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It’s a Nigerian automatic and instant loan service that cooperates with banks. Kwikmoney also cooperates with mobile networks and other telecommunications services. A major feature of Kwikmoney is that is fast and reliable, in 60 seconds or less it’s possible to get your kwikmoney loan.

Kwikmoney is basically into two forms which are instant savings and instant loans. Let’s engage in them separately


Kwikmoney aids borrowers open an instant mobile account in a microfinance bank or in a bank. They earn 10% annual interest which is paid daily so they see their investment growing. This is very beneficial because as you make a deposit the system gets to trust you enough. Thereby increasing your chances of a higher loan.

You can withdraw your instant savings at any point in time you chose. Sometimes people chose on an agreeable date with the platform on when to withdraw their money so they simply wait and save till the particular time.


If you need a loan to handle family emergencies or for your small business, Kwikmoney got you. They can provide you with a loan up to N500, 000 directly into your account within seconds. The interest is between 5-15% and maturity of 14-30days. The system doesn’t require documentation or collateral and more interestingly, the more you pay back, the more you are trusted with higher loan amounts


The change in the company’s name was to get it to a better position in the international market. And also, make it more globally acceptable in its quest to double its market presence. KWIKmoney is rebranded into MIGO so as to portray itself as a global company because the company has extended its cloud base into the Brazilian market.

This is the second time KWIKmoney has changed its name to fit into the international markets while taking the roads. The change came after the company raised $20 million from existing and new investors.

KWIKmoney was formerly known as KWIKcash although the change was not a consequence of a takeover still it is carried out in order to create a brand that could work well in any market. People usually ask if these two names are the same well yes the platform was formally known as kwikcash then it was replaced with kwikmoney now known as MIGO.

The brand has risen over $20million in series B funding. Known for credit start-ups and funding, kwikmoney is gaining popularity in Nigeria and Brazil. The essence of kwikmoney is to meet the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Either you call the MIGO in branded Kwikmoney or Kwikcash you are correct because they are the same.


Kwikmoney login is an easy one because they don’t have a mobile app. simply use your mobile number to access the website when you’re logging into the website. To login into the Kwikmoney website, you need to provide your details such as your email and password.

In a situation when you’re new to the platform and don’t have an account for kwikmoney login yet. The platform requires you to contact or reach them. On any of their socials or reach their office and contact them as well with their number 1-800-478-6230.

The kwikmoney login web portal is Get a loan. Use of USSD code are also accessible with the kwikmoney . Their USSD code is *561# for requesting for loan as well as other relating options concerning the loans to request from.


 Kwikmoney requirements are what you need to ensure it is safe, fast, and reliable. The platform has been able to provide funds to over 1+ M clients and over 40B+ is the funds the platform has provided to its clients since its beginning. Kwikmoney requirements are what you need to secure a kwikcash loan.

These kwikmoney requirements are confidential and the Kwikcash in no circumstance divulges this information to the general public. Kwikcash is available 24/7 every day with no collateral or documentation requirement; receive your fund in 2minutes. Even with an interest as low as 5%.

Checking for loan offers on the website is completely free and safe. The Kwikmoney requirements involve only 3 easy steps and they include

#1 enter your phone and verify your phone number with the 6 digits the platform sends to you

#2 make a choice of the best loan suitable for you

#3 enter your banking details or information

#4 internet access

#5 valid BVN

The Kwikcash platform makes it better for borrowers and fosters growth by ensuring that your loan options increase while you’re using the platform more. And also, you get lower interest rates and longer duration for repayment and terms when you repay loans in due time.


Kwikcash loan lasts for duration of 14-30days and interest increases as you fail to pay the loan. The plat form offers up to N60, 000 for borrowers. One of the most common questions of the Kwikcash loan is how to pay their loan.

How to pay your Kwikcash loan is easy, simple and time saving. I will teach you in this post how to pay your Kwikcash loan using 4 major steps.


Have the phone that receives your bank alerts with you just incase you need to receive a token. Do the following

Click the ‘Quick teller’ option when you insert your card

Then Click the’ pay bills’ option

Select the ‘others’ option

Next, you input the biller code carefully as ‘04354101

Provide the phone number you use with kwikmoney as the ‘Customer Reference Number’

When you confirm the payment you will also get a confirmation message for your payment.

This method of payment will attract a fee of N100 as the processing fee. If this method doesn’t suit you can use the online payment method.


Use the online process to pay for your kwikcash loan. This is a popular method of how to pay for your kwikcash loan. The steps for this method of payment include.

Open the page for payment through the website

Put in your mobile number

Click the ‘pay loan’ option

Select the ‘pay with card’ option from the list of payment methods

At this point select you’re saved payment card or you can as well select the ‘add card’ option to add a new debit card.

Make your payment and receive a confirmation message for your payment when the transaction goes through.


Make your kwikcash loan payment using a USSD code. This method is a most stress-free method and it doesn’t even require any internet connection. Make your kwikcash payment within seconds with ease following the steps below.

Dial *561# USSD code on your mobile phone expect airtel users should dial (*554*561#) instead

Select loans on the options available on the screen

Click the ‘pay loan’ option

From the list of options displayed choose the ‘pay with phone’ method of payment

Select the ‘add card’ option and follow the instructions to add and confirm the card

Confirm the payment and you will get a confirmation message as well when it goes through.

The common final step to all the methods of payment is receiving a confirmation message. This is the most important because it really confirms on the lender’s end that the payment was received. If you don’t receive a confirmation code after any payment is made check your network or make contact with the platform to confirm.


Review from Kwikmoney customers are reviews from the customers who use the platform either from workers or customers. This is a review kwilmoney has offered in one way or the other to aid other customers to have a review of what the kwikmoney is all about and make final decisions about the platform.

Most kwikmoney review keeps giving an insight into what the platforms do and how it aids customers to the outside world. You see it as information for the outside world in regards to what the platform does. Kwikmoney aids people in Nigeria, and Kenya, and other parts of the world.

Some of the kwikmoney review is on their website for view by beneficiaries of the platform.


Kwikmoney customer care is open 24/7 for customers that may difficulty in using the platform in any way. Help is always available to any customer who might be in need of it at any time known as the Kwikmoney customer care. There are several ways to reach Kwikmoney customer care which include SMS, PHONE, and WEBSITE.

Via SMS text ‘HELP’ to 561( for 9mobile users only). Then for contact, reach them with the contact above or also +234 (0) 1 700 2274. You can visit their website also above for help.

Kwikcash also has branches all over the place including ones at 3B Adekunle Lawal Road Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria and USA at 3rd Street Francisco, CA 94103. These offices can serve as customer care to customers when you visit their office.


Kwikmoney is a global lending platform for all enterprises and business owners all well as for all purposes. The platform is available 24/7 and is fast, reliable, and trustworthy, requirements for this loan are simple as well as applying for them. So get started today with KWIKMONEY if you need a loan.

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