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Today, for the vast majority of utilizers of certain Internet applications, the abbreviation “API” is familiar. This multifunctional program interface defines how different applications communicate with each other using a request-response chain. This interface has become so popular that utilizers often ask where they can find a ready-made API suitable for their needs.

We will not list all the various marketplaces and directories with APIs offered. We already have a ready-made solution for those users who participate in certain projects in the cryptocurrency sector. And here, we will talk about bsc api.

Evolution from Binance

Before answering the question: “Why exactly bsc api?” – let’s remember what the BSC blockchain is, or in these latter days, BNB Chain (BNBC) is. The fact is that after the launch of BSC in 2019, its developer, Binance, decided not to stop there and create a more advanced version of the blockchain ecosystem. It should be noted that the management and developers of the platform have never concealed the fact that BSC is not a fully decentralized system, which, of course, is not consistent with the meaning of creating decentralized services.

In addition, technically being a kind of fork of Ethereum, albeit a modified one, BSC retains a certain dependence on it. The result of this dependence is an uneven distribution of the capabilities and potential of utilizers of one and the other platforms. The thing is that any innovations were first launched in Ethereum, and only then in BSC.

So the BNBC project was the result of the analysis and rethinking of the existing limitations of BSC. Experts position it as BSC’s step to a new stage in the evolution of the platform. Let’s briefly note what means this evolution of the BNBC modification is. We want to recall that due to the significant centralization of BSC, the Binance platform retained certain control functions, for example, setting a limit on the number of active validators in the network or more stringent requirements for the technical capabilities of validators.

By the way, the very choice of validators is a privilege of Binance too. Of course, on the one hand, such a compromise approach to the principle of decentralization has its advantages; for example, it significantly speeds up the operation of the service. But on the other hand, with such an increased centralization of the service, the risk of not only network failures increases significantly but also the risk of hacking.

Now, according to Binance experts, after the release of BNBC, the situation will change significantly since now the leadership positions will belong to the fellowship, including utilizers, developers, and other participants of the cryptocurrency sector.

BNBC structure

To finally understand the structure of the new and more advanced BNBC blockchain ecosystem, let’s clarify its constituents. So, the organizational chart of BNBC is as follows:

  • BNBBC (BNB Beacon Chain). Its former name is Binance Chain.
  • BNBSC (BNB Smart Chain). Its former name is Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

The abbreviation BNB herself stands for “Build and Build” and is just a Binance Coin token. But now the scope of its activities has expanded significantly; first of all, it began to serve for the development of the activities of the entire platform. And the development of the activities of the entire platform, of course, will lead to the expansion of the areas of application of the token itself.

Summarizing all of the above, we can say with confidence that by creating an alliance of two previously successfully functioning blockchains, Binance has laid the potential for its further popularity and demand.

BSC API support

Now imagine that you decide to become a member of this promising, self-developing ecosystem. Within the rules of the platform, there is a certain order that will allow you to join the network. First of all, a Binance Wallet must be created using the application. Next, using various ways, get BNB tokens. And finally, join any BNBC application.

As you can see, the process is not complicated, and, of course, the bsc api service can provide significant assistance for its implementation. On this service, the necessary access to any node from any geographic location will be carried out almost instantly, safely, and regardless of the load on the service.

At the same time, our control panel is simple and intuitive, which gives you the ability to monitor your infrastructure. In addition, our service uses innovative developments in programming, which lead to automatic updates without the influence of human factors and without creating any inconvenience or problems for the utilizers.

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