A Guide to Trade Bitcoin for Beginners

A guide to trade bitcoin for beginners
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Any new crypto trader should start looking for the right way to make trading decisions. There are so many platforms offering this facility, but how do you filter out the best one? You can start looking for some videos available on YouTube where you can find information about bitcoin trading, but you need to choose the right trading strategy to trade BTC. Learn more about the bitcoin-profitapp by clicking here.

To successfully trade bitcoin, you need to go through two types of analysis: fundamental and technical. To begin your trading journey, you should start with the registration process. Some of the platforms will require the user to complete KYC and share the details to guarantee the authenticity of the profile. Along with that, you need to use a wallet to store your coins, and you can choose a hardware-based or software-based wallet in this regard.

Differences between bitcoin trading and investment:

Bitcoin has gained huge popularity, and it was the first cryptocurrency launched in 2009. It is the most trusted coin because people believe that bitcoin has stable technology, a sound ideology, and reliable developers. As an investor, you can choose the HODL strategy to invest your funds in BTC. It means you have to invest your funds in BTC through an exchange account and store your coins in your wallet for longer.

On the other part, trading bitcoin is totally different, and you can trade BTC like stocks and bonds. You can become a daily trader and invest your funds in BTC. You can buy and sell your coins on a regular basis to earn a stable profit margin.

Apart from bitcoins, there are some stablecoins available in the market, and more are coming to grab attention. Bitcoin trading is available 24×7, and you can trade BTC from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Why do people invest their funds in altcoins and stablecoins? Basically, BTC is highly volatile, and it is better to diversify your portfolio by adding some coins and tokens. So, you can invest in other coins to keep your funds safe.

Steps to trade Bitcoins:

  • You need to choose a trading method to trade bitcoin like day trading, scalping, and swing trading. Day traders can buy bitcoins and sell their coins at a minimum profit margin on a regular basis. Scalping is a different method where traders can earn a small profit from short-term trading. Swing trading is the most beneficial way where you can buy bitcoin and hold it to earn a stable profit margin. You have to try to spot the beginning of a specific price movement and trade accordingly.
  • You need to predict the price of bitcoin to earn a huge profit, which is the most difficult task for bitcoin traders. In this case, you have to keep your eyes on the recent trends and news of the bitcoin market, which is a fundamental market analysis. Technical analysis is different, where you can use different types of charts and tools available online to predict the price of bitcoin.
  • Apart from that, Stock-to-Flow is a trading model that can help you to earn a stable profit from your bitcoin trading. This is a trading model based on the supply and demand of bitcoin. For example, if the demand is high and the supply of BTC is low, then you can find the price of BTC skyrocket, and you should not invest your funds in BTC during this time. You must invest your funds when supply is enough and demand is low because you can buy BTC at a low price.
  • You must choose a platform where an order book is available and where buy and sell orders are available. You can check this order book on a regular basis to invest your funds in bitcoins. Some exchanges have “limit orders” where you cannot place unlimited orders for bitcoin, and you must check their regulations before you open an account on their platform.

Wrapping it up !!!

If you are looking for the best platform for trading bitcoin where charts and analytical tools are available, then you can create your account at the Green Profit System. With this platform, you can start your trading journey with ease. So, make sure you register here today.

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