Top Best Third-Party Delivery Services Industry for Food & Drink in 2023

Third Party Delivery Services

There are now more options for businesses using third-party delivery services than just restaurant food delivery. Although delivery applications are still popular for restaurant deliveries, other food-and-drink businesses also use third-party delivery services, such as for alcohol delivery and convenience store deliveries. Businesses have a wide range of options for third-party delivery services, making it challenging to select the ideal app or applications for your industry. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of employing third-party delivery services for restaurants, as well as a list of the best options when it comes to food and furniture delivery services.

How Third-Party Delivery Services Work

Similar operations are carried out by third-party delivery businesses like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash. Customers can order food from your restaurant or store using the app they offer. The app connects you with nearby delivery drivers to make the deliveries after sending these orders to you via a mobile device or a direct integration with your point-of-sale (POS).

Businesses are charged a commission by the platforms for each order. Depending on the order type and your marketing options, the fee can range from 6% to 30% or more. They typically also charge clients for delivery. So, the service is paid for by both enterprises and clients.

Small companies were required to sign up for the full service, which included online ordering and delivery using the platform’s drivers. Platforms nowadays, however, let you select the services you require. For instance, DoorDash has a product called DoorDash Storefront that is exclusively available online and which you may use to accept online orders for delivery or takeout using your drivers.

List of Third-Party Delivery Services

We shall cover the list in line with how firms differentiate themselves in several categories. First, in the list of third-party delivery services for restaurants, we will talk about third-party food delivery services.

  • Uber Eats
  • DoorDash
  • GrubHub
  • Postmates
  • Caviar
  • Deliveroo
  • Seamless
  • Drizly
  • Rappi
  • Delivery Hero
  • Just Eat

Third-Party Delivery Services for Food

The growing popularity of this sector is showing QSRs that collaborating with food delivery services may be a profitable business decision. What are the top online food delivery services, though? Here is all the information you require regarding the best third-party food delivery services for restaurants.

#1. Uber Eats

A well-known brand in the food delivery sector is Uber Eats. It supports more than 600,000 eateries in more than 6,000 localities, giving it a broad reach across the US. Uber Eats is a good option for QSRs operating restaurants in numerous states or nations because of its enormous worldwide user base.

#2. DoorDash

 DoorDash will be in charge of 45% of all food delivery orders and is present in the majority of the US’s major cities. It was listed for $72 billion on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021. With a focus on technology, DoorDash is creating an AI system to optimize delivery. To provide more precise and error-free delivery time predictions, the AI collects data on every step of the delivery process.

#3. GrubHub

One of the first companies in the food delivery sector, GrubHub, was established in 2004 to create a simple ordering process for food. With over 31.5 million customers worldwide and 20% of the market share in the US, it is now a Just Eat subsidiary.

#4. Postmates

With the $2.65 billion acquisition of Postmates in 2019, Uber currently accounts for 10% of all US online food delivery. It has 10 million monthly active customers, which is fewer than some other food delivery services, but because of its connection with Uber, it still partners with over 600,000 retailers. It operates in the majority of the major US cities and offers Postmates members unlimited free delivery.

#5. Caviar

Caviar is a smaller company that has benefited from a high-profile purchase, much like Postmates. Also, Caviar was purchased by DoorDash in 2019 for $410 million. The service now gains from DoorDash’s DashPass consumer subscription model.

Its goal is to collaborate with the “coolest and best” places, giving it access to less well-known eateries that could fall outside the purview of its parent firm DoorDash. Your QSR will most likely be the kind of eatery Caviar’s users are looking for if it is a smaller, more specialized business.

#6. Deliveroo

Deliveroo, which may be a more well-known brand in the UK than in the US and boasts 8 million active customers, invented the idea of platform-to-consumer food delivery in the UK. An American businessman who was startled by the scarcity of high-end restaurant delivery choices in London formed them.
Deliveroo now has a large foothold in Hong Kong and Western Europe. Deliveroo uses an AI-driven algorithm to assure the effectiveness of delivery, just like DoorDash.

#7. Seamless

Because GrubHub owns and runs Seamless, its website might seem a little familiar. Users have access to GrubHub’s enticing benefits and reward program, as well as the company’s nationwide reach in the most important US cities. Since Seamless is no longer a stand-alone brand in the US, QSRs should just use GrubHub, Seamless’ parent firm.

Third-Party Delivery Services Furniture

Customers desire convenience in the modern world. it is predicted that more than 14% of all furniture transactions will occur online. A furniture delivery service is one of the best features you may provide your consumers to stay competitive in this market. You should hire a third-party logistics company if you are still starting a furniture business.

Benefits of Using A Third-party Furniture Delivery Service

It could be challenging to set up a complete system by offering your consumers the choice of furniture delivery. For the following reasons, using the services is the most sensible decision you can make.

#1. Reduces additional costs

To create a delivery system, the company needs a full-fledged logistics division. Additional costs for new employees, tools, and cars may result from this. You shouldn’t have to bear this burden given that every cent matters in business.

#2. Competitive edge

According to Forbes, staying ahead of the competition requires figuring out how to distribute your items as rapidly as feasible. You can obtain a competitive edge over the many furniture businesses in the Philippines by using a furniture delivery service. The stores that offer their customers the most practical solutions will always receive their business. Immediate furniture delivery services will undoubtedly draw in more customers.

#3. Equipment catered for all furniture

Furniture may be fairly difficult to transport, which is one of the main reasons why clients prefer a furniture rapid delivery service. They are heavy and awkward to carry on your own. Obtaining third-party furniture delivery services will make it simpler for your clients.

List of Third-Party Delivery Services Furniture Companies

Additionally, this kind of delivery service will take away all packaging debris and transfer the furniture up and down stairs (often no more than one or two flights). An excellent strategy to avoid moving heavy, cumbersome furniture that frequently requires hours to deconstruct and reinstall is to use a delivery service. Fortunately, many furniture manufacturers provide third-party Delivery Services. Consider the following furniture companies the next time you move.

#1. Ashley Furniture HomeStore

Ashley Furniture Homestore is a trendy and reasonably priced solution for anything from lighting and home decor to sofas and recliners. For larger products like sectionals, bedroom furniture, and living room accessories, the retail furniture business offers in-home delivery. According to Ashley Furniture Homestore, their In-Home Delivery can be made in one of two ways: either it will be sent directly from a locally operated Ashley HomeStore near you, which is independently owned, or it will be shipped via the Ashcomm LLC shipping service.

#2. Pier 1 Imports

A unique furniture and home decor retailer, Pier 1 Imports carries anything from sectionals and sofas to seasonal accents and original artwork. In most areas, the business also provides White Glove In-Home Delivery. Customers should be presented with the White Glove Service as a shipping choice when placing orders for beds, couches, and other large products.

#3. Pottery Barn

This high-end furniture retailer carries everything from dining tables and bedroom furniture to sectionals and sofas. According to the store’s website, clients can also choose Truck Delivery for the majority of furniture and other products that weigh too much to ship via a parcel carrier. The business says that their Premium White Glove Service is typically included in this. According to Pottery Barn, the products are “brought to your home by appointment to the room of your choice—and are then fully constructed and unpacked.

#4. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is the place to go if you want to “glam” up your house with stylish furniture and pricey decor. Whether or not you are an RH Member, the upscale company promises unlimited furniture delivery. The majority of furniture, according to Restoration Hardware, will be delivered by White Glove Delivery Service, who will also unpack, check, assemble, and put the furniture in the room.

#5. Room and Board

Room and Board, a Minneapolis-based company, sells modern furniture and accessories that are handcrafted in the United States. For furniture deliveries, the company provides Full-Service Delivery. Room and Board will put the furniture together for you, put it in the room of your choice, and remove the packaging before leaving. The firm bases its shipping fees not on how much you spend but rather on where you reside. Therefore, for just $89 in shipping, you can order an unlimited number of things to be delivered within 100 miles of a shop.

#6. Rooms To Go

This well-known furniture chain offers a large selection of reasonably priced home furnishings, accessories, and mattresses. However, only a few states offer Rooms To Go’s service. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Virginia, and Kentucky are some of these. Furthermore, we provide delivery services in a large number of locations in Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Washington, D.C.

Best Practices for Third-Party Food Delivery Services

Due to the prevalence of third-party apps, it is impossible to rely solely on in-house deliveries in the modern world. However, you can profit from third-party audiences while avoiding commission fees if you turn third-party clients into direct delivery customers. How? Read on.
Start by registering for the third-party service or services of your choice. Utilize these channels to attract new clients to your business.

Next, make postcards or flyers urging third-party consumers to place direct orders at your restaurant the following time. Describe how ordering directly benefits your company. You might even offer a little discount on their first online purchase to entice brand-new clients to place an order directly with you.

Place these postcards in the delivery order bags for third-party consumers. If customers enjoy their food, hopefully, they will come back to your restaurant for their next order. The objective is to convert these third-party clients into devoted direct clients in the future.

What Does 3rd Party Delivery Mean?

For businesses looking to distribute their products and services to customers, third-party distribution is an alternative. Businesses can outsource these services to a third-party delivery service rather than using their cars and drivers.

What Are Third-Party Delivery Apps?

Companies that list your business on their food ordering app are known as third-party delivery services.

What Are the Benefits of Third-Party Delivery?

Using a third-party delivery service has a lot of advantages, including the fact that it serves as an avenue for advertising.

What Does 3rd Party Mean on Doordash?

The company claims they cater to restaurants that want to operate without a kitchen, rethink hotel room service, and centralize workplace food delivery. In essence, customers sit down at a restaurant and can order food from nearby businesses.

What Are 3rd Party Drivers?

Drivers that are installed in your computer when connecting external or internal third-party devices, often known as third-party drivers.

Who the Third Party Delivery Is?

Order delivery for other businesses is the focus of a third-party delivery service. To provide online ordering and on-demand delivery to their consumers, restaurants and other companies frequently use third-party delivery services.


Millions of consumers place orders online each month, so using third-party ordering and delivery systems is a certain method to get your restaurant in front of them. They also provide several competitive benefits that have been put to the test by numerous food businesses and ordering algorithms.

Operators may have a lot of trouble with the absence of driver control and accountability, though. These services are quite expensive to use, which may hurt a company with slim profit margins. There are additional cash flow difficulties to take into account when credit card payments arrive weekly as opposed to daily.


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