Is McDonald’s Open on Thanksgiving Day 2023? What to Expect

Is McDonald’s Open on Thanksgiving Day
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McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world, and it’s no surprise that they’re open on Thanksgiving Day. In fact, most McDonald’s locations will be open on Thanksgiving Day, with some exceptions. Hours may vary by location and franchise owner, so it’s always best to call ahead or check the McDonald’s app to confirm.

Meanwhile, here’s all you need to know about McDonald’s Thanksgiving hours and holiday routine.

McDonald’s Thanksgiving Hours 2023

This is a little complicated, but let’s simplify it.

Because 95% of McDonald’s restaurants are independently owned and operated, holiday business hours will differ by location. So, the best way to find out what hours your local McDonald’s is open is to call ahead of time.

A quick phone call or Google search will tell you if your local McDonald’s will be open on Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, you might be able to satisfy your fast food cravings, whether for a Big Mac or a McFlurry.

Along with McDonald’s (possibly) being open, there are a few other restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day where you can dine. Of course, we’re all crossing our fingers that everything goes smoothly on November 23, but having at least one backup plan is always a good idea. This is because, no matter how hard we try to make the day perfect, sometimes the planned Thanksgiving recipes go awry.

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Of course, a possible menu mishap isn’t the only reason to dine out on Thanksgiving. If you’re hosting this year’s event, you’ll need to get up early and stay up late to make sure everything runs smoothly. And with all of the cooking and cleaning that needs to be done, you’ll need some sustenance to get you through the day—even if it’s just a quick lunch or coffee at McDonald’s.

Is McDonald’s going to be open on Thanksgiving in 2023?

During Thanksgiving, the majority of McDonald’s restaurants keep their lights on. Of course, this does not guarantee that all of them will. If you really want to know if your specific location is open, you’ll have to call or look online for store hours.

With so many Mickey D’s locations keeping their doors open in the past to feed hungry customers who don’t have a Thanksgiving meal to take home, the answer is most likely yes: McDonald’s will be open on Thanksgiving. So, if you’re looking for some crispy Sprite and delicious, syrupy fountain Coke this season, you might be in luck.

What Are the Thanksgiving Hours at McDonald’s in 2023?

Don’t assume that because a McDonald’s is likely to open near you, it will be open 24 hours a day. Though many McDonald’s restaurants are open 24 hours a day (or close to it), holiday hours may necessitate a different schedule. Because many McDonald’s restaurants are independently owned, hours may vary.

Before you get in your car and drive over to the Golden Arches, call your nearest location or use the online store locator to find out when McDonald’s will open and close for the day. They may intend to allow employees to leave early to spend time with their families. After all, it is a holiday.

Thanksgiving Day
is a time for family, friends, and, of course, food. And while many people are busy preparing their traditional Thanksgiving feasts, others may be looking for a quick and easy meal option. Luckily, many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Day, including McDonald’s.

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group of people enjoying a Thanksgiving meal at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world, and it’s no surprise that they’re open on Thanksgiving Day. In fact, most McDonald’s locations will be open on Thanksgiving Day, with some exceptions. Hours may vary by location, so it’s always best to call ahead or check the McDonald’s app to confirm.

Why is McDonald’s open on Thanksgiving Day?

There are a few reasons why McDonald’s chose to open on Thanksgiving Day. First, many people are travelling on Thanksgiving Day, and McDonald’s is a convenient option for a quick bite to eat. Second, some people may not have the time or energy to cook a Thanksgiving meal, and McDonald’s is a great option for a hassle-free meal. Finally, some people simply enjoy eating McDonald’s food, and Thanksgiving Day is no exception.

What is on the McDonald’s menu on Thanksgiving Day?

The McDonald’s menu on Thanksgiving Day is the same as the regular menu. This means that you can order anything from the menu, including burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and breakfast items. A few Thanksgiving-themed items are also available, such as the McFlurry with Oreo cookies and pumpkin pie filling.

Is the drive-thru open on Thanksgiving Day?

Yes, the drive-thru is usually open on Thanksgiving Day. This is a convenient option for people who are on the go or who don’t want to get out of their car.

What to Expect at Thanksgiving This Year

Again, while most McDonald’s locations will be open on Thanksgiving, some details may vary. Keep an eye out for the following issues:

  • Reduced Hours: On Thanksgiving Day, many McDonald’s restaurants may operate with reduced hours. They could open later in the morning and close earlier at night.
  • Limited Menu: Due to the holiday, some McDonald’s locations may have a limited menu on Thanksgiving, which means you may not have access to the full range of items normally available. Don’t expect to order from the McDonald’s breakfast menu or the McDonald’s secret menu.
  • Drive-Thru and Delivery: If you need something quick, drive-thru and delivery services may still be available at some locations.

Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Visit to McDonald’s

  • Take a look ahead: To avoid leaving the drive-thru empty-handed, check the Thanksgiving hours of your local McDonald’s restaurant before heading over there. For more information, call or visit the company’s website.
  • Online Ordering: If your local McDonald’s offers mobile ordering, it may be a more convenient way to place your order ahead of time and avoid long lines. (It could also be a great way to get a good deal on fast food.)
  • Expect Crowds: On Thanksgiving, fast-food restaurants often see increased traffic as people look for quick and easy meal options before settling in for the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Simply be prepared for longer lines and possible delays.


In short, McDonald’s will most likely be open on Thanksgiving, albeit with limited hours and a limited menu at some locations. It’s always a good idea to double-check with your local restaurant to confirm its holiday hours and services. And take note: Whether you choose a McTurkey or a classic Big Mac, no one will blame you for ordering from the McDonald’s drive-thru rather than spending hours in the kitchen.


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