37+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Staff 2023 (Updated)

christmas gift for staff
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The joy of celebrating Christmas is not limited to our immediate families. It can be extended to everyone at our respective workplaces.

In other words, if you own a company or are in charge of a fantastic workforce, chances are, you may have mapped out a day before Christmas to express gratitude to your coworkers and employees.

However, picking a Christmas gift for your staff can be extremely challenging. Well, to make the holidays stress-free for you, we have done the legwork and found the best Christmas gift ideas for your staff or co-workers that are both professional and thoughtful.

Let’s jump right in…

Note: These are also great Christmas gift ideas for staff coworkers too. 

Why Are Christmas Gift Ideas for Staff Important?

Employers give holiday gifts to their employees to show how much they value them and their contributions to the company. Receiving an unexpected holiday gift can also improve an employee’s perception of the company. The employee may believe that the company invests in them, and this type of company recognition may even increase the employee’s loyalty and longevity with the organization.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Staff

Consider the following gift suggestions when purchasing an employee holiday gift for your staff:

More Paid Time Off

Company-wide gifts may help bring employees together because employees perceive this gift as a token of appreciation for their efforts. Paid time off for all employees communicates that they worked hard throughout the year and are being rewarded with additional relaxation.

Paid time off demonstrates the company’s dedication to work-life balance. A work-life balance prioritizes wellness, which can reduce employee turnover and increase an organization’s commitment to its employees.

Furthermore, because its rewards are contingent on the team’s performance, a team-oriented gift encourages employees to interact and build relationships with one another.

Travel Backpacks

Travel backpacks are ideal for employees who enjoy travelling for business or pleasure. If you decide to get this holiday employee gift, make sure it has enough space for them to store important items for future adventures or business trips.

Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth devices can help employees locate misplaced items. Employees can connect their devices and signal if they’ve lost an important item using an app included with the gadgets. Suggest that the employee test it on company property before moving on to personal items. They may get the impression that the company wants to find new ways for employees to improve their performance.


Employees are typically given bonuses once a year or when they are promoted. To boost company morale and recognize the efforts of all employees, some companies offer holiday bonuses rather than additional paid time off. To attract new employees and retain current ones, a company may include holiday bonuses in its compensation package.


You can also give books that are relevant to your employees’ interests as holiday gifts. For example, if a marketing coordinator enjoys history, you could give them a book about the Civil War, or a cookbook to a sales manager who enjoys cooking shows. A thought-provoking book based on an employee’s interest can enhance their perception of the company and demonstrate how much it values its employees.

Cell Phone Holders

Employees can use cell phone stands to place and charge their smartphones while at work. If an employee uses their phone as part of their regular duties, buy this as a holiday gift. Employees can be more productive if they can easily access and use their phones to complete important tasks throughout the day.

Coffee Machines

A coffee maker is an excellent holiday gift for employees who enjoy their coffee. Employees may look for other employees who use the company’s coffee maker in the morning to determine who the best candidates are for this particular gift. Employers can purchase handheld coffee makers for employees who require quick access to coffee while focusing on their work.

Coffee Samplers

Coffee samplers allow employees to try various types of coffee. Consider asking employees what flavors they prefer and tailoring your offerings to their preferences. Some samplers, for example, may have bolder flavors, while others may be fruity. Your employees can also barter among themselves to obtain their preferred varieties.

Recipe Books

A recipe book is an excellent employee holiday gift for a novice or experienced cook. Purchasing cookbooks from various regions of the world can spark conversation and inspire employees to cook outside of the workplace. Employees could bond by sharing recipes and making recommendations to coworkers who enjoyed cooking.

Desk Organizers

Employees who require a centralized location for office supplies benefit from desk organizers. Getting them an office supply organizer makes them feel like their workspace is in order, and they know where to find items to complete tasks.

Desk Vacuum

A desk vacuum is useful for employees who enjoy cleaning their workspace. Purchasing one that can clean difficult areas, such as behind the computer and between keys on a keyboard, increases the gift’s value. Employees who enjoy the gift may volunteer to clean another colleague’s desk.

Festive Pens

Employees can use festive pens to write notes during the day, which helps them get into the holiday spirit. This is a low-cost employee holiday gift for businesses to give to their employees, as well as a creative way to restock pens for employees to use.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets can include an assortment of food or beverages tailored to the employee’s preferences. Chocolates, nuts, popcorn, and wine could all be included in food baskets. Companies may choose to survey employees to determine the types of gift baskets they would like to receive as an employee holiday gift, or they may choose to speak with managers to gather insight and keep it a surprise.

Gift Cards for Grocery Stores

A grocery store gift card is a thoughtful gift for employees who want to save money the next time they go grocery shopping. Employees can spend their membership fees at membership-only warehouse clubs on a variety of products sold at these locations. Ask employees where they shop for groceries to see if paying for the membership is something they’ll use.

Massage Therapy

Companies may hire a massage therapist to provide full-body massages to employees in order to help them relax. Employees’ backs can be relieved of tension by therapists, which can reduce fatigue and pain at work. If massage therapists are a popular employee holiday gift, consider having them come in more than once a year (e.g., at the end of each quarter).


Employees will appreciate personalized mouse pads because they can provide inspiration while at work. For example, if an employee is a fan of a certain sports team, their employer can provide them with a mouse pad featuring their favorite team.

Discounts on Movies Tickets

Employees who frequently go to the movies would appreciate movie tickets as a gift. You could, for example, give this gift to an employee whose children enjoy going to the movies, and they will appreciate the effort you made to ensure they received a discount for one of their favorite activities.

Coffee Mug Warmers

Employees can heat coffee at their desks using coffee mug warmers. As with the coffee makers, you may need to find employees who drink coffee on a regular basis so that they can use it frequently. Employees could give it to a coffee-loving friend or family member.

Music Speakers

Music speakers are a high-quality gift for anyone who enjoys listening to music at work. Consider purchasing portable music speakers for employees who enjoy listening to music at social gatherings or at home before heading to work.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are essential for employees who want to improve their concentration at work. Employees will appreciate this employee holiday gift because they can wear it outside of the office for activities such as running or listening to an audiobook.

Pencil Pouches

Pencil pouches assist employees in keeping their pens and pencils together. Companies may give this organizational holiday gift to employees who need help organizing and keeping track of their belongings.

Customized Snacks

Employees with dietary restrictions will appreciate personalized snacks. Dairy-free snacks, gluten-free snacks, nuts and soy-free snacks, and so on. You can still give sweets to employees who do not have dietary restrictions, but paying attention to employees who have food allergies shows that the company values their health and well-being.

Phone Charger

If your employees are in need of a new charger, consider purchasing backup smartphone chargers. Employees can use it while traveling to stay connected to their critical responsibilities.

Skydiving Adventures

Companies provide skydiving excursions to employees who enjoy daring adventures. A supervisor may issue a challenge to one of his or her employees in order to help them excel in difficult situations. If the skydiving company offers discounts during the holiday season, it could be a cost-effective gift.

Spa Box

A spa box is a collection of soaps, balms, and candles. This gift may encourage employees to unwind when they are not at work. If they choose different scents, employees can trade boxes if they prefer one box’s scent assortment over another.

Stress Balls

Stress balls are a thoughtful holiday gift for employees who may be stressed at work. Employee productivity may increase if they have a healthy outlet to give themselves more energy while relieving stress.

Travel Bag Containing Electronics

If employees are frequently away from the office, a travel bag containing electronics such as a laptop and a smartphone is essential. Employees must have up-to-date technology to achieve their objectives on a plane, in a hotel, or elsewhere on the road. This employee holiday gift conveys the message that the company cares about providing employees with the tools and resources they need to succeed at work.

Travel Mugs

Employees frequently appreciate travel mugs because they allow them to keep their beverages insulated wherever they go. They could use it in the office to keep their coffee warm, or they could drink from it on a business trip. Multi-purpose cups make excellent employee gifts, especially if they require convenience during the workday.

Wine Bottle Gift Box

A wine bottle gift box with a personalized message makes an excellent employee holiday gift, particularly for employees who have reached significant milestones with the company. If you buy this gift for an employee, include a wine bottle gift box and a milestone that the employee achieved in the lead-up to the holiday season.

Because it recognizes the employee’s accomplishments, such a gift can make employees feel like the company is engaging with them. Employees can keep it as a memento of their time at the company.

Winter Touchscreen Gloves

Purchasing winter touchscreen gloves could be a thoughtful gift for employees. This holiday gift is useful for teams that work in cold weather conditions. You can also buy unisex gloves that can be worn by both male and female employees.

Small Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Staff

Giving Christmas gifts to your employees is a wonderful way to show your appreciation. They’ll appreciate the fact that you thought of them during the holiday season. Here are some cheap Christmas gift ideas for your office staff:

Disposable Food Storage Containers

They will commonly utilize these sturdy Rubbermaid food containers if they bring a lunch. They are BPA-free, leak-proof, and have secure lids to keep leftovers fresh.

A Reusable Water Bottle

It reminds us to drink more water and is beneficial to the environment! This stainless steel water bottle is available in a variety of colors.

Set of Gloves and Scarf

Because the chilly weather doesn’t stop after the holidays, give them a cozy cold weather set like this one, which contains gloves, a scarf, and a cap.


Give them a bath set so they may have a relaxing soak. They are available in a wide range of fragrances, colors, and types and can be consumed immediately.

5 Desk Flower Plants are fantastic desk additions because they offer oxygen and improve the environment in general. Air plants are great for people who don’t have a green thumb, and this desk plant and holder are both poseable and interesting.

Gift Certificate

Gift cards come in a variety of denominations and make excellent gifts. A physical gift card, an electronic card, or a digital gift card can all be purchased.

Customized Passport Cover

If your employer travels regularly, a personalized passport cover might make an excellent Christmas present.

What Is the Average Amount Spent by Managers on Employee Gifts?

Employers typically spend no more than $100 on employee gifts, depending on the role and industry. It’s important to remember that the amount spent per person is less important than providing gifts of comparable value to all employees to avoid favoritism or workplace tension.

Do Managers Expect Holiday Gifts From Their Employees?

The professional environment typically influences gift-giving expectations, but gifts in the workplace typically flow downward, which means that managers are more likely to give gifts to employees than receive them.

How Should You React if Your Boss Gives You a Holiday Gift?

Consider sending a thank you card or email to your manager if you receive a holiday gift from him or her.

What Exactly Are Employee Holiday Gifts?

During the Christmas season, organizations will frequently host their own party, invite employees, and include a gift exchange as part of the festivities. A gift-giving policy ensures that every employee receives and presents a gift.

Companies could organize a white elephant gift exchange in which employees buy hilarious gifts for one another. Employee participation is sometimes voluntary, and the organization may set a limit on how much employees can spend on event gifts.

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