Crypto For Beginners: The Top Performing Cryptocurrencies In The Market

crypto for beginners
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Cryptocurrency is climbing the ranks of the best assets to invest in today. Even though crypto has been around for a long time now, there is still no denying that it has become more popular than before. Considering that there are now thousands of different cryptocurrencies you can invest in, it might be a worthy investment that has the potential to earn you a huge profit. 

Now, if you are a beginner investor who is looking for good crypto to invest in, some of the top-performing cryptos in the market have recently increased in market value. As promising as it sounds, you still have to keep in mind that crypto is highly volatile, and its market value could change at any time. So, if you want to go ahead and invest in the top-performing cryptocurrencies, here’s a list of coins you can choose from. Crypto Engine is a good place to start investing.


This is probably the crypto coin that hooked you into wanting to invest in the whole cryptocurrency thing in the first place, right? Bitcoin currently holds the highest standing in the crypto market by a massive margin, meaning people would do almost anything to secure at least one of the coins that Bitcoin has – it currently goes for more than 60 thousand dollars, you’d be crazy not to want a piece of that crypto.


Coming in second place would be the crypto with the rising popularity, and rising values would be Ethereum. Although not remotely close to Bitcoin’s value, everything that Ethereum has to offer makes it worthy crypto to be in second place. It’s both a cryptocurrency(Ether) and a blockchain platform that can run Decentralised Finance(DeFi) and Decentralised Apps(Dapps), which is ideal for plenty of developers.

Binance Coin

Suppose you’re an avid user of their exchange platform. In that case, you’re probably already aware of the fact that Binance has its only cryptocurrency to either trade or pay the transaction fees on its platform. This cryptocurrency went on the rise thanks to the already strong force that

Binance had over the crypto holders, investors and traders. They leveled up from paying fees on Binance to booking travel plans and even trading with other cryptos.


Here is our first stablecoin to be part of the list of top cryptocurrencies – stablecoins mean that it’s a form of cryptocurrency backed up by fiat currencies(real money like US Dollars or Euros). Stablecoins would often reflect the value of the fiat currencies that are backing up the crypto. Tether seems to be the choice of many investors since it does mimic the real world so that the volatility may be curved a little with this crypto.


Next up is Solana, the cryptocurrency used to aid the power of Decentralised Finance, Decentralised Apps, and smart contract uses. Since Solana functions on a sort of amalgamation between proof-of-stake validation and proof-of-history validation, it can process transactions very quickly and securely. Much like what Binance did with Binance Coin, Solana’s exclusive crypto SOL powers their platform.


Cardano wasn’t of the early-bird nature when it came to being established in the cryptocurrency market. Still, they have been quickly acknowledged for accepting the proof-of-stake validation. Proof-of-stake validation eliminates the competitive, problem-solving aspect or transaction verifications present in the blockchain and platforms of Bitcoin. Cardano works like Ethereum with the DeFis and the Dapps too.


Since XRP was created by a couple of the same founders of a payment processing company called Ripple, XRP is used to help facilitate exchanges of varying currency types. Think something like fiat currencies being turned into cryptocurrency or vice versa. XRP can be used in that platform – though it may be the other more reputable cryptocurrencies rather than some of the lesser altcoins.


It wouldn’t hurt to do some research about the other acknowledged altcoins in the crypto world, right? Although they might not be at the same level as the bigshot Bitcoin, investing in some of these cryptocurrencies may be a good starting point for you to get into safe investing in crypto. It may even be your first step to securing Bitcoin itself. 

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