to Get Coupons

Several different methods exist for obtaining free Coupons while shopping in a store. Shopping for groceries and household goods has become more affordable thanks to coupons. However, in recent years, there have been more methods of locating them. Everyone enjoys making savings, especially when shopping online. Numerous businesses provide discounts that will enable you to shop online happily while saving money.

Types of Coupons

#1. Manufacturer’s coupon

A manufacturer’s coupon is distributed by the product’s maker. You can use these coupons at any store that sells the product and honors coupons. 

#2. Printable Manufacturer’s Coupon

A coupon that needs to be printed from a website is just a printable manufacturer’s coupon. They are available on the top coupon websites. The official websites of the manufacturers are another resource for finding them.

Even though you can find these coupons on numerous websites, you shouldn’t duplicate any one of them. Keep in mind that many have usage restrictions on their unique codes.

#3. A Store Coupon

The issuers of a store coupon are specific retailers. The coupon can only be used at the business that issued it. Manufacturer and store coupons may occasionally be combined, though this depends on the retailer. A store coupon usually specifies that it can only be used at that particular store with a logo or wording.  

#4. Coupon Code

You can use coupon codes to get discounts on your online purchases. There are often fields for coupon codes at the checkout in many stores while you shop. Just remember to use the coupon code before submitting your order. The website will inform you if the coupon code is invalid. 

#5. Cashback

Although cashback isn’t like a traditional coupon, it is still a valuable way to save money. Cashback may occasionally be provided in addition to the discounts from a coupon. If you choose to shop in person, you will get the cashback right there. When you shop online, the cashback will be added to your account with that specific coupon site.

Usually, you receive this cashback after reaching a certain amount. 

How to Get a Coupon

#1. Find a Coupon Database

Websites that compile coupons into one location are known as coupon databases, making it simple to locate deals. Find a coupon database you like by searching for the phrase online. You can look for nearby discounts by searching some databases by types of coupon, such as a printable, newspaper insert, or mobile coupon. 

Printed-out and digital coupons, as well as rebates, are compiled on websites called coupon databases. They can help you save time when looking for discounts by brand, product, or retailer.

#2. Sign Up for Store Loyalty Programs

Join loyalty programs or subscribe to the mailing list of the stores you visit the most. Numerous retailers offer special coupons only to returning customers or automatically apply discounts at the register. However, use caution when enrolling in rewards programs. Retailers might oversaturate your inbox with spam or use your data, like your demographics and purchasing patterns, for marketing.  

#3. Check the Sunday Newspaper

While reading the news and learning about current events, look for coupon inserts. Savings between $50 and $300 are frequently offered in the Sunday edition. Larger or more expensive publications frequently feature bigger inserts with better coupons.

#4. Ask the Manufacturer

If there are any particular brands you prefer, get in touch with them. If you give them feedback (or just ask for them), they’ll frequently send you a coupon or samples. A manufacturer’s coupon has the additional benefit of being usable, barring exclusions, at any retailer carrying the featured product.

Try looking for a “contact us” link on the business’ website. This ought to take you to a contact page with an email form, a live chat option, a customer service phone number, or a mailing address. Post a comment on the company’s social media profile.

#5. Visit Retailer Websites and Apps

Check the retailer’s websites first if you intend to buy something. Online weekly ads, coupons, and offers are available from the majority of large retailers. Alternatively, a banner advertisement or a code for a limited time may be displayed on the homepage.

#6. Pick Up Weekly Ads at the Store

Keep an eye out for weekly circulars posted by the front doors or check-out counters. These may consist of deals from a particular store that you can use right away or at a later time when you go shopping.

#7. Store Flyers

A coupon can be found on flyers in-store at a lot of supermarkets, grocers, supercenters, pharmacies, and drugstores. It’s worth looking at because some stores also offer coupons in booklets and on notice boards inside. Obtaining additional paper coupons is incredibly simple. When you go shopping, peruse any flyers, booklets, or other promotional materials. Also, keep an eye out on the store bulletin boards for additional fantastic deals. 

#8. Examine the Product Packaging

In the grocery store, some special offers are concealed. Check products for peel-off coupons that are attached to the box or packaging, such as meat and cereal. You might save money right away. 

#9. Browse Store Aisles

Check shelves and other locations in the store. Most times when a new product is about to be released, a tear pad will typically be placed on a display to entice you to buy it. But resist the urge to make an unnecessary purchase just because there’s a good deal.

#10. Embrace Social Media

Maintain a social media following for the businesses, names, and goods you enjoy. Many people post coupon codes on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

How to Get A Coupon by Mail 

#1. Contact Companies Directly

Customers who merely request a coupon from numerous businesses—from diaper manufacturers to clothing retailers—often receive them. Nevertheless, not all of these businesses will inevitably provide you with a coupon. However, do make as many calls as you can, as this will increase the likelihood that those fantastic free coupons will arrive in your mailbox.

Businesses adore hearing positive testimonials about their goods and how you’ve benefited from them.

Describe the product you’ve used for them, along with any positive aspects you found. It’s the best method for receiving a free mail-in coupon. Although you can contact any of these tried-and-true businesses by email or phone, doing so does not ensure that you will receive high-value free coupons in the mail. If you frequently use these brands, it might be worthwhile to get in touch with the manufacturers to request free mail-in coupons or even free merchandise.

Amazon Coupons

Similar to physical coupons found in Sunday newspapers, online shoppers can save money on the products they want to buy by using Amazon coupons. Amazon Coupons are redeemed by simply clicking the “Clip Coupon” button, which appears as a button beneath the product listing. People can save the discounts that are most applicable to them by visiting Amazon’s coupons page, which features coupons from top-selling Amazon sellers.  

Brands must pay Amazon $.60 for each coupon used on their website. Consider Amazon’s coupon pricing when determining the appropriate price for your goods when determining whether or not to run a coupon campaign for a particular good.

How to Get Coupons on Amazon

The Subscribe & Save category is one that you should look through on the Amazon Coupons page. For many products, including baby formula or pet supplies, Amazon offers stacking coupons for your order’s initial delivery. You may be eligible for discounts of up to 50% off the already low subscription cost in some circumstances.

Clipping is also necessary for Amazon coupons, though it takes much less time online now than it did previously. This is how it goes. The coupon will automatically save to your account and be applied to your order when you “clip” it (click on a button). 

Amazon has a landing page with all of its coupons. It is advised to upgrade to a Prime membership because, despite the fact that anyone with an Amazon account can access the coupons page, Prime members get special discounts.  

If you’re just browsing without a specific item in mind, you might feel a little overwhelmed when you first enter Amazon’s coupon page online. 

There is a time limit on the validity of coupons, according to Amazon. Since digital coupons don’t have an expiration date like printed ones do, you should act quickly when you see one for something you want to buy.

Amazon Types of Coupons

Regularly, Amazon offers discounts that must be added to your account by clicking on a specific link. These discounts are frequently site-wide or on particular Amazon services rather than applying to a particular product, as is the case with most coupons.

#2. E-Coupons That You Can “Clip”

You can clip thousands of digital coupons from Amazon before making a purchase, and the savings are then applied automatically. On the somewhat challenging-to-locate Coupons Section of the Amazon website, you can find all of these coupon offers. Beauty, pet supplies, groceries, electronics, home & kitchen, pet supplies, toy & baby, and Prime Pantry are popular coupon categories.  

You can “clip” product coupons by selecting the items you want to purchase and then clicking the “Clip Coupon” button. Your account will then receive the coupon, and when you finalize the transaction, the discount will be applied automatically. 

How to Get a Free Coupon From Stores?

#1. Ask the Manufacturer

If you give them feedback (or just ask for them), they’ll frequently send you a coupon or samples. A manufacturer’s coupon has the added benefit of being redeemable, barring exclusions, at any retailer carrying the featured product. Companies will often send coupons or samples when they provide feedback.

Getting the in-store sales flyer should be your priority. That won’t just display the current sale; occasionally, it also includes special coupons that go along with the sale ad.

How Can I Get Coupons Mailed to Me?

  • Email Compliments or Complaints

Getting free coupons by mail is made simple by emailing businesses. Spend some time writing an email to a business or manufacturer letting them know what you appreciate about their goods. As a way of saying “thank you” for your feedback, they frequently send free coupons or even a coupon book.

What Day Do Coupons Come in the Newspaper?

In addition to the national grocery ads and retail sales inserts, Sunday newspapers are frequently stuffed with national printed inserts that contain manufacturer and store coupons. Weekly newspapers frequently feature a section dedicated to local grocery shopping.

How Do Extreme Couponers Get Their Coupons?

Extreme couponers typically obtain their coupons in print from sources like store advertisements, newspapers, or the mail.

Which Website Is Best for Discount Coupons?

  • Befrugal
  • Amazon
  • PayPal. Honey
  • Ibotta
  • Groupon

How to Get Coupons Without Buying the Paper?

  • Print Coupons
  • At the Store
  • Digital 
  • Ask Other People


Coupons can be a great way to save money on a variety of purchases, including clothing, food, dining, and travel. Free mail-order coupons are available to help you save money every day. If you want to save money, using coupons is a great idea. Additionally, using coupons supports many companies that may be having a hard time right now. 

Using coupons can result in sizable savings. Even if you only save $10 per week while doing your grocery shopping, you’ll have $520 saved up at the end of the year. With $520, you can start saving for an emergency fund, a down payment for a car, or stock investments. The truth is that you can save more money the more effort you put forth. With coupons, you can easily reduce your spending without compromising on quality. Even though you’ll have to invest some time in it, there could be a good return on your money.

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