Bitcoin Wallets Set No Limits in iGaming

Bitcoin Wallets Set No Limits in iGaming
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A reliable online gambling experience was one of Bitcoin’s early promises—and, for a while, one of its largest success stories. But BTC’s refusal to scale and its resulting limited transaction capacity has forced most of its operators out of business. As developers looked for alternatives, iGaming found its solution in the BSV blockchain.

Here are two Bitcoin wallets based on publicly available technology standards that can help players get a head start on their Bitcoin journey, allowing them to explore a redefined gaming experience.

DotWallet: A One-Stop Solution

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen noted at the recent ICE London conference that the event represented another milestone in the growth of the worldwide Bitcoin SV ecosystem. He added that iGaming businesses would likely be among the first to adopt BSV systems.

BitBoss soon followed up with its integration with China-based DotWallet, an in-demand wallet with most of its users hailing from Southeast Asia, providing over 1 million DotWallet clients with native access to BitBoss white labels like Dragon BSV.

BitBoss is a market-leading iGaming developer leveraging blockchain to provide provably fair gaming, combined with the public digital ledger’s transparency and convenience. It launched the first BSV-based iGaming platform, featuring games like roulette, slot machines, baccarat, poker, and blackjack.

Western iGaming companies have long struggled to reach the Asian market, particularly in payments, branding, and player trust. BitBoss has made it easier for operators to quickly develop their own brand as a white label within the BitBoss platform for quicker access to this area.

iGaming for DotWallet users on the BitBoss platform is fully integrated, with players wagering and receiving pay-outs directly to and from their DotWallet, offering a layer of trust by eliminating the need to move money into a third-party platform. Winnings are also distributed immediately after each game, a feature made possible by BSV—the only blockchain with the security, functionality, and scalability to transform entire sectors right now.

Money Button: The Wallet You Can Bet On

The “earn and use” model has extended throughout the globe, with more sites allowing their users to put their BSV to real-world use. Money Button is one of the first BSV wallets to implement this revolutionary new approach. At the 2020 CoinGeek Conference in London, then CEO Ryan X. Charles told the audience that the platform now facilitates commercial BSV payments.

Together with gaming platform PeerGame, Money Button allows wallet users to make wagers worth thousands of BSV, at the same time being able to place micro bets with transaction fees of less than one cent.

By January 2022, PeerGame unveiled its latest “Game Deposit” feature. It is the amount of money a player temporarily invests in the platform to play consistently and more quickly. Game Deposit works by allowing several wagers to be placed throughout a gaming round in blackjack or poker.

“Gamers can add more BSV to the game deposit amount at any time and withdraw the game deposit balance back to their Bitcoin wallets at any time, all permission-less,” PeerGame explained.

This is just a glimpse of the future that BSV can bring to life, where people have a platform to earn while reaping the benefits of cost-effective transactions. With more similar venues sprouting and making this model a reality, BSV is setting no limits to how far iGaming can go.

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